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In the spirit of my previous BoilerCon uploads, and after visiting my very first real con at ACen 2017, I figured I should upload this gift to a friend!

When I did BoilerCon for the first time at Purdue, one of my friends made a request for a picture of Armin and Skitty; since I never finished it back then, I finally got to it now! From the moment she suggested it, I knew it’d be a fun pair to draw!

Seeing all of the talent and inspiration in ACen’s artist alley got me super pumped up to continue improving, and hopefully participate on a bigger scale like them someday! Thanks to all who came and made it a special experience (including the unfortunate soul whose cape got stuck in the escalator)!


Anime Central 2014: Cleaning Eren and Armin


(Especially made this for my best friend Suzaku, who’s worked so hard to us completing our cosplays for Acen and has done such a phenomenal job at bringing Eren Jaegar to life. Please show him your support and follow along with Rye as his main man Armin!!!)


Gifs made by me

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