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I think I remember you saying that you expect Eremika feelings to atleast be acknowledged as mutual by the end of the series. Since Eren and Jean's dynamic is practically identical to Erwin and Nile's I could definitely see it playing out exactly like that. I'd love a little conversation like the one they had in the carriage about Marie except with Eren and J, where Eren just like Erwin tells J that he had feelings for Mikasa himself. I think E-M-J might end up exactly like E-M-N

I do, yeah. Eremika strongly parallels the other canonically romantic relationships set up by the narrative–Yumikuri and Galco–so I would expect Eremika to get the acknowledgement at the very least that Yumikuri got, and Galco to actually be the one that ends up canon and alive by the end.

That’s a very interesting comparison to Erwin and Nile’s dynamic. I can definitely see that parallel. If Jean and Mikasa do end up together in an epilogue (like I don’t expect a declaration of love, but an epilogue is entirely possible) I really hope we get to see some of their dynamic this arc (if indeed it is the last one, or the penultimate one). I can see something like you suggest happening.

I think an overarching theme in SnK is that each generation does a little better at embracing the beauty in the world (instead of letting cruelty reign) than the last. So I really still doubt a nihilistic ending because of that. I don’t believe Erwin ever told Marie his feelings, but I think Eren will tell Mikasa his feelings like Ymir did tell Historia her feelings (even if it was too late at that time), and Falco will tell Gabi his feelings (or vice versa) but they will have the chance to actually act on them in ways the other canonically romantic couples simply did not thanks to the world’s cruelty. I think Falco and Gabi, and their relationship, are about finding a balance of beauty and cruelty in the world. While cruelty kinda has a tendency to win out and cut the beauty short in the past, I think they will be able to live in a better world, and Jean and Mikasa (since they are both strong Falco parallels as well lol) will be able to live in that world as well, whether or not they end up together. (But the fact that Jean’s crush is established means, narratively, something should come of it at some point even if it is never returned, so yeah.)

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I'm glad we're finally getting to see the impact Erwin's death has had recently since we never got a funeral or anything like that. Levi's practically stuck in the past. Armin will still obviously feel extremely burdened by the fact that he was chosen over Erwin which I hope gets dived into a little more. And Hanji's cracking under the pressure of her new role as commander. I strongly believe there is not a single character in the series who could've filled Erwin's shoes as commander.

Indeed. No one else can grow eyebrows like that.

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But yeah. I think this arc (quite possibly the last) is about, in part, overcoming the past and breaking out of the cycles, or the inability to do it in some cases. Armin I do think will be most likely to break the cycle, as the hero, but I think he may have to choose at some point whether or not to repeat the choices Erwin made like sacrificing himself/others, etc.–which he may be expected to do–or make new ones. He was already saved last time he tried to sacrifice himself, so suffice to say that’s a theme in his arc (as well as in Historia’s and Erwin’s) so I expect it to come up again. The most likely thing he’ll have to sacrifice imo is his close friendship with Eren, though that doesn’t mean I think they’ll hate each other–on the contrary, I think they will always deeply love each other even if they make choices that lead them away from the other one.

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Hange finally getting an arc, I’m here for this. I think they are also trying to be Erwin when really they should be thinking outside of the box/ island they’ve been trapped on (the metaphor isn’t subtle) and the old strategist are not necessarily going to benefit them now. I also think they will overcome this.

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And Levi. It’s funny, because I think I wrote a year or two ago how I really wanted to see Levi fulfill his promise to Erwin by killing Zeke. But in reality, I think it’s a far more character/thematically interesting–and far more hopeful–path for Levi to take if he has to choose between killing Zeke and… something else important in terms of freeing humanity (since Erwin wanted that too) and/or saving someone he loves, since Levi is and has always been motivated by the people he cares about most. I think it’s far better if Levi has to choose to leave his revenge for a better world even if he won’t be able to survive to live in it, and I do have confidence Levi would make the right choice. I also think that would make Erwin proud. 

The point is exactly that there is no one who could fulfill Erwin’s role as commander, and also that that isn’t necessarily a bad thing if Paradis truly wants freedom and to be a part of the world.