tea time for @zedsdead1001. prompt: spa day

levi doesn’t like people touching him. getting his haircut is torture, fingers running through his hair, each tug making him feel like he is being drawn and quartered. hand shakes are like mini iron maidens, clamping around and bleeding him out dry with quiet anxiety.

no. levi doesn’t like people touching him.

but erwin knows that he’s different. he’s got “the magic touch”. he wants to treat levi nice for their one year anniversary. wants to see those muscles in his back slump with relaxation. wants to see levi’s face sink into something the resembles comfort. levi is a never ending complexity of challenges. a rubix cube that scrambles just before the solution is discovered. being with levi has been one of the most rewarding and frustrating years of his life.

erwin’s heart flutters as he hears the apartment door open.

levi comes in and closes the door behind him and goes to pull his shoes off at the entryway. “oi, what the fuck is all this?” he says loud enough so erwin can hear him–wherever he may be.

“come into the bedroom!” erwin shouts back.

levi rolls his eyes. he had asked for a quiet night inside. he had never been one for sweet nothings or tradition. he wouldn’t admit it anybody, but having erwin is a treat enough in itself. erwin’s the catch of the god damn century.

the lights are out except for the hall nightlight and the soft golden glow coming from the open bedroom door. levi arches an eyebrow and follows his nose.  it smells like lavender and rosemary, a smell he enjoys very much. it’s clean and earthy, and he lets his guard down, lets his shoulders sink as he peeks his head into the bedroom.

“happy anniversary, darling.” erwin says softly. he’s dressed in all white–tight fitting polo shirt and cleanly pressed slacks. levi can see the outline of his pecs, and how large his thighs are against the stretch of his pants. he swallows. his eyes trail up, counts every strand of misplaced hair across his forehead, soft and without product–just like how he likes it.  their bed is covered in rose petals and there’s lines of expensive scented candles lit and placed on any available flat surface. on the nightstand is a small water fountain playing ambient music.

levi runs his hand against his nape. he doesn’t really know what to do with himself, how he’s supposed to react to something so romantic. so he says the only thing he can think of to say: “is this fucking enya?”

erwin is taken aback for only a fraction of second, but he’s fluent in levi now. he knows what he means. he knows what levi’s doing, but so does erwin. “i am not sure. shall i change it?”

levi looks down. lets it all sink in. the lack of pressure to do anything, the quiet night at home, the ridiculously cliche decorations, erwin dressed like an incredibly handsome fucking masseuse… erwin understands him so well, and he just struggles to comprehend how.

erwin notices, and steps forward to wrap his arms around levi. his hands trail across his body, lets one rest in dark hair, the other taking levi’s hand and interlacing their fingers. he presses his cheek against the top of his head, lets himself smile as he hears levi sigh against his chest.

“so what are we doing?” levi asks, his nose buried in erwin’s shirt.

“well,” he starts, pulling their bodies apart so he can look down at him. he runs a hand along levi’s cheek, and he can feel the heat on his palm. “i figure we get you undressed and oiled up on that bed.”

levi chokes back a laugh. “and then what?”

“i’ll work out all those knots in your back.”

“and then what?”

“and your legs.”

“and then what?”

erwin grins. “we’ll see where the night takes us, darling.”