aomoji style


My menhera outfit today wit all my new things included~💊💖💉
Hoodie: Listen Flavor (bought from their rakuten)
Choker: ZombieUnicorn Jewelry
Necklace: MeltyChocolateMoon
Tights: CherryCheezy shop
Bags: eBay
Badges: CherryCheezy shop, MeltyChocolateMoon, Listen Flavor (bought from DreamyBows) and ZombieUnicorn Jewelry

anonymous asked:

What would you call the clothing style you draw?? It's super cool but idk what to search for when trying to find references >~<;

When I draw characters in regular causal clothes that arent fancy or egl I draw Japanese street/alternative fashion! I feel my knowledge of street fashion actually isnt that great im not the best person to talk about this but Ill try to help…..

there are alot of different styles [and im not really good at naming the styles >~< ] so it really depends on the style you are looking for! punk, kodona, gyaru, lolita, gal, fairy kei, gyaru hime, rock, visual kei [ like for example…. alternative American fashion would be like…scene, preppy, goth???? I think???]

if your looking for good street clothing refs I would 100% recommend buying Kera or visiting the website [or download if you can find scans] this is my fav fashion mag and there are a BUNCH of different styles in it and alot of name brands like Liston flavor

also there is a mag called Zipper! its mostly aomoji style [this is the style I draw Kenma in alot] its a simpler style but still really cute

another good way to find references is by looking up name brands! this usually leads to the brand name or other styles that look close to it! like looking up HBA you get this style [I draw alot of guys in this style cuz its really easy to remember how the designs usually look]

there are alot of websites and tumblrs that just focus on street fashion like Girls street snap Tokyo-fashion and streetsnapfashion! also Pyrrhics is A+++++ at fashion and she is sooooo pretty