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I NEED HIM. We haven’t saw him since chapter 90 that’s waaaaay too long. I need to know did he also turns in daddy levi ???? I mean he’s near 40 now ! Or does he still looks like a magnificent 20 years old ? Did he also let his hair grown ? I NEED TO KNOW

I made a meme. But I’m very serious about it. Important film ppl pls heed my cries to the universe.

Look at that face, those intense freedom-blue eyes, that unwavering stare, that hair(style), his expression, height, build, posture, and commanding eyebrows.

He is the spitting image of him.


I know is VERY LATE but my 3rd xmas drawing was an AU and I wanted to finish it

Hanji and Erwin love decorations’ competitions and Erwin has won too many times but Hanji now got Levi’s help xD

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Favorite Character Moments in Attack On Titan: Connie Springer

“Where are Reiner and Bertholdt? The two aren’t equipped with the 3D Gear at the moment! Please… save them somehow!”

I think Connie is probably the only character who hasn’t had a “big moment to shine” yet. Certainly, he’s gone from a lighthearted jokester to a more serious soldier because of everything he’s gone through, but his moments are always sort of on the side (even him killing a person is among all the others, it’s not just specific to him), which is why I think people tend to dismiss him as a character on his own. I like whenever we see him goofing off on the side, but I also like his little contributions to fighting, like carrying Armin to the supply building at Trost, helping Reiner to get free from a Titan’s grasp or stopping Historia from falling down the castle at Utgard.  

My favorite aspect of his character, though, is his empathy. He might not be intelligent in the way Armin is - he’s not book smart, but he understands people and is extremely empathic towards them. He’s the one to yell at Ymir for being a jerk when Armin is extremely shaken from Eren’s “death”, he’s the one to tell Historia that staying there on the fields with Ymir is a bad idea and he’s the one to be worried about Reiner and Bertholdt once the Colossal Titan and Armoured Titan show up. I think the last one is the best example of his empathy, so I suppose you could call it my favorite moment for him - it’s sad because we know Reiner and Bertholdt ARE the Colossal and Armoured Titan, but he doesn’t.   

Connie might literally be more of a side character than any of the secondary cast, but he’s still a well-developed one. 

Favorite Character Moments in Attack On Titan: 6/33

NDRV3 Cast in AOT

If the NDRV3 Cast lived in the Attack on Titan World as Cadets… What would they join, the Military Police, The Garrison or the Survey Corps?.


This is gonna be fun….

I’m lying.

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Debating whether or not Armin is the Narrator

Pondering whether or not Armin is actually the one narrating this story is something I haven’t given much thought to in the past. At some level I probably accepted it, since it tied in to my belief that Armin would be one of the few guaranteed to live to the bitter end. Lately, the theory is being brought up yet again because it gives other fans hope that Armin isn’t doomed, and that he must live at least to the end. 

Naturally, there are also arguments rising simultaneously to counter this theory. These also bring up valid points. Enough to make this theory seem doubtful. That’s well and all, but y’know, given that these theories are popping up mostly to inspire a flicker of hope in a lot of desperate fans, I can’t really bring myself to shoot down this theory completely. That’s like kicking someone when they’re down.

So I’ll add some fuel to the fire. Just for you Armin-fans.

This post provides some solid evidence, exactly as the title implies. Armin is able to narrate the events because he was either present when they occurred, or was informed of it at some point. 

For what it’s worth, narrating in the third person isn’t unheard of. That all depends on how you want to present a story, so not referring directly to yourself is understandable. If Armin is meant to be the narrator, it’s likely Isayama didn’t want this to be explicitly clear, so speaking in first person would be too obvious. Third person narration muddles that.

As for the arguments that the theory is discredited because the voice actor for both Armin and the narrator are credited separately, the same logic as above still applies. Not everything in this series is immediately obvious at first, and a good writer lets the audience think for themselves without stating it for them. 

Also it isn’t just the original Japanese dub that has both Armin and the narrator voiced by the same person, it’s the same for the English dub as well. 

Here’s the IMDb for Josh Grelle:

This looks like more than a coincidence to me. It comes across as deliberate. Had it only been true for the original Japanese dub, you could argue that the voice actress was chosen simply because her voice sounded nice for narrating. But this doesn’t seem to be the case. 

Make of that what you will.


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Cast includes

  • Haruma Miura
  • Hiroki Hasegawa 
  • Kiko Mizuhara 
  • Kanata Hongō 
  • Takahiro Miura 
  • Nanami Sakuraba 
  • Satoru Matsuo 
  • Satomi Ishihara 
  • Pierre Taki 
  • Jun Kunimura 
  • Shu Watanabe 
  • Ayame Misaki
  • Rina Takeda