BNHA Headcanons part 3

I can’t sleep


- Always has flowers on hand. All kinds. No one knows where he keeps them, and no one wants to ask.

- Actually?? rlly good at?? telling jokes?? Made Mina laugh for five minutes straight once.

-Went through a goth phase in middle school. He doesn’t like talking about it (some of the others find pictures and proceed to lose their shit) 

- rlly likes antiques


- One time, when he stayed over at Midoriya’s, he woke up thinking he was at home and drank an entire carton of orange juice before he realized. Inko was watching in amazement from the table.

- Most of those books are decorative. 

- He’s a very emotional drunk

- Birds,,, just,, flock to him. Uraraka thinks they believe hes a car. Yet, they never poop on him. He says they’re good company. (Crows frequently leave him gifts.)


- Really likes romcoms. UnIronically. Kaminari once made fun of him,,, he doesn’t anymore.

- Likes jazz music. 

- He knows

- The only person who can actually,,, unnerve Bakugou. He just- stares back whenever anyone glares at him.


- The friend most likely to commit a minor felony with you

- Knows very little about hair. She goes to a stylist for nearly everything.

- She actually really likes Kaminari’s company. Platonically. When he’s not with the bakusquad, he’s usually hanging with Jiro and Momo.

- Will fight you for doritos

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We’re all focusing on Shouji’s face and Kirishima’s past when none of us are talking about this guy:

A sparkling man who is very prideful and sees himself superior so everyone basically sees him as a narcissist.



Chapter 108 was a very interesting Chapter, because it actually showed a little bit of Aoyama’s past. Instead of being his prideful self in his chapter, he actually showed another side. A self-conscious side, something that shows he was possibly bullied.

Looking at the first and second picture, I came up with a theory of why Aoyama is self-conscious of his own quirk and being “Unequal”.

There was a chance that his parents told him he was different, but in a bad way. In the second photo, I cant even tell if he’s crying, shocked, or both because of the belt. It also came in a package, and this also shows that he’s had that belt ever since he was a young child.

So in conclusion, I believe there was a chance his parents actually neglected his quirk and made him think he was unequal. I hope more on his past is shown, since this was a surprise since most of the whole series he’s seen as a dashing, twinkling male.

I’m just putting it out there.