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Take a Bite of My Heart Tonight - EntreNous - Star Trek: AOS  / McKirk **complete**
By Organization for Transformative Works


Jim Kirk and Leonard McCoy get off on the wrong foot as soon as they meet. So if Jim wants another shot with that gorgeous but grumpy veterinarian, he had better get his hands on some pets who need vet appointments, right?

From Chapter One:

“What a handsome boy you are!”  He gets down on one knee and starts to give ear-scritches; the doggy’s tail thumps enthusiastically, and he slobber-licks Jim’s hand.   “Just so you know, I can get behind the whole strict thing,” he tells the man.  "I mean, if that’s what you’re into.“  

"You dimwit,” the man snaps at him.  "Don’t pet strange dogs without asking their owners first!  You could get your hand bit off that way!“

"I don’t know.  Aren’t some of them all bark and no bite?” Jim says suggestively.  He looks up at the guy, keeping his lids at half-mast, the best bedroom eyes he’s got in his arsenal, and pitches his voice lower.  "Of course, a little biting is okay sometimes, right?   Between friends?“

This is usually the part where the other guy scrambles to ask for Jim’s digits.

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I kinda missed it at first but in the beginning of the Skye may scene may noticed Skye didn’t eat anything and got her something to drink to make sure that she kept eating and I can see Skye growing up being hungry in foster care all awkward limbs and being too skinny and not eating because some foster parents can be really mean and so she starts associating being “bad” with not eating and Melinda noticing so she makes sure Skye eats because May notices everything and is trying to show that she cares about her team because she is like her mom and thinks that actions speak louder than words and she isn’t a robot she cares so much and brb I’m overwhelmed with feels

ps this gif was created by booasaur you are brilliant and awesome


DIVISION WARS (A SHIELD Academy AU) | Team Brains Edition

You know how summer camps have color wars? Turn that up to 11, and you’ve got “Division Wars,” the annual inter-school competition at SHIELD Academy. It’s not surprise that Spec-Ops usually dominates the games, but for the past two years the specialist-in-training team of Antoine Triplett, Bobbi Morse, Grant Ward, and Kara Palamas have destroyed anyone and everyone in their path.

UNTIL NOW.  Maybe. Cue the underdog team of Jemma Simmons, Leo Fitz, Skye, and Alphonso Mackenzie.  This combo Sci-Ops/Communications team is sick and tired of the most beautiful and physically intimidating people on campus taking gold, and they’re going to do something about it or die trying.

Well, maybe not actually die.  But there’s a lot of strenuous running involved, so who knows?  It gets intense.  Now if they could just get their act together and combine their brainpower for good, they might have an actual shot at this thing. They should also STOP SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY.  Guys?  Guys!!

(Raise Your Glass plays in the distance)