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GOM + Kagami being there for You

This is something I really need and I hope you will like it.

Kuroko Tetsuya

‘‘I’m sure she didn’t mean it.’’ He stated in a serious voice, gently massaging your back with his left hand.

‘‘Oh she did, she meant it. She had spat these words with such venom that I almost died there.’’ You sobbed into his arm, getting more hysterical as the seconds passed by. ‘‘We don’t even see each other that much. What can’t she be a little nicer?’‘

‘‘S/o-’‘ Kuroko called your name and your head immediately perked to look at him in the eyes.’‘-your mother has been alone for a very long time, she doesn’t know how to deal with her almost adult daughter. I’m not trying to excuse her behaviour, because what she did was plainly wrong, I’m just trying to show you that her words don’t describe who you are at all. It’s just some nonsense she says to make herself feel better.’‘ He stroked your head affectionately at which your heart melted, leaving behind the heaviness you carried after meeting your mum earlier that day. ‘‘It’s not good, but you can’t change it. There’s no need to cry over it, when you have so many people thinking you are amazing. Including me, of course.’’ Your boyfriend pecked your lips and your foreheads touched, staying still.

‘‘Wow Tetsu, I wasn’t aware you could talk so much.’‘ You laughed, earning unamused glare from him and a light punch in the gut.

‘‘You are an ungrateful brat sometimes, I swear.’‘

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Kagami Taiga

‘‘Taiga, the light of my life, you don’t have to stay here with me and rot, you know?’‘

‘‘Please, you would die without me here.’‘ And with that he put the thermometer in your mouth, making you unable to speak, however, when he finally took it out, you started arguing once again.

‘’I’m really okay, you didn’t have to leave practice for me. It’s very unprofessional.’’ He raised an eyebrow at you, not taking your stupid excuses for a reason to just get up and go home. You both stared at each other for what felt like a minute, before you eventually gave up. ‘’And I feel like I’m using you, okay - you got me.’’ You rolled your eyes and rolled onto your other side to avoid his shocked expression. It’s not like you didn’t want him to be here, it’s just that he could do so many funnier things right now, which didn’t contain cleaning someone’s house and jumping around a person who can barely lift a finger.

‘’You are sick - me taking care of you has nothing to do with using anybody. I’m doing what I want and this is what I want. Now face me, because it’s time for your pills.’’ You groaned loudly at his statement and he laughed upon seeing your pouting face. ‘’See? It wasn’t so hard.’’ He praised after you swallowed the medicine and chuckled once again when you shot him a very nasty glare. ‘’Now I’m going to make some dinner and we can watch a movie or something.’’

Your redhead boyfriend got up and started walking towards the kitchen, when you tiredly moved to catch his sleeve in your fingers. He turned to you quickly, asking if something was wrong and you just shook your head.

‘‘Everything is fine, it’s just — thank you Taiga, seriously.’‘ You didn’t dare to watch his reaction, but somewhere deep inside you knew, he was very happy right then.

‘‘You are welcome, s/o.’‘

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Aomine Daiki

‘‘Okay, what the fuck did he do again?’‘ 

‘‘Nothing really.’’ You replied, wiping already cold tears with the sleeve of your blouse from your cheeks. ‘‘It was my fault, anyway.’‘

‘‘Your fault?’‘ He questioned angrily, swallowing all the frustration he had in him. He didn’t want you to experience someone’s anger once again. ‘‘Him being a jealous prick for no reason is your fault? Don’t make me laugh.’‘ You flinched at his harsh words, and he immediately regretted uttering them. So much for making you feel better.

‘‘I shouldn’t have met up with your team behind his back - I just really wanted to see you! But you know how he is.’‘ You cried once more, cringing at how pathetic you must have looked right now. 

‘‘Yeah, I know that he goes around flirting with everything that moves and you can’t even hang out with your friends. That’s ridiculous.’‘ His brain started creating very vivid images of him killing your boyfriend in many interesting ways, but then the realisation of the meaning of his words hit him. You weren’t aware of his disloyalty towards you and he didn’t mean to just scream this information at you. His eyes went back to yours and he noticed how they shined with fresh tears in them. He wanted to call it a very beautiful sight, but it wasn’t the time nor the place for it. ‘‘Shit, I’m sorry - I didn’t mea–’’

‘‘It’s okay Daiki, I suspected something, I just needed a valid proof. Although, I have been thinking about breaking up with him anyway, he was slowly getting violent and it’s not something I want to be around any longer.’‘ Your body was trembling a little, but the real war was happening inside Aomine’s mind, who, upon hearing that some low life wanted to harm you, was ready to slaughter the guy’s entire family just to make you safe. ‘‘Thank you, I realyy appreciate your support.’‘

‘‘Everything for you, s/o.’‘ It really wasn’t a good time for his confession, but once you healed, he would make you the happiest person in the world.

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Kise Ryouta

‘S/o-chi, you look very out of character, did something happen?’‘ His question didn’t particularly surprised you, because you seriously looked different than usual. That day was relatively hot, enough to wear some shorts along with a short-sleeved shirt, but you against your normal outfit decided to wear a hoodie with trousers. Even your mood was worse than ever, your grumpy face only confirmed it.

Kise was extremely worried about you and was scared that someone may have done bad things to you. He was intensively staring at your blank face, awaiting an answer that took too long to form in your mind and you were just observing him with saddened eyes. ‘’Will you tell me s/o-cchi?’’

You sighed, suddenly wearing an expression of discomfort, which twisted into embarrassement very quickly. ‘’Ryouta, do I look fat to you?’’ This question came out as a whisper, but he heard it almost too correctly. Millions of imagines started haunting his memory, especially the ones with him constantly worrying about his weight as a model and an athlete.

‘‘No, s/o-cchi. Did someone tell you that?’‘ He asked, concerned and ready to fight.

‘‘Not exactly.’’ You stopped your words from flowing out of your mouth to take a deep, relaxing breath. ‘‘I just overheard some of my classmates conversation and, you know, they weren’t saying nice things about me. That’s it. Not a big deal.’‘ You dismissed your problem, obviously trying to drop the topic, but Kise was having none of it.

‘‘It is a big deal, because their words affect you and they shouldn’t. Look at me, I’m a model and people still mock me behind my back and say really disgusting things. The society will never be happy and it’s their loss. You don’t need to live like them and waste your life on hatred. Be happy, show  them who is the boss.’‘ Both of his hands were on your shoulders as you looked at yourselves. He was clearly determined and you just speechless. And then in the simple blink of the eye you burst into tears, asking him to go home with you so you could change into something more comfortable.

‘‘Sure, lovely. Maybe we could hit a beach on the weekend, what do you think?’‘

‘‘Gladly.’‘ You aswered with no hint of saddnes on your flushed face.

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Midorima Shintarou

Midorima wasn’t subtle, but easy-going. If he didn’t think his head would explode, he would ask you what’s wrong a long time ago. However, your moping was getting slightly worse with each day and it made him think that the situation was more serious than he previously predicted. He tried to talk to you about it for hours, but once he bit his tongue, the second time he almost walked into the wall and basically - he was scared for his life. But he also loved you dearly, so there was no going back this time. He would do it, he really would.

‘‘What’s wrong with you? You looked like somebody had died, nanodayo.’‘ At least he asked, okay? No one was talking about being nice and shit.

‘‘Nice as always Shin.’‘ You laughed, without a humour and came back to doing your math homework.

‘‘I didn’t mean it like that. I just—worry.’‘ The last part was uttered so quickly and quietly as if he didn’t want you to hear it at all, but you did and it shocked you.

‘’Mn — it’s nothing, really. I think I’m just being paranoid and all.’’ You smiled tiredly, putting your pen down and he turned his face to you, to listen to your confession even better. ‘‘My parents are behaving kinda weird, something’s going on and all I’ve been thinking about it is them getting divorced. I know it’s not my choice, but theirs, however, it makes me anxious. Sorry, if it’s annoying.’‘ He focused on your words, processing them and trying to create a perfect response, which would be honest, but also helpful.

‘‘I know it may be scary now, but I swear that even it they separate their ways, they would still love you the same.’‘ He grasped your fingers lightly in his, face going red. ‘‘As I do, nanodayo.’‘

You looked up at his words, blushing almost as much as him. ‘’I love you, too Shin. Thank you.’’

‘‘It’s nothing, nanodayo.’‘ He replied and pushed his glasses a liittle higher on his nose. His hand never leaving yours.

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Akashi Seijurou

‘‘Ugh, I’m so frustrated Seijurou, I don’t think I can keep this up.’‘ You said at the verge of the tears, pushing math book away from your body. Akashi looked blankly at you, not knowinng how to motivate you to stay focused for a little more time.

‘‘Let’s try again, I will explain better, alright?’‘ He caressed your cheek, desperately trying to stop you from crying. It was the last thing he wanted to see you doing. Even though, he didn’t show it that much he really wanted you to be content. He was clever and on top of the class, but he could admit that math could be really hard. He knew that it was your worst subject and seeing you try so much and then failing was heartbreaking. So he decided to fight with you, teaching you every chance he got. You praised him for it all the time, despite his scary appearance he was really patient with you. You couldn’t help, but love him more for it.

‘‘Okay, okay, but it’s so terrible. I feel like the worst person on the Earth! How did I even get to Rakuzan? I’m the dumbest person I know!’‘ You cried, your words slightly muffled by your palm. Akashi couldn’t see your eyes, but he knew they were probably red with a dark bags under them. You were really hard-working, hee admired it in you.

‘‘You are not dumb, you just need a little practice, love. Nobody was born a genius.’‘ 

‘‘You were.’‘

‘‘I was not, I was just pushed into being the best. I’m glad that you weren’t.’‘ He stated, giving you the most lovestruck look he could pull out, just because you couldn’t see it. It may sound stupid, but he was scared you would find out how important you were to him. How you mattered.

‘‘I’m sorry Sei, I didn’t mean to bring up bad memories.’‘ You replied guiltily, throwing your arms over his neck in an attempt to hug him. It came out a little messy, but he appreciated it anyway.

‘‘I’m not angry, but you can still repay me by not giving up, okay?’‘ You sniffed, but didn’t dare to protest and opened a book once again. ‘’If you promise me that you will work hard I can give you a very pleasurable reward later, huh?’’ He whispered huskily in your ear, making you red all over your face as you nodded like a crazy.

Maybe he could motivate you.

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Murasakibara Atsushi

‘‘Why are you crying, s/o-chin?’‘

‘‘Oh Atsushi, I didn’t hear you coming.’‘ You replied, smilling through your tears. Trying to hide the fact that you were obviously upset.

‘‘Why are you crying?’‘ He asked as if he didn’t hear your previous statement, not liking being ignored.

‘‘No reason, seriously.’‘ You asnwered this time, but it only left his unsatisfied, wanting to know more.

‘‘That’s a lie, s/o-chin. Talk to me.’‘ He whined like a child and sat next to you on the floor, in front of the window, which showed you empty streets and a clear, blue sky, which perfectly imitated how you were feeling. Empty.

‘‘Sometimes people are sad, just like that, there’s no real reason, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not important. I just feel a little down today, you can leave if you want. I don’t want to burden you.’‘ You knew your boyfriend very well. He was bright and could be very clever when he wanted to, but there were things he just wasn’t aware of and simply didn’t care.

‘‘You don’t burden me. I want to stay and make you feel better somehow.’‘ Murasakibara replied, his body a little closer to yours, so you could smell his candy scent, which was more comforting that you could ever imagine.

‘‘It’s not that easy, Atsu.’‘ Your sudden and quiet laugh, sounded more depressing than you wanted it to, but it was just so hard to be happy, when everything just felt so wrong.

‘‘Okay, but let me stay, alright? We can just be here for each other, do nothing and cuddle.’‘ He stated and immediately enveloped you in his long arms after seeing you nod to his proposition. ‘‘I will stay here until you are happy again - and if you never are, I will still be here.’‘ He kissed the skin of your neck, squeezing you tightly in his embrace, shielding you from the world. And in that exact moment you knew that eventually, everything will be just fine.

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The GoM reaction to their s/o telling them out of the blue they miss them, because the guys were busy lately and didn't realize they were kinda neglecting their s/o

Hi dear, here I’m with our lovely Gom! I hope you’re going to enjoy them, let me know it!

Have a nice day!

The GoM x Lonely Reader, Reactions


Aomine Daiki

Aomine blinked at you, confused.

That second of silence wiped off the confidence with which you had told him you missed being with him lately. You weren’t even used to be that vocal and now you were regretting it.

“D-Don’t worry, I-I know you’re busy…” you stuttered blushing hard and looking at your shoes, “Now I’ll let you go back to class, I-“

You tried to walk away, but Aomine grabbed your wrist.

“Wait SO!” he called you surprised; turning, you saw his cheeks were red too. He opened his mouth to speak, but then looked around and scowled at the crowd of the students in the corridor. Without saying a word, he dragged you with him.

You didn’t even try to stop him, but just followed under perplexed stares.

You finally halted in a hidden corner under a flight of stairs and Aomine leaned against the wall.

“Aomine wha-”

He pulled you in a rough hug, resting his chin on your head and pressing your face against his chest. You suspected he was too embarrassed to let you look at him.

“’m sorry,” he mumbled lulling you, “I’m a bit of a basketball idiot and didn’t realize you were lonely…”

You chuckled, wrapping your arms around his chest.

“You are a big basketball idiot!”

“Ehi! I was trying to be nice here!” he growled, but raising your head, you saw he was grinning.

“This Saturday,” he proposed, “Let’s go out, alright?”

“Didn’t you have plans with Kagami?” you inquired lifting an eyebrow, but he shrugged.

“We can go playing another time,” he reassured you nuzzling against your neck.

“Are you saying that now I’m on the same level of basketball in your priorities?” you asked faking a gasp.

He chuckled.

“It seems so,” he answered with a kiss on the forehead, making you happier than what you would have expected.

Kise Ryouta

As soon as you finished speaking, Kise furrowed and got silence. You could see he was thinking about something, and panic caught you.

You knew Kise didn’t like to be tied down, but you were feeling really lonely lately and in that moment you couldn’t have stopped yourself from telling him. And what if now he was mad? Or annoyed? Or-

“I’m the worst boyfriend ever!” Kise blurted out shocked, covering his face, “I’m so sorry SO! Please don’t be mad!” he whined taking both your hand in his.

“I-I’m not mad-” you tried to explain him, but he was already blabbering.

“I was so busy between basketball and modeling that I didn’t notice I was neglecting you! I can’t believe that it’s been three weeks since the last time we went on a date!” he apologized to you, golden eyes filled with regret. He was truly ashamed for his behavior.

“I-It’s okay, I know you’re busy. I just needed to tell you, I’m not mad,” you reassured him with a warm smile, patting his blond hair.

He groaned and hugged you on the spot.

“You’re too good for me,” he sighed relieved, “Let’s go on a date, right now!”

“Don’t you have a photoshoot? And we still have three hours of school left,” you chuckled, enjoying the hug.

“I can cancel it.”

“You can’t.”

“Then, come with me!” he proposed grabbing your shoulders and looking at you expectantly.

“Are you sure?” You’ve never been on a set, but you were curious. He nodded enthusiastically.

“I’d love it! Then it’s settled!” he shined bubbling and gave you a kiss on the nose.

Kuroko Tetsuya

“I’ve missed you…” you whispered

Kuroko stopped walking and turned to you, surprised.

He was walking you home and holding your hand.

“Ah sorry! I didn’t want to annoy you, but lately you’ve been busy and I just…”you tried to explain yourself blushing, “…really missed you?”

Kuroko realized what you were saying and grimaced.

“I’m sorry,” he apologized bowing to you, “I didn’t mean to neglect you, nor to let you feel lonely. Forgive me.”

“No, no please Kuroko! There’s no need to-”

But he straightened and you saw a soft smile on his lips. He knew what you meant.

You quieted down, as he squeezed your hand.

“Would you like to have dinner with me?” Kuroko invited you gently and you brightened up.

“Aren’t you tired?” you asked doubtful, but he shrugged.

“Not for you” he answered smoothly and you giggled giddy.

“Then, I’d love too,” you accepted softly and he resumed walking, rubbing small circles on the back of your hand.

Midorima Shintarou

“I’ve missed you!” you blurted out in the middle of the conversation, without realizing. Midorima had been talking to you about something,  but you were more focused on staring at him and it just happened. Some of the girls passing in the corridor snickered and you realized that you had yelled it instead of whispering it.

Midorima was looking at you shocked, totally caught off guard.

“Missed…me?” he repeated wide-eyed. He was talking about how he was going to murder Takao and suddenly you…

“I-I’m sorry,” you apologized covering your mouth,” You were talking and I was looking at you and I just realized I didn’t see you all week and then I just…said it.” You burst in a frantic explanation until it died in your throat, leaving you with your embarrassment.

Midorima blushed deeply and averted his eyes, casually covering his mouth with a hand.

“I’m sorry,” he apologized too,” I missed you too…” the boy added in a whisper so low that you barely heard it.

His words made you redden more, but a giggle escaped from your lips.

“If you have time,” Midorima took all his courage to ask you out, “We could go out for dinner after practice,” offered awkwardly.

And finally, he met your eyes and your smile widened, because you could read in him that he really wanted to.

“It’s perfect! I’ll wait for you!” you thrilled happily and that won a smile out of him.

Murasakibara Atsushi

Murasakibara looked down at you, who were shifting your feet uncomfortably and staring at the ground. With a sigh, he crouched and met your eyes.

“Were you lonely?” he asked blankly, tilting his head to the side.

You nodded, with a small pout.

A smirk flashed on his lips.

“That’s really cute, SO,” he commented patting your head, “You should have told me, though.”

“I didn’t want to trouble you…”

He shrugged and pulled a strawberry candy out of his pocket.

“You never trouble me, except when you try to feed me carrots,” he grimaced, putting the candy in your mouth, “Sorry for that. From tomorrow I’ll be all yours again, alright?”

You grinned and nodded, satisfied with that little promise.

“Good girl,” he hummed satisfied standing up again and taking your hand.

“Don’t treat me like a child!”

“Not my fault you’re so cute and small.”

Akashi Seijuurou

“I missed you lately.”

Now, you usually were very careful about you said around your boyfriend, since he tended to be…extreme, but those words bubbled out of your lips before you realized it. Definitely a mistake.

Akashi, as you feared, froze while he was walking to you with a cup of tea from the vending machine in the school’s corridor.

He let the cup fall, under shock, and the tea spilled everywhere.

“Akashi!” you cried, reaching him and looking at the mess on the floor, “I’m not saying there’s something wrong, I know you’re busy! I just missed you a litt-”

He didn’t let you speak, he raised a hand putting a finger on your lips and took out his phone with the other. He quickly dialed a number.

“Hello, Akashi-sama?”

“Postpone all my appointments for the next three days to the next week,” he ordered firmly and you exhaled, covering your eyes. You should have known it.


“No but,” He shut the other off, hanging up and turning to you.

“Akashi, you didn’t need to do it,” you scolded him trying very hard to glare at him, but your devil was now smiling all sappy and alluring.

He took your hand and kissed your knuckles softly.

“Now, I’m all yours,” he whispered pulling you towards him with a mischievous smile, “I hope you’re ready.”

Yeah, you had made a mistake but you weren’t going to regret it one bit now.

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Hi!! Headcanons of GoM being jealous?? Thank you 💕

Anon 2: Could you write jealous and protective GoM + Kagami please? ^^  

yessss anons oh my god. this ask fills me with life. i LIVE for jealous bois. jealous bois are best bois. anyway, i’ve got so many headcanons on this subject so let me begin ;) hope you enjoy!

- Pocky


  • Akashi is the silent but deadly type (and yes in his farts, too) but he will quietly observe someone hit on you, and will wait until the culprit is alone to threaten them
  • “Don’t touch what is mine, unless you want me to take something of yours.” he’d say this with a very low and menacing tone, which is usually enough to make the person leave you alone
  • but if they keep hitting on you, Akashi will resort to physical means to the end, possibly a light but firm grasp on the person’s shoulder, standing in between you two, etc.
  • Akashi would never get in a fight because he is very classy, but he’s not afraid to use violence if it means getting someone away from you
  • Akashi is a very jealous person actually, not because he’s insecure, but because he values you so much and would quite literally fall apart if you were to get swept off your feet/taken away
  • the pet names he uses on you always imply that you are his like, “my beloved”, “my love”, “my girl”, etc.
  • in order to calm him down after he’s worked himself up because of the jealousy in his heart, you’ll have to reassure him that you’re all his and that you’re not going anywhere
  • usually ends in sex, just saying


  • this boy. this boy this boy this boy, he’s a showoff. he likes to have you on his arm at all times just so everyone can know that you are his and his alone
  • aomine will glare at anyone who happens to glance in your direction for a millisecond too long, no matter their age, gender, SPECIES (okay maybe not species, but you get the point)
  • one time, you and Aomine went on a date to a sports bar (because he just had to watch the game on the big TVs) and he wasn’t really paying alot of attention to you so a guy decided to start chatting with you
  • by the time Aomine had noticed that there was a visitor, the guy’s hand was halfway up your thigh and you seemed to either be fine with it or not notice
  • Aomine did not waste a second, he was already on top of the guy with a fist raised above his head, ready to pummel the dude into the ground
  • it took the strength of you and two other guys to separate your boyfriend from the guy on the floor, and inevitably you were both asked to leave the bar
  • you scold Aomine for being such a belligerent soul but he just insists that he will fight anyone who touches you – he is the only one allowed to touch you
  • also ends in very rough sex


  • Kagami is a closeted jealous person in general, not just when it comes to someone hitting on you
  • that being said, though, he makes sure to keep an eye on you at all times
  • he doesn’t know how to handle being jealous; he wants to kill the person but also not interfere jsut in case you’ll think he’s over-protective or something
  • so he’s somewhere in the middle and he just gets sad
  • he mopes around the entire time you’re being hit on or chatting with someone who clearly has a thing for you
  • by the time the two of you are alone again you’ll ask him what’s wrong and instead of answering he’ll just trap you in a crushing hug and he’ll bury his blushing face in your neck
  • you have to calm him down and assure him that you only have eyes for him
  • “I don’t want to be mean or get in trouble or seem insane, but at the same time I wanna slit their stupid throat.”
  • Kagami is only jealous in the first few months of your relationship though, he’s pretty confident in himself and secure in your relationship so he knows that you’d never cheat on him or leave him for someone else
  • sometimes ends in sweet sex


  • Kise is the type of jealous boyfriend to whine and complain about how often you get hit on
  • “Of course, y/n-cchi gets hit on so much, she’s my beautiful girlfriend! everyone wants her!”
  • the whining and clingy-ness of Kise usually turns off any guy that is hitting on you
  • however, if Kise doesn’t manage to deter the guy with his
  • Kise will actively look for a partner for the lonely guy, so he’ll stop hitting on you
  • but if that doesn’t work, Kise’s last resort is threatening the nuisance. anything from the guy’s social status to his physical well-being is fair game where Kise is concerned
  • from the moment the guy sees the serious and scary look in Kise’s eyes, and feels the deathly aura emanating from Kise’s body, the guy is very quick to change his mind about hitting on you and ultimately decides to leave you alone
  • often ends in sex with a lot of body worshipping


  • Kuroko is a feisty one, he is
  • he is usually ignored, unnoticed by whoever is hitting on you because of his lack of presence or just because the guy thinks there’s no way Kuroko could be your boyfriend
  • Kuroko hates being underestimated, so he makes it a point that he’s your boyfriend by quite literally being your shadow
  • he follows you around, arm tightly wound around your waist, and alert to any nearby danger
  • if anyone approaches you with wrong intentions, which most everyone does, Kuroko clears his throat to make his presence known and informs the person that he is your boyfriend in a very serious tone
  • Kuroko tries to be menacing but cannot be because he’s just very cute and very small and no one takes him seriously
  • so he usually has backup, like Aomine or Kagami, that go on group dates with you and him
  • Kuroko often confides in you when he’s butthurt about someone talking you up and you allowing it, but you have to reassure him that you’ll never love anyone more than you love him
  • no sex, just lots of cuddles and nose kisses


  • midorima is a very secure and confident person, so he claims that he would never get jealous and has never been jealous
  • but, oh boy, does he get jealous
  • he gets so jealous that he has to clench his fists and grit his teeth to keep himself from unleashing his wrath onto anyone who dares hit on you right in front of him
  • sometimes, Midorima will simply walk away when you are getting hit on so you can’t see the anger and jealousy in his eyes
  • other times, when you guys need to be somewhere or Midorima just wants to leave the place, he’ll firmly press you to his side or his chest and lead you away from the man from the situation
  • you often ask if he’s jealous when he does this, but he always answers with a vigorous shake of his head and a forceful denial
  • he finds it unreasonable for one to be jealous, but he just can’t stop the anger from burning inside his chest when he sees some guy trying to impress you or talk you up
  • he loved you too much to let you be treated in such a way
  • rarely ends in sex, and it’s never rough


  • is generally a very jealous person, not just when someone hits on you, but when anyone doesn’t pay as much attention to him as they should
  • but when it comes to you, it’s just bad
  • he is super possessive of you, always wanting to accompany you everywhere–unless he’s feeling too lazy, then he’ll just do everything in his power to make you stay and cuddle with him
  • he’s always touching you, signifying that you are his and his alone
  • he’s always either draped over your shoulders with his chin on your head, curling an arm around your waist as securely as possible, or sometimes he lets you ride on his back–but only if he’s in a super good mood
  • guys don’t even try to hit on you anymore because it seems as if the entire male population has spread the word about Murasakibara’s death glare
  • whenever Murasakibara doesn’t like the way someone is looking at you, he’ll make it a point that you’re his by tugging you to him and kissing you breathless, no matter where you are
  • if that doesn’t work, Murasakibara will use his imposing height as a weapon and tower over the guy as if to say “i could literally step on you and you’d dissipate, don’t try me.”
  • only ends in sex if he’s fired up enough

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Hi hun ^-^ May I request reactions/headcannons for Aomine, Midorima, Akashi, Atsushi, Kise and Kagami after they get into a fight with their girlfriend, who then decides to troll them with an unusual revenge by ruining their basketballs (like this youtube. com/watch?v=EWZcvbZ0GAg lol XD) and what they'd say/do after~ I hope this isn't confusing <3 I love your writing style and fantastic skills :3

heyo bub! thank u sm and i hope you like this <3

if anyone wants to watch that vid there’s a lil mistake in the link so click here and you should see it!

Aomine would stare in despair at his once beautiful and shiny basketball that is now everything but a basketball. Not only will he be sad about losing his dear basketball but afraid of you. He imagined himself on that ground instead of the basketball and it definitely wasn’t the best experience he’ve ever had. If he was at fault then he would accept this and apologize. But if it was yours, then beware because he has a few ideas for revenge right up his sleeve as well and is not afraid to use them to show you he’s not one to be messed with.

Midorima would probably stand for a few minutes with bewilderment, fear and most of all amazement in his eyes. He actually never thought you were smart enough to think of such a revenge let alone actually act on it and succeed. It’s chemistry, which he thought was your worst subject? But apparently, it’s not. Depending on his mood, he’ll either apologize or pretend like that did not affect him at all when he’s actually dying from the inside.

Akashi wouldn’t even flinch because he knows he’s got more balls where that came from. He’ll only give you a reaction because he loves you so much and doesn’t wanna see your hard work go to waste. “Aw, no, my ball.” he’ll say. At least he tried. You can see he’s not actually impressed nor affected. Which is why you went to plan B. “No sex for 2 weeks.” and that’s when you saw his face change.

Atsushi will not let this go so easily, no. He might be lazy but his basketball is not something you’d wanna mess with and yet you did. He will walk towards you, towering over you, making you regret doing that with all your heart, making you wish for time to go back. You didn’t even get a chance to call a truce before he has you carried on his shoulder and dumped in the nearest pool he can find. 

Kagami would panic and start moving frantically trying to register what had just happened to his basketball as you watched him. The way the look on his face changes so quickly when he sees the sight of his basketball looking like that actually makes you feel a little bad but also laugh because it is actually priceless. “I’m not letting you try any of my cooking for a month.” he said. He now was not the only one moving frantically.

“AAAAAAAAAAAH MY BALL!” Kise would yell as he falls to the ground on his knees. He will become even more dramatic than he already is and will stare longingly at his precious ball while sitting still on the ground. You actually felt bad for him and was just about to give him a back hug when he turned around with the scariest look he’s ever given you. You didn’t even know he was capable of having such serious eyes. “You will pay for this.”

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Aomine + Kagami + Murasakibara, cute/fluff scenario of them meeting their s/o who, got caught in the rain! ♥

Ahh fluff always makes me melt


You grumbled as you pressed the call button again. Aomine had never been so good in picking up your calls. This time was the worst because you were soaking wet in the pouring rain. The sky was really bright just minutes ago, so the rain was unexpected. The familiar sound of the voicemail rang through your ears again and you gave up. 

“Fine, I’ll just walk home by myself. Stupid Daiki”, you muttered ad stomped your way back home.

But as you took a turn on the first block you bumped into a tall figure, making you fall flat on your behind onto a puddle of rainwater. You groaned and looked up to meet no one other than your boyfriend, Aomine.

“Jeez, [F/N], what the hell are you doing walking in the rain?”, he asked as he helped you up and pulled you under his umbrella.

You glared at him and slapped his chest. “Maybe because my asshole of a boyfriend didn’t care to pick up his phone when I called him a million times to come and pick me up”, you snapped.

Aomine swallowed nervously and rubbed the back of his neck. “Sorry babe.”

You huffed an then thought of an idea. Smirking, you quickly snatched the umbrella that he was holding and threw it far, far away. Soon Aomine started to get soaked and he freaked.

“[F/N] what the fuck was that?!”, he exclaimed trying to cover himself.

“You deserve it, you got me soaked, now it’s you turn”, you said smiling proudly.

Aomine looked at you and smiled mischievously. “Oh yeah? Then take this”, he said and kicked the puddle of water that was in front of him, making it splash over you.

You spluttered in shock and Aomine couldn’t control his laughter. So the two of you had your mini water fight in the rain. You launched yourself at Aomine and he caught you in his arms. He looked down at you with a small smirk, catching you flustered.

“[F/N]?”, he asked.


“You’re boobs look much bigger when you’re soaking wet under these clothes”, he said.

You flushed and flicked his forehead. “Stop being a pervert!”

He chuckled and planted a kiss on your lips. “You love me for it babe.”

You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him back. Slowly the kiss went deeper, the rain showering over the two of you. You pulled away breathlessly and smiled softly.

“Maybe getting stuck in the rain wasn’t as bad as I thought.”


You cursed softly when you heard the loud sound of rain drops hitting the window. Now there was no way you could leave without getting wet.

You sighed, “ I should have listened to Taiga when he told me to bring an umbrella.”

So you waited at your table with nothing to do. You had already had your meal, and you were stuffed, so you couldn’t order anything else to keep you occupied. The Maji Burger’s that you had bought for your boyfriend were starting to get cold too. You huffed and rested your chin on your palm waiting, when suddenly the doors to the shop opened and in walked your boyfriend, Kagami.

He looked at you surprised and walked over to your table, sitting down next to you.

“[F/N]? What are you doing here?”, he asked.

“Oh I was just about to head home but I got caught in the rain”, you sighed. “I bought you food but it got cold.”

Kagami smiled and ruffled your hair, “Oi, thanks for the food. I’ll eat it. If you were stuck you could have called me.”

“My phone died”, you groaned and Kagami laughed.

“Well then you’re lucky I came.” he said.

“I sure am”, you said leaning against his chest while he wrapped an arm around you.

“I told you to bring an umbrella”, he teased.

“Shut up”, you giggled.

He kissed the top of your head and stroked your arm. “So do you want to head home now? We can have a hot drink and chill on the sofa. Maybe even watch the latest basketball game…”, he offered shyly.

You smiled, “Of course.” You kissed his cheek briefly and stood up holding his hand. “C’mon, let’s go”

Kagami smiled and held your hand in one of his, and the other holding the umbrella as the two of you walked home and had a cozy day inside, together.


“I’ll take that whole shelf over there, please”, you said to the cashier.

She looked almost confused and amazed when you said that. “Um, you mean everything that’s on the shelf? Are you sure?”, she asked.

You chuckled, you were pretty used to this. Buying snacks for your boyfriend occurred very often, and so did the reactions from the people. “Yes, please.”

“A-Alright”, she said before packing all the stuff for you.

Once everything was set, you were ready to go. But then you heard the booming sound of thunder, followed by the tattering of rain drops. You sighed, how were you supposed to get home now? Moreover with these heavy bags filled with snacks. You were about to call your boyfriend for help but all of a sudden he walked in and surprised you. 

“[F/N]-chin? Are you okay? Tatsuya-chin told me about the weather forecast and that it was going to rain so I came to help”, he said taking the bags from you and carrying it with ease.

You smiled and gave him a hug. You loved his hugs, they were comforting, warm, and soft. 

“Thank you, Atsushi-kun, I don’t know what I would have done without you”, you sighed.

“Hm, no problem [F/N]-chin. But there are two things that’s missing”, he said.

“And what may they be?”, you asked.

“[F/N]-chin owes me a kiss”, he said bluntly.

You giggled and tip toed as much as you could to plant a kiss on the giant’s lips.

“There. And what’s the other thing?”, you asked.

“I forgot to bring and umbrella”, he said.

You laughed and tugged on his hair playfully while he smiled softly at you.

“God damnit, Atsushi-kun. You know what? It’s fine. We’ll just stay here, eat some snacks and wait for the rain to stop okay?”, you said.

Murasakibara nodded, “Only if [F/N]-chin feeds me”

“It’s a deal”, you replied blushing.


I hope you like it! Thank you for requesting ^-^

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Could I pls request Aomine scenario when he's taking care of his pregnant wife? Like gives her massages and dealing with her craving? Thanks

This is a cheesy piece of trash, but I love it and I hope you will, too!

“Okay, I cleaned every corner in our house, did grocery shopping and cooked you a dinner. Am I a good husband now? Do I deserve a kiss? I also want a hug and movie marathon with Ryan Reynolds in the leading role. ”

You felt like laughing as you looked at your husband, who just smoothly tried to sell you a bunch of dirty lies.

“Okay, first of all - you didn’t clean the house, Akashi paid someone to do that. I don’t even know why, but still. Second, I saw Kagami and Kuroko sneaking here in the morning with bags full of groceries and third I’m not eating anything you made, I would die within seconds.” You smirked as his face visibly fell. “Okay Daiki, be frank with me - what’s wrong?” He sighed and popped at your couch next to you.

“I think I’m getting stressed, you know? I feel bad when I leave for work in the morning every day and when I’m here with you I just can’t make myself to not watch you all the time. The whole pregnancy is getting to me more than I thought it would.” And that’s true.

No one suspected that Aomine Daiki, would even be like that, but life is surprising as they say. When you told him the good news - your whole routine changed. He started waking up first, following you around like a puppy, growling at every possible danger and even experience morning sickness with you.

That made your relationship as strong as it is now, but it had a big impact on his health. Sometimes he was so stressed of kicking you at night in his sleep that he spend the whole time watching you and not moving. There were also situations where he completely stopped eating certain things from your fridge in case you wanted it later. And the list went on and on and on. It didn’t help that all his friends were freaking out with him. They did almost everything for you, from - like you mentioned earlier - paying people to take care of your chores to even buying groceries, but that’s a story for another time.

You were worried about him, but also proud and a little touched. You chose a good man with the right values, and now you were sure of it.

You hand made its way to his and he squeezed it almost instantly. “Daiki, I understand. I’m stressed, too.” You kissed his knuckles, giving once again a reassuring squeeze. “But don’t ignore your needs, go out with guys, play some basketball - hell, get drunk. Have fun, it’s supposed to be an amazing time for both of us.’’ Shooting him a smile, you hoped that he will finally understand and calm down a little. He needed that.

’‘But I have a need to be with you.” He said seriously, swallowing an invisible lump in his throat. “Don’t kick me out.”

He looked ready to freaking cry and you honestly felt like crying, too. Your baby made both of you weak ass people, but you didn’t mind. You were blessed with what you got. You deserved it.

But never mind, it’s not a time to be cheesy. You needed to come up with a better plan.“Okay then, how about a small back massage?” Your question caught him off the guard as his face broke into a grin.

“Sure, let me get som–”

“No, no. I want to give you one this time. You need to chill man.”

Aomine immediately burst into laughter, and you loved it. And you loved him.

And he sure as hell loved you.

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Can I request drabble scenario with GoM+Takao+Hanamiya when they expect their s/o to be interested in girly stuff like make-ups, shoes, clothes, etc, but instead they're interested only in anime, K/J-pop, computers and internet, books, and writing?

Hi dear! Sorry if I’ve made you wait! Since you asked scenarios for so many characters, they’re a bit brief! I hope you can enjoy them anyway! Let me know if you’re satisfied!

The Gom/Hanamiya/Takao x reader (who likes reading, anime…), Confession, Comfort and Cuddles


Aomine Daiki

You’re in Aomine’s room, seated comfortably next to each other on his bed. You’ve just confessed your true hobbies and passions and now you’re waiting for his reaction.

“So…you don’t like shopping or frilly dresses?” he asks looking down at you, scratching the back of his head.

“No…?” you reply a bit worried, fidgeting. On his face doesn’t surface what he’s thinking as usual.

“Make-up, clothes, shoes…girly things?”

“Neither.” You lower your gaze on the your hands and pray he’s not going to be disappointed. He’s best friend with Momoi right? The girliest girl ever? So pretty and always perfect? What if he likes that type of girl?

“That’s cool!” he bursts into a short, relieved laughter.

You perks up shocked and looks at him. Aomine shows you a shark-like smile.

“I already suffer enough shopping and girls’ talk thanks to Satsuki,” he explains shrugging and then he grabs you by the waist and pulls you closer to his chest

“You said you like anime? Come on, let’s see an episode of your favorite show. It’s raining and I can’t play basketball,” he offers, low-key curious of knowing you more, while picking his tablet with the other hand.

Kise Ryouta

You really didn’t want to tell Kise that you don’t like those kind of things but…you felt bad lying about it. He is model! What if he prefers those type of girls and then feels betrayed when he discovered you aren’t? You had to do it.

And now he’s looking at you with wide eyes and surprise all over his face.

“Oh.” He exhales and you feels your heart halting.

Then he shows his childish pout and crosses his arms.

“But SO-chan, you’re so cute!” he whines as if you have offended him personally, “You would be a goddess!”

You blush furiously and lower your gaze.

Kise huffs, but seeing your embarrassment he’s quick to pat your head.

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” he assures you amused, “I like you either way alright? No problem. You’ll just have to put up with me when I need to go shopping.” He fakes to threaten with a sly smile.

You snort and roll your eyes, feeling relaxing at his soft touch.

“Only if you watch my anime with me and we can stop to the bookstore.”

“We have a deal.” He laughs before leaving a kiss on your forehead.

Kuroko Tetsuya

Kuroko blinks at you once. Twice.

Then, he puts on the table the milkshake.

“SO,” he calls you and you smile nervously, “I already knew and I love this about you.” He states deadpanned. You nearly chokes on your saliva and looks at him shocked.

“R-really?” you asks incredulous and he nods.

“I saw the screen of your phone once. That was a good anime, by the way.” He explains and a small grin flashes on his lips, “But this is better, I love reading too. Now we have a lots of things to talk about.”

You groan and hide your face with both hands.

“Why you didn’t tell me?”

“I wanted to see when you were going to tell me.” He shrugs

“You made me worry about nothing!”

“I’m sorry. It was funny.”

That little devil.

Akashi Seijuurou

Akashi frowns at your words.

“A-Akashi?” you call him but he doesn’t show signs of having heard you.

“Akashi please?” you try again, slightly worried. You knew Akashi is all for the pretty, elegant and refined girl but…he isn’t going to leave you for that right? Right?

Finally, the boy sighs deeply and you stop breathing.

“I’m sorry,” he whispers staring at you with his serious, red eyes, “I have to rethink all my plans for our future dates, holidays and special occasions. I hadn’t taken into consideration your hobbies and tastes before, thank you for informing me. I’ll make sure to make you happy in every possible way.”

You just watch him frozen, mouth ajar in pure awe, shock and surprise.

“SO?” he calls you tilting his head and brushing your cheek with his thumb.

You suddenly blush and cover your face, trying to pull away for him.

“You’re too much Akashi,” you whine feeling like you were combusting, “You aren’t real.”

Akashi flashes a small satisfied grin at your reaction, before placing a hand behind your neck and pulling your head closer to his chest.

“I don’t know what you are referring to,” he murmurs softly, leaving a kiss on your hair.

Midorima Shintarou

Midorima seems taken aback by your words, so you smile trying to seem carefree and wave it off.

“Don’t worry, Shin-chan! We don’t have to do anything of what I’ve said together! It’s just to tell you about it,” you reassures him, hiding your disappointment. But if he accepted you, it would be more than enough.

At your words the boy frowns and then sighs. He clears his voice and fixes the glasses.

“Well, actually I don’t see the problem with that…” he starts, averting his gaze, and your heart leaps in the chest.


“I like reading too and manga can be enjoyable,” he explains trying to cover his slight blush, “And about the rest, right now I don’t have any knowledge of it but I’m willing to try everything you suggest.”

You show him your brightest smile and literally jump in his arm.

“You’re the best!” you thrill happily, already thinking about the first anime you want to show him.

Midorima rolls his eyes, but hugs you back.

“For something so simple…” he mutters incredulous under his breath, but truth is, he’s smiling.

Murasakibara Atsushi

Murasakibara tilts his head and blinks, as if he doesn’t understand the problem.

“So?” he asks quietly, putting down on the table of your kitchen the packet of sweets. You rocks on your heels nervously.

“W-well, nothing. I mean…I just wanted you to know…hoping it was okay…with you…” you explains in an embarrassed blabber and your voice becomes gradually lower, until you wait for his answer in silence.

Murasakibara suddenly grabs you from the waist and puts you on the table, seated in front of him. He’s still too tall for you to look him in the eyes, but better than before.

“SO,” he calls you patiently and you nods, “Do you like candies?” he asks seriously.

The corner of your mouth twitches but you manage to restrain a smile at the question.

“Yes,” You reassure him and he pats your head.

“Then, everything else is okay.” He explains with a shrug, before picking a candy and stuffing it in your mouth, “We can watch your anime together while eating my sweets.”

You let out a carefree laughter and hug him giddy.

“It would be perfect!”

Takao Kazunari

You and Takao are on the couch at his home and you’ve been talking about your true hobbies for like…ten minutes? While he listens to you stupefied.

“So, yes…I don’t like those kind of things. I’m sorry if you prefer other kind of gir-” your explanation is suddenly interrupted by Takao’s excited exclamation.

“That’s fantastic!” he beams happily, with a wide grin on his face.

“What?” you reply confused.

“You are fantastic!” he laughs ruffling your hair, “I mean, we can do a lot of things together now! Well, I don’t like reading books that much but…anime and k-pop? I’m on it!”

You open wide your eyes.

“Which is your favorite anime, by the way?” he asks all excited.


“I fucking love you.” You burst amazed and freezes, looking shocked at you.

Your cheeks redden, realizing what you’ve said, but before things can get awkward Takao begins to chuckle.

“Yeah, I love you too.” He replies cheerfully, leaning for a surprise kiss on the lips.

Hanamiya Makoto (seriously girl? XD)

You finish speaking and wait for Hanamiya’s answer, who’s sprawled on the couch near to you.

He looks at you deadpanned and then huffs.

“That’s such a delusion,” He comments shaking his head and you freeze, “Are you even a girl? What can I do with a girl that likes such things?” he continues and you lower your head ashamed, cheeks burning.

“If I had known I wouldn’t have asked you out.” You feel your eyes filling with tears and try to stumble up to flee from the room, but your boyfriend catches your wrist.

“But I’m joking, you idiot.” He adds with a sly smirk on the lips.

You gasp offended and try to wipe your tears away.

“You asshole!” you cry, taking a cushion and hitting him on the face, “You’re the worst!” you exclaims blushing furiously. You can’t believe you’ve fallen for his act again.

He laughs loudly and pulls you down with him on the couch.

“But you love me like this, babe.” He whispers in your ear, caging you against his chest, “By the way, I already knew. I’m not stupid, you know? And it’s fine, no problem with your hobbies. I just wanted to tease you,” he boasts with a smug smile, shrugging, and you roll his eyes.

“You’re really an asshole,” you complain and kiss him before he could speak again and make you mad.

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May I request?~ :3 What would GoM +Tetsu's reactions be when they find out their s/o sleeps in just her panties in the summer? Like, they had to say over or sth and in the morning they discover her with the thinnest blanket barely covering her XD I hope this isn't confusing and I hope I didn't break a rule, love you! <3

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKK!!!!!!! *Jumps up and down as my boobs bounce* This is so kawaii!!!!!! I love this!!!!!! (♥‿♥) and nope you didn’t break any rules!!! xoxo

I might make this a little NSFW with certain characters (◕‿-)

I hope you enjoy these and I AM SORRY IT TOOK FOREVER!!!!!! LITERALLY FOREVER!!!! I AM SO SO SO SO SO SO SORRY!!!!!!!!! 


You had asked Midorima to stay the night the minute the weather started to get bad, you didn’t want him walking in a storm especially after a long night of studying. He of course was reluctant at first, but with a small pout and fake tears you had gotten your way.

“It’ll be fine Shin-chan! My parents love you and they wouldn’t mind at all if we shared a bed! Just get comfortable and make yourself at home, silly there’s no reason to be so flustered.”

“Absolutely not, I will stay on the pullout bed nanodayo” Pushing up his glasses he had taken a pillow from your bed and an extra blanket, heading towards the couch to set up his sleeping space.

Around 3am you awoke, not being able to sleep knowing Midorima was in the same house as you. You wanted to be next to him, you craved it more than anything. So you had the most brilliant idea! “I’m sure he wouldn’t mind too much!”

Morning had arrived and Midorima felt warmer than he had before falling asleep. Did you put more blankets on him to keep him warm he thought. His heavy eyelids made their way open as he blinked a few times. Everything was blurry, even the extra pillow next to him. Reaching over he had grabbed his glasses… Once on, Midorima had realized that the pillow next to him was not a pillow…


It was you just barely covered by the thin sheet. Your breasts were out for him to see, and your panties didn’t cover much either… Midorima blinked once before realizing you slept next to him like this all night…


Freaking out, he covers his face as he scoots back only he ends up falling off the pullout causing quite the ruckus.

“Shin-chan?” The noise caused you to awaken, only to see that Midorima is no longer next to you but instead on the floor a blushing mess.

“Put some clothes on nanodayo!”

Jumping off the pullout, you fell onto him with your arms wrapped around his neck as your breasts squished up against him.

“Awh, but Shin-chan! This is more fun, besides this is how i sleep at night! Oh, annnnd… oha asa said that its Cancers lucky day.” You gave Midorima a subtle wink.

“Woman! There will be none of that nanodayo! Now put some clothes on!” He quickly wrapped his team’s jacket around your face and head in order to pry you off of him.



You were downstairs preparing snacks as your lazy boyfriend made his way upstairs to your room, you had a lazy night planned for the two of you, movies, food, and snuggles… but  Murasakibara had an even lazier night plan…

When you had reached your room, upon opening your door you saw your humongous boyfriend sleeping in your small bed…  “Atsu!” Sighing you didn’t know what you expected, he had just came back from practice after all. “Fiiine, I guess you can stay here tonight since you’re already out like a light anyway.”

You stripped from your shirt and peeled your pants off so you could hop in bed with him.

Morning had come around, and surprisingly Murasakibara was the first to awake. Turning over he saw that you were barely covered by the sheets, leaving your chest to be exposed along with your panties… which were designed with maiubo printed all over them.

“Ne~ ____-chan is a tease. Now i’m hungry, but so sleepy.” Murasakibara quietly peeled back the rest of the sheets to expose the rest of your panties. He was interested in them to say the least, but it didn’t take long before he ended up passed out on your exposed chest.

You awoke to feeling something wet on your chest, only to find that it was Murasakibara’s drool leaking out onto one of your nipples.


“Ne~___-chan is comfy, shh.”


Kuroko decided to surprise you one morning by waking you up with breakfast, only to find you sleeping with a pillow… your bareback was turned towards him as your panties were riding up on you, causing your plump cheeks to be exposed.

“…___-chan… why are you naked?” His cheeks were tinted with a shade of pink as he made his way over to you. Being the kind gentleman he is, he decides the best thing to do in this situation was to cover you back up with the sheets.

Covering you back up so he no longer felt like he was disrespecting you, he placed the tray of food next to you on the bed as he woke you up.

“____-chan, good morning. I brought you breakfast.”

“Tetsu? Mmn, morning love…” You could smell it, your favorite. With a few sniffs you smelt buttermilk pancakes….

“OH!!! Testu-kun you made my favorite!!!!” Without hesitating you shot up from bed, wide awake now with the sheets falling off your chest.

“…____-chan… You… Why are you naked?” Kuroko blinked blankly as he watched you move around in the bed.

“Oh! This is how i sleep! We’ve been together long enough, so there’s no reason for me to be embarrassed, right.”

Kuroko just continued to blink blankly, until Tetsuya #2 jumped up on the bed with you.

“See, Tetsuya #2 doesn’t seem to mind.”

“___-chan, it’s just… You’re so beautiful.”


“___-cchi!!!!!!! I’m here!!!! Are you ready for school? Huh? Where is she, she’s usually ready by now.”

Kise was at your house so he could walk you to school as always, but you weren’t waiting by the door like you usually are.

“___-cchi?” The house was empty, your parents were gone already, leaving you alone in the house. “___-cchi? Are you here?” Walking around Kise noticed your bookbag was still on the floor, spread across the floor with books laying everywhere. Looking around he saw that your living area was a mess, cusions were tossed around, couches were moved and the TV was even moved… His heart sank, did something happen? Were you attacked!?

“___-cchi!?” Running to your room, your door was still closed, he tried opening it but it was lock. Kise began to bang on your door, but you still didn’t answer.

No longer was Kise willing to wait, he put his foot on your door and in one swift move he kicked open your door.

Entering your room he saw you were sound asleep… with only the thinnest of sheet covering you.

“_____-cchi! I thought something happened to you. Jeez.” Kise put his hand through his hair as he began to calm down. Walking over to you he noticed your breasts were out, and your black lace panties were exposed for him, and only him to see.

Not wasting any time Kise pulled out his phone so he could snap as many photos as he could, so he had something to look at later, once finished he wakes you up so you can both head to school.

Later on while you are in class you receive a photo from Kise…. It’s of you, sleeping in nothing…  with a text underneath ‘When do i get to sleep next to you like this?’



“Daiki! Just stay the night! My parents are gone anyway!”

“Did you really think i would just go home? Hell no, I’m staying besides it’s too late for me to go home.”

The morning had come far too quickly. The last thing Aomine remembers doing is laying in your bed waiting for you to finish your shower.

“Must’ve dozed off, damn and here i thought i would get lucky and have some fun.”

Aomine sat up, your covers falling off of him which resulted in the sheets falling off of you as well.

Looking over Aomine had saw that you were fully exposed. Your breasts were everything he had imagine and more. “Eh? What else do we have here?” Looking over your sleeping form Aomine had seen that you were left with just panties on. “Now this just isn’t fair.”

Aomine didn’t give you a chance to wake up, he pounced on you like the animal he is and started kissing his way across your jaw, working his way down to your throat.

You tilted your head back and moaned.

Working his way down he made his way to your tummy, leaving small bite marks until finally you awoke.

“Mmm Daiki what’re you doing? It’s so early.”

“As i recall someone owes me, you made me wait all night until finally i fell asleep. You. Owe. Me.”

Aomine cupped your breasts in his hands, teasing your sensitive nips with his thumbs.

“You expect me to just lay here while you’re next to me with only panties on?”

“Daiki, you could’ve at least made me breakfast first” You giggled as he concentrated on your breasts. The rest of the morning played out just how he wanted, until finally he passed out after all the fun.

You learned that if you didn’t want to wake up extremely early then you needed to start wearing more clothes to bed when he stays the night.


Akashi invited you over, so you he could help you with your paperwork. What he didn’t expect is it to storm. Not wanting to risk your life or his driver he decided it was best you stayed with him the rest of the night till morning.

“Are you sure Sei-kun? I don’t mind staying out on the couch.”

“Nonsense. You’ll stay with me. Come.”

Akashi led you to his room, it was huge… It was nearly the size of your living area at home.

“Do you mind if i clean up before hopping in bed?”

“I’ll bring you a change of clothes ____. That way you have clean clothes to sleep in.”

“Thank you Sei-kun!”

You were tossing and turning in bed, you appreciated the clothes Akashi left for you, but they weren’t comfortable at all. Stripping you slept in your usually, nothing.

“Ugh I’m still not comfy! I need some type of undies…” Looking around the room you saw his dresser… “I’m sure he wouldn’t mind too much…”

Akashi was awaken by the sun coming in from his window, turning over so he could avoid it he drapped his arm around you, only to feel skin… which wasn’t there last night…

“___?” Grabbing the sheets Akashi pulled them back to find you asleep… a graceful smile appeared on his face as he saw you were wearing nothing but his boxers. The sun was shining on your face as it illuminates the rest of your features.

Your skin looked soft, and your lips were smooth looking in the sun. Akashi took it all in, realizing that one day you indeed would make the most beautiful bride. Waking up to you was what made everything so clear, and that his mothers wedding ring that was currently hiding in his drawer was indeed the best thing he had ever planned.

~Admin Kiwi xo

anonymous asked:

I've got a cute/kinda angsty request for you! Could you do GOM's reaction to walking by their crush's locker/an empty classroom and hear their crush talking to their friend, laugh, then say something like "me? Who would ever have a crush on me?" Thank you, and I love your blog!!

aaheidndiswh thank you so much :3 anyway, yessss i can’t wait to write these! please enjoy!

- Admin Pocky

> Upon hearing your inquiry, Akashi wastes no time in stepping into the locker room, scaring you and your friend to bits. You scold Akashi for waltzing into the girl’s’ locker room like he owns it, but he ignores you.

I’m going to be quite frank, y/n-kun, I heard what you said just now. And the fact is, I have a crush on you. So don’t you ever think that no one likes you like that, because I have for a while and I will continue to for a long time.

Akashi’s small speech left you quite dazed, unable to speak. You could only stare at him while he smiled back at you expectantly. When more seconds of silence passed, Akashi sighed.

I’d love to take you out sometime, y/n…

> You heard the door to the classroom being thrown open, and rushed footsteps running up behind you. This week was the week that you and your friend were assigned to clean the classroom, so it had just been the two of you in the empty classroom, talking about crushes and the like. But as soon as you had admitted that you thought you’d end up alone because you felt that you were unworthy, Aomine had rushed into the classroom.

What did you just say? Aomine demanded almost accusingly. You opened your mouth to ask Aomine why he was there, but quickly shut it when he began to scold you some more.

Listen, I know we haven’t always been on the best terms but I’m a jerk to you because I care about you! You’re just…you’re the best, okay? And any guy would be lucky to have someone like you around.

You smiled teasingly at Aomine’s confession and put your hands on your hips.

Are you saying that you like me, Aho?

Not if you keep calling me that stupid name.

> Here you were, leaning against your locker, listening to Kise list the things he liked most about you, both physically and mentally.

…not to mention you’re adorable. You’re really easy to talk to, and you’re, like, the only person who doesn’t get mad at me when I do something stupid. I really appreciate you, y/n-kun. And I would like to get to know you even better.

You smiled kindly at Kise, trying to think of a response to Kise’s near confession. You liked him, you thought he was beautiful and funny and sweet, but he was package deal with all of his fangirls. You explained that you wouldn’t want the hassle of having to deal with the nasty glances and attitudes you would be sure to get if you started to date Kise.

Then we can date in secret. There’s nothing to it. All I know is, I want to prove you wrong. There are guys who like you. And one of them is me.

> Neither of you noticed Kuroko enter the girls’ locker room, and once he had quietly announced his presence, you clutched your friends arm in fright. You eased up once you saw that it was only Kuroko, and smiled at him, asking him what he was doing.

You are a smart, kind, and beautiful girl, y/n-kun, any man would be lucky to have a girl like you. Kuroko explained out of the blue. You didn’t entertain the possibility that he has heard what you said about yourself; it had just been a passing thought and the memory of it was already gone.

You thanked him, confusion lacing your tone, causing Kuroko to elaborate on why he had just compliment you to the high heavens.

To answer your rhetorical question from just a few moment ago: how could anyone not like you? If someone doesn’t seee that you’re truly someone special, then they are a fool.

Kuroko’s kind smile and sincere words caused your face to heat up, and you felt courage well up inside your heart.

Kuroko-kun, would you like to go out with me sometime?

Yes, I’d love that. Kuroko accepted almost as soon as the invitation fell from your lips.

> Midorima stopped dead in his tracks when he heard what you had said. How could anyone ever like you? How could anyone not like you? Midorima, especially; he found you quite intriguing, the smile that you wore always seemed to hold a small, mischievous secret behind it and he wanted to find out what it was. He was absolutely smitten with you.

But Midorima wouldn’t have time to collect his thoughts on the matter before you walked out of the locker room and spotted him leaning against the wall next to the exit. He tried to explain his reason for being there, but having come up with nothing, he simply decided to confess.

I heard what you said in there. And i would like for you to know that…I think you’re wonderful. And anyone would be lucky to have you.

Midorima cleared his throat uncomfortably at your shock—you’d never expect such a heart-felt confession to fall from his lips! He decided to continue.

Hopefully, I’d be lucky enough for you to allow me to accompany you on a date sometime in the near future.

> Murasakibara is in absolute disbelief over from what seems to be your voice saying the most ridiculous sentence he’s ever heard in his life. Murasakibara was not one to keep his immediate feelings to himself, especially if he felt that his opinion needed to be used for the greatest good, so he decided he’d take this matter into his own hands.

You jumped at the sound of the door slamming against the inside wall of the classroom that you and your friend had been trying to gossip in.

Ne, y/n-chin, you’re stupid you know that?

You scoffed defensively at Murasakibara’s accusation, taking forceful steps toward him and narrowing your eyes up at him. You waited for him to explain himself, knowing that he would.

I like you. He said simply, shrugging and unwrapping a new stick of umaibo like he hasn’t just shattered your world. You asked him to repeat what he had just said, not trusting your ears, but he just shook his head in refusal, focusing on his umaibo instead.

He rested a large hand atop your head and ruffled your hair, gazing down his nose at you. Once he had finished off his umaibo and wiped the crumbs off with his sleeve, he spoke again. Hesitantly, this time.

You’re stupid for thinking no guy likes you, because I do. I just told you. Murasakibara pulled his hand away from your head and began to leave the classroom, seeing his work as done. He paused in the doorway and craned his head around to look at you out of the corner of his eye. I’m heading to the store to pick up more snacks. You should come.

stxrry-orion  asked:

Imagine? Where Aomine dating a shy s/o then one day he sees her beating some boys because they were harassing her

Yay! My first Aomine request ^-^ Sorry this took so long to write up, I hope you like it!

Aomine stood by the lockers waiting for you to show up so he could walk home with you, something he had started doing since he admittedly did worry about you sometimes because of your shy nature. He was usually late, having always oversleeping on the roof before realizing the time and rushing to meet up with you inside, and today had been no different.

However, to his surprise, you weren’t there today like you usually were, waiting for him with a look of annoyance on your face caused by his tardiness. Looking down at his phone he quirked an eyebrow, seeing the time and decided to go searching for you as it was unlike you to be later than him at anything really.

He walked down the hallway, heading up the staircase to get to your last period classroom to check if you were held back because of the lesson being dragged on, or because you had a question for the teacher, anything along the lines of that. As he turned the corner he was shocked to see you standing there with two guys from the upper years. One was sprawled out on the ground ahead of you while the other was in front of you as you pulled him towards you by the collar of his shirt before you threw a punch at him causing him to stumble back.

“Let this be a warning to you. If I catch either of you even thinking of doing anything like that again to me, you can expect to leave with more than just your dignity being damaged”

The two boys gave you curt nods as they scrambled away, running off in the opposite direction as you watched them before turning to head down to your locker to meet up with Aomine and lo and behold there he was, standing with his eyes wide in surprise, but also in amusement.

“Damn, if I had known how well you could handle yourself I wouldn’t have had to spend so much of my energy worrying about you”

anonymous asked:

Aomine and 25? Thanks!

“My nightmares are usually about losing you.”  


‘Why aren’t you sleeping?’ Your body flinched upon hearing a heavy voice coming out from the entrance of the kitchen you were currently sulking in. The sudden fear from his surprising appearance transformed into stress, caused by a single thought - you will have to tell him your deepest secret, eventually that night.

It was not the first time your sleep was disturbed by nightmares, but with every night it became more unbearable and the fact that you were also tired as hell didn’t help the situation at all. Daiki, of course, did not notice until, well recently, because when he falls asleep, even the end of the world wouldn’t wake him. At least, that’s what you thought.

‘I just couldn’t.’ You answered his question simply, praying he would drop the subject. It was impossible, but you still hoped for it.

'Why?’ He didn’t dare to move and you were thankful for it because if he saw you tear stained face, your discussion would change into something more depressing, which you desperately wanted to avoid.

'I-I had a–’ Words stuck in your throat, making you almost unable to breathe.
’-nightmare.’ Deep breath. 'Nothing that important.’

'Cut the bullshit. It is important. Do you want to tell me about it?’ Your lover finally came closer, still distancing himself a little by not touching you in any way.

You, on the other hand, focused on his question, trying to figure out what to do next. And just when you were ready to shake your head and run away from the topic once again, you nodded as a sigh of surrender. He immediately felt your need for some affection and his rough hand curled around yours, squeezing tightly. His eyes shyly found yours as he softly whispered your name giving you all the support.

'It was about you. My nightmares are usually about losing you. He stiffened, probably confused by your response, but you only continued without any breaks for him to react. ’I feel really hopeless after them. It’s just that I wake up, you are next to me and even though anything is okay - I can’t shake off the feeling of you not being with me. It sucks.’

In that moment you knew that Daiki will say nothing because he wasn’t good with words, but you also expected it. You didn’t love him any less.

However, he once again decided to do something completely unpredictable, throwing you off guard, but you weren’t complaining though. His mouth slowly started travelling from your neck down to your shoulder leaving small marks along with some butterfly kisses. When he finally was satisfied with the state of your chest, his next target was your mouth. The kiss was changing rather dynamically, from slow and sensual to heated, which promised something more intimate.

His arms circled your waist, not as tightly as you would want, but it was enough for you to wrap your legs around his hips. Daiki understood your silent message and his hands quickly went to support your body, finding its place on your ass. And in that moment you both pushed away from the kiss, looking deeply into each other eyes.

You, who just five minutes ago, felt completely lost and alone in this world, suddenly was filled with so much happiness it almost brought you to tears. Aomine looked fazed, maybe a little turned on, but there was something more - something that connected you more than sex ever could.

'I love you.’ He whispered against your lips, before attacking them again with force, he had never used before.

You obviously didn’t get the chance to answer his confession right away, but thanks to your nice activities, not only Daiki heard your vows of unconditional love, but the whole neighbourhood, too.

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anonymous asked:

I love your marriage proposal headcanons! Thank you so much for answering my request. Can you do them this time for Aomine, Kise, Murasakibara, Himuro and Mayuzumi?

Hi dear! Aw, I’m so happy you liked them! *-* I hope you’ll like these the same! Let me know!

Have a nice day!

Aomine Daiki, Kise Ryouta, Murasakibara Atsushi, Himuro Tatsuya, Mayuzumi Chihiro Wedding Proposal Headcanons

Aomine Daiki

-I imagine Aomine being totally lost about it. He really, really want to propose…but something stops him every time and he gets more and more irritated. Once it’s his cowardice, another time your annoying friends, than he doubts himself… He just can’t imagine answering yes. And he hates it. He hates feeling not at his best, feeling as he’s going to lose. So, he decides he’s going to ask it when he really his as his top.

-He waits for the last match of the international basketball tournament of the year. He had asked the coach to let you sit on the benches during the match so that it’s going to be easy for him to reach you. Everyone says it’s the best match Aomine has ever played: he’s the king of the court, a wild animal without leashes, unstoppable. The number one. Every time he scores he grins widely.
He crushes his adversaries, even if they we’re a powerful team. Because this time he can’t afford to lose. Not tonight. He has a bet with himself.

-When, finally, they are celebrating on the podium and the presenter had put around his neck the golden medal, he jumps down from his place and walks right to you, who are already enthusiastic about the victory and jumping around excitedly. All the eyes of the entire gym and the cameras are on you two, but Aomine sees only you. A smirk on his lips, face still flushed and eyes glimmering.

-He stops in front of you and takes off the medal to put it around your neck.
“This is probably going to be the best day of my life,” he grins as you watch him speechless. He then takes off the chain necklace you’ve bought him for his birthday.
But, hanging from it, there a shining silver ring with a sapphire.
“But only if you say yes, babe,” He kneels and stretches it to you, as you cover your mouth.
“A-Are you serious?” You mutter and tears roll down your cheeks.
“Hell yes,” he scoffs blushing, “And please answer, don’t make it even more embarrassing.”
You literally jump into his arms, without words to answer properly but “Yes. Yes! Yes!”

Kise Ryouta
-Kise devises different plans for week. He wants it to be special, but doesn’t want reporters or fangirls ruining the moment. So, what to do?
Simple, he kidnaps you.

-I mean, being a famous pilot brings some privileges no? He rent a small plane just for the two of you and one day, without warning you, instead of dropping you at your best friend’s house, he just puts you on it with two suitcases and a smirk on his face.

-He makes you sit beside him as he maneuvers, with a glass of champagne in your hand. You try to make him talk and ask for reasons, but he evades them and keeps his mouth sealed, chatting instead.

-He brings you in a natural paradise on top of the world, far from the cities and immersed in the starry skies. Looking around, on the peak of a mountain or a hill, you don’t know, you can see only stars and stars. Just the two of you for once. No public, no fangirls, no photographers and reporters. Just you and Kise.
He shows it to you with pride as soon as you step out, in awe. He had planned to ask it after a romantic dinner outside (picnic gourmet) and while whispering to each other but…he’s too enthusiastic. Excited.
Imagine him laughing openly as he spins with his arms open, shining blond hair against the night.
“SO!” he calls laughing at himself and at the world, “I swear I planned it properly, but if I wait a second more I could explode!” He takes your hands into his and drags you away from the plane and almost into the sky.
You’re without words, a giddy chuckle escapes your lips as his happiness is rubbing off on you.
“This is beautiful!” you whisper and he beams pointing up.
“Do you see the stars?”
You nod tilting your head and he smiles as a child.
“They’re my love for you!” he pronounces easily and heartfeltly, but your heart misses a beat. And, before you can recover from it, he kneels and offers you an open velvet box.
A silver ring with a topaz shines in it.
“Please, be my star forever.” His hands are trembling even if he’s faking to be calm and smooth but…his golden eyes are so fond, so warm as he watches you as the most precious of the treasures.
Crying, you throw yourself at him and hug your boyfriend tightly. He picks and spins you around, repeating against your ear, “I’m so happy, so happy…”

-You spend the next three days in a luxurious onsen near where you’ve landed.

Murasakibara Atsushi
-In a domestic, sweet and comfy way. It’s just that for you it’s like being already married, you already live like that so…Murasakibara realizes you’re not only when one of his friend tells him he’s going to marry.

-It’s a normal evening. You two are eating at the table what he has cooked and you are chatting happily about the day, as he nods, listening even if he seems not to. You think it’s going to be a normal night: you’ll wash the plates and he’ll dry them, putting them away since he’s taller. Maybe then some cuddles on the couch, laughing and munching sweets. In the end, sleeping curled in Murasakibara’s arms.
But then Murasakibara starts a new conversation out of nowhere and changes the rest of your lives in few seconds.

“We’re like married, aren’t we?” He’s stopped eating and his words sound casual, as he looks up from his plate and meets your gaze. You nearly choke on your food and cough, embarrassed by the sudden change of topic.
“I-I think so…” You stutter, not daring to lower your gaze but already feeling your cheeks getting redder.
“But we aren’t,” He adds calmly. A sting to your heart, but you manage to keep your smile.
“Then let’s make it official.” And suddenly Murasakibara is stretching to you a small, open box. In the middle you can see a golden ring with three amethyst.
“Marry me, SO.”
You blinked at him completely lost, fear and happiness swirling in your mind.
“It’s already like we’re married no? I just want to make this official,” he shrugs, “So that I’m sure you’re going to be with me forever.”
Maybe is seeing his red cheeks or the way his hand is slightly trembling, but everything clicks and you start crying. Stumbling you leave your seat and hug him tightly, as Murasakibara pulls you in his laps and buries his face in the crook of your neck.
“Yeah, let’s make it official. Our forever.”

Himuro  Tatsuya
-He’s the mysterious and cool guy who likes to tease, that’s how I see him in a relationship. So, a simple thing but meaningful for you. Unexpected.

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pristinehaven  asked:

Hey! Can you do nsfw headcanons of Gom on how they would be during their first night with their fem s/o thanks!!

YES ABSOLUTELY i LOVE THIS REQUEST GOOD BYEEEE. it’ll be fine. i’m fine. you know who’s fine? Mura tbh. shit. anYWAY, enjoy :3


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toppklassic4  asked:

Headcanons for a jealous Aomine? His gf is very kind with the other even with the boys that are flirting with she And, you can write like, she is very kind BUT SHE IS VERY PERVERT TOO AND DIRTY AND YESSSS PLEASE! i hope your blog grows more (and I hope you understand my English too, I'm brazillian~) ❤️

hello brazil! your english is quite wonderful don’t worry! thank you for requesting! i hope you like this ヽ(^◇^*)/

tho i didn’t really know if you wanted her to be a pervert and like dirty with everyone else too or just aomine? but i assumed it was just aomine since obv he is her bf and its more fun that way

  • One of the many things Aomine loved about you, but also hated at the same time is how kind you are, to him, and to everyone else.
  • He can’t help but roll his eyes, make a few grunt noises, and clench his fist every time a guy flirts with you, even when you were just being kind to them.
  • Even though it’s just in your nature to be this kind, and as much as he cherishes that, he also can’t help feeling jealous.
  • Although, then again, sure he rolls his eyes, make a few grunt noises, and clenches his fists, but he also smirks.
  • Seeing all those boys think you’re this innocent, and sweet girl, when really you’re just as perverted and dirty as he is. Especially in bed
  • What makes it really great is that no one even knows that but him.
  • He just absolutely adores, and find it utterly sexy that you don’t show that side to anyone but him.
  • He would just be watching, and waiting, until the minute you got home so he can show you just how much he loves you, and just how much you are dirty as you are kind.

anonymous asked:

Aomine&his pregnant wife scenario(she'll give birth some days before Xmas)go Xmas shopping and buy little santa hats, socks and clothes for their upcoming twins. He doesn't forget to buy her sexy lingerie because he's a perverted dork. Thanks and pls

Thanks for the request~! Enjoy!

Aomine Daiki

‘’Okay guys, Christmas is coming and my beautiful wife is going to give a birth to our children soon, so–’’

‘’Poor woman.’’ Whispered Kagami to himself, but it didn’t go unheard to Kuroko, who nodded at his statement.

’–we need to find suitable gifts for them, as well as for her.’’ Aomine finished, satisfied with his speech and clasped his hands together.

‘’And why are we here for…?’’ Trailed Kagami not exactly sure.

‘’I invited you to have someone annoying by my side.’’

‘’Hey!’’ Aomine ignored him.

‘’Kise, because he knows what’s pretty and modest.’’ Daiki cringed at his own words, regretting them immediately, because Kise seemed too pleased with himself. ‘’Akashi is rich.’’


‘’Kuroko is like my second brain.’’

‘’You don’t even have the first one, Aomine-kun.’’

‘’Shut up!’’ He groaned, annoyed. ‘’And Midorima has a lot of experience with kids, so…’’

‘’I’m a doctor, after all. Nanodayo.’’ The green-haired male nodded. 

‘’I was talking about Takao, but nevermind.’’

‘’Why Murasakibara-kun didn’t come?’’

‘’Since he can bake, I kinda begged him to feed my [f/n] and yeah..’’ You ate more than him and Kagami together. Only Murasakibara could help you.

‘’What are we looking for anyway?’’ Akashi was stoic as always, but his eyes sparkled a little, clearly showing his excitement.

‘’I dunno. We’ve already bought furniture, but we still don’t have clothes and toys. And since we are having twins, it’s twice more work and shit to buy.’’ He stretched the back of his head lazily. To be honest, he was scared as hell, but unbelievably happy. He will finally have a family with the girl he has loved since childhood. He will never admit it, but it’s been all he ever dreamed of. 

Generation of Miracles plus Kagami shared some quick smiles and grins, bracing themselves for what was to come.

‘’Let’s do this!’’ Exclaimed Kise, jumping up and down on his feet.

And the chaos started. All of them got into pairs to visit as many shops as possible. Akashi and Kuroko went together, Kagami and Aomine, too. Which left Kise with Midorima. They argued a little about this choice, but no one listened to them.

They were supposed to meet after four successful hours of shopping(with Aomine’s money, but in the end Akashi decided to pay for everything in secret)

When Daiki saw all the presents for him babies, he was really close to tears. They were all beautiful and touching.

Team AkaKuro bought a lot of clothes with animals printed on them. Aomine guessed Kuroko was the one to make the final decision. They also chose some fluffy, more calming blankets. Probably Akashi found them.

MidoKise decided to buy toys and books written for children. Yes, they bought frog plushies, too.

Kagami and Aomine both decided, that they will show their hidden desires and bought things themed with basketball. Even basketball shoes for tiny feet!

The dark-haired male thanked them for help and support and told them that Mura has just finished making lunch and they were all invited. 

‘’Hey Aominecchi, you not coming?’’ Kise yelled, furrowing his eyebrows in a funny way.

‘’I’m coming, I just need to but something else first!’’

‘’What, nanodayo?! We almost bought everything in the shops!’’

Aomine only pointed at the Victoria’s Secret shop with his thumb, making Midorima blush.

‘’Sorry guys, husband duties.’’

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anonymous asked:

Aomine, Kise, Midorima, Akashi, and Kagami have a long distance relationship with an American SO. When they are visiting America their SO wants to take them to prom. So HC for their reactions about Senior prom? (Which I guess Kagami is already familiar with it)

Aomine Daiki:

Originally posted by acminedaiki

  • He would fit in quite well at prom. He would have figured it was like any other school gathering/party, but just in a classier version. He wouldn’t mind wearing a tux at all and would most likely get one that matches your dress theme. However, he wouldn’t be used to the many pre-prom and post-prom customs, which results in a few pouts or eye rolls from you, but that’s about it. 
  • When the two of you finally arrive at the event, he’s loving it. He loves the atmosphere and the way people are dressed and how there dancing. He wants to rush right in to everything but you’ll have to slow his horses. You understand that he wants to go off and have a good time, but you both need to be doing it together, that’s the point of bringing a date.
  • The two of you will dance and mingle around with your friends, you doing most of the talking since Daiki isn’t the best at English. He manages by with some small talk but he’s lost when it comes to anything else and you’ll have to be his translator. 
  • He gets lots of attention at prom. Yeah, your school had people from all over the world, but Daiki stood out a lot more than they did due to his personality and cool demeanor. He’d have a lot of love struck girls and their angry dates after him, but he’ll always stay by your side, turning each one away. 
  • In the end, he’ll be slow dancing with you, holding you tight to his chest and resting his head on top of yours as the music plays and all the other couples look at you with jealousy. 

Kise Ryota:

Originally posted by yakumocchi

  • Slightly confused about the whole idea of prom at first, not understanding the point or the different customs that come with it, but eventually he’ll fall into the groove of things and will enjoy himself. He tries to match his tux with your but ends up getting a different color completely and you two look a bit odd together, but you’re quick to get over it.
  • When you both are at prom, he mostly follows your lead, attached to your arm as you guide him around the gym where prom was being held. He would ask you why it was being held in a gym instead of somewhere else, but you would just tell him that that’s just where it is usually held.
  • He’ll let you introduce him to all of your friends and teachers, making some small talk with Kise saying his piece every now and again since he – much like Aomine – wasn’t the best at English, but he could manage a lot more than the blue haired male could.
  • When it comes to dancing, he had expected some sort of ballroom dancing or even Latin dancing, but when he sees that most of the songs playing are hip hop, rap, and techno littered with a little bit of slow songs, he’s very confused. He isn’t the best at dancing to those types of songs, so he mainly lets you do so whilst he watches you, but as soon as a slow song comes on, he’s on you in an instant. All eyes will be on the both of you when you are dancing, bodies close together, moving as one.

Midorima Shintarou:

Originally posted by llunel

  • He is pretty stiff and confused on what is supposed to happen during prom and doesn’t really get the point of it. He’ll do his research on it beforehand, trying to build up his knowledge on the event, but the point of it will still confuse him, but he tries his best to follow your lead and enjoy himself.
  • All the music and people crammed into one place kind of upsets him, but he tries to mask his displeasure despite the people that keep jostling him. However, you’ll eventually notice and opt to walk around with him along the walls of the gym, introducing him to your friends that you pass and soon making your way outside where things are a little less hectic.
  • He’ll be thankful for bringing him outside but would feel slightly guilty for having taken you away from the fun. If there was anything he learned from his research about prom, it was how much girls loved it and how much it meant to them. He’ll apologize to you, but you’ll just giggle at him and tell him that it’s no problem, that you’re just happy to be here with him.
  • In the end, you two end up dancing outside the gym, the sound of the muffled slow music being perfect for the mood and scenery outside.

Akashi Seijuro:

Originally posted by kagamiz

  • He is the king of prom from the moment he sets foot in the gym. All eyes will be on the both of you, dressed in an elegant shade of red, hand in hand and looking as confident as ever.
  • He is pretty displeased about the choice of music, but in order to please you and see to it that you enjoy your time here with him, he puts up with it, smiling at you as he holds you by your hand, marveling at you as you jump and sway to the rhythm on the music.
  • He is ever the gentleman and often offers to get you something to drink or eat. However, he runs into a bit of trouble each time since he isn’t used to American food nor is he familiar with their names. He speaks a good amount of English, yes, but he had no idea how to even describe the food he saw. In the end, he simply brings you what he sees other boys bringing their dates as well as some punch, offering to feed them to you and making everyone else in the gym jealous.
  • Is then literally crowned Prom King. Someone else would have been crowned Prom Queen, but he sees to it that he dances with you and only you.

Kagami Taiga:

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  • Despite having gone to school in America, he is not the most familiar with prom either. Many girls in the upper classes would have asked him to be their date, but he would always end up turning them down, way too nervous to go with them and a bit scared due to the looks he would get form the boys of the upper classes.
  • However, when he gets there, he fits in perfectly. Its as if it were in his blood to be at prom. He knows exactly how to mix and mingle with the other prom goers, practically leading you both around the gym, saying hello to your teachers and friends, drinking, eating, and just having an amazing time with you.
  • This boy can dance. He is dancing to all the different songs with you, smiling wildly, twirling you around, jumping and swaying. When it comes to slow dancing he is also a natural at that, but he can’t stop the blush that forms on his face when he daces so closely to you, hands placed so intimately on one another.

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Hi! Could you please do headcanons of the GOM with an s/o who loves to bake and cook and is always like "here try this recipe!" Thank you!

ahhhh yes. yes yes yes. i can’t to write this (mainly bc murasakibara) but also bc i looooove writing anything about the GOM. they’re my babies. mah bois. anyway, i hope you enjoy!

- Admin Pocky


Akashi appreciates a woman who can cook and bake well, and it makes him even happier to see that you absolutely love doing it–so he has the best of both worlds. Whenever you’re in the kitchen, Akashi sets himself up in the kitchen or in the living room so he can keep your company and occasionally steal glances at you. Sometimes he likes to help you out in the kitchen, listening to your instructions but also getting distracted by you and practically gluing his hands to your hips and placing his chin on your shoulder.

He will try your recipes with so much enthusiasm, and praise them to the high heavens if they tickle his tastebuds. If they’re not so good, he’ll actively work with you at ways to perfect the recipe and try all the variations you make of it.


This boy will eat anything you place in front of him. Except for veggies. He considers himself the luckiest man in the world that he got such a beautiful girlfriend who loves to cook and bake.  Since Aomine definitely does not want to help and only wants to watch, he’ll lean against the counter opposite you to stare at your butt while you cook/bake; whenever you bend down, he makes a noise of approval in the back of his throat and you turn around to glare at him.

He never criticizes whatever recipe you make for him, unless it has an ingredient he doesn’t like, otherwise he’ll scarf it down and ask for seconds.


Kise whines at how much you cook and bake for him. He complains that you’re gonna make him fat with all your delicious cooking; and it’s true—ever since you started cooking for him, he feels a little bloated and heavier. But he kows its all from good intentions, because you love cooking and doing stuff for him. But modeling is his job and he’s an athlete, so he suggested that you two brainstorm healthier recipes so you could both start to eat healthier.

He also likes to help occasionally, even though he has 0% culinary knowledge, you appreciate his company. Every time you two cook together, Kise puts on music and always dances around in the kitchen, making it an extremely fun time.


Kuroko is too respectful of a boy to turn down the copious amounts of food that you push to him. He’ll eat as much as he can, just to make you happy, but you can tell when his stomach is reaching its limit so you tell him he doesn’t have to finish it. He’s so grateful that you understand that, even though he absolutely adores whatever you cook for him.

Sometimes, Kuroko likes to suggest recipes for you two to make together, or one of you handles the dinner while the other handles the dessert. He just likes to spend time with you.


This boy needs some coaxing to try new recipes. He’s a very picky eater and he will only eat his mother’s cooking. He can’t cook for his life, so he doesn’t even know what kind of food he wants you to try and make for him. You’re always pushing food his way, and he reacts like a baby who doesn’t want its food. He pushes it away.

But one night, he hurt your feelings so bad that he steeled himself to try the omurice you had slaves over in the kitchen. He actually found that he thought it was delicious! Ever since then, he’s always fascinated with whatever you cook and will try whatever you set in front of him since he knows you worked hard on it.


Hands down, this boy eats everything you set in front of him. As long as it’s not squishy or slimy, those textures don’t feel nice against his tongue. If he’s in a good mood and feels like it, he’ll help you in the kitchen or he’ll help you come up with new yummy recipe ideas. The bad thing about cooking for a boyfriend who has some culinary knowledge is that you two would get into arguments over the recipe frequently. Or while you’re cooking, Murasakibara will silently watch from over your shoulder and comment on what he thinks you’re doing wrong.

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nanachiiiiii make me sad please maybe a scenario with aomine having a fight with his s/o as shes about to tell him shes carrying his child in her belly and you know harsh words which leaves the s/o broken and they split up obv then years from now their path crosses once again and then happy ending please oh please

lord jesus christ idk this had been my writer’s block for the past week and idk what i just wrote nor do i even think its good ugHHH T - T SORRY BUT HERE YOU GO DEAR ;;;


The moment the alcohol wore off and the pounding in his head subsided to a small thud, Aomine groaned loudly. He reached out for the hundredth time, trying to find the familiar heat that used to greet him in the mornings; that made him smile; only to feel the cold air hit his fingertips. Ignoring the urge to sigh yet again, Aomine sat up and stared lazily around the room.

The fact that you had been gone for years shouldn’t phase him-it shouldn’t even be in his mind. But, since the moment you left, his heart couldn’t stop throbbing. Aomine could care less about the fact he was going to be late for work today, because today was going to be one of those days he needed for himself. He needed time to reconcile; to accept that his life will continue being this way.

“Get a hold of yourself.” Aomine mumbled as he ran a hand through his bed hair. Getting up from his bed, he took a moment to stare at the photo near his side. Took in the smile you and him shared. The way your lips were formed in the photo; adorning the blush you had on your cheeks. He was captivated.

It was the same expression you had that day when you woke him up from his nap. The same smile, the same flushed cheeks-it was all there. But the moment he opened his eyes, he kissed his teeth; turning away in favor of getting more shut eye.


“I’m trying to sleep ____.” Aomine muttered, throwing his arm over his eyes to stop the light from hitting him.

“But it’s important!” He heard you whine. Groaning, he rolled his eyes and made no effort to move. “Aomine, please!”

“Leave me alone, you’re…”

“Annoying..” He whispered at the picture. Aomine had taken it with him and placed it across his kitchen counter. Leaning against it, coffee in hand, he took a sip. It was here where the two of you fought; where you forced him to sit down and took out a present from behind the kitchen, handing it to him.

“This is stupid.” He had said while shaking the box angrily. “Why would you even do something like this? It’s not even wrapped properly. I could be sleeping.”

Subconsciously, Aomine placed a hand over his cheek. He could remember how the slap to his face took him aback. The heavy breathing; the tears he couldn’t clear from your face; the smile he took for granted-gone and replaced.  It was a fight that he assumed would cost him nothing, but instead took everything he ever worked for. The effort he once made to make sure he made a good life for you and him became worthless. The home you once shared with him became a constant reminder that something was missing. The air itself became unbearable without the familiar scent you had.

Everything had fallen apart.

If someone had told him earlier not to act like a dumbass that chose sleep over his soulmate, than perhaps he would’ve chosen his words carefully. Perhaps he wouldn’t have ruined whatever gift you were giving to him. Perhaps Aomine wouldn’t be wallowing alone over what could’ve been.

Now as he left the apartment and began his walk to work, he could only feel the overwhelming grief of losing you.  For the fifteen minutes he took to walk past the rush of people, his legs felt heavy. It took all that Aomine had to move as regret ate at him.

As he made way towards the staircase to the subway, he noticed a woman having trouble taking her stroller down the stairs. Sighing loudly, he took the stroller away from the woman, and brought it down the steps as he went down himself. If he passed by the stroller and went to work, he would’ve felt guilty; better to feel accomplished rather than guilty and sad.

Aomine placed it to the side, letting the people behind him walk by. “There you go.” He said. Turning his attention to the side, he noticed the woman was nowhere near him. Aomine looked up the stairs and covered his eyes slightly, shielding them from the sun. “Oi, shouldn’t you be down here too?”  Frowning when he didn’t get a response, he took another look at the stroller and turned back to the top of the stairs. “Are you going to leave your kid down here alone or what?” A hint of annoyance laced in his tone. This was going to make him late for sure.

Readying himself to call out to the woman, again, he felt a sense of nostalgia hit him. As she walked down the stairs, he saw her hurriedly fix her hair to the point that it seemed like she was purposely hiding her face. Aomine heard a whisper; so quiet that he didn’t even realize she said something. But that wasn’t what caught his attention.

The scent of morning dew mixed with laces of light essences of lilies assaulted him. This was something he use to never get tired of. It was one of those things he wished he could do for the past few years; not like this but in a form of a hug-one where he could indulge himself in. “Hey..” He called out, reaching to grab the woman’s arm.

“Don’t touch me Daiki.” Aomine widened his eyes at the sound of his name. The lull of the syllables said out loud after so many years. Before he could even explain that he acted before he could think, he was faced with something he thought was out of his grasp. The longer hair that adorned the slightly chubbier cheeks; eyes that seemed to radiate anger towards him; it was you-an older you. Your fists were clenched as you breathed heavily. “Don’t touch anything that belongs to me.”

The joy he suddenly felt was erased by his sudden frustration. “Would it kill you to say thank you ____?”

“It would.”

Aomine scoffed. He imagined this moment for so long, but he didn’t expect it to be like this. He didn’t expect you to have matured more; to face him when you became much more beautiful; to have another man’s baby. Eyeing the stroller once again, he ran a hand through his hair angrily. “Unbelievable…”

“What?” You raised an eyebrow at him. “Unbelievable that you’d have to face someone as annoying as me again or the fact that you just helped someone without them asking you to do so?”

“Are you trying to fight with me again ____?”

“I was trying to leave thank you very much.”

“What if I told you not to?”

“I’m still leaving,” You said as you tried to turn away from him.

“You’re acting like a kid ____.” Aomine growled as he kept a hand on your wrist.

“Stop calling me by my name.”

“Why? Do you like the guy who calls you it now?” He nodded towards the stroller. “How long did it take for him to give you that thing over there huh?”

“Shut up Daiki.” You said quietly.  

“Couldn’t wait to hop on to the next guy that showed you attention right ____?”


“You probably were getting it from any guy that came near you after you left me.”Aomine continued; ignoring your small plea to stop. He couldn’t help the words coming out of his mouth-he felt jealous; envious; angry that someone other than him saw what he wanted to keep to himself. Aomine was furious at the thought of another man taking you as his. ”I thought I was crazy for sex, but you probably just bested me out of my own game after having to give birth to that bastard’s kid over there. Let me guess he hit it and ran right?” Aomine snorted when you didn’t say anything to him. “Wow, your baby’s daddy couldn’t even give you and his kid a ride to the local daycare either I’m guessing how pathetic. Here I was thinking I was the one at a lost.”

“Are you done?” Aomine blinked a couple of times before he finally looked at you. He felt like an asshole now as he saw how hard you were trying to hold your tears in. “That bastard you’re referring to, is you idiot.” You said shakily. Aomine froze, his expression turning from one filled with confusion to surprise. “What?”

“That baby’s dad is you so you’re the pathetic one dumbass. Now leave me alone.” You made a move towards the stroller, getting ready to run away, but this wasn’t going to happen again. No way were you running away from his life again. Even though Aomine was confused and not in the right state of mind, he forced himself to go to the stroller before you. He ignored the loud yelps of people he pushed aside; forgetting to apologize as he did so.

He shook a bit as he kneeled to take a look at the blue eyed boy in the stroller staring back at him. The resemblance to him was crazy; it made him want to yell out happily that he was a dad; but it made him also realize the responsibility he was going to take. “Is he really mine…?” Aomine stared at you as you avoided his gaze.

Getting up, he leaned over the stroller, and pushed your hair behind your ear. You made no move to avoid his touch as he wiped away a tear. “Oi, don’t cry.”

“It’s annoying I know.” You mumbled.

“It’s not.”  Aomine sighed. “I…can we just go somewhere to talk for a bit?” He saw the conflict in your eyes as you tried to find some kind of excuse to avoid him. He felt his palms sweat as he tried to think of the possibilities you would say to him to get away again-to leave him alone for the second time. But, at the sight of the slight nod you gave him; it filled him with so much happiness that he couldn’t fight the urge to pull you into his arms.

Despite you hitting his chest and the struggle you gave him, Aomine knew, this was the chance-a chance to not only apologize and step up, but a chance to have you.

And that was more than enough to calm the pain he held in his heart for the past years.  

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Merry Christmas sweetie!!! Can I please request a Christmas where the GOM (except Atsushi) + Kagami + Himuro coming over to their gf's house to surprise them for christmas? Like they told them something came up so they couldnt see them but their actually shopping for them like romantic?? Sorry if this is confusing ;-; Thank you! And Merry Christmas!! Your the best :)

ok idk when this was submitted but it was probably last year HAHAH it’s been vegetating within my inbox but better late than never am i right. I ALWAYS MAKE THESE SO LONG SO IT TAKES ME LIKE AN HOUR TO WRITE SMH. 

Akashi: You frowned at your phone, disappointed at how suddenly your usually chivalrous boyfriend canceled on your date. Even if it was just a casual walk through the city, you were looking forward to seeing the Christmas lights with him. Sighing, you tugged on your boots and decided to go on a walk by yourself. You made it past your driveway, about to turn left towards the street when you saw a familiar black Range Rover with a very familiar figure at its steering wheel. Akashi got out, his black winter coat flowing behind him, and he was holding what appeared to be a very expensive red scarf. He wrapped it around your neck, and you sniffed the soft fabric in delight. “It’s so soft!” you exclaimed, and he took your hand, motioning you to the back of the car. “Look inside,” he said, and you gasped. The entire interior of the car was filled to the brim with Christmas lights and blankets. “It’s for us,” Akashi said, motioning for you to come inside the car. 

Aomine: “Whatever,” you commented, after seeing Aomine’s half-hearted text saying ‘I might be really late because something came up.’ After dating him for almost a year, you didn’t really set your expectations high, except for sex of course. You decided to go take a shower, and thirty minutes later — after your warm bubble bath just when you were putting on your bathrobe, the doorbell rung. Your hair still dripping, you opened the door a small crack, and Aomine’s familiar figure pushed itself inside. “Hey, I got you something for being late,” he said, eyeing your wet figure in amusement. “What?” you retorted, clearly annoyed at the state he found you in. “Well, I was late because I was getting it,” he mused. You turned your back to him to put on your underwear, but he threw something black and lacey towards you. “I got you some lingerie. Nice stuff that Momoi helped me pick out,” he said. Your eyes swept over the price tag still hanging on it, and you hitched a breath. “Wow,” you said under your breath. “I think it’s more wow if you put it on,” he said back, smirking. 

Kagami: Kagami called you about an hour before you were getting ready for your date, sounding unusually nervous and stuttering on his words. “Hey, I, uh, don’t think I can come today. Can we reschedule? I’m so sorry, I’ll call you later. Uh, something came up! Just…just I’m sorry, right now. I’m sorry!” The line hung up on itself and you shrugged, knowing that Kagami will tell you later if something very serious did happen. About an hour later, after you went to make yourself some comfort mac and cheese, the door to your apartment opened and Kagami was there, his face red as a tomato. “I got you something,” he said, stomping to the kitchen and putting it in front of your plate of mac and cheese. “Stop eating that, it was a joke. I’m sorry. I just wanted to do something romantic.” He turned away as you took out two matching Christmas sweaters. The labeled brand suggested that it was very expensive, and Kagami once insisted he hated wearing matching items. “Kagami!” you shrieked, attacking the red-headed giant and hugging him. 

Kise: “Hey, _____-cchi. I’m going to be late to our date. I hope you understand! It will be worth it!” That was Kise’s text to you five minutes before your dinner reservation. You smoothed out your blouse and sighed, picking up your phone to check the time. It’s been 20 minutes, and even your patient self was getting restless. Suddenly, you hear a familiar holiday tune, although on violin being played. You were in a private dining reservation area, so you thought it was just a romantic gesture being made by a couple. You sighed, but suddenly, Kise strode into your private room, with the violinist behind him. He was holding a large bouquet of flowers and he kneeled in front of you. You nearly yelped, and Kise laughed. “I’m not proposing to you, ____-cchi. I was late to our date because I was getting you a present. I hope you can forgive me!” he said, opening a small box in his hand. Inside was a beautiful Tiffany’s bracelet. “Kise! You know I don’t mind! You didn’t have to!” You were brightly blushing, as people from other dining rooms noticed the scene. You pulled Kise into a tight hug, and he gently kissed your forehead before taking your wrist and putting the bracelet on it.  

Kuroko: You were on the next chapter of your manga, and your boyfriend STILL wasn’t here yet. You sighed, placing your head on the pillow, deciding whether to text him again. Suddenly, you hear the doorbell and you jumped up to get it. Which was strange, because Kuroko usually calls you to meet him outside at his car. Yet, there he was, in front of your house in his huge parka. You couldn’t bring yourself to be mad at him. “What took you so long?” you asked, and Kuroko chuckled a bit, uncharacteristically. “I have something for you, ____-chan.” He took out of his pocket a vintage polaroid camera and handed it to you. “I was looking for this, but I ended up forgetting the time. I know you’ve always wanted something like this.” Your heart swelled in joy, and you turned on the camera, surprising Kuroko with a flash of light. “Got my first picture, and it’s of you,” you giggled. 

Midorima: Midorima called you in the middle of the day, saying he couldn’t make it to your weekly hangout. “I’m sorry, nanodayo,” he said before abruptly hanging up. You thought that was very uncharacteristic of him and you were about to take a walk outside for fresh air when you saw a familiar flash of green bike past your house. Midorima parked his bike a street corner away, and was pacing oddly around the area. You couldn’t help yourself, so you opened your window and screamed, “Shintarou!” which shook him out of his train of thought. Midorima looked quite disheveled when he came up to you. “What’s wrong Shin?” you asked him. “I…I got us something, nanodayo. But I’m not sure how to give it to you as a present.” You raised an eyebrow, as he took out from his coat two amusement park tickets. “You said you liked amusement parks. And…well I don’t, but I thought, it would be nice for the holidays. Since there’s lights. I like the lights, nanodayo.” He raised his hand to scratch the back of his head. “Shin, thank you,” you said, pulling him into a gentle hug. 

Himuro: Himuro was the utmost gentleman, so it confused you when it canceled your plans so abruptly. Minutes later, you received a text telling you to meet him at a store with a designated address. Confused, you ordered a taxi and found yourself in front of a snowboarding store, and your boyfriend waiting for you. “I didn’t know how to surprise you,” he said, chuckling and scratching the back of his neck in embarrassment. “I got us a cabin to go on a snowboarding trip, and I want to buy you some gear!” You gasped, stating that that was way too much money. “No, it’s no big deal,” he responded. “I have a lot of leftover equipment from America, and it’s really fun. I want to be able to share the experience with you.” You nodded, thanking him. “When do we go, Tatsuya?” you asked. Himuro laughed, “Tonight. I already asked your parents if it was fine, and you said you didn’t have any plans this week. Come on, let’s find you some good snowboarding gear.” 

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Headcanons for the GOM (with Kuroko) on how they deal with / what kind of relationship they have with their s/o who has an attitude problem and anger management issues~

tbh i don’t think kise nor atsushi would be able to work with such traits in an s\o so i couldn’t imagine them therefore sorry for not including them ;( 

nonetheless thanks for requesting and i hope you like this! 


  • He knows himself too well meaning he knows he doesn’t have the best attitude at times let alone hiding his anger. 
  • Which is why he doesn’t have that hard of a time knowing how to deal with you. He might not be patient or understanding when it comes to others sometimes but you’re different. 
  • When it comes to you, he’s willing to be more patient and more understanding. He’ll always know how to calm you down and what to do in order to lift up your spirits. 
  • After all, he loves you with all his heart and when he loves someone you better believe he’ll be doing anything and everything he can to see them happy. 
  • He’ll pamper you with small things you enjoy, and of course, neck kisses.
  • He lets you vent out to him all of your feelings while he plays with your hair. He’ll notice how you start to relax upon his touch and watch you realize maybe you were just making a too big of a deal out of whatever was bothering you.


  • He’ve had Takao for a best friend. Nothing fazes him anymore. Not even you. 
  • He usually doesn’t do much but give you some time alone when you’re angry. He wouldn’t wanna risk making things worse or provoke you accidentally by being too blunt. 
  • Although he won’t always let you be, if you seemed to be crossing a boundary then he won’t hesitate to stop and lecture you.
  • But rest assured he will do it in a way you can’t help but listen calmly. Either way, the two of you always seem to end up in each other arms no matter what.
  • If there’s one thing that can make him weak, initiate affection, and drop his cool act, its you.
  • He doesn’t really get into any relationship easily, so he would have already known how you were even before the two of you got together, and yet he still wanted you the way you are because he is more than willing to love you for everything you are.


  • He is understanding alright, but when it comes to patience or holding back, well, that’s a little hard.
  • It’s not that he does it on purpose but sometimes he can’t help but let his tongue slip, and next thing you know he only made things worse. He’ll face palm the minute he realizes what he had said.
  • More importantly, he’ll quickly undo it when he realizes what he had said did not help at all. He’ll sigh and pull you into a hug.
  • “I’m sorry. Please let me just hold you because I’m better at actions than words.” he’d whisper as he buries his face into your neck.
  • Even though the both of you fight a lot because of this, at the end of the day you know you’d rather be with no one but each other.
  • He knows he’s not perfect, so who is he to judge you? He loves and accepts you for who you are just as you always have when it comes to him.


  • He’ve always had a calm and subtle way of handling things and even though he might not look like it, but he always seems to find himself attracted to the opposite people of him, like you.
  • He also always has his own way to lift up people’s moods and he knows it. 
  • Even with your attitude and anger issues that spurt out at times, he actually likes having the ability to be the one that changes that and make you feel all better again.
  • Wether it’s when he sits down and just lets you do whatever you’d like and let it all out on him until you feel you’ve got nothing more inside or when he kisses you on the lips to show you there’s something much more better that the two of you could be doing right now.
  • In some way he enjoys watching you show all these feelings and be yourself regardless of wether they’re bad or not because he knows he’s not that big when it comes to showing his own emotions. 
  • It’s like you’re there for him to feel when he can’t seem to do that by himself.