Top 5 ships meme

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This was a bit hard cause a. It’s not easy to find good gifs for couples that aren’t popular b. I had to leave out all my ships from Fairy Tail, cause I couldn’t pick just one lol which brings me to c. Honorable mentions, cause I love them as much as the rest: Jerza, Gruvia, Fraxus (Fairy Tail) SasuSaku (Naruto) Morinaga x Souichi (The Tyrant falls in Love) And a bunch of other yaoi ships that will take up all the space if I mention.

1. SouGou  (Free!)

2. AoMomo (KnB)

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3. EnEi (Magi)

4. RinHaru  & SouRin ( I had to either include both of them or none of them…Free!)

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5. Guren x Mahiru (Owari no Seraph)

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