aorta rose

Lol, I meant to work on the Luna/Okami print, but instead I did this!
Today was stressful, and drawing Aorta always makes me feel better. I wanna stay up and draw all night now, buuut I super need to go to bed.
I’m very happy with the word bubles and lettering though! It came out great! My linework is still really rusty though, I need to super practice again to get back to where I was.

Aorta Rose is pretty much just a small ball of rage that looks for excuses to explode. However, it takes  A LOT to make her turn into her Nightmare form, mostly because it’s really unstable and uses up a metric ton of magic. It’s useful for scaring the crap out of people, and taking out troublesome prey though.

EDIT: Tumblr super f’s up the quality, click on it to view better.

“Ooh, this tea party was a great idea, Chryssy! Thanks for having me!”

“You’re welcome Absinthe! Aorta, would you like some tea?”

“This isn’t even REAL tea. WHY am I here?”

I’ve had this idea for a bit, and so today, I took the time to do it! Their expressions and poses were fun, especially Aorta Rose’s. Designing the tea set was pretty fun too, I kind of like drawing tea cups.

Anyway, from left to right: Abbey Absinthe, Aorta Rose, and Filly Queen Chrysalis.


As far as I can tell, I am now all caught up on Inktober days! I burned the midnight oil last night to get these done. Very reminiscent of my college days when I would stay up to ungoldy hours working on art before dragging myself to bed. It was both refreshing to be so focused but also reminded me WHY I’m trying to stop staying up so late.

Enjoy all these evil, dark colored ponies! Pretty fitting for Halloween this week, right?