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So, what do you headcanon everyone in class 1A's sexualities as? For instance, I imagine Shouto as demi-gay, Kirishima as gay (especially attracted to "manliness"), Izuku and Ochaco as bisexual, Katsuki as bi and aromantic, Tsuyu as some sort of asexual, Jiro and Momo as lesbians, and the rest of them as heterosexual or nearly so (Aoyama is just super metrosexual).

Honestly I headcanon most of them as some form of bi or pan, though I guess demisexual Todoroki works for me. The only really hard-and-fast ones, for me, are Kirishima who is real heckin’ gay, Mineta who is the embodiment of Straight People, and All-Might who is aro/ace and everyone’s dad.


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