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we’ve known for a while that the real Fitz doesn’t like to be called “Leo,” and this episode implied proof for my theory as to why - it’s what his father called him.

listen, agents of shield is not a perfect show and i have not always loved it

but you cannot deny that it is always trying to be better

it doesn’t always succeed, but it is always trying to change and adapt and challenge the rest of the marvel movies and real world events 

cap is hydra in the comics? fuck you we’re literally never gonna stop talking about how hydra is full of nazis

us politics? fuck that we’re gonna pull the most famous phrases from this fuckshow of an administration into our dialogue for as many episodes as we can and you’re only gonna roll your eyes a little

whitewashing in other marvel properties? fuck you and fuck you again we have more diversity than all the marvel movies combined and two female woc lead characters, one of whom is a legit superhero and the other is nothing to sneeze at either


Possibly my most favorite thing about What If… is that Jemma is so wholly, constantly aware that the Framework isn’t real. It’s not just that she keeps telling people, it’s in how she acts. Daisy kind of gets lost in her attempts to maintain her unexpected cover, but she’s still typical Daisy—to the point of moving to intervene when those three guys are beating up that Inhuman when they first enter the Triskelion.

Jemma, on the other hand? Jemma has no time for playing along with this fake world.

Exhibit A: her lack of social graces with Julia. To us, her “fascinating” and “you have dreams” are just typical Jemma, taking in details and being impressed with the Framework’s coding. Some random NPC has dreams and makes art? Amazing! But from an outside perspective, her words and tone are so freaking creepy. Like. Jemma, babe. Could you sound any more like a serial killer surprised to hear that her next victim is an actual human being?

But what really stands out is Exhibit B: her conversation with Burnell. Sure, the line “Hydra? They’re all Nazis” is great as a quote, but as an actual thing to say to an impressionable teenager living in what is, effectively, a police state? She encourages a defenseless kid to not only proclaim a very unpopular fact, but to spread it far and wide. It may be the truth, but Hydra does not like it and Burnell is gonna get himself seriously hurt—if not dead—by spreading it.

In the real world, you’d expect Jemma to take that into account. If things went nightmarishly wrong and Hydra won and SHIELD was just some kind of Resistance, she might say something along the lines of, “Yep, Hydra are 100% Nazis, but they’re also basically in charge right now, so maybe keep that fact to yourself and like-minded people you trust absolutely? Just….throwing it out there. Save fighting the propaganda machine for a time when you’re in a position to protect yourself from retaliation.”

But nope. This kid isn’t real. What does Jemma care if Burnell—who’s already shown himself to be pretty senselessly brave by actually tagging Jemma’s car with “Hydra lies” even though we’re shown like two seconds later that surveillance is EVERYWHERE, including this high school parking lot—gets himself killed shouting from the rooftops that Hydra are Nazis? He’s just a collection of code. It’s not an issue.

And the best part? It’s exactly what we should’ve expected. It’s just an extension of how she approached Aida—calling her “it” and always keeping in mind that she was an android, not a person. She, maybe more than anyone else, is super conscious of the difference between real and programmed, and she takes a very practical approach to all of this as a result.

It is SO JEMMA and I love it.

tl;dr: Jemma has no time for manners or for saving/protecting/acting as a good influence on the lives of these Framework NPCs…and it is GLORIOUS.

(I was gonna include her calling Ward a “psycho stalker” to his face, but lbr, she’d do that in the real world without a qualm.)

For anyone who believes that the reunion between fitz and jemma was “underwhelming” i would just like to remind you that, yes they should talk eventually, but this is Fitzsimmons. They say so much without even speaking. Jemma going in there and just putting her hand on his shoulder said so much more. Thats what Fitz needed right now. He couldnt even look her in the eyes, his hand was shaking. But feeling her comfort and that alone, is the start of them healing. She already knows how he feels, she listened to him talking to aida, so if he needs time to express that to her personally or whatever, she’s there for him and she’s not going anywhere. He chose her like he always has and she knows.

Is it weird that I think Fitz not snapping out of it in the Framework is the most Fitz-y thing he did in there? Think about it - if someone killed Jemma or his mother in reality, do you think our Fitz would rest until they were brought to justice? One of his desirable character traits has always been his loyalty. Unfortunately that part of him was twisted a great deal and perhaps even amplified (or he’s more willing to resort to extreme measures at least) by his father’s constant mantras about betrayal. He takes loyalty EVEN MORE SERIOUSLY in the Framework. Plus we all know he’s stubborn af on a good day. 

I also liked the fact that Jemma knew immediately that she wouldn’t be able to get through to him after killing his father. She knows him; she’s well acquainted with his passion and conviction after being on the receiving end of it for 10+ years. 

So really, the fact that he didn’t snap out of it, to me anyways, is proof that Leo Fitz loves and commits with his whole heart to those close to him in any situation. This situation just happens to be a really disgusting and toxic one… :/


Leo Fitz and Grant Ward. Two men who couldn’t be more different but who, at the same time, are perfect mirrors for each other. Through the Framework, we are seeing the powerful impact the people around you can have on your life. 

In the real world, Fitz’s father is a bad man who abandoned him and Fitz actually became a better man without him. Conversely, in the Framework, Fitz’s father is a bad man and Fitz becomes one as well because of his father’s negative influence.

In the real world, Fitz loves Jemma and her love and support helps him solve problems, that love brings out the best in him. Conversely, in the Framework, Fitz is in a relationship with Madame Hydra, who proclaims her love for him like he is an object, like he is something she owns, and her influence over him causes him to kill an innocent woman just to prove that he is not the man Radcliffe thought he was.

In the real world, Ward’s parents are bad people, but Garrett is arguably worse, and Ward becomes a double agent who obeys even the most heinous of orders because of Garrett’s influence.  Conversely, in the Framework, Ward’s parents are still bad people, but this time, he meets Victoria Hand and still becomes a double agent but for the good side where he fights injustice because of Hand’s positive influence.

In the real world, Ward has feelings for Skye but he is told over and over again that it’s a weakness, that it’s something to be ashamed of, and so he ultimately loses her because he doesn’t understand how to love someone in a healthy way. Conversely, in the Framework, Ward is in a long-term relationship with Skye, whose love for him makes him believe that he can be a good man, and as a result, that is exactly what he becomes, even volunteering to sacrifice himself so that Daisy can escape the Framework. 

This is so important. This shows us that there is no such thing as an absolute good or absolute evil. It is our actions that dictate which one we are, but it’s the people in our lives who influence those actions. We learn from each other. We change and grow because of the people in our lives. Good people make us better and bad people drag us down. 

Sometimes that’s all it takes to make a hero in one world and a villain in another. 

Reasons #83748646383 and so forth why I kind of adore AIDA’s meltdown.

1. She can’t read people at all.  Fitz is moaning about how he’s ruin everything with Jemma. She’s says she understands, especially better now since she’s human. And somehow that translates into - well Jemma will reject you, but I’ll still love you, so logically you will choose me.

Um no. That’s not how this works. Despite everything, his heart will only ever contain one person, and that’s Jemma Anne Simmons.


Excuse me while I…

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2. She doesn’t understand what a choice actually means. What free will actually means. SO WHAT if you worked so hard in the frame work, be so loyal, do all the unfair shit so you can get a choice?  You having a choice doesn’t NEGATE everyone else in reality having a choice. HE HAS TO CHOOSE YOU, AND HE DIDN’T, AND THAT’S WITHIN HIS RIGHT, YOU SADISTIC ROBOTIC BITCH.

You basically went against God, science, and nature to become human, so really, you don’t get to complain that when given the freedom of choice that someone else uses their FREEDOM OF CHOICE NOT TO CHOOSE YOU.

Choice doesn’t work that way. LOVE CERTAINLY DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY.

3. Fitz’ reaction to AIDA’s overreaction = GOLD.  Like it’s brilliant.  He’s like, sure, I was devoted to you in the framework, but in reality…

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Oh shit, she is.

And then she’s basically a baby in an adult body throwing a damn temper tantrum.

And this is me:

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Number One Reason why I am Emotional™ about the FitzSimmons sneak peek is that Jemma is really really distressed which a) shows trauma as well as fear because she doesn’t often panic like that even under threat of death, and b) brings her close to a panic attack and then Fitz - who has had at least one near-incapacitating panic attack before - brings her out of it even though he is also clearly scared bc they’re surrounded by murderbots

it’s a mix of trauma recognition we’ve rarely seen AND love & comfort which there’s always room for more of, and basically I’m dead

About last night...

I’m currently crying because:

a) Jemma knew that Fitz needed a little time to himself to cool off so she gave it to him and then the second she entered the room after her cup of tea, he started spilling his guts.

b) At some point at the Academy, Fitz trusted Jemma enough to tell her all about his father and his abusive behaviour.


d) They always seem to wait until they are really alone to be intimate and I find that fact adorable/on point? 

e) The way Fitz looked proudly at Jemma as he told Mack it was something she said that led to his eureka moment and she smiled back all sweetly.




What if next week’s episode opened with a dream sequence, in which Fitz was remembering things he shouldn’t even know, in particular the parallels between Jemma’s scream in the last episode and the all-important bottom of the ocean scene. He sees those screams one after the other, and then a rapid-fire montage of memory with scraps of dialogue featuring some of their biggest lines.

“I’m not leaving you, that’s ridiculous! We need a new plan!” / “We’re not discussing it Jemma. You’re taking it, end of story.”

“Why would you make me do this? You’re my best friend in the world!” / “You’re more than that, Jemma. And I couldn’t find the courage to tell you. So please, let me show you.”

“You’ll be careful.”

“There’s nothing to discuss, Jemma.” / “Maybe there is.”

“Quite a strange feeling, isn’t it? Never wanting to be without someone?”

“And you dove through a hole in the universe for me!”

“It’s been ten years.”

“You became the most open, loyal, caring person I’ve ever met.” / “It’s why I fell in love with you! Who you really are; that’s not programming! It’s something way beyond that!”

And he has no context for any of these scenes but he can see them vividly and it has him waking up in a cold sweat and a blind panic. He gets up in the middle of the night, goes to where Radcliffe is being kept and makes a demand.

“Tell me about Jemma Simmons. Tell me everything.”

When Love Isn’t Enough: Thoughts on AoS 4x20

I love FitzSimmons but I am really really glad they didn’t have the power of true love compel him to remember her. 

Because first of all, that’s not how the Framework works. None of the other characters ever remembered their Real World lives with the exception of Coulson, and he had a legitimately good reason for that - because his mind had already been tampered with through the TAHITI program. Your Framework self cannot remember your Real World life even if your Framework self meets someone who was important to you in the Real World. If it worked like that, let’s face it, Melinda May would have remembered Coulson the first time she laid eyes on his dorky schoolteacher self back in the rubble of that Hydra base. 

It also wouldn’t make sense because Framework Fitz is SO drastically different than Real World Fitz. Remember the context here. Remember that Framework Fitz has been taught not to buckle to “womanly sentiment,” remember that he carries all of Hydra on his shoulders, remember that he views betrayal as a capital offense. Jemma Simmons is not the love of his life here, she is a subversive who has evaded his capture and is working with the Resistance, she is a woman who murdered his father while he listened helplessly over the phone. Remember that in the Framework, Fitz loves his father, even if his father was cruel to him, even if his father abused him, Fitz still loves him because he is his father. 

I’m also glad they didn’t go down that route is because it would be so easy and so lazy. Fitz pulling a gun on Jemma and then lowering it when he remembers her - that’s the easy way out. Fitz pulling a gun on Jemma, shooting her in the leg, and being completely prepared to kill her - that’s so much more interesting. This forces us to see that this is NOT the Fitz we know. Jemma may have said once that he’s the awkward scientist she knows and loves, but that’s simply not true. He is NOT her Fitz. And it is so important that there are these distinctions between the Framework and the Real World because it raises the stakes and it really makes us consider the concept of agency and free will. Framework Mack chose to stay in the Framework, a world he knows is not real, because he chose to stay with his daughter. Because even if his daughter isn’t technically real, his love for her is real. And this is where it gets really interesting - Framework Mack chose to stay, Framework Coulson and May chose to leave, but Framework Fitz was forced to leave against his will. It’ll be really interesting in the last 2 episodes to see if any of Framework Fitz is left in Real World Fitz. I would love to see Fitz struggle with himself, with his relief at being back in the Real World but also his resentment at being forced to leave against his will.  

Here’s what I love most about Framework Fitz not remembering Jemma - it turns the concept of all you need is love on its head in a really great way. In general, I am not a fan of this trope because it’s so cheesy and rarely done right, and the thing I really like about this show is how it doesn’t ever really ever buy into that. We saw this with Skyeward, with Daisy and Cal, with season 2 Fitzsimmons, with May and Andrew, and with Mack and Yo-Yo. Ward believed his love for Skye was enough to make her understand him and even love him back, and she shot him four times and told him with no uncertainty that his love for her did NOT make his actions okay, that his love for her did NOT make her understand him, that his love for her was NOT enough. Framework Ward’s love is not enough for him to be happy with Framework Skye since she’s essentially be erased by Daisy. Cal thought his love for his wife and daughter justified the terrible actions he took in his quest to get them back and Daisy refused to buy into that, and though she did eventually grow to love him, their love for each other wasn’t enough to give them a happy ending as father and daughter. Fitz sacrificed himself to save Simmons and suffered severe brain damage as a result, and Simmons voluntarily leaved him in the hopes that he might recover faster without her. For both of them, their love for the other actually caused them to be without the other. Now, granted, Fitzsimmons did actually embody this trope when he went to an alien planet to save her, but they also ended up unleashing an ancient evil, so I think we can still say the trope has been subverted more often than not. May and Andrew also loved each other, so much so that she almost gave up SHIELD for him, but they were torn apart by his Inhuman counterpart and untimely death. And Mack chose one love over another - though Daisy told him he had people who loved him in the Real World, he still chose to stay in the Framework with his daughter. 

One thing is very clear - on this show, love is not always enough. It doesn’t fix everything, it’s not always the answer, it’s not the solution to every problem (this ain’t Once Upon a Time). It’s not always enough to keep two people together. It’s not always enough to be happy. 

On this show, love is not always enough. And that’s what makes this arc so interesting to watch.

If this episode has shown me anything...

It’s that Fitzsimmons is the crux of this pod.  Fitz is the key to getting out of the framework.  And Jemma is the key to getting through to Fitz.  What’s the one way to get me to care about the story as much as I do? PUT THESE TWO IN THE MIDDLE.

And that’s going to be painful. And yet, part of me thinks, it’s going to completely worth it it.

Signs of Fitz:  The over amping of anger that radiates off of Fitz.  The subtle shaking that Fitz displays as he’s listening to the facts coming from Radcliffe.  And the biggest one for me is actually coming from AIDA. The constant bouts of panic as Fitz hears the facts that she’s trying to repackage as lies.  You don’t think our smart Fitz is cataloging every single reaction?  Oh please.

Why give me a slow motion reaction cut of Fitzsimmons if not to highlight the anguish on Jemma’s face and the stare from Fitz?  Like, what other point is there to show how messed up this world is?

And don’t get me started on Daisy.  Queen of the ship who knows that if Fitz goes through with torturing her?  That’s a part that real Fitz will never forgive himself for.  And yet, he’s the key.  Something has to be the trigger next week.  And I get the sense that it’s going to be part Jemma and part something completely innocuous and yet totally Fitz.

Ugh…I need to know what happens.  And I need the story to turn.  My stomach churns and that is in part of the brilliance of the two LEADS in this story:  Iain and Elizabeth.  Thank goodness these two are portraying the forever love that is Fitzsimmons.

anonymous asked:

Okay I'm totally going to need you to convince me how this is going to be okay because right now I actually feel pretty sick. I don't see how they have enough time once they leave the framework for Fitz to deal with this trauma. Fitz has killed a woman now, even if he wasn't aware he was doing it. And if he tortures Daisy, I just don't think I can watch that. To come out and have their happy engagement would be wrong and rushed. When do they get to heal? Where is the payoff???

Hi Anon!  And anyone else who needs this…

Its Going to be Okay!

This story isn’t supposed to be happy or fun, we are in a reality built by a crazy, evil book influenced, programmed by the questionable Dr. Radcliffe, and obsessed with becoming a real girl AIDA here.  She has twisted each and every single character.  Fitz and May more than anyone else. 

I’m just going to run down my major points here.  I hope it helps.  Again I am not ashamed to say that I am still enjoying this arc.  Its uncomfortable and frustrating as all get out.  But it has me rooting SO HARD for Fitzsimmons right now.  For the entire team right now. 

Fitz partly a distraction:

We all know that something the writers do is the fake out.   They have us looking at and focused on one thing so we literally don’t see the truck that is coming at us from left field.   Season 2 for example.  When Real Shield made their move it looked like they were our big bad of the season, that would be the arc.  When in fact it was Jaiying and the Inhumans that were the bigger threat.  So right now they have the fandom so wrapped up in Fitz….that we are ‘missing’ that thing over in left field about to hit us.  A betrayal is coming guys and its going to hurt.

Fitz has been brainwashed:

This is not our Fitz.  Period.  Iain said at Wondercon that they were two different people.  Two different characters.  Radcliffe said when talking to him, he talked about our Fitz as a different person, because he was.   We saw over and over throughout the episode AIDA manipulate him.  I see things like taking his hand, asking for him to protect her, of vocalizing they are trying to take him from her as the triggers.  You know how we know he’s been brainwashed…how down right TERRIFIED AIDA was of Radcliffe talking to him.  That Jemma was taken out of the picture even before she could be a factor in his life.  That AIDA boasted that she had manipulated this world and those in it to meet her needs and wants.  Yes, she fixed a regret but each regret built on her fantasy.

With Fitz this goes well beyond fixing a regret.  I still believe that initially making him the son his father wanted was just step one in AIDA’s process.  AIDA took him as her own. 

Everyone is Dark:

We’re not done yet here guys.  We have more oh please no moment coming with everyone coming.   And yes, Fitz is one of the most drastically different and one they are making sure to highlight but I am uncomfortable with everyone.

  • Coulson:  Yes he’s breaking thanks to Tahiti but he still let Hydra take off with one of his own students.  The big reason I think we have Coulson back is he is getting that “you did make a difference/Shield needs you arc here”.   Mace is not the leader that Shield needs…he wasn’t in the real world and he won’t be here. 
  • Mace:  I am really worried about this version of Mace.   While he is doing the right thing I’m afraid he’s going to do some things in that quest that aren’t good.  Not to mention that he is a massive threat to the lives of May and Fitz.  He will kill either one of them given a chance.  He almost reminds me of Jaiying a little here with the “One of us” comment from the promo especially makes me thing of this.
  • Mack:  He will do ANYTHING to protect his daughter (and low key worried how he found the Resistance so easily here guys).  He sold out Daisy.  But what was very interesting was his view on Inhumans.  When we first met Mack he was ‘against’ them for lack of a better word.  It was work with Daisy, Coulson, and Shield that helped him change his mind and become one of their greatest protectors.
  • May:  Has been twisted as much as Fitz has.  She has been in there the longest.  Gone through the most ‘reboots’ of the Framework.  It was her team that beat up Daisy.  It was her that manipulated Mack using Hope. She is number 3 in Hydra and is a huge threat to her own team as well as a target.
  • Ward:  So leery of Ward.  I really fear Jemma will be who he betrays again.  And its also interesting he could have gotten a shot on Madame Hydra there…#1….instead aimed for Fitz Hydras #2.  Just saying guys…our master manipulators might be at work again here.  For him if it comes down to giving up Jemma to save Skye…he’s going to give up Jemma to save Skye.  Just as Mack gave up Daisy to save Hope.

They are their own worst enemies: 

AIDA is likely the worst villain they have gone up against, a horrid culmination of everyone they have faced before.  She isn’t dumb she built this world for HER.  She is using loopholes to her advantage.  Otherwise I firmly feel that everyone but Fitz would already be dead.  So since she had to keep them alive she manipulated (even bragged to Radcliffe that she’d done it) those regrets for her gain.

She also has been in everyone’s heads.  She’s been around the team before. She knows they are the biggest threat to her when they are working together as a team.   So she either split them up or turned them on each other. 

She has also made them each others dragons.  It is clear now AIDA is in Madame Hydra.  She knows right where Mace and the Playground is but allows the Resistance to continue because it feeds into the manipulation.  Especially with Fitz, its another thing he has to protect her from.

I discussed in my meta last night that AIDA seems to be trying to make it so the team won’t ‘want’ to save Fitz (more lies, more manipulation).   Here he’s The Doctor, Mace won’t bat and eye if he can kill him  Isn’t going to give Jemma the resources she needs to get him alive.  AIDA has painted Jemma as the villain.  Leaving Jemma pretty much alone now in trying to save him (oh look another parallel).  She has Coulson for now but I’m betting he will be pulled away too soon by saving Daisy or getting to May.

She took Fitz as her own:

A lot of what AIDA has done was to build this world how she wanted.  To get who and what she wanted, and she wanted Fitz.  Someone who would love and protect her.  Made her happy.  Her interaction with Radcliffe very telling.  We said that Fitz treating her like a person would come back…and boy has it ever.  She also wanted someone that loved and protected her like Fitz did with Jemma…so she took Jemma’s place.  May too, she’s ‘rewarded’ May with a high position because I believe May respected her, liked her, called her brave.

But in taking Fitz in so many ways we really do have an epic love story set up here.   Jemma is going to have to fight to get him back.  I feel like part of that whole spectacle on the island with Agnes was for show.  That AIDA knew Jemma was there  set up that whole thing with Agnes so Fitz would see it.  Try to shake Jemma, make her think that he was too far gone,.  It also took away the little support Jemma had found.  Leaving her alone in trying to save him.  AIDA is scared as heck of Jemma and her saving him.

AIDA also doesn’t have him fully yet.   Fitz says he would cross the universe for her but he HAS done it for Jemma.

Fitz is in there:

In the horror of feels that was last night we saw Fitz peeking through more than once.  And every single time we saw it it was because Jemma was in the mix either in person or in a picture.  And only with Jemma, May, Daisy, and Radcliffe had no effect (though Radcliffe planted seeds, very important seeds). 

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Aside for Coulson who is aided by Tahiti we haven’t seen anyone else ‘break through” at all. 

  • May:  Came into contact with Fitz, Daisy, and Mack…nothing. 
  • Mace:  Came into contact with Jemma, Mack, and Coulson…nothing.
  • Mack:  Came into contact with Daisy, May, Mace, and Coulson…nothing.

Engagement is Endgame:

When we look back at interviews from Loeb, Jed, and Mo they have been hinting at this arc all season.  And they have been setting up an engagement for Fitzsimmons all season too. 

“This young man as you have never seen him before” that was what Leob said at SDCC and also where we first heard the ‘reward’ talk.  And we have seen them pay off everything so far. And coupled with the timing of Jed’s quote in EW, engagement coming up in 15, hints all season, and getting their middle names.  I think once they are out they aren’t going to risk it again.

“It could happen.  If they ever get back together, that’s something that could happen in their future.”

And I’m sorry to say this but this is TV, A drama at that, we have to jump through all sorts of hoops to get this kind of pay off.  That is part of why we are now tearing our hair out and crying until Jemma gets him back.  And when she does the pay off will be worth it.  Look at what we got after Hogface.

The Fallout:

AOS has never ‘dealt’ with trauma and recovery very well.  Even Daisy’s recovery a victim of the Ghost Rider Arc.  It is often done over hiatus or “off camera.  Now we have a situation where its the whole cast that will have things to deal with.  So yes, we will miss seeing it but because we don’t see it doesn’t mean it won’t happen. 

We can also have the healing ‘begin’ in the Framework, especially for Fitz as he helps get everyone out or plays a part in stopping AIDA once as for all. 

Sorry that was a lot but I hope it helps.  Just remember its always Darkest before the Dawn and our Sunrise is coming guys.

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I honestly still cry about this smile. It was probably the first time he had smiled in MONTHS and he looks like such a little boy with pure joy on his face because Jemma is back and safe. After months of being terrified, feeling so alone, not knowing if she was alive or in pain, and he can FINALLY wrap his arms around her and know for certain that she’s safe. It also makes me laugh because I feel like there’s a little bit of “I told you so” impishness there too because he did what everyone kept telling him was impossible. MY BOY. Iain does SO MUCH with one look. :’)

Current Framework! headcannons, feel free to add on:

  • Fitz goes by Leo because his father never walked out on them
  • Daisy still goes by Skye (not by choice but because it’s not her world they’re living in)
  • Jemma isn’t actually dead
  • November 5th is important - she faked her death or the Framework!Jemma did die but Real!Jemma is okay having just been inserted into the world
  • Fitzsimons have never met in this universe
  • Huntingbird will be recruited to help save the day (the lone agents of SHIELD who remain) - also they’re still married
  • May went to HYDRA because she didn’t have Coulson to keep her in SHIELD
  • The hand that Fitz is helping out of the car is AIDA who has inserted herself into the world remotely
  • Simmons is gonna get her heart broken seeing Fitz with someone else but she’ll be even more determined to save him
  • Daisy and Simmons find Huntingbird (the #resistance) and recruit Trip and maybe Lincoln to help and they save the day
  • Meanwhile, Fitz is falling for Simmons again but she keeps pushing him away because she’s hurt and she knows that he’s not her Fitz, but an alternate reality one

ok yeah I know, I’m supposed to be going to bed, but I’ve been ruminating on Fitz’s behavior during this episode & how it could pertain to what they’ll do to have him eventually remember Jemma.

first, he seems far more interested in the information that May brings him about a random infraction at some school than someone at his high level in Hydra should be. then, he’s oddly interested in Skye’s application to co-habit with Ward - as if, perhaps, he senses he’s missing that feeling himself. finally, AIDA refuses to let him see pictures of the surveillance of the infraction (Jemma), and he gets unnaturally upset about it. (as if his mind has been warped to believe that he’s upset because he wants to protect AIDA, but deep inside himself he knows he’s missing something else wildly important.)

also, a lot of us were laughing at the irony that Fitz finally gets to be The Doctor - but not in the way that he would ever want (or expect). and the show has a history of Doctor Who references.

so, Agents of SHIELD have already given us time and space-defying FitzSimmons - Amy x Rory - as well as diving into a portal with their own safety be damned - Rose x Ten (along with over half a dozen other DW parallels).

what if this time they give us Fitz as the Tenth Doctor/John Smith in “Human Nature”?

Oh, no, she’s just an invention. This character, Jemma. Jemma I call her.

Love Makes Her Stronger: Thoughts on Daisy Johnson and Quakerider

So I’ve been thinking (okay, obsessing) a lot about Quakerider since that finale, mostly kicking myself for not shipping them during the first half of season four. And judging by the reactions to this post, I’m not the only one who was surprised to find themselves suddenly all in for Daisy and Robbie. Now, when I say I was surprised, I don’t mean that in a bad way. I was surprised to see all these cute, blatantly shippy moments between the two of them in the finale because, back in the Ghostrider arc, any romantic moments they may have shared were much more subtle. And for any other ship, this might have felt rushed or forced, but with Daisy and Robbie, it didn’t feel that way at all because they’ve been through so many heavy, intense situations with each other already. When I say I was surprised, I mean that I was surprised that I never shipped them earlier, because, after watching them interact in the finale, it’s so obvious how great they are together, how good they are for each other. 

When we look back at Daisy’s previous two relationships, it becomes even more clear that Quakerider is a very natural progression that matches Daisy’s evolution as a character. I don’t think Daisy could have become who she was without Ward or Lincoln, and I don’t think Quakerider could have happened without Skyeward and Static Quake setting the stage. And even though they’re separated again by the end of the season, I think it’s open-ended enough that it feels more like see you later instead of goodbye. 

But before I get deeper into it, I want to look at how we got here, so let’s take a trip down memory lane and take a look back at Skyeward and Static Quake, shall we? Quakeriders, it’s gonna get wordy but I promise the payoff is worth it. 

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A few things.

1. BEST EPISODE.  From the FS reunion (and all they did was cry on each other, but it was GLORIOUS) to AIDA basically going deranged crazy female when Fitz didn’t return her “feelings”? AMAZEBALLS. And May being badass. And Daisy being badass. And the secondary team standing up, protecting the team, and taking names. Action. Romance. Philosophy. IT ALL WORKED.

2. DID I MENTION THE FS REUNION?!? I mean…Fitz’s speech. Any doubt that he would have lingering feelings for pathetic worthless piece of shit robot was just…nullified. His heart only has room for HER. HER BEING JEMMA ANNE SIMMONS. And I just…that’s who Leopold James Fitz is. Who, despite being violated and manipulated in so many ways, tries to get through to worthless robot’s HUMANITY and get her to do good.  LIKE, TALK ABOUT FORGIVENESS.  And yet, he thinks he doesn’t deserve that forgiveness.  BUT HE SO DOES.  And there is the crux of it all - he is MORE than the programming, because when given he choose, Leopold James Fitz WILL ALWAYS CHOOSE THE PATH OF GOOD.  WILL ALWAYS LOOK TO THE GOOD IN PEOPLE (AND APPARENTLY THINGS.)  Is there any reason that Jemma Anne Simmons loves Leopold James Fitz?  Also, Jemma!  When she has to, she will do the hard thing for the good of that person.  She will ice Fitz to protect him.  


The vulnerability of the reunion.  No dialog.  Just Breathing.  Contact.  AND THEN ALL THE TEARS.  I mean, I cannot think of a better reunion scene than that because it was both a feast for the eyes AND MADE OF ALL THE FEELS.

3. AIDA still doesn’t get it. Like, she’s a 2 year old trying to be a fully formed adult and failing miserably. I don’t think she knows what any emotion is. Just feels something and tries to find the correct label. SHE’S STILL TRYING TO MIMIC. I mean, the only thing she wants to do is rage. Like, at the end, she’s trying to drown her anger and devastation with sex and yet, she can’t even do that right. So really, all she is consumed with is power.

4. Robot superior is still a really lame whatever he is. And he wants to use the Darkhold. Look how well that turned out for the other people who wants to use the Darkhold. I MEAN, HONESTLY.

5. ELENA. Going after her man. I MEAN, PLEASE BE OKAY. SAVE MACK.

6. ROBBIE IS BACK. It’s time for righteous vengeance.

7. Talbot. You know, I really miss the Coulson and Talbot banter. Le sigh.

8. Philinda.  HEE.

Its Going to be Okay

I was about to go in and work on asks (again if you’ve sent one there are a lot in there and I’ll get to them all but it will definitely take me a few more days).  But I just want to take a moment and hopefully offer a bit of stress release to the fandom.  

Tuesday everything literally got turned upside down on us as the C Arc turned into AO3 come to life.  They surprised me (Which isn’t easy to do), did things we didn’t want to see, and then totally changed the playing field on us.  Some are excited by the twist while others are devastated.  As usual the source of that is mostly Fitzsimmons. 

We’re here guys.  The Fitznapping, Role Reversal, and Woman on Fire I’ve been predicting since last season is here.  Just not how I though it would be.  The writers did it and turned it on its head.  I said they would do something that would have us freaking the hades out over hiatus and boy did they ever.

With this meta I’m going to break a few things down and offer some hope.  But we still have to prepare for more twists that are going to hurt.  

What will Fitz be like in the Framework?

  • What we know:  He’s seemingly rich and holding his hand out to a woman in the car.  He’s got either minions or bodyguards with him as well.  
  • What we suspect his regret AIDA fixed is:  His father.  If it was something to do with his relationship with Jemma they would not have put the Papa Fitz stuff on the table.  So in this world…AIDA will have given him a father and a supportive one at that.
  • In essence part of how we see Fitz will be if he had a father figure at the very least  He had someone either nurturing his genius/guiding it.  Or he never got into science and is more on the business side of things.  
    • We had lots of fun trying to find the perfect actor for Papa Fitz.  And boy did we find some fun options.  But you know, he’s been here all long.  Radcliffe.  
    • Radcliffe built a utopia…his happily ever after is in there too.  He sees Fitz as the son he never had, wants him working with him, appreciated his talents, and encouraged him.   “I’m not going to let this come between us”.  Bonus the way he touched him when talking about the Framework with AIDA, it was paternal.  
    • Fitz said he saw Radcliffe as a father figure.
    • So that has been fixed now.  Both for the ‘benefit’ of Fitz and Radcliffe.  AIDA makes Radcliffe Fitz’s father in here.   Be it she rewrote history, or lets say the Glasgow mission saved FItz’s Parents…without it they die and Radcliffe adopted him/took him in.   (That serial killer board showed us just how much Coulson has done.  He is patient zero in all this.  Him not joining Shield is what made the biggest wave).  
    • Having the father figure in his life be it Radcliffe or Papa Fitz is one of the things that likely changed FItz’s trajectory the most.  And there is a good chance he never went into the Academy or if he did he was pulled away/into Hydra.  In that case he never met Jemma or knows her in a different way (we’ll get into that later). 
  • I know a big fear will lie in Fitz’s personality really being different. And yes he will be, he’s in a world where he doesn’t have the experiences we have seen shape him.  The Fitz we had now isn’t the Fitz we had in the pilot.  Who he REALLY is is still there.  He is who he is because its who he is, its not is programming (that conversation with Jemma was huge and is going to be the crux of all this).  He’s a good person, who is loving, brave, and loyal.  However, until he remembers we could see a change.  And that’s okay, it will be fun to see Iain strech his legs a big.
    • He could be Evil:  Robo Fitz gave me chills.  Just legit chills.  So we could see a bit of Hydra Super Villain Mad Scientist Fitz here.  
    • He could be an a**:  He is this world version of Quinn or even a bit of Stark  He knows he’s smart, he knows he’s rich, he’s entitled, and manipulative.  Pretty much everything our Fitz is not.  
    • He is himself…but with a twist:   He’s the Fitz we know…but a bit more confident.  Or they have twisted his loyalty and convictions from loyalty to Shield…to Hydra and his father figure.  Remember Garrett said if Fitz joined Hydra in the fall, he’d hold a high rank and that would no doubt come with the kind of trappings we saw him with at the end.  
    • No matter what….Jemma will eventually get through to him.  Its not going to be easy, Jed said it won’t be easy, but she’ll do it eventually.  

Where is Jemma in the Framework:

  • She is NOT in the grave.  Had she projected herself into a dead body she would have died instantly.   Jemma said her Avatar was “running around” in the framework.  A dead body doesn’t do that, this isn’t Walking Dead.  
  • She is NOT on Maveth.  
    • We don’t have time for this.  Period.
    • Jemma is the one who is going to get Fitz to “wake up” and she can’t do that from Maveth.
    • The circumstances that landed her on Maveth in the first place will not have happened because Coulson never joined Shield and I have a hunch things are going very differently with the Inhumans in here.  
    • No writer in their right mind would open that can of worms with us again.  They have been distancing themselves from that story like the plague.  
    • This story is about Jemma getting Fitz back, not him realizing she’s gone and somehow figuring out he needs to get Harold, and its nto going to be Jemma getting off Hell planet and THEN joining the party.
    • Maveth is another world.  The Framework is one work in its own right.
  • Jemma as never scanned so where her Avatar is (like Daisy) is a result of what AIDA did with Fitz, Coulson, May, and Mack.  Now May and Mack won’t have been as big of factor as where Jemma landed.  That is more “I never joined Shield Coulson” and Fitz.  
    • Yes, we could get the he never went to the Academy and therefore they never met.  Plus side we get to see him fall in love with her again.  
    • We could get they are rivals, and look at that enemies to lovers.
  • Jed said that everything in “our world” is in there somehow.  Case in point Ward.  That also means things like Shield (who in an Upside down world would be what Hydra was, lurking and limping along in the shadows), Real Shield (Bobbi, Izzy, Gonzales, and Weaver), Mike/Deathlock, Afterlife (but look for it to have been captured or fallen we can’t get Jaiying, Lincoln, and Raina back).   
    • What if Jemma in this world IS a Double Agent for Shield.  Working within Hydra to steal secrets and take it down.  
  • She’s not JEMMA anymore…she is someone else.

The Grave:

  • Its the back door Jemma was talking about.
  • It does indeed belong to Jemma Anne Simmons and her death has been faked for some reason.  Be it by Fitzsimmons, Hydra, Shield, or Radcliffe.  But like Coulson and Fury’s, its an empty grave.
    • It says “Loving Friend” on it so someone was close to her in this world to put that there.  And it has to be SOMEONE who was scanned.  May, Coulson, Mace, Mack, and Fitz.    
    • This gives rise to Double Agent Jemma.  “Jemma Simmons” in this world is indeed dead and Jemma’s avatar is going by a new name and identity.
    • Jed said that Fitz didn’t seem too phased about her being in the grave.  So that either means that He wasn’t close to her here to have it have an impact…or he knows she’s not in there.

The Hand:

  • They hid who it belonged to for a reason.   But in looking at the positive side of things they gave us Ward… why would they give us Ward and not continue the massacre on our feelings and have some Rando step out with Fitz.  Because they could have done what they did with the hand with ward.  Had Daisy coming out of the bathroom and sees the figure laying in bed…cut away.  Leaving the fandom thinking its Lincoln ALL hiatus and then come back in 16 with SURPRISE!   It wasn’t Lincoln.
    • So in not showing us the hand and confirmring it wasn’t Jemmas it build the suspense and often times our imagination or worst case are far worse than what happens.  So all hiatus they leave us fearing who is coming out of the car next.  
  • Okay so yes, Jed confirmed the hand isn’t Jemma…he said JEMMA.   But…if Jemma Simmons is “dead” her Avatar won’t be going by Jemma will she?  She’ll have a new name/cover so while Jemma might not be coming out of that car next….Lil and her Framework counterpart very well could be.  Jemma here could be a double agent either spying on, protecting, or trying to get to Fitz.  Or is a version of her Radcliffe wanted for his ‘son’.  
    • Another option is that when Jemma “died” in this world Fitz went all Radcliffe on us and created Robo Jemma.  So like Agnes is to AIDA…Jemma’s new counterpart would have a different name.  
  • However we do have to consider other options for that Hand too.
    • AIDA/Agnes:  But not romantically.  Rather if Radcliffe is his father either one could be his “step mother”.  Despite the butterfly effect its hard to get to a point where Fitz meets AIDA on his own.  
    • Bobbi:  She’s undercover in Hydra too, Fitz is her target or she is his bodyguard.  Again NOT romantic.
    • Rando assistant:  So its his version of Anon or AIDA and its not romantic at all.  
    • Rando Girlfriend:  Yes it has to be on the table.  I’m sorry but it does.  I don’t like it.  It don’t want it.  But it has to be there.  It makes me mad as all get out that we have to deal with another form of a love triangle.  Again I feel if it was this option they would have hit us with a truck with it already and really left us in shambles.  IF they do this to us remember….
      • ITS NOT REAL and as soon as Fitz wakes up its all Jemma all the time.  
      • The Jemma Fitz loves is not in the picture.  So he’s not cheating on her or anything like.
      • When Fitz comes out of the Framework Fitz will recognize it was that, in the Framework.  It will not change his feeling for Jemma at all.  “Theirs is a forever love”.  
      • Jemma comes into his life and we get to see her have him fall in love with her all over again.
    • If AIDA has inserted herself in here as Fitz’s Girlfriend is more of a Dragon guarding its treasure.  Its allowing her to keep an eye on him.   Its not because she loves him.  .  

Other points:

  • Jemma needs to get close to Fitz, she needs to be in the mix or in a position where she can do that and start to work on him.  So she can’t be completely off the map here  Get him to wake up.  Get him to want to leave the Framework.  And its not just Fitz she and Daisy have to do this with.  Its May, Coulson, Mack and Mace too.   All the while surviving whatever the crap is going on in that world.  AIDA didn’t program the story, she just changed it at a certain point ans is going from there.  So its a true What If AU.  
    • AIDA allowed x factors in the mix like Ward….this Ward is based off of Coulson, May, Fitz, and even a little bit of Mack.  And is still ‘alive’ here thanks to someone’s regret fix.  
    • This is Ward we are talking about…kind of AOS plot twists.
  • The trick isn’t going to be really finding everyone, its going to be convincing them to ‘come home”.  Convincing them this isn’t real. 
  • Both Radcliffe and AIDA who built the Framework in the first place know how much Fitzsimmons mean to each other.  As does EVERY SINGLE PERSON they scanned in there. 
  • We can’t forget even once they get them to want to come out its Radcliffe who knows where they are and how to do it safely.  RADCLIFFE is the one they have to get to tell them.  And we know he’s pretty dang happy in there, especially if we are right about Fitz.  He’s got his son, powers, Agnes, and no fear of death.  Let me tell you @jessiecrimefighter and I just came up with another one of those really awful ideas.  But in the End its Radcliffe who has to be willing to let them go and die to save them all.  


We have and endgame here guys.  In the gut punch of what we had please don’t lose site of that.  This is TV so we have to suffer before we get these moments.  

  • We endured the hell of Maveth and were rewarded with them becoming Canon and The Singularity.
  • We endured the so close yet so far of A and were rewarded with Sciencing Domestic Fitzsimmons through B (and really we had to know something was coming with all that good).  

Just like in Season three where they set up Perthshire/Jemma pictured them together, that they both loved each other.  It became of matter of getting there.  The bump them was Will, them getting kidnapped, Fitz going to Maveth, and its aftermath.  And we are there again only this time its better.  Its Marriage.   Robo Fitz with the wedding talk was like Fitz watching Jemma’s videos.   A huge “oh my you want that” moment without the other directly saying it.  

Fitz wants to propose, he wants them to get married and grow old together.

Jemma WILL say yes, and she will say yes as soon as she gets him back.

There is NO Universe where FItz doesn’t want to Marry You.

Their’s is a forever love.

THEY WILL MAKE IT BACK TOGETHER….and out pay off at the very least is them engaged if not a wedding.   

Many of us wanted a Woman on Fire Fitznapping…well we got it.  And I said to remind me I wanted it when it was here and not how I pictured it to be.  So that is what I am doing.  

I would also like to point out that the person who has nearly pulled them apart the most is in the mix.   Ward.  Boy do I have some fun theories for him but those are for after the ask box isn’t overflowing.  Especially thanks to Jed’s newest quote.  

I know my meta won’t stop someone from stopping the show if they are upset about the turn.  I know it doesn’t change canon.  I know it doesn’t change we are going to have to suffer a little bit.   What I’m hoping I get across is that the suffering will be worth it.  That we need to stay positive and stay together with this.  Fitzsimmons will be fine, we have that diamond ring just waiting at the end of this.   So hang in there guys.  But in my gut I do believe there are FAR more interssting stories to tell vs just throwing a Rando GF in the mix.  

The Framework is full of love and loss.  Seeing who you really are.  That our experiences help shape us but they don’t define us.  

How Fitzsimmons can heal each other

So if they can get over this hump, it seems like there might be a happy ending in their future. But there’s still a lot in the mix, a lot of hurt feelings and a lot of pain. Whether or not they’re the ones who can help each other is a question we’ll have to answer next year…” Jed Whedon X

So before the finale aired, Jed said that both of Fitzsimmons are in a lot of pain, and we would find out next year if they will be the ones who are able to help each other recover. But then in this post-finale interview with EW, Jed says this about Fitz and Jemma:

If he’s ever going to get over it, she’s the only one who can help him. X

So in other words - yes. Jed has pretty much confirmed here that Fitz and Jemma are the only people who can help each other. And I’ve been thinking about this a lot and I’ve realised that he’s absolutely right. And it is giving me a lot of hope. Let me explain. Under the cut for length:

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