And here is the box art for the new Bluray/DVD Season 1 box, slated for a march 15 release!

Comes with all 25 episodes, the visual novels, the “Attack on Titan Zero” prototype by Isayama, a booklet containing a colored version of ch 13 and 14 (I think) and a new “All color special booklet”.

Here's a tip


I’m just tryna look at cute fanart of my otp kissing and I don’t need these bad bad vibes up in mah face, Kay?


Everyone can have an opinion, okay, I would never try to change someone’s mind about shipping. However, please don’t hate on ships. You don’t have to agree with it, you don’t have to ship it, but hating it and posting hate about it only puts shippers in a bad mood.

Imagine, there’s a person on one side of the street, protesting or advertising an opinion you don’t agree with, and they are being rude, quite aggressive, and acting a bit crazy!
(Cause let’s face it shippers be crazy no matter what they ship)
What do you do? You walk past, or cross the street!!
So on tumblr or Pinterest or whatever you use, scroll past, or hide the post, and don’t post hate!!

Also, if you see hate or receive hate directly, that targets your ship, don’t retaliate, because it makes the whole thing worse.

Thank you this has been a rant from a very tired fan.
(Ps, sorry to bother the fandoms but I’m gunna tag the ships I’ve seen hate in while searching their tag)


All I’m looking for
Is a little bit more rope
To wrap around my throat

He doesn’t know how long he has been here. Days, months, years. Fuck knows. He has nothing he can give to his captors. He has nothing left. Not even his sanity. They leave him in his own filth and beat him until he begs for death. But he only cries when he hears mikes screams. 

And all I’m gasping for
Is one last breath of hope

They chain him up and can feel his body burn as he begins to down in his own body. They will never be free. He cannot even remember the feel of the sun on his skin. All he remembers the feel of the lead bar against his back.