aot wip


TOMORROW! SNK SEASON 2!!! (Eruri is baaaack)

This artwork was originally intended as the Eruri Secret Valentine 2017 (hosted by @eruriweek) gift for @sensitive-eruri whose request options included ‘Eruri sharing a meal together’. Unfortunately, I hadn’t the time to finish it by Valentine’s Day nor have I had enough time to colour it properly before S2 starts.

So please enjoy these lineart & monochrome versions & keep an eye out for the finished version (as well as more Eruri art) on my art blog!

ALSO! COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN (Commission info to be updated) So if you’re interested in commissioning me to draw a specific Eruri idea you have in mind/your OCs etc, please consider Tumblr IM-ing me. Thanks!

Angry drawing as i post this…
Before i drop off… lemme draw few pages of my SNK Headcanon after chapter 83… Don’t worry, i’ll stick to the canon… everyone i love dies…TAT

*pour salt in your coffee, throw salt bottle to your face*

Refining last week’s sketch of Levi <3 Still so so hyped for Season 2 ahhhhHHHHHHH

Was advised, and tempted, to leave him shirtless. Maybe next time. xD