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Hello Fitzsimmons shippers!

Welcome to this week’s Coda Challenge! Sorry we’ve been a bit behind with this activity, but we’re glad to be back at it. Now that Fitzsimmons are together again, we’re hoping that we can explore their healing together.

As a reminder, our little challenge consists of asking you to wrap up the episode for Fitzsimmons, and we give you a few prompts to get your creative juices flowing. While this event is fic-oriented, please don’t feel like you can’t participate if you’d like to do something else!

Please don’t feel limited by the prompts—this is to give YOU a sense of closure.

How to participate:

  • Create a fanwork resolving or elaborating something that happened in this previous episode - whether or not you use our prompts
  • Tag your work #thefitzsimmonsnetwork in the first five tags along with #coda challenge (which doesn’t need to be in the top 5, but does need to be included), so that we can reblog your works correctly
  • Post your works by midnight PST of the following Monday
  • You do not need to be a member to participate, we welcome all works!
  • If you can, we’d appreciate a signal boost so we can have more participants - the more the merrier!
  • Also, feel free to reblog this and add your own prompts and desires!

Without further ado, our prompts for Season 4, Episode 21 - The Return are:

  • Detail possible conversations that Jemma and Fitz will have now regarding what happened
  • Consider Jemma and Fitz reaffirming their love for one another, despite their trauma
  • Explore how the two of them work on healing and getting better
  • As usual: think about some hidden moments of warmth, comfort, and affection

As always, please message us with any comments, questions or concerns. We are super excited to see what works you guys come up with! ♥

Checking All the Boxes
Coda challenge response for episode 4x04. Thanks to @bigfunnywords for beta reading!

“So, what do you think?” Jemma asked, her voice echoing oddly in the empty room. She was staring at him expectantly as she bounced on her heels with jubilation, her red-painted lips stretched into a wide, giddy smile.

The late afternoon sun streaming through the bay window, casting a halo of light around her, and she looked so happy– happier than he’d seen her in years, and so eager to lay the first stone in the foundation of their new life together. It tugged at his heartstrings in an almost violent way.

“I think it’s perfect,” he said past the lump in his throat. “Absolutely perfect.” He closed the two steps between them and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her closer. She gave him a nimble peck on the lips, but when he pressed against her more firmly, his mouth parting insistently against hers, she pulled away.

“Fitz,” she laughed. “You’ll get lipstick everywhere.“ 

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Day 13 Anime Character you are most similar to…
Yukio Okumura

Yukio and I are both kind nerdy, he’s at the top of his class and i strive to be the same. He’s a bit of a know-it-all and I can kinda be too. He specializes in medicine and guns, and although i know nothing about guns, I plan to go in the field of medicine.

He also has a unique bond with his brother, who means the world to him. He loves his brother so much and would do anything for him. I feel the same about my sister, and I like to think that I would go to any lengths to protect her just like Yukio did for Rin

Also we both wear glasses :) 

                                  All assignments have been sent out,
     so we are pleased to declare the Rom-Com Challenge officially open!

The AUs and their authors:

Graphic Makers:

 You can find all of this information, including detailed information with regards                  to the talents and preferences of the graphics makers, at:
                                  THIS LIST or at THIS SPREADSHEET.

Sign Up/Waitlist Information:

  • If you signed up and don’t see yourself on the list here, please let us know! A few of you had some issues with your sign up, so once those are dealt with we will update the list with you and your AU.
  • Did you miss sign ups and want to participate? Check out the “Leftover AUs” on the list or spreadsheet, and follow the sign up procedure given HERE. (If you’d like to sign up to make graphics, also follow the procedure given in the linked post)
  • We will add people on a rolling basis off the waitlist, just remember your deadline remains the same!

Participant Information:

  • Remember that all works must be at least 5k, and completed by the end of August/beginning of September (we will be doing staggered posting)
  • Use the #fsromcom tag for all posts related to this exchange - use it to post snippets, discuss your work with people, etc!
  • A few weeks from now, you’ll have a chance to share snippets of your WIP, so make sure to prepare something!
  • If you’re writing a fic and want a graphic, please check out the list of graphic makers and see if you’d like to work with anyone! Graphic makers (especially those who will contact only), go see if there’s any AU you’d like to make something for!
  • If you’re participating in the Engineering vs. Biochem Challenge, you will earn 5 points for your team for participation in this challenge, on top of the points for the fanwork itself (this is both for writers and graphic makers)!

We hope that you’re as excited as we are about this event! We know that was a lot to take in, so if there’s any confusion, as always, please message us if you have any comments, questions or concerns.


10 Days of Anime Openings [by Hanakumamii]

Day 7: Opening from a shoujo

↳Ao Haru Ride [Song: Sekai wa Koi ni Ochiteiru by CHiCO with HoneyWorks]


30 Day Agents of Shield May Challenge

Day 26 : Bromance


Grant Ward: This is a mission, not a picnic.
Leo Fitz: Oh, I’m well aware it’s not a picnic, Mr. Save the Day.
Grant Ward: What’s that supposed to mean?
Leo Fitz: Oh, come on. You obviously get off on it; being the guy who gets to throw the last punch, who always swoops in to save the girl. And, now you’ve destroyed the world’s most dangerous sandwich. Congratulations.