Finally caved, and decided to join the little people.

You don’t have to thank me now - please all hold your applause, halt your fan-girling, calm down with the wolf-whistling, get up off your knees and stop your worshipping. It’s totally my pleasure to be mingling with the poor and the unsuccessful. 

After much consideration I think it's time to finally announce this to all of you.

Friends, classmates, strangers, and loyal fans, I have devastating news. It took me awhile to come to terms with this and I hate to keep it from you all any longer seeing as you keep asking about it. I’ve finally been able to accept it and so now I feel comfortable letting you all know about my future. I did not get the part for Funny Girl, they decided to go with another girl. While this is a very sad occasion it’s not the end for me. I’ve finally been able to realize that I can take this news and work even harder to make my future happen.

The Biebs has been hit with another baby claim!

Think we've totally gone through this thing enough with the whole Mariah Yeater baby incident. Didn't think any other lady would be crazy enough, after seeing how that all turned out, to claim stuff like that. I totally don’t think it’s true, I guess we’ll just have to wait it out and see where all this goes. It’s probably total junk. 

Who's this chick talking about us?

This is even stupider than the days when Jewfro was running around recording all the stuff under the sun about us like we were some celebrities or something. Seriously, this ain’t some TV show or whatever. It’s like nobody thinks we got enough trouble and drama and stuff in our lives right now without somebody documenting the whole damn thing. Mind your own beeswax. I don’t think there’s a politer way I could’ve put that.