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Marco isn't black.. Stop erasing other race representation in shows. Black people aren't the only poc that matter. No different than white washing..

???? what ???? I’m not erasing other representations by drawing Marco as black. I haven’t really drawn a lot of other characters yet, but I do headcanon them as different types of POC (if that makes sense). Like for example Ymir. I see her having brown skin, so maybe Middle Eastern or Indian. I don’t want to erase representation of other races by drawing Marco as black. And in AoT, most characters are white, so I kind of want to draw the characters as more diverse ethnicities. Also, no different than whitewashing ?? I’m trying to make the AoT cast more diverse, white washing is the exact opposite. People white wash POC characters or people because they think that they are better being white because white is better. I don’t want to do that, and I don’t think any race is superior to the other. I just think a little diversity is good in AoT, and I want to show representation of other races through my art. ❤️

Debating whether or not Armin is the Narrator

Pondering whether or not Armin is actually the one narrating this story is something I haven’t given much thought to in the past. At some level I probably accepted it, since it tied in to my belief that Armin would be one of the few guaranteed to live to the bitter end. Lately, the theory is being brought up yet again because it gives other fans hope that Armin isn’t doomed, and that he must live at least to the end. 

Naturally, there are also arguments rising simultaneously to counter this theory. These also bring up valid points. Enough to make this theory seem doubtful. That’s well and all, but y’know, given that these theories are popping up mostly to inspire a flicker of hope in a lot of desperate fans, I can’t really bring myself to shoot down this theory completely. That’s like kicking someone when they’re down.

So I’ll add some fuel to the fire. Just for you Armin-fans.

This post provides some solid evidence, exactly as the title implies. Armin is able to narrate the events because he was either present when they occurred, or was informed of it at some point. 

For what it’s worth, narrating in the third person isn’t unheard of. That all depends on how you want to present a story, so not referring directly to yourself is understandable. If Armin is meant to be the narrator, it’s likely Isayama didn’t want this to be explicitly clear, so speaking in first person would be too obvious. Third person narration muddles that.

As for the arguments that the theory is discredited because the voice actor for both Armin and the narrator are credited separately, the same logic as above still applies. Not everything in this series is immediately obvious at first, and a good writer lets the audience think for themselves without stating it for them. 

Also it isn’t just the original Japanese dub that has both Armin and the narrator voiced by the same person, it’s the same for the English dub as well. 

Here’s the IMDb for Josh Grelle:

This looks like more than a coincidence to me. It comes across as deliberate. Had it only been true for the original Japanese dub, you could argue that the voice actress was chosen simply because her voice sounded nice for narrating. But this doesn’t seem to be the case. 

Make of that what you will.

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Have you read the fanfic 1994 about AoT? If not, it is basically where the AoT cast is in 1994 and Levi is a gothic drag queen, Erwin is Eren's vice principal,Eren is just normal, Armin and Jean are dating,Mikasa is actually great (most fanfics make her Eren crazed),and all this great stuff. But it is really long. Oh! Hanji is a trans woman who owns a gay club. The plot is basically a love triangle between Erwin,Levi,and Eren. They made Levi and Erwin younger ;^)) and Eren is a bit older.

“Eren is just normal” is probably the strangest of these