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Okay. So #studyblrs get real isn’t trying to offend anyone. I’ve gotten some anon messages that are really rude and I’ve just straight up deleted them.

#studyblrs get real is just that, we’re getting real. I’ve rewritten my notes to be aesthetically pleasing one time. Uno. Ein. Yeah that’s the only languages I know one in.

The studyblr aesthetic isn’t most people’s real life studies methods. It’s some people’s, and I want to congratulate those who manage to keep the aesthetic up.

But honestly, it’s not real life. Real life is being up at 2 AM, surrounded by four empty cups, Rice Krispies Treat wrappers, and a pizza box with just pizza crust in it, and grease marks on your paper. Real life is not having time to make these AMAZING and GORGEOUS notes, because you’re studying for the grade, NOT the notes.

People say you just need to “study” to be a studyblr, but why is it only the MUJIs, the Mildliners, and the Staedtlers get reblogged? Why doesn’t the pictures of sloppy, coffee stained notes get reblogged? The rain drenched crinkled notes that don’t get rewritten. The notes with more scribbles than legible writing.

Underneath is why I think that #studyblrs get real needs to become popular, and fast, which has been taken from what I said in a conversation with @universi-tea where the idea for #studyblrs get real came up.

Teens that are growing up may not know what they’re facing, because aesthetic studyblr makes it look like sunshine and lollipops.

“I’ve been through things that will commonly happen. I’ve been rejected by my dream school, and I’ve cried at 4 AM in the morning because my fourth SAT scores weren’t high enough to meet requirements after months of studying. I’ve taken AP classes. I’ve graduated.

Your high school/college/university experience may have been different, but mine was a rude awakening and I’m trying to prevent others from crashing and burning like I did. I was an all A student in high school, even with AP classes. I graduated fifth in my class with 25 credits from AP scores, in which my school only offered seven AP classes.

My first test in uni was a 38 in Business Calculus. A fucking 38 out of 100. I remember it very vividly (Thursday night, and the Blacklist was on.) It was like someone was trying play a joke on me because I had NEVER gotten that low of a test grade before. I remember looking at my scores, and the sense of dread settling into the pit of my stomach. I cried, and then called my old AP Bio teacher (idk why now that I think about it) I had a panic attack, and I was by myself (lived alone.) Those two are very dangerous. My next test score was a 51. Rinse, and repeat.

Do you know how worthless I felt? How long my mom yelled at me after I called her? How my friends reacted when they found out? I went and had a four hour conversation with the professor, who told me that this was the most common thing he saw in a class with freshmen in it. That they come thinking that they’re prepared and they are by no means prepared. I had to go to tutoring. For every single class but one. This was so fucking embarrassing. I had gone from the tutor in HS to the tutored in Uni.

My best friend went to the North Carolina School of Math and Science. Extremely prestigious, and extremely hard. “It’s like taking uni classes when you’re 16, 17, and 18, but you don’t get credit for them as college classes.” I’ve known my best friend since I was 10-ish. She’s the most level headed, and the smartest person I know. She calls me frequently, crying, because the work load. She spent a whole week with me trying to get over one failing grade.

This embarrassment, this shame and lack of self worth I experienced in uni is something I NEVER want ANYONE to experience. I’m trying to prevent these people younger than I am from feeling this way, because I had sunk into a depression because of grades. Grades that could’ve been prevented, had I known the truth.

Sure, the studyblr aesthetic may work in some people’s lives, but in college/uni, you’re being pulled in so many directions. I don’t know of a single person in any of my classes that have gorgeous notes. Hell, I don’t know anyone who can even afford to buy nice planners, or buy fresh fruit. Being “a broke college student” is entirely legit.

But all this aside, if you’ve managed to live out the studyblr aesthetic in university and keep up your grades, you better be DAMN proud of yourself. I’m not trying to make anyone mad. This is the reality most of us experience. It’s the honest truth, and I had to find out the hard way. I just don’t want anyone else to find out the hard way, either.“

Stormlight Archive characters as things my friends did in high school
  • Kaladin: "i hate kids", they said as they willingly volunteered at a daycare center
  • Syl: wrote limericks complimenting the appearacne of the grader on the AP calc test instead of answering the short answer questions
  • Shallan: drew a fursona (a lynx) for the AP bio teacher on his whiteboard
  • Dalinar: wore black pretty much every day except for the one spirit day where we were supposed to wear black
  • Adolin: almost got detention for instinctively shouting "PARTY WITH SLUTS" in a crowded hallway
  • Renarin: after being asked about batman, proceeded to chug an entire venti macchiato and spend 7 minutes talking about how much they loved the animated series and harley quinn, then didnt talk for the rest of class
  • Jasnah: got hit by a car on the way to school, laughed, got up, and kept walking to school
  • Lift: responded to everything in health class with the phrase "wowie zowie"

AP Bio teachers: so remember guys, freaking ADH and the kidneys, and the pancreas secretes insulin and glucagon, and the lac operon is inducible, and there’s this counter-current exchange thingy, and homologous structures, and convergent evolution, and genetic drift, and gene flow, and cellular respiration steps, and CAM plants, and photorespiration, and the thylakoid membrane, and invest your entire life in biology.

The weeks before: wow i know so little, let me read through all my notes again.

*wastes 1048108340192848 hours of life studying bio*

AP Bio exam writers: can you read? can you comprehend graphs? Show us how to BS properly and with the utmost grace. Do you even need to take bio to take the exam? No, not really.

if any of my followers are in college already can u guys tell me if u think it’ll look rly bad if I don’t take Spanish senior year??

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cancer midheaven! i want to be an english teacher... but i'm also launching a youtube channel and ive always has dreams of making it big and moving to LA hahaha

I love English teachers💕most of my favorite teachers have been my English teachers(plus my AP bio teacher)

Astro Hotline Hour! Send in your midheaven and what career you daydream about!

in 12th grade ap bio my teacher told us about the volcano under Yellowstone that could erupt at any time and probably destroy the united states completely and then she was like “any questions?” and I raised my hand and said “I absolutely could’ve gone my whole life without having that information” and I think about that a lot

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What made you get into bioethics? Like, what about it captivated you enough to go to school for it?

As with all the great passions of my life–theology, every boy I’ve ever liked–it started with an argument.

The summer before my junior year of high school, I went to a summer camp where we stayed on a college campus and took mini “classes” and generally nerded it up for three weeks. You got to choose your “major”–the main class you took–but you were also assigned a random “minor”. The minors were unusual, like Hebrew or pottery or the history of war.

I was put in Bioethics. 

My teacher was a professor of philosophy from a nearby university, and I fucking loved every second of it. I loved the articles we read, I loved watching Gattaca and talking about genetic manipulation and individuality, I loved the professor and the insights he brought up (one day class was totally derailed by the question of why we refer to the soul as “my/mine/ours” what’s doing the owning there? that blew my little high school mind.)

Most of all, I loved the arguing, I loved the wordy back and forth of it–I’d been reading Stoic philosophy in Latin and ethics is endemic to theology classes, so I had a vague grasp of the territory. The rest was being quick on your feet, taking in information and then twisting it, trying to articulate vast things, poking holes in someone’s argument and defending your own. Looking back, I am dead certain I was insufferable–there were whole classes that I spent just arguing with the professor, while my classmates looked on. But I was too excited by this new toy not to…be an asshole about it, basically.

The social dimension of science has always fascinated me–I can still remember our physics teacher sitting down and explaining the reason that Aristotelian physics hung around so long was because it bolstered Catholic theology, my AP Bio teacher talking about how Rosalind Franklin’s work was ignored. So when I was reading through UChicago’s course guide, and I saw their description of the major, I was sold.

And honestly, it was a perfect choice for me. “Bioethics” is a very simplistic way to put what I studied; the major itself was the history, philosophy, and social studies of science. So it was a chance for me to just glut myself on knowledge–one quarter I would hurry from my Cancer Biology class on the science quad to Magic & Medicine in Ancient Europe in the history building. I went to lectures about the social factors influencing kidney donation, and international medicine. I wrote my BA thesis on how bioethics has failed to respond to the changing way medicine is done.

There are things I regret about my undergrad career, but my major was absolutely not one of them.

Title: Unfair - Chapter 1, or The One Where Tobin Meets Ashlyn’s New Girlfriend, Alex

Author: @alexmoregon

Rating: K

Summary: Tobin and Ashlyn have always been best friends, with nothing able to break them up- maybe except the fact that Alex is Ashlyn’s new girlfriend, who had a fling with Tobin. And as much as Tobin and Alex can assure that’s over, their feelings say something else. That might be a tie breaker.

A/N: This is my first ever multi chapter fic that I am sharing with anyone, and I am so excited, so feedback, whether it be positive or negative, is greatly appreciated!

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Tutor // AU Obi Wan x Reader

Can I get an Obi Wan X Reader where the reader has been doing very badly in most of her classes and Obi Wan is in all of her classes and sees her struggling and decides to tutor her. They fall in love in the end when Obi Wan asks the reader to the prom and she says yes. Extra super fluffy if you can. Thank you and I love you blog.

As your AP Government teacher hands back your exam from last week back to you, causing you to cringe. He looks at you in the eye, shaking his head. “You’re better than this, (Y/N).”

You flip over the exam booklet, a red D- stares you in the face. Groaning, you crumble up the paper and shove it in your purse as the bell rings to move to the next class.

AP Biology. Once again, your teacher starts to drop off test grade, she looks at you and speaks, “See me after class.” Flipping the sheet over, a C+ slaps you in the face.

The cycle continues for the next two periods before you can get away from all the madness and to your locker. You shove the tests in your locker, the thoughts exiting your mind.

“Hey, (Y/N),” you hear voice say from behind the door of your locker. Standing there is Ben, a kid who was in the majority of your classes. The two of you rarely talked to each other, but when you did he was always very kind to you.

“Hi, Ben,” you smile at him.

“Are you okay? You seemed upset walking out of Bio and Gov,” he asks concerned as you sigh.

“Yeah, I’ll be okay. I’m just not doing too hot in those classes,” you admit. “I understand the lessons, it’s just applying the concepts to the tests is what gets me.”

Ben nods his head understandingly. “Well, they are tough courses. But, if you need any help, I can tutor you if you would like?” he asks you.

Standing there, you think about it. You did need help and you would probably get assigned a tutor by your guidance counselor soon enough, so it was probably a good idea to bite it in the bud.

You give him a smile. “That would be great. Thank you so much.”

“It’s really no problem. I’ll give you my number and you can text me whenever you are free,” Ben tells you. Giving him your phone to add as a contact, he punches it in quickly. “Alright. I’ll see you later.”

“Bye,” you give him a short wave as he leaves and your best friend, Erica, comes up to you.

Erica smirks at you and nudges your shoulder. “Oh, Ben Kenobi. Not bad, (Y/N).”

Giggling you simply tell her, “He’s my tutor. Calm your shit.”

Later that night, you pull out your phone and start composing a text to Ben.

Hi Ben, it’s (Y/N)! I am having trouble with the new lesson in Calc, are you free tomorrow?

You send the text as you watch some television before he replies. Buzzing next to you, your phone lights up with a response.

Hey, (Y/N). Tomorrow is fine; say @ 3:30 in the library?

Quickly typing back, Sure, sounds good. See u then! you place your phone back down on your bedside table before changing into pajamas and going to bed.

Ben has been your tutor now for about four months and you have become great friends. He is an incredible teacher. Whatever he says, automatically clicks and in no time you can name the information by heart.

Today, your AP Bio teacher hands back a test you took yesterday. With a smile, she hands your test back to you, “Now that is what you are capable of.”

Flipping the paper over, you see an A looking at you as you smile. Turning around, you look at Ben and flash him the grade excitedly.

A smile comes across his face and he holds two thumbs up. ‘Nice job’ he mouths to you.

The bell rings and you wait to walk out of the room with him. “Aren’t you proud of me?” you ask him as he slings his backpack on his shoulder.

“Very much so,” he gives you a side hug as you giggle involuntarily.

You weren’t going to lie, you started developing feelings for Ben a while ago. It was bad, you know. You shouldn’t develop feelings for a good friend, never the less your tutor. But you just spent so much time together you couldn’t help it. And sometimes, you even believed that he may have a crush on you too.

The two of you meet up with Erica for lunch. Quickly you excuse yourself to use the bathroom, leaving Erica and Ben alone.

Erica slaps Ben’s arm. “Ow! What was that for?” Ben says, rubbing his arm.

“Did you ask her yet?” Erica asks intensely. He shakes his head no and she smacks him again. “Hurry up! Prom is in a month and it’s rumored that Derek Fulmer is planning to ask her on Friday!”

Ben sighs, “Calm down. I have a plan. Don’t rush me, Erica. I’m tutoring her tomorrow and I have an idea that you’ll like.”

“Okay fine. Well, pipe down now, here she comes,” Erica says.

You return back to your friends asking, “Okay where do you guys wanna go?”

Tomorrow afternoon quickly arrives and Ben’s nerves are stirred to the maximum. Everything to successfully execute the plan was in place. All he needed was you.

Soon enough, you enter the library with a smile when you see Ben. Sitting down next to him, you ask, “Alright. I’m ready to learn. What’s on today’s agenda?”

Ben slides over a worksheet with multiple Calculus questions, part one being executed. “Do these questions. I have to go do something quickly,” Ben tells you before standing up. “I’ll be right back.”

Exiting the library, Ben runs to execute part two of the plan as he leaves you behind to finish part one.

The questions on the sheet were pretty standard. Simple graphing equations, solving for one variable to plug that into a formula. Easy enough.

After about ten minutes, you finally reach your solution. But you furrow your eyebrows. Wait, what?

The answer for the sheet was P=ROM?

Holy shit.

You gasp and stand up, turning around to see Ben standing behind you with a huge bouquet of roses as Erica and your other friends stare at the scene unfold in front of them. Erica is crying and laughing, holding onto your other friend, Julie.

“So? What’s the answer to the sheet?” Ben asks.

“Yes!” you scream running into his arms as you laugh. He brings you into a tight embrace. You push him off quickly, just to grab his face and connect the two of your lips as your friends squeal.

When he pulls away, he is blushing like crazy. “I’m a pretty good tutor, aren’t I?”

You giggle. “The best,” before pushing your lips on his again.