Kushihiki Shrine by Christopher Vega


青森県 青森市 by


Sunset & Wave | 2011.03.06 Aomori,Fukaura / Canon EOS 60D EF… | Flickr

photo by Takahiro Urano

日本海 nihonkai (sea of japan)

aomori prefecture, japan


青森県 青森市 by

Why I’m stepping down from Aomori AJET

There are a few reasons. I won’t be getting into these with anyone other than tumblr peeps and maybe fellow Aomorians who I’m close to. But basically, I think it would benefit the community more strongly to have someone other than me be in charge. Someone they can see take over and also do a good job even if things change. This way, people will realize that stepping up and applying, even if you don’t get a volunteer position, is what keeps Aomori as active and tight-knit as it is.

I get it. As a first year, I didn’t want to apply for AJET president, even though I was close to the president at the time and she had faith I could take over her position. A guy got elected who kinda turned it into party-central, in a frat sort of way. Fair enough. Sometimes that kind of 180 is a catalyst to others trying to be more inclusive. I stepped up, changed things, and it’s what I’m hoping someone does after me.

For now, nobody has expressed any interest in applying for AJET in any capacity. On top of this, we’ve received almost no interest in taking over positions for our prefecture blog, Good Morning Aomori. Again, I do get it. It can seem daunting.

But I will say, Aomori’s community events are what got me involved in the first place. If I’ve done even half as good a job as the people who came before me, I would hope that lots of people would be raring to go for an opportunity to continue providing such services to people.

Also, I’ll be right here to offer support/advice/a listening ear/advertising. I’m gonna make sure people know I’ll be going to the big events in the -ken if they’re still a thing for the 2017 - 2018 year.

Anyway. If you’re in Aomori and you think you want to keep the community lifeblood alive, hit me up. I’ll give you a rundown on expectations in a way that’s more relatable than our charter (which is a document made for outlining our powers, not advertising what our jobs really are).


元吉日本料理 紫蘇蘋果 | kevin_061 | Flickr

photo by kevin_061


special honey pickle juice pickled apple wrapped in red shiso.

local specialty of aomori prefecture, japan

japanese restaurant in taipei city, taiwan


It has been a late winter this season, and hopefully it’ll arrive soon. Meanwhile, I’ve been thinking about how many people there are out there (especially on JET) who might have recently moved into a snowy region and are unprepared to deal with things like snow and winter driving.

Being permanent winter-bug myself, I want to share some tips I’ve collected over the years! This is NOT a complete list, but I think it’s a good start. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me! (Or reblog and add your own tips!)