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600 Follower Ficlet (2/10)

@thevalesofanduin requested a McKirk ficlet with the prompt “there’s nothing out of the ordinary here. Just, uh, don’t look too closely, though.”

Dr. Leonard McCoy stood before the transporter pad as it energized, bringing the away team back from a mission planet side.  His arms were crossed over his chest and his expression was grim as he wondered what sort of trouble Jim Kirk had caused this time.  He wasn’t a pessimist, it was just a fact of life that where the captain went, trouble followed, and so he was prepared for the worst as the ribbons of golden light dissipated, leaving crew members in their wake.

Jim was the first to step forward and, on seeing his CMO looking formidable, ordered the few other members of the away team down to medical for post-mission assessments.  They’d had little in the way of radio contact during the course of the mission and he knew that Bones was worried, but he waved the doctor off in standard fashion as he descended from the pad and made his way toward the door.

Bones was not so easily lost.

“Don’t think for one second that you’re going to get away without an exam,” he said stiffly, following Jim along the corridor toward the bridge at a hurried pace.

“I’m fine, Bones,” Jim said evasively, brushing the other man’s concerns off before they’d even been spoken aloud.  “Go take care of my crew.”

“Damn it, Jim,” the CMO growled.  “Christine can more than handle the crew;  you’re my responsibility.”

Jim stepped into the turbo lift and hit the button for the bridge without missing a beat.  Bones’ irritation with him and insistence that he be seen to was nothing new and he barely even spared the doctor a glance as they arrived on their floor and he rushed out onto the bridge, making his way toward his chair.

“Set course for the Trappist system, Mr. Sulu,” he instructed.  “Take us out of here.”

“Aye aye, sir,” Mr. Sulu replied.

Leonard lingered by Jim’s chair, arms still crossed over his chest, his expression growing more severe by the moment.

“Ten minutes, Jim,” the CMO said a little less harshly, changing tactics and allowing his more personal and intimate concerns to show.  “That’s all I ask.  Then, if you’re as fine as you say you are, you can go back to doing whatever it is you’re planning on.”

Jim leveled his gaze on the older man.

“Ten minutes,” he reiterated, relenting, knowing he could either comply and be spared an afternoon of harassment, or he could protest and have to try to work around Bones assessing him anyway.  “Starting now.”

Leonard muttered a number of curses and rolled his eyes, jerking his head sharply toward the turbo lift before striding off.  Jim followed him at a leisurely pace, one corner of his mouth turned up in a half-smile as they made their way to the med bay.

As they strode into medical, Leonard pushed Jim none-too-gently toward a bio bed, activating it immediately and glancing at the readout.  Jim hopped up onto the table and swung his legs back and forth over the edge, earning himself yet another eye roll as Bones’s trained gaze roamed over every inch of him, looking for traces of hurt, already assessing, examining without even having laid a finger on the captain.

There’s nothing out of the ordinary here,” Jim assured the doctor.  “Just, uh, don’t look too closely, though.”

Leonard froze, tricorder in hand, and narrowed his eyes.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?”  He grumbled, regarding Jim for a few seconds before moving ahead once more, waving the tricorder over Jim’s body and keeping a keen eye out for any signs of trouble.

When Jim said nothing, Leonard grumbled a few more unkind words under his breath, setting the tricorder - which had yielded nothing - aside and letting his hands do the searching instead.  Jim just regarded him with a bemused smile, allowing the doctor to inspect, assess, palpate, and percuss.

“You’re fine,” Leonard murmured after a thorough exam, confused, and glanced up at Jim.

Jim flashed the other man one of his patented, thousand-watt smiles.

“You worry too much,” he said brightly.  “I just wanted your hands on me.”

Leonard sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, tensing a bit before letting his shoulders drop.

“Brat,” he teased, his tone lacking any real venom.

“Yeah, but you love me,” Jim said softly, reaching out to take one of Leonard’s hands, tugging him closer for a quick, soft kiss.

“Sometimes I wonder why,” Leonard groused with a small smile.  “But damn it, yeah, I do.”

could you imagine The Enterprise having like a yearly inspection and Kirk bugs out every time because the best running ship in the fleet certainly doesn’t become so because they follow the rules. He has to remind the crew a week in advance to actually call him Captain and use formal titles. Bones and Scotty’s shared bathroom which is one hundred percent a liquor cabinet/distillery cannot be a thing. Sulu has to collect all of his plants out of everywhere that’s not the Botany Labs and hide the illegal ones he picked up during their journey in his quarters. Scotty has to remove all of his Scotty-Approved-Modifications from Engineering. Spock can’t work four shifts in a row and break the ensigns that challenge him in the gym to sparring matches. Bones can’t medically offer alcohol to anybody. Uhura needs to not curse every ten minutes, in any language. Chekov needs to focus more on his console and less on every pair of legs walking by his station. 

Imagine Spock being smitten with you

“So you’re smitten, Spock.”

Leonard watched the Vulcan’s eyes narrow to the ground, as the two waited for help to come beam down for them. 

“I don’t understand-”

“-it means you like Y/N. You’re in love with her, hell she’s a real catch. Intelligent, beauty and she can beat Jim at chess,” Leonard smirked over at the science officer, who let a small smile escape his lips. 

The doctor chuckled to himself and shook his head. “You got it bad, man.”

Spock’s eyes flickered over to Leonard and he sighed. “I suppose it seems that I am indeed smitten.”