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OK, so if Vulcans mature later than humans and if the average age of first pon farr, the accepted entrance into adulthood, is 35ish (given Spock's age in Amok Time) what if that's the reason AOS Spock is shorter than Kirk and has a higher voice? Imagine a couple years into the 5 year mission and Spock just shows up to breakfast all "hello Jim" and everyone just stares because his voice dropped like 2 octaves overnight.

you know… I was drawing Spock with more chest hair bc puberty also implies more hair everywhere but it’s impossible to have more hair XD

//and Chekov terrified because “omg Hikaru is that gonna happen to me too? puberty is scary!”


“Come on, (y/n).” Jemma begged as you kept on punching the bag in front of you. “No Simmons, you’re too…fragile.” You said for what felt like the hundredth time today. “That’s exactly why you should. Please, I’ll be the best trainee you’ve ever had, I’ll commit one hundred and ten percent if necessary.” You rolled your eyes at her pleading. 

“Jemma, I’m busy, I took a year off Jemma, I need to get myself back in shape before I can even consider training anyone.” You said using your break as an excuse.

“Oh please (y/n), you’re already the best fighter we have, and you’re also a weapons expert. You’re years ahead of everyone in S.H.I.E.L.D. even with your leave. Besides, I design all your weapons, the least you can do is show me how to properly use them.” Jemma was truly desperate at this point and you stopped your assault on the training dummy to focus all your attention on her. 

“Go change, training starts now.” You told her and smiled and ran off to the locker room. You exhaled and hit the dummy hard enough to knock it to the ground, you didn’t know what you were getting yourself into.

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So I am a canon shipper. Pretty much every couple I have ever shipped is canon. I can’t think of a single one that wasn’t. Even if they don’t end up together, they at least get together at some point.

Until today. I have started watching Agents of Shield and I ship May and Coulson so hard. It’s terrible. I suffer through each episode. I don’t know how you crackshippers ever survive.