aos: kirk

Never Have I Ever

The crew plays Never Have I Ever and when the question “never have I ever fucked my best friend” is asked, it opens up both memories and opportunities for Jim and Leonard.

Based on this post by @rustleofthestars and contribution by @mccoymostly

Warnings: there is a tiny bit of maybe-nsfw :)


Leonard McCoy is not a teenager anymore so how he ends up playing Never Have I Ever is completely beyond him.

It’s probably Jim.

As he sees the other down a shot with practiced ease, he decides it is definitely Jim.

It started out innocently enough, moving along to the “never have I ever been black-out drunk” and “never have I ever backed down from a bar fight” questions.

Then it’s Pavel’s turn.

Pavel who has drunk more than Leonard and truth be told he’s a bit worried about the kid. Both for his alcohol levels as for his future. Now, though, the Russian just furrows his brow in thought and then with a smirk says: “Never have I ever fucked my best friend,”

The moment the words leave Pavel’s lips Leonard turns to look at Jim.

Jim, who turns to Leonard with a smirk.

Jim, whose moans, soft fingers and kisses Leonard still remembers.


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My first time drawing them oh dear…and my art style keeps changing so I’m currently adjusting. I’m so obsessed w Star Trek rn agh

(Also pls don’t follow me for a lot of Star Trek stuff because I’m a multi fandom blog…but if you’re okay with this then feel free :0)

Jim the Housemate (Academy!Jim x reader)

Summary: You take the days stresses out on Jim, but he always knows how to cheer you up.

Pairing: Jim x reader (Academy!Jim)

Warnings: language

a/n: I would like to thank my housemates and university for the inspiration behind this piece. If you replace the hug with a tenderly offered shot of vodka and the towel for nerf guns you essentially have the last two years of my life. More of a best friend pairing in this one but platonic love is just as important as romantic.

Words: 905

“JIM KIRK GET YOUR ARSE DOWN HERE NOW!” Jim was in trouble. Obviously.

It wasn’t really in your nature to get angry, but seeing the state of your shared kitchen made your blood boil. It was a small space, in a small house, with small rooms and small doors. Your housemate Jim was a big mess. Right now you were staring at a pile of dishes which had seemingly begun to develop their own eco system.

“You called?” Jim said, appearing round the corner with a tentative smile on his face.

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The Star trek/Crystal gems (kinda) au no one asked for

Kirk’s gem is on his heart (a red one) and Spock’s gem on his forehead (a green one) so they naturally make a yellow one: Amber!

They have a shield to protect the crew and their weapon can knock out enemies and also kill them but if it’s only necessary. Together, they make the perfect captain!

Okay so Spock was born and raised on Vulcan, a planet that canonically has a higher gravity than Earth. At least partially due to this, Vulcans have much denser bone and muscles than humans (part of why they are so much stronger than us) meaning that per m^3 Vulcans weigh more than the average human. Considering Spock, the beanpole that he is, has been stated to have the strength of 3 average men it is logical to deduce that his muscle mass is up to 3 times as dense as that of the average human meaning it is up to 3 times as heavy (I’m not a physician so don’t quote me on this). All this considered, no matter the math, Spock is heavy af, so

how strong is Kirk????????