Do you know what worries me here?
It’s not just the fact that he hits her head against the brick wall (even though yes it infuriates me).

Have you seen how easily he picks her up? How she is like the weight of a feather to him? Well, it seems like a normal smack against the wall, but truly? How hard did he smack her? How hard did she hit her head against the wall? How powerful was that push? If he was able to lift her up without any problems, as though he is not even holding onto something, then surely this push was twenty times more powerful than it looks. She passed out, literally, and he checked right away for a pulse. Even he himself wasn’t sure either he just killed her or not.

This means he’s hurt May really, really badly. And that, I can’t accept.

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I HAVE NO IDEA, i just noticed the S made with punched holes, that arent on the other end, so obviously its hollow, and the S shape looks like every salt shaker top i’ve ever seen, but the holes are to big and that thing cant hold alot of salt. 

But if its not a salt shaker, what is it? It ain’t a Pizza Cutter, its a fixed saucer. there is this weird pin on it, so maybe its supposed to be a topper? but that point is really small?

i mean, if you look closely when he turns it, you can see a bunch of salt pour out, so it is a salt shaker. But a poorly designed one. the holes are too big, the container holds, like, a tsp of salt that it just dumps out in one go, its a Mess™, its impractical.


Daily MCU Character: (5) Agent Coulson aka Phil Coulson

“We have to do this. We don’t have a choice. It may feel like things have cooled down right now, but this is my permanent reminder that we’ll always be paying the price. That we’ll never get ahead of the consequences, that I, that you, that S.H.I.E.L.D. have set in motion.”
“Like a ripple in the water. “
“But this ripple won’t fade. It’ll grow, and grow, until it’s a tidal wave.”

- Coulson and Daisy