Brett Dalton : Backstage photo series.
1. Trippy right?
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Brett Dalton : Backstage photo series.
#2. Science Smoulder
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Brett Dalton : Backstage photo series.
#3. Director of Funk
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autistic fitzsimmons headcanons
  • jemma walks on her tiptoes when she’s excited or nervous 
  • fitz likes animals in part because it’s much easier to understand their behavior than other people 
  • jemma used to go nonverbal as a child whenever she was in an emotional situation. she learned bsl to use with her family whenever she did. she doesn’t go nonverbal much anymore, but still finds it easier to think in sign when she does 
  • fitz is a restrictive eater and it’s hard to get him to eat anything healthy or with a “grown up” taste. he’s branched out a little, but only if jemma makes it 
  • jemma finds it easy and comforting to memorize movie scripts. she has favorites that she watches over and over and recites the whole thing 
  • fitz has never understood gender very well and identifies as male because that’s the easiest option, not because he has much attachment to it 
  • jemma was hyperlexic as a child and could read children’s chapter books at age 4 
  • fitz finds it hard to process long verbal instructions and likes things written down 
  • jemma has a special interest in astronomy 
  • they’re both very sensitive to medications and have to take like half the recommended dose of anything 
  • jemma prides herself on her people skills, but it’s exhausting and still performative 
  • fitz finds pressure very calming and loves when people lay on top of him 
  • jemma used to stim more openly as a kid but the other children would make fun of her, so she developed covert stims like rubbing her thumbs over her fingers or pressing her neck. after she realizes she’s autistic she starts to stim more openly again and even tries to copy some of fitz’s to see how they feel 
  • fitz has to try REALLY HARD not to cover his ears at loud noises 
  • they both have comfort objects. fitz has a monkey stuffed animal his mom got him as a kid, and jemma has a knitted blanket her grandmother made her 

feel free to add more!! 

thank you โ™ก

Today marks two and a half years since I first stumbled into this wonderful fandom - between 2x05 The Hen in the Wolf House and 2x06 A Fractured House, in late October 2014. I missed out on my two year anniversary last year because I wasn’t very active then, so this is a post to make up for that. I love our fandom so much, and wanted to thank everyone, even those who aren’t still around, for the experience.

But here is a special thank you, to some very special people:

@melliecoulson : emma, you’ve been here with me since day one, and i couldn’t have asked for a better beta, writing partner, someone i call a friend.
@ddagent : kelly, you are most talented writer i know, and i’m so lucky to have you in my life. 
@non-stopjess : jess, i love you, i have loved beta-ing for you. you are so sweet and so kind
@suallenparker : su, thank you for always being welcoming, and running the fandom’s main blog like a champ!
@philinda : liz, you are amazing at everything you do, and everything i aspire to be
@nessnessquik : ness, you write the fluffiest fics, and always support me when i’m down. i’ll always be here for you too. 
@sunshine-and-the-catsuit : sunshine, i still think fate paired us together in that secret santa way back in december and i’m so happy to have met you
@arthurconan-doyle : blessy, the most amazing artist i know 

to the awesome people who i don’t get to talk to much, but are still always there:
@righteousnerd @sarahastro84 @kitlee625 @hanorganaas @crazymaryt @lola381pce @14hpgirl19 @mclinda-may 

to the writers i’ve always admired:

@valanthaliadon @katalizi @b00k-freak

to the amazing creators of art:

@aelliots @badassblackwidowcavalry @isabelle-le-fanult @loudestdork 

to the awesome peeps in the philinda chatroom:
i know it’s only been two months since we started talking, but i love you all! i also don’t have all your urls saved so if you’re not listed i still love you :)

@anarchycox (amanda, the awesome writer) @timmac-andtheattack (jette, the cutest accent) @qiaolianmelindamay (sophie, the amazing vidmaker) @acciopeggy (yasmin, the always supportive) @philindaisreal (bettina, the always positive)

@agentsphilinda : stef, thank you for creating the chatroom, and teaching me how to gif. you’re an amazing friend.
@fyeah-philinda : laura, i feel like we know each other so well even though we barely know each other. here’s to many more nights of chatting!
@marcuskaen : melanie, you talented sun of a gun. thank you for all you have taught me and all you have shared 
@tonksiefea : macks, someday i’m going to see you on the silver screen and i’ll be able to say, hey, i knew that girl way back when. i know you’ll go far
@studiocapsicum : clairebear, my fellow aussie. you’re a pain in my ass and i love you for it. 

to two superstars:
@carolineaquino73 and @the-eh-team

and to everyone out there:

i don’t know all of your names and i haven’t spoken to a lot of you before but i’d love to get to know you all :) to every person who has kudos/commented on my fics on ao3, to those who have reblogged my work on tumblr, to the philinda fandom, i give my thanks. 

adhd daisy headcanons

[expanding on this post

  • lost jobs because when she wasn’t way too early she was way too late 
  • coffee either makes her jittery as all get out or she completely crashes and there’s no in between 
  • forgets to respond to texts all the time 
  • listens to the same song over and over and overandover 
  • gets really anxious if she’s alone for too long and not focused on something 
  • self-image and self-esteem are in CONSTANT FLUCTUATION 
  • taps her feet and plays with her hair a lot when she can’t focus 
  • always attention starved no matter how much attention she gets 
  • gets very irritable at small noises, especially if they’re unpredictable 
  • takes her forever to finish a book for fun 
  • struggled a lot with executive dysfunction in school 
  • if she doesn’t put things in the exact same place every time they’re lost to the void of her messy room forever. if she does find them later they’re always in really weird places 
  • will refresh the same apps and tabs over and over even if there’s nothing new 
  • has to fight hard to keep her impulsivity in check. has been close to getting a tattoo or a piercing many times 

feel free to add more!