Title: Blood Sucking Fiend
Summary: It’s hard enough dating a vampire, but now Momoi is discovering that Aomine also has some weird fetishes that comes monthly
Warnings:Rated M; Really weird stuff.. like why don’t they talk about these things in vampire books/movies? and why the heck do I feel the need to write something about it…

Aomine snuck behind her behind the kitchen while she was cooking and wrapped his arms around her shoulders. “Mmm, you smell so good Satsuki. Are you wearing a new perfume? You smell absolutely delicious.”

Satsuki crinkled her nose as she flipped the omlette she was frying. “Geez Dai-chan, what the heck are you talking about?”

He turned her around and lowered himself down her body, sniffing the whole time. “It’s coming from down here.” And Satsuki blushed a deep red when he stopped in front of her crotch.

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