@WenEverMingNa : Mermaid moment.
“Flipping your fins, you don’t get too far…Legs are required for jumping, dancing…”
This is 6 weeks since my ACL/Menicus surgery. 3 months since I tore those two parts of my knee doing a fight scene on #agentsofshield. It hadn’t always been fun and games. There were some tough days, but I’ve learned so much from this injury. Fear, frustration, fatigue. Then acceptance, research, focus, positive attitude. Finally, lucky enough to have great people and be surrounded with love and support. I have so many people to thank. They helped to heal me and motivate me to get better and stronger. This has given me new inspiration with #wenever. I want to offer you motivation and support! I’ve had to put aside writing #wenever™ because of this injury. But now, I’m more excited than ever to share with you what happened to me and how my #wenever approach got me to this point…Joking around while getting my ass kicked doing 2 hours of PT. My experience with this surgery has given me great insight and empathy. No matter what, #wenever™ will help, especially when things get rough! Still want to feel healthier, look younger and be happier? Stay tuned! I’ve got you in mind! I want to be “Part of your world.”
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  • Spock Prime: *Throws dice* *watches the dice roll* *wins sixty-eight thousand federation credits*
  • Spock: *comes to his side in tuxedo* Did you just gamble.
  • Spock Prime: An act of faith. *holds the dice out to his counterpart* Here, give it a shot.
  • Spock: No.
  • Spock Prime: Spock, yes. It's mandatory for Star Fleet officers to know how to play this game in my future and you will need this skill set in order to complete a mission.
  • Spock: *arms folded, doubtfully, but considers the probability of such an occurrence*
  • Spock Prime: And also it's fun.
  • Spock: *Baffled eyebrow raise*
  • Bones: I wonder where he picked that sense of fun up from.
  • Kirk: *arms folded, head turn* Bon--*Bones has somehow become part of the background and vanished from Kirk's side*--es!
  • Bones: *laughing in the background as the Spoock's debate about fun while the Ambassador takes his winnings*

Aɢᴇɴᴛs ᴏғ S.H.I.E.L.D
details The Only Light In The Darkness
Best case – Agent Koenig knows something we don’t. He took a team, kept us in the dark for our safety. Worst-case scenario? We’ve had a wolf in the herd the whole time.