dailyskyeward is looking for members!

since this blog is new and in need of people who can gif (and more) we have decided to open this blog up to others who are interested in helping spread the skyeward love around here. (also ariel’s computer might have crashed and so we’re asking for a help a little bit earlier then intended but the more the merrier yay)

we’re looking for people that can gif 2-3 times a week (minimum would be once a week!) and stick to a tagging system.

if you believe you have the time to help us out in this lil blog of ours (and fulfill those two requirements) please fill in this short form and submit it here.

  • name:
  • how active you can be per week (realistically):
  • a link to your work: 
  • why you would like to be a part of this blog:

if you have any questions feel free to ask us here or contact me on my personal or ariel’s. it would also be great if you could reblog this post to get the word out!