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Favorite Character Moments in Attack On Titan: Connie Springer

“Where are Reiner and Bertholdt? The two aren’t equipped with the 3D Gear at the moment! Please… save them somehow!”

I think Connie is probably the only character who hasn’t had a “big moment to shine” yet. Certainly, he’s gone from a lighthearted jokester to a more serious soldier because of everything he’s gone through, but his moments are always sort of on the side (even him killing a person is among all the others, it’s not just specific to him), which is why I think people tend to dismiss him as a character on his own. I like whenever we see him goofing off on the side, but I also like his little contributions to fighting, like carrying Armin to the supply building at Trost, helping Reiner to get free from a Titan’s grasp or stopping Historia from falling down the castle at Utgard.  

My favorite aspect of his character, though, is his empathy. He might not be intelligent in the way Armin is - he’s not book smart, but he understands people and is extremely empathic towards them. He’s the one to yell at Ymir for being a jerk when Armin is extremely shaken from Eren’s “death”, he’s the one to tell Historia that staying there on the fields with Ymir is a bad idea and he’s the one to be worried about Reiner and Bertholdt once the Colossal Titan and Armoured Titan show up. I think the last one is the best example of his empathy, so I suppose you could call it my favorite moment for him - it’s sad because we know Reiner and Bertholdt ARE the Colossal and Armoured Titan, but he doesn’t.   

Connie might literally be more of a side character than any of the secondary cast, but he’s still a well-developed one. 

Favorite Character Moments in Attack On Titan: 6/33

           So, I (with a little input from a friend) developed and Attack on Titan AU. This was one of my favorite moments from the plots and itty-bitty (unfinished) drabbles. Naturally, I had to tweak some things to accommodate the plot (you’ll see), but it’s still good.

          To sum up, the trio was having a rare moment where they were all quite happy (Kuro will swear otherwise) and a soldier caught the moment and set to sketching. Once it was complete, Alasdair caught word of it and begged to have it. It is now neatly kept in his office as a permanent reminder of the good old days, much to Kuro’s chagrin.

           Featuring (from right to left):


I know is VERY LATE but my 3rd xmas drawing was an AU and I wanted to finish it

Hanji and Erwin love decorations’ competitions and Erwin has won too many times but Hanji now got Levi’s help xD

part 1 | part 2

more comics o vo


So recently, I have been arguing with my brother about Armin. He doesn’t like Armin as a character and complains how he can be a burden. So this post will be about how and why Armin is a brilliant character. Out of the many amazing characters from the AOT cast, Armin has tons of great character moments and development. At the beginning, our first impression of Armin was basically him being a wimpy yet intelligent kid that always sticks around with the main characters. However, if you continue exploring him, you will see how Armin grows from that weak character to a strong and more insightful character. I can even argue that he wasn’t weak to begin with. He may lack physical strength, but he always had the powerful mindset and willpower. He refused to give in the intense military training and rejected help from his friends such as Eren and Reiner. Throughout the whole manga, we always see how Armin is such a determined character that will never give up. The last arc was basically the highlighted Armin’s willpower and strategic mind. I don’t know how else I can explain this, just read chapter 80-84 and you will see how Eren emphasized how brave and persistent he is. While my brother does recognize Armin’s wisdom, he still couldn’t look past Armin’s insecurity and self confidence. Again, we see how he grew from that as well. Armin proved his firmness and confidence of defeating Bertolt. I chose these specific pictures above to pinpoint all of Armin’s brilliant aspects. He was the first to get his hands dirty in order to save his friend. This shows how he’s not the hesitant, timid boy he was before. Without reluctance, Armin shot that woman first before she could fire Jean. The second picture highlights Armin’s analytical mind. I was re-reading manga again, and I realized that Armin hinted that there was much more beyond the walls (possibility a civilization) before anyone else. He directly told Eren after the uprising arc that he had a feeling that there was more on the other side of the wall (don’t worry, I didn’t forget about Erwin’s dad, but that was indirectly stated from Erwin’s mouth). And the serum battle basically summarizes all the accomplishments Armin made that benefited humanity. I even argue that he has achieved more than some of our beloved veterans. Even the veterans themselves acknowledges how talented Armin is. Next… Look at the last picture. Tell me that Armin is skinny and unfit. While he is way weaker than Mikasa, Eren, and probably even Sasha, he at least survived tough military training and attained a fit body! Armin has done so many things that contributed this story, and I am happy that he finally get to see the ocean.

If you have read through all of this…  Wow, thank you for reading my rant! Whether you agree or disagree, I would love to hear your opinions! We all have different perspectives and opinions :) but I argue that AOT has a fascinating bunch of characters that we should all look into deeply.

AoT cast in their spare times (Couples edition)


What Armin is doing:

What Eren is doing: 

When they are together:


What Marco is doing:

What Jean is doing:

When they are together:

What Mikasa is doing:

What Annie is doing:

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What Ymir is doing:

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What Levi is doing:

What Eren is doing:

When they are together:

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What Sasha is doing:

What Connie is doing:

When they are together:


Debating whether or not Armin is the Narrator

Pondering whether or not Armin is actually the one narrating this story is something I haven’t given much thought to in the past. At some level I probably accepted it, since it tied in to my belief that Armin would be one of the few guaranteed to live to the bitter end. Lately, the theory is being brought up yet again because it gives other fans hope that Armin isn’t doomed, and that he must live at least to the end. 

Naturally, there are also arguments rising simultaneously to counter this theory. These also bring up valid points. Enough to make this theory seem doubtful. That’s well and all, but y’know, given that these theories are popping up mostly to inspire a flicker of hope in a lot of desperate fans, I can’t really bring myself to shoot down this theory completely. That’s like kicking someone when they’re down.

So I’ll add some fuel to the fire. Just for you Armin-fans.

This post provides some solid evidence, exactly as the title implies. Armin is able to narrate the events because he was either present when they occurred, or was informed of it at some point. 

For what it’s worth, narrating in the third person isn’t unheard of. That all depends on how you want to present a story, so not referring directly to yourself is understandable. If Armin is meant to be the narrator, it’s likely Isayama didn’t want this to be explicitly clear, so speaking in first person would be too obvious. Third person narration muddles that.

As for the arguments that the theory is discredited because the voice actor for both Armin and the narrator are credited separately, the same logic as above still applies. Not everything in this series is immediately obvious at first, and a good writer lets the audience think for themselves without stating it for them. 

Also it isn’t just the original Japanese dub that has both Armin and the narrator voiced by the same person, it’s the same for the English dub as well. 

Here’s the IMDb for Josh Grelle:

This looks like more than a coincidence to me. It comes across as deliberate. Had it only been true for the original Japanese dub, you could argue that the voice actress was chosen simply because her voice sounded nice for narrating. But this doesn’t seem to be the case. 

Make of that what you will.

Aot Cast in their spare time

Eren Yaeger:

Mikasa Ackerman:

Armin Arlert:

Jean Kirstein

Marco Bodt:

Connie Springer:

Sasha Braus:

Annie Leonhardt:

Reiner Braun:

Berthodt Hoover:


Christa Lenz:

Hange Zoe:

Erwin Smith:

Levi Ackerman:

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Mikasa just finished off the Armoured Titan, using perfect teamwork and having absolute trust in others.

She’s shown as an inspirational figure to Sasha.

She’s the protective soldier at her best right now and her recent actions ooze confidence.

Speaking generally, I personally don’t get the complaining right now in terms of Mikasa and this post was kind of inspired by that (just to get some thoughts out on Mikasa, too). My dash and the tags have been full of it these past few days. Just when she actually is getting back into the spotlight? This isn’t just a action thing to make her look cool, either. This is all very relevant to her character.

Attack On Titan has an ensemble cast: different characters get different spotlights at different points of the story. Historia didn’t get any significant character focus until chapter 37-38, Reiner and Bertholdt until chapter 46-50, for example.

Don’t get me wrong, I get the complaints, more Mikasa is always nice, but I feel like it’s the Ymir and Annie thing, it’ll come when it’s truly relevant. You could argue that Grisha’s death would’ve been a time or anything related to Kenny, but they never had much of a strong connection to Mikasa specifically.

Mikasa’s reaction to Eren’s father’s death is just about on the same as Eren’s mother’s, in that she did care for them, but she’s only lived with them for a year and doesn’t have nearly as strong connections with them as she did with her real parents or friends like Eren, Armin or Sasha.

Kenny is the same way. Kenny was Levi’s father figure. I actually don’t think he could’ve offered much to Mikasa’s character development. Again, it *could’ve* been written in a way where it did and it is something to criticize, but clearly that wasn’t planned. Same goes for the “Ackertalk”, clearly something could’ve come out of that (who knows, maybe it’s still coming?), but again, nothing seems to be planned in terms of that as of now.

I think where the significance would come in is Mikasa’s tattoo, meaning the Ackerman and Asian stuff will eventually matter to Mikasa specifically, in a different way than we are expecting it to and the stuff during the Coup arc isn’t nearly as significant as it seems to be. Because AoT is a ensemble cast story, I’ve always felt Mikasa will eventually come back into the spotlight in some way and I think we actually kind of might be seeing it right now. The Ackerman stuff during the Coup arc was mostly concerning the plot. It actually had very little significance to Levi’s and Mikasa’s characters. I’ve always felt it was a setup to something bigger, rather than a “lost opportunity”, like all of the Uprising arc in general. It gave me a sense that there will be more significance to Mikasa specifically eventually because everything concerning that was covered fairly briefly - why set all that up in the first place then?

So, I’m a little more optimistic about Mikasa than others seem to be because of the nature of the story. I could be wrong about all of this, and Mikasa could continue to be a side character until the end of the story (I mean, I personally think she now has a character arc and has been handled pretty well this arc in general, even when she was not directly in the spotlight, so it’s not at all bad to me), but I’ve always felt she will become more significant again eventually.

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Have you read the fanfic 1994 about AoT? If not, it is basically where the AoT cast is in 1994 and Levi is a gothic drag queen, Erwin is Eren's vice principal,Eren is just normal, Armin and Jean are dating,Mikasa is actually great (most fanfics make her Eren crazed),and all this great stuff. But it is really long. Oh! Hanji is a trans woman who owns a gay club. The plot is basically a love triangle between Erwin,Levi,and Eren. They made Levi and Erwin younger ;^)) and Eren is a bit older.

“Eren is just normal” is probably the strangest of these