Iain: Elizabeth being Elizabeth as well, I’m sure she got out and went “I’m sorry”.
Clark: She thought she hurt the pool. And Jed and Maurissa were holding her knapsack, upside down and water was draining out like a cartoon. And then her phone came out and it had weird images on it, like, of fish swimming by.
Henry: I walked up to them like two minutes afterwards and Jed our executive producer was like “Woah, woah be careful” and I’m like “What the hell?”. It looked like someone pulled a seal out of the pool. I was like “What is all this?” then look over and Elizabeth is just shivering, drenched from head to toe in this beautiful gown.
Clark: And Chloe was right next to her just bent over just laughing hysterically. […] She never got that churro though.

hey guy! have you ever tried to find aos posts that are about all of our favourite agents? we sure have and it got us thinking -what if there was a post tag where all our team love could be in one place?? well since it’s shieldsunday we wanted to propose an idea!

so! we’re proposing using #aosteam as a way to showcase any and all posts that are about the whole team (or a subset) doing awesome things! just tag any team edits/gifs/fic/general love as aosteam so those looking for group love know where to go!