aoyama district

The Archer in Aoyama

(A starter for @frosthawkfantasy since they liked the Yakuza Saburo starter call thing.)

Saburo continued typing on his phone, lighting up his cigarette with one hand casually. It had been a long day and after he finished this report, he could go have some fun. Looking down at his now bare arms after he rolled up the sleeves of his red shirt, the intricate tattoo of a tiger on each forearm could be seen, his hair was now shoulder length, his face had stubble on it and his voice was deeper and more menacing, Saburo Kusanagi had lost none of that fierceness. It was just being used for the Yakuza’s purposes instead of SHIELD. Here, in Aoyama District in Tokyo, Saburo ran multiple operations. Kidnapping, Drug Trafficking, Assassinations and the like. He wasn’t at the top but he wasn’t at the bottom either.

The Yakuza gave him an outlet for the violent impulses using Chaos Magic gave him, he was frequently called in to assist with torture and interrogation, using his abilities to invade the minds of others, a job that always paid handsomely. This job however didn’t lead to stable relationships so he usually slept around with other more junior Yakuza members who were all too happy to indulge in his requests for sex since Saburo was generous, taking those he did care for under his wing.

He was 27 now, a far cry from the small boy Clint used to know. A lot of things had changed since the incident with Zemo, Saburo went back to Japan and was found by his Uncle Kasai who introduced him to the Yakuza, being ex-Yakuza himself. It was found he had a talent for the things the Yakuza asked him to do, fighting Hydra had made him abandon his conscience and sense of morality and ethics. He found a sort of family that always had his back, that didn’t leave him to fend for himself. If there was trouble, which there often was with his co-workers at his “legal” job who were disrespectful towards him because of his young age yet having such a position of power in the company were dealt with.

Taking another draw on his cigarette and blowing the smoke into the air, he sent the e-mail to his boss in Osaka, leaning back in his chair as the doors burst open, revealing Clint to be just standing there with his bow, Saburo frowned. “How the fuck did you find me?” He asked, pulling a pistol from under his desk and training it on the Avenger, the laser dot landing squarely on the middle of Clint’s forehead. He saw the unconscious bodies of his guards and sighed. “At least you didn’t kill them, good guards are so hard to find these days. What exactly do you want from me? Don’t waste my time unless you want a bullet in your head.” He snapped, taking another draw on his cigarette, unaware Steve was standing right behind him, the two having snuck into the building.



next december 13th will be the opening of Acne’s 1st store in Aoyama district in Japan. For this special occasion the founder & creative director Jonny Johansson, announced that would be an special edition silk scarf with illustrations of the english artist Benjamin Seidler, it will be available in the Tokyo boutique but also on internet.

date 10.12.12  time 11:20