aomine's forehead

  • Aomine, at a bar, getting ready to leave: I gotta go.
  • Kagami: Aren’t you forgetting something?
  • Aomine: Uh.. *kisses Kagami’s forehead and runs off*
  • Kagami: No! Pay your bill! Damn, who raised you?!

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aokise and number 28.

“This is why we can’t have nice things.”

Aomine is painfully aware of the arms around him. Of the warm breath against his neck. It makes his stomach do weird flips, his heart skip a beat.

He’s also aware that the boy holding onto him is holding back his tears as Aomine carries him to the benches.

Kise has always been a bit of crybaby when he didn’t get what he wanted.

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Ok. This actually will be a 3 part drabble. :) First part is found here. ENJOY!

Kagami’s mouth was dry, the feeling pulling him from his deep sleep. He blinked blearily as he looked around the room, his brain trying to piece together where he was. The pain in his eyes as he blinked brought everything back, his head hanging as he got to his feet. He needed to brush his teeth and wash his face. He pulled his shirt off and dropped it next to his bag as he fished out his toothbrush. As soon as he was done he could hopefully sleep in the bed and convince himself this was all a nightmare. He was just barely drying his face when he heard the sharp knock. He headed to the door with a frown, the towel draped over his left shoulder as a few drops of water hit his bare chest. Maybe it was room service, not that he had ordered anything.


The word was out of his mouth before the door was completely open. As he saw Aomine standing before him, Kagami’s stomach dropped. He wasn’t prepared for this yet. He needed sleep and time to process his emotions. Of course that wasn’t going to happen now. Not with Aomine staring at him like he was.

“We need to talk Taiga.”

Kagami practically winced at the roughness of Aomine’s voice. It was no longer smooth and deep, the voice Kagami craved to hear. No, this sound was raw with too much emotion and it stabbed Kagami straight in the chest. That wasn’t a voice anyone ever wanted their partner to have.

“I need some time Daiki.”

Kagami’s voice wasn’t any better, if anything it was worse, but he would run away from this problem as long as he could.


One word from Aomine and Kagami’s eyes were filling with tears again as he quickly looked away. He wasn’t cruel enough to shut the door on his fiancée normally, let alone when he was pleading with Kagami. He stood back enough to let Aomine in and shut the door. Darkness swallowed them both. Kagami hadn’t bothered with any lights and the lack of light seemed to make the tense atmosphere spike even more.

“I can turn a light on…”

“No. Just leave it. I need to say something. It’s probably better this way.”

Kagami’s eyes squeezed shut. This wasn’t happening. Aomine was not going to break up with him. He wasn’t cheating on him. This wasn’t fucking happening. His fists were in tight balls at his sides, his breathing labored as he tried desperately to keep silent. Aomine didn’t need to know he was falling apart.

“Taiga…I’m sorry. I never meant to hurt you. I never meant to have you find out about anything before I was ready to tell you.”

Fuck fuck! Stop talking. Please stop talking!

Kagami’s lip was trembling as he stifled a sob with his fist. He wasn’t sure if Aomine could see any part of him in the dark but he prayed he couldn’t. He prayed he could just disappear right now.

“That woman that you saw me with at work, and the numbers that are on my phone, they are realtors.”

Kagami had never opened his eyes so fast in his life, his pupils trying to adjust to the darkness, his eyes desperately searching for Aomine’s outline.


“Realtors. They were helping me find a house Taiga. A house for us. I went after work to see the houses they were offering, that’s why I was so late home. I smelled like perfume because they practically bathe in that shit. Not sure why every realtor thinks that’s a tactic for selling, but it was a real pain in my ass. I barely stood next to them and it got all over me.”

“A house,” Kagami spoke in amazement, his voice barely above a whisper.

“Yeah, a house. I wouldn’t pick one without you though so I was narrowing it down to like three or something. The woman at my work is a friend of Satsuki’s. She is the one I decided to go with and she’s been helping me for the past few weeks to search for everything.”

“A house,” Kagami’s lip was quivering again, tears softly rolling down his cheeks as his voice broke.

“Taiga…baby…please…” Aomine’s voice gradually got closer until his hands finally touched Kagami’s arms.

Kagami felt them slide up to his shoulders, then his neck, then on either side of his jaw. His head was tilted up as he felt warm lips on his right cheek, then his temple, then over his eyelids. Aomine’s lips caressed over his face, inch by inch. He kissed away his wet tears, his thumbs brushing tenderly over his jaw. Kagami could feel the warm breath on his face, the feeling only making his tears fall faster.

“I love you Taiga. I love you so much baby. Please never doubt that. I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you. I wanted to surprise you, but I screwed it up. Please forgive me.”

Kagami let out a half sob half laugh, his voice wavering as he spoke, “I should be the one apologizing. I was such an idiot. Daiki…I’m so sorry…I’m…”

“Shhhh no, don’t. Don’t be. It took longer than I suspected and I should have simply told you. I should have answered you when you were upset and I fucking should have stopped you from leaving. That’s all me. I’m so sorry to have put you through that. To make you doubt how much I love you. I’m so fucking sorry Taiga.”

Kagami was sobbing again, this time silently as his body shook. He knew Aomine would know, but he couldn’t help it. His emotions were frayed as Aomine continued to kiss away his tears, his fingers carding through his hair gently, and his voice soothing.

“Shhh baby it’s ok. Please don’t cry.”

“I thought I wasn’t enough. I thought I was going to have to live without you,” Kagami was leaning into Aomine now, his words broken with tear hiccups and gasps for shaken breaths.

Strong arms wrapped around him as Aomine pressed their foreheads together, his voice soft but fierce, “Never. You will never live without me and you will forever be the only one for me. I want to spend the rest of my life loving you Kagami Taiga.”

“Me too. Me too. Please…Daiki…” Kagami was gripping the back of Aomine’s shirt as his body shook. He needed Aomine. He needed to feel his words, needed to feel his body wrapped around his, needed to feel the love he could hear.

Aomine knew. There was no more words as Kagami felt his head tilted up again as warm, familiar lips enveloped his.


- A kiss on the lips means
               I love you

- A kiss on the ear means
              You are special

- A kiss on the nose means

- A kiss on the cheek means

- A kiss on the forehead means
            I accept you for the person that you are, and that I do not wish to change you into someone else. It means that I will love you and stand by you even through the worst of times. It means loving you even when you’re in a bad mood, or too tired to do the things I want to do. It means thinking of you, dreaming of you, wanting and needing you constantly, and hoping you feel the same way for me.

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can i request a scene where nigou help aomine,kagami and kise to hook up with their crush?


“Man, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say that you don’t like Tetsu,” Aomine says to the small ball of black and white fluff in his arms. “but there’s no way that’s true, right?” He chuckles a little. His disgruntled, slightly irritated expression was nowhere to be found as Nigou barks in what he assumes is agreement. “Right, well, let’s get you home then,buddy.”

“Aomine-kun?” The basketball ace freezes, looking up from the mammal in his arms to see (L/n) (F/n), the Seirin manager, the cutest damn thing to ever exist, though he would never admit that out loud.

“U-Uh,” crap, he thought, he was usually much cooler than this. Why did have to meet them of all days? Their (e/c) gaze falls upon the dog in his arms, wagging his tail and barking happily at them.

“Oh, there you are!” Another confused “uh” is Aomine’s response as Nigou wriggles out of his grasp to paw at their school uniform, panting happily as the puppy nuzzles the adorable manager while the dark skinned ace continues murmuring like an idiot. “Silly puppy ran off while I was walking him for Kuro…ko…Aomine-kun? Are you alright?” A petite hand on his forehead has Aomine brought back to reality. He shakes his head to relieve his stupor in the same manner that a puppy would shake itself free of water right after a bath. His feigned ennui returns to his disposition, as he smirks and shrugs.

“Yeah, don’t sweat it.”

“Well, since you really helped me out, could I treat you to dinner?”

“Eh?” Their cheeks light up as they glance away from his cobalt gaze, their lips poking out in a slight pout.

“Sorry, that sounds like a date invitation, doesn’t it? Though, I don’t mind…”

He really loved that little fur ball.

Kagami: Poor Kagami didn’t know what he was more afraid of: the chances of the coach returning and performing her Boston Crab move on him for slacking off during practice, or of the furry little black and white monstrosity that was currently chasing him down with an unbridled enthusiasm.

“G-Get away from me! No!” In a last ditch effort, deciding that he would rather brave the wrath of a cruel brunette and a bespectacled captain than face this beast, Kagami throws the door open to exit the gym.


“Wah!” Kagami instinctively sticks his hand out to brace himself for the fall, his hands coming into contact with something pliable and soft to the touch while his knees collide with the concrete floor. The toc toc toc of plastic meeting the ground comes shortly after, and Kagami swears that the entire world is just against him today. He opens the eyes he doesn’t remember closing, making eye contact with the familiar (e/c) that he often found himself getting lost in whenever the manager engaged in conversation with him. Their eyes were widened slightly by the shock, but it takes Kagami several minutes to realize just what kind of situation he had put himself in.

When it finally occurs to him that he is on top of them and looks like some kind of deviant he of course leaps off (F/n) with a cry, reeling backwards right into the door that had closed.

“K-Kagami-kun…” The concerned expression on their features has his heart racing, and he could hardly keep his composure, knees shaking for a completely different reason.

“S-S-Sorry! I’m sorry! Did I hurt you?” A smile graces their rosy lips, and they shake their head.

“No, I’m fine. Are you alright?”

“Yeah, don’t worry about m-me.” He rubs the back of his head. He starts to pick up the fallen water bottles they had been carrying, feeling bad. “L-Let me help you out with that.”

“Oh, no, I-” Their voice stops when their hands brush against each other. Kagami freezes like time had suddenly stopped for him. After what felt like eternity (which was only a few seconds,) he allows his eyes to drift upwards, meeting (e/c) with wide eyes and rosy cheeks.

“U-uh…” Their eyes leave each other almost immediately. The water bottles soon become forgotten props on the stage of this little soap opera.

“Kagami, after school, do you want to come to Maji Burger with me?”

“EH!? AH, EH, uh I mean-no, I mean, no I don’t mean no, I mean y-yes! Yes!” His response is musical laughter that sends his heart aflutter.

“Alright, then let’s hurry before Riko gets back!” Once all the fallen water bottles are back in their rack, Kagami walks with (F/n) back into the gym, passing by a suddenly well behaved Nigou, who barks happily at them. There was a little sparkle in his eye that told Seirin’s ace that this little puppy had planned this right from the beginning.

Kise: (I love hate my sunshine bby)

Kise is not a religious man, but if there is a deity up there, he was ready to convert. This good fortune could not have come about if there was no life after death. How convenient could things get until they were just flat out the result of divine intervention?

This is all he could think as he watches (F/n), one of Seirin’s managers, play with the adorable white and black Kuroko lookalike on a park bench beside him. What were the chances that he would find Kuroko, (F/n), Kagami and Nigou all at a street court just down the street from his modeling agency? What were the chances that Kagami spill Maji burger ketchup all over himself and have to leave? Okay, maybe Kuroko leaving to buy them drinks was predictable, but still! Whatever the cause of this great fortune, Kise Ryota could not let it go to waste!

“Ah, say, (L/n)-cchi, I was thinking…” Kise gets distracted when the adorable, beautiful, perfect high schooler looks to him with this doe-eyed expression that makes him want to hug them tight and never let go. “Ahaha, I-”

“Nigou!?” His attempt at flirtation are dashed when the small pup suddenly bounds out of their lap, and (F/n) leaps out of their seat, failing to see that NIgou’s leash was wrapped around their ankle.

“Wait, look ou-!” Kise reaches out and leaps out of his seat to grab the back of their shirt, but miscalculates his own trajectory and plants a hand firmly on their ass, resembling almost a coquettish slap akin to the ones that scum on the streets would administer to a poor unsuspecting woman crossing the street. Kise turns red and yanks his hand back like it’s on fire, helplessly witnessing them tumble to the ground with a loud ‘oof!’

“A-Are you okay…?” Before Kise can make a heroic or gentlemanly gesture, he suddenly notices two shadows looming over him. He feels the murderous intent. When he manages to meet Kurokocchi’s eyes, he knows that the bluenette thought nothing of the worst of them. Kagamicchi looks ready to throttle him, and his crush is sitting on the ground, face red and contorted in mortification. The only happy contributor to all this chaos sits near a discarded, greasy Maji Burger wrapper, having licked it completely clean in the short amount of time it took for Kise to have his reputation dragged through the mud.

But when (F/n) rises, he soon realizes that they were not mad. Embarrassed? Oh, horrifically so. But they sit down beside Kise once more, offering a calming voice and rational words to combat Kise’s shocked terror. As they’re calming Seirin’s Shadow and Light, one smooth, careful hand covers Kise’s, and he notices they’re still blushing.

Kise was not a religious man, but somehow he knew something out there really enjoyed messing with him.

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I was just thinking an odd one here. Aoka. Wardrobe malfunction or bad timing. Aomine keeps walking in on Kagami whenever he is changing or in some form of undress due to circumstances to the point where Aomine starts wondering if Kagami is trying to seduce him. Lol.

Lol indeed Anon, lol indeed. XD They aren’t a couple yet, just friends. Last of the old prompts!

 (It escalates quickly.)

Hyuuga wiped his face, looking up and jumping in surprise when he saw an unexpected face peering through the door. “Is that who I think it is?” he muttered to Riko.

The coach’s face was slack with confusion. “Why is he-?”


The unexpected guest jumped when the voice spoke out behind him. He turned around sheepishly. “Hey, Tetsu…is uh…Kagami with you?”

Kuroko eyed his curious seniors. “You’re after Kagami-kun?”

Aomine frowned. “He told me to come. Said he wanted to play. Don’t tell me he isn’t here.”

Kuroko’s eyes lit up. “Oh, yes, of course. Kagami-kun mentioned it. He’s waiting for you in the changing rooms. He told me to tell you.”

Aomine raised an eyebrow. “Changing rooms?”

Kuroko nodded. “Yes, right now.”

Aomine shrugged, walking to the back of the gym and feeling many eyes on his back. Seirin sure likes to stare, he grumbled as he pushed the door open. And froze.

Kagami has his back to him, wiping his neck with a towel. He was also not wearing any clothes. Well, he was wearing boxers, but the sweat of playing made them…stick…to his skin. He turned around at the noise and saw Aomine looking him over.

“Ao-” his voice caught as his cheeks reddened.

Aomine stepped back into the gym gracefully and closed the door on Kagami’s face. He leaned his forehead against the cool wood of the door. Then screamed internally.

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  • Gives nose/forehead kisses: Aomine. Neither of them thought much of it until one day  Kuroko sees them doing it and gives them The Kuroko Look ™ and only then they realized how cheesy it is and the both of the got so flustered-
  • Gets jealous the most: Aomine, but not often. He’s used to Kise’s fangirls. He will get jealous of people like Kasamatsu, though.
  • Picks the other up from the bar when they’re too drunk to drive: It can be either of them lol these two are a mess.
  • Takes care of on sick days: Kise. He’s better at taking care of people. (And it’s not that Aomine doesn’t try, it’s just that he’s really bad at it. Once Kise got a fever and he panicked and called Momoi asking if he was supposed to stick a termometer up Kise’s ass and she had to personally come to kick him and take care of Kise herself.)
  • Drags the other person out into the water on beach day: Definitely Kise. 
  • Gives unprompted massages: Again Kise. Especially when Aomine is tired or stressed from work.
  • Drives/rides shotgun: Aomine drives, mostly. 
  • Brings the other lunch at work: Aomine, because he’s got to make sure Kise is eating properly even though his schedule is so chaotic.
  • Has the better parental relationship: Aomine. He’s a spoiled only child, though his father didn’t accept well the fact that Aomine is dating a guy. Kise doesn’t get along with his parents at all, only with his sisters.
  • Tries to start role-playing in bed: Either. Their sex life is just chaotic and they’re not ashamed of anything, let me tell you-
  • Embarrassingly drunk dancer: Aomine pff. Kise can dance well regardless of being sober or not. Aomine only dances when drunk, but boy, does he dance. 
  • Still cries watching Titanic: Kise, because he’s a giant cry baby.
  • Firmly believes in couples costumes: Kise. Aomine isn’t excited about it unless Kise’s costume looks sexy.
  • Breaks the expensive gift rule during Christmas: Kise. The guy has no chill.
  • Makes the other eat breakfast: Aomine, because Kise can’t cook. At all.
  • Remembers anniversaries: Kise (and Momoi reminds Aomine of stuff so he won’t upset Kise.)
  • Brings up having kids: Aomine. Kise isn’t too thrilled, though, it takes a while to convince him. In the end he decides to give in, though, and they adopt a baby. Kise is the one who spoils the kid the most.
  • Aomine: You don’t see it?
  • Momoi: See what?
  • Aomine: Satsuki, he's gay. Kuroko Tetsuya is very, very gay.
  • Momoi: Gay? That’s ridiculous! Kuroko-kun is not gay. We dated for an entire summer in Teikou.
  • Aomine: Did he ever kiss you?
  • Momoi: Of course–
  • Aomine: Forehead doesn’t count.
  • Momoi: He’s a gentleman!
  • Aomine: Satsuki, everyone knows that you have a blind spot when it comes to gay people. Your gaydar is broken, you can’t tell if someone’s gay.
  • Momoi: Well, that is not true!
  • ~~~
  • [Flashback]
  • Midorima and Murasakbara: *fighting*
  • Momoi: Boys, stop fighting! Why can’t you be more like them?
  • Two other students: *kissing*
  • Momoi: So nice to see brothers getting along!
  • GoM:
  • ~~~
  • [Flashback]
  • Momoi and Aomine: *walking down the sidewalk*
  • Gay Strippers: *walking past them and singing*
  • Momoi: *pushes Aomine against the wall protectively* Watch out, Dai-chan! A gang!
  • Aomine:
  • ~~~
  • [Flashback]
  • Momoi and Aomine: *watching Philadelphia in a movie theatre*
  • Momoi: I don’t get it. This movie has nothing to do with Philadelphia.
  • Stranger: Shh!
  • Momoi: They should put Rocky in this movie. Liven things up!
  • Stranger: *glares*
  • ~~~
  • Momoi: That doesn’t prove anything! Just because… Wait, who was gay in Philadelphia?
  • Aomine:

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Hey, I'm here again for AU :D So, Aomine and his wife have fights sometimes, and she thinks he doesn't like her at all, because he always looks at other women. But when she caught a cold and fever he becomes super worried, cancels all meetings and even makes soup for her. And all maids and bodyguards in his house are surprised how caring their boss is :D

@minghuaghazan This reminds me of this really good Yakuza prompt I read a few months back :o I hope I do my version justice! Love you and thank you for requesting again! xx Raniku 

“You’re a fucking nag! You’re seriously making me regret marrying you!” Aomine growled before slamming the front door shut.

Your couldn’t help but feel your jaw drop at Aomine’s outburst. You both have been fighting for months now but it hasn’t gotten this big. 

“Miss do you want me to help you with your bath?” Your favorite maid approached you, worried.

“No need…Why don’t you guys take the night off.” You smiled sadly at them. 

You went back up to your shared bedroom with Aomine and sighed as you looked around your room and noticed how cold it was. You couldn’t stay here tonight. Not after what he said.

Holding back the tears, you grab your car keys and an overnight bag and went off to your old apartment that you decided to keep just in case things like this happen again. 

The next day, after a night of crying and eating some of your favorite ice cream on your couch with your blanket and jacket wrapped around you, you still couldn’t stop the fact you caught a cold.

Well that’s probably your fault because you forgot to turn the heater on. 

So you were stuck in your apartment, with no food and medicine and you couldn’t help but groan at your stupidity.

You powered up your phone, ignorning Aomine’s miss calls and text messages and sent a text to your favorite maid regarding your situation and made her swear to bring the goodies without Aomine knowing where you are.

2 hours later, you heard someone knock the door, and you stumbled your way towards the door, your blanket wrapped around your body, your hair on a loose bun, with no makeup on. 

“Thanks for coming ____-chan I really appreaciate i-”

“So this is where you decide to hide.” A deep husky voice said.

You looked up to see Aomine’s eyes staring at you, before sighing and holding up the things you asked for and more.

“Go inside, I’ll take care of you till you get better.” Aomine kissed your forehead tenderly before pushing past you and straight to the kitchen.

He spent the next few days caring for you in your apartment, never leaving your side to take any phone calls or to meet up with his clients. He stayed by your side till you got better and he stayed by your side for another week just rekindling the love you both had for each other before this mess started in the first place. 

You didn’t think this apartment would come in handy, but it did. No regrets in keeping it behind Aomine’s back for months. This was definitely going to be your safe haven. Both of your safe haven.

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wow this is my first time catching you open so excuse me if I mess up! could you please do a thing where the GoM + Kagami are bowling and they try to do things that mess each other up, like maybe they'll tempt Aomine with porn mags or Akashi will ankle break someone and make them lose the ball down the lane? sorry if I messed up ahh!! thanks and I love your blog btw

lol ok but well ankle break only works for basketball??? but yep here it is

The group of seven arrived rowdily. Aomine and Kagami shoving each other. Midorima scolding Murasakibara for chewing too loudly. Kise talking Kuroko’s ear off while Akashi tried to round them up like sheep so they could walk through the door without a scratch.

After getting shoes and deciding on their bowling balls, each complementing the colors of their hairs — except for Kise who chose a sparkly golden one, they all began the competition.

Aomine flicked Kagami’s forehead and called out chants of annoyance to Kagami who was getting into his weird position in front of the lane. And damn, he got a strike. Aomine clucked his tongue. “I’m going to still beat you.”

“Why don’t we make this a nice, friendly competition?” Akashi suggested with a smile, the golden in his left eye gleaming ever so slightly. “The loser has to do the winner’s bidding for a week. It’ll be interesting.”

“Anything at all?” Aomine grinned this time, rubbing his hands in excitement.


“So, if I win against you, I get to boss you around?”

“That’s the idea.”

“Oh hoh, shit. This should be fun. I’m going to beat all your asses.”

“We’ll see, won’t we?”

Midorima refused to be a slave to any of these ridiculous idiots. And even if Akashi wasn’t an idiot, who knew what he would make him do? All the terrifying thoughts from middle school came rushing back. He’d rather not go back there.

Let the games begin.

Kagami dangled Mai’s new poster in front of Aomine. This was supposed to be his birthday present but oh well, it had to be put to better use.

“You think that’s gonna distract me? HA! Guess again!” He said before he tripped over his feet to grab the poster out of his hands and letting the ball fall into the gutter.

Aomine tried dancing to distract Akashi but it didn’t faze the man. So, instead he stole his phone with all the contacts he needed.

“Do you really think that a phone is that important to me?” Pause. “Well you thought right, give it back. I have important people in my phone.”

Akashi distracted Midorima by hiding his lucky item of the day. And he checked. He knew cancer was last so he needed it.

“Akashi, I’d prefer it if you gave it back to me now. It’s very important for both my and your safety. I’ll call on the goddesses to punish you.”

Midorima had it easy. All he had to do was order a bunch of rare-flavored maiubos and Murasakibara was gone.


On the other hand, Kise was much too distracted looking at his reflection on the tiny, plastic princess mirror that Murasakibara had gotten as one of his snack prizes.

“My complexion is fading. What’s going on with my skin? Dear God.”

And Kagami was Kagami. Maji Burgers and a few meals thrown here and there was enough to keep him on the table and away from the lanes.

“Shit, this is good. Where’d you get it again?”

And then the results were out.

“How did Kuroko win? He didn’t even do anything to any of us!”

“Maybe that’s the moral of this whole competition,” Akashi nodded.

“But I lost! How’d this happen?!” Kise whined. He huffed but then smiled and clung onto Kuroko. “But it’s okay. I’ll do whatever Kurokocchi tells me to do. Including give him lots of loooov—”

“Can I pick another prize?”

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Could you write something about kagami getting into an accident and aomine freaks out and just become a mother hen and overprotective because Kagami's injury caused him a permanent damage and can't play basketball anymore

There’s a similar drabble here where he does recover, but since he doesn’t in this one (PERMANENT injury), I’m classifying it as angst with a happy ending. Hurt/comfort. (I kinda cheated a bit at the end though lol. Not really, just a bit!) IT ENDS HAPPY DW GUYS IT’S REALLY HAPPY PROMISE BECAUSE KAGAMI IS BAE.

Aomine couldn’t hear anything, couldn’t feel anything, except for the thundering heartbeat in his ears and the cruel twisting of panic in his stomach.

He had gotten a phone call about a car accident. A bad car accident. And Momoi had driven him to the hospital because he was in no condition to do anything but stare blindly and feel his mind become numb.

They said Aomine couldn’t see him but Aomine didn’t care, he didn’t care, didn’t they understand, didn’t they understand that the one thing that he couldn’t bear to have anything happen to…that one special person who he would give his life for…was lying in a cold bed, alone, and Aomine wasn’t there beside him.

They finally let him through, and he stumbled in, and he collapsed – carefully, he was always careful when it came to this man – and he hugged him, and he stroked that beautiful red hair, and that man grabbed his face and looked into his navy eyes with an expression so agonised that Aomine wished he could do something about it but…but…

“Daiki, I can’t feel my legs.”

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Body Switch III

Aomine is fairly certain Kise’s body is incredibly fragile.

He demonstrates a halfhearted dunk in Kaijo’s indoor gym, and pushes Kise’s long fringe up over his damp forehead. Somehow, Aomine isn’t used to this light, nimble body. His mind is hyper aware of the fact that using Kise’s body with his usual lackadaisical manner of which he normally treats his own body would somehow break the blond teen, much like a porcelain plate being thrown onto a hard surface. Aomine nurses the thought of Kise smashing into a million and one pieces in his mind, and shakes his head to clear his brain, which is on the verge of panicking at the sudden flood of images that consist of Kise’s naked body disintegrating into an abysmal void.

So far, the tanned ace has spent the entire night discovering the other teenage boy’s body, from his face, to his torso, his armpits - such light colored, barely there hair! - to his well manicured nails, slender legs, the strange curves of his hips, and most intriguingly, Kise’s cock.

Aomine smirks at the memory of a mole, a tiny, but still noticeable dot on the inside of Kise’s left thigh, barely a finger’s length away from his crotch.

The blond is so beautiful, Aomine feels a sense of protectiveness blanket the rest of his functioning nerves with vigor. The feeling intensifies whenever anyone lays a hand on Kise - be it anywhere on his person; shoulders, arms, hands - and Aomine’s tolerance level does a flip, a twist, and a leap into annoyance.

He barely notices when the ball rolls to his feet.

Kise’s captain, whom Aomine has come to like, gently drops a clean towel around his neck and guides him carefully to the bench beside the court.

“Is it your leg again?” Kasamatsu asks quietly, cautiously not making eye contact, but every fiber of his being shows Aomine he is very perceptive of Kise’s injury.

Feeling a wave of mixed emotions overcome him, Aomine sits Kise down as gently as he can manage without straining the blond’s knee and ankle - he winces as he feels a slight twinge - and tries not to think about the pain Kise has been allowing himself to constantly endure since the last match against Seirin.

“I’m alright.” He manages to make Kise say.

“Are you sure? You did skip practice yesterday. Did you have another gig on?”

Aomine, feeling his stomach churn slightly for having to lie to Kise’s kind captain, nods tersely and attempts an apologetic smile.

“Don’t strain yourself.”

“I won’t.”

Kise’s voice comes out thin. Aomine clears his throat.

Kasamatsu looks at him skeptically, but jogs away to find some water for both of them.

Folding in on himself, Aomine wraps his arms around Kise’s legs, bringing his chin to rest on his knees. It is a pose he has often seen the blond do during Teiko days.

He is surprised that he can still remember.

Inwardly, he wonders how long he can pull this off, pretending to be Kise, and avoiding questions, concerned looks - and most of all, keeping away from hordes of fans, photo hungry journalists, idol interviewers, talent hunters, and other humans in general. Aomine can feel exhaustion seeping through his bones, and wonders how Kise goes through life day by day in this manner.

A chilled Pocari touches his cheek, and a warm hand rests on his shoulder.

Kasamatsu and Kise’s other senpai, Moriyama, peer down at him.

“What do you need?” Kasamatsu places a hand against Aomine’s - nee Kise’s - forehead. “Tell me.”

“Let’s take a break. We could go to an onsen. Hit on girls. Get numbers.” Moriyama felt Kise’s neck for fever signs before looking at Kaijo’s worried captain. “Temp’s okay. Think he just needs some air.”

The other teammates crowd around whom they assumed was Kise, concern marking their features as they watch him quietly.

“Did anyone hear what I said, give the guy some space.” Moriyama is saying.

Kasamatsu places a cool damp towel on his forehead, almost lovingly. He offers Aomine a worried smile.

“Lie down for a bit, Kise.”

Beyond speechless, Aomine stares up at them and feels a genuine warmth spread through his chest and throughout Kise’s body. He decides that Kaijo’s team seems to consist of sunshine, glowing stars and angels.

He thinks he knows why Kise wanted to win so much, back then. It was all for these guys.

Aokaga- warmth

I’m off hiatus! This little idea wouldn’t leave me alone, enjoy some fluff overdose <3


Aomine was dead on his feet when he finally got back home. It was cold, and wet and disgusting, and it absolutely sucked that he had been called in when it was technically his Christmas vacation. The worst part? Kagami had a day off from the restaurant- the owner had gone away for a wedding, and instead of spending some quality time with his boyfriend, Aomine had been stuck at work, and it had gone so badly, he had temporarily become borderline homicidal. The thought of coming back home to the red head was the only thing that kept his sanity intact.

As soon as he stumbled into their warm, cozy apartment, he kicked off his shoes and then decided to keep them at least semi-neatly away. Shrugging off his coat, he hung it up haphazardly before stalking into the living room, desperate to catch a glimpse of his salvation.

It hadn’t occurred to Aomine that it was a lot later than expected, and a quick glance at his watch told him it was already 1:30 in the morning, explaining the absence of his lover that usually greeted him the minute he got home. A plate of food on the table caught his attention, and a note was placed beneath it.

I have work in the morning, sorry I couldn’t stay up. Eat well, it’s teriyaki burgers.
Love you, Kagami.’

Aomine smiled at the end note, his heart fluttering like a high schooler’s. Over the years, Kagami and he had gotten so much more comfortable with declarations of love, even if it was embarrassing as fuck. Sure, they fought every single day over pretty much every little thing, but his love for the red head never ceased to grow, never ceased to amaze him and he couldn’t believe just how lucky he had gotten.

Feeling a sudden rush of affection, Aomine polished the plate of food in record time, threw it in the sink and made a dash for the bathroom. Taking an extremely quick shower and finishing up with his nightly routine, he pulled on some sweats and a tee and walked quietly into their bedroom. The large lump in the bed indicated that his lover was sleeping on his side of the bed, his face buried into Aomine’s pillow.

The sight made Aomine weak and he managed to make it to the bed without collapsing. He was still exhausted and cold and Kagami practically radiated heat, so Aomine did the only thing he could- he crawled in on the same side and snuggled right into Kagami.

Of course the man was hot (literally and figuratively) and Aomine sighed in content just as Kagami hissed slightly at the cold fingers that had made their way into his shirt. Aomine cuddled into him for a minute before finding the perfect position- his face pressed into Kagami’s neck, the rest of his body entwined with his and his arms wrapped around his middle possessively.

Moments later, Kagami repositioned himself and ultimately, Aomine found himself engulfed in a warm hug, Kagami’s legs entangled with his own, his breathe tickling his ear.

“Welcome home Daiki,” the red head grumbled, probably subconsciously more than actually meaning to say so. He lightly kissed whatever of Aomine was near his lips, which happened to be his forehead.

Aomine felt his cheeks warm, along with his insides, all the way down to the core of his very being.

This warmth, this love, this embrace, it made everything worth it. Hugging the red head just a bit tighter, Aomine breathed in deeply as he took in the all too familiar scent- spicy and sweet, maybe slightly tangy. He knew in that moment, that he was where he was meant to be.

“I’m home, Taiga.”

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#10 please *thank you santa*(ˊ▽ˋ )/°○.˙●

Pff it’s almost a year since this prompt was sent (around February, yes, but I believe all of these were sent around that time), and now, when I get to write it finally, it’s almost Christmas time. So, yeah, anon, I’ll be your santa lmao

10. Angel/Demon AU

“Remind me,” Aomine said, leaning on the tree branch nonchalantly “what exactly are you doing here?” His deep blue eyes watched how the wings on the angel’s back slightly moved and he wondered if they were really as fluffy as they seemed to be. When the angel just raised a brow at his question, he groaned “I mean, what your sacred ass is doing here, Kagami?”

Kagami smiled at him “You know, I just have to watch over your ass. That’s my duty.”

No, this wasn’t going anywhere, really. Aomine is a demon for fuck’s sake. How he’s supposed to do something evil if there’s this cute angel who just won’t leave him alone? Seriously, Aomine wanted nothing but to do his job, goddammit, and go back to hell, where his place literally is. Was it that hard to leave him alone for a moment?

Aomine rolled his eyes and outstretched one hand, his body still leaning on the branch. Kagami was sitting under the tree and was reading something, his wings big on his back. Aomine reached and brushed his fingers against the white feathers and felt Kagami shiver, before the angel jumped on his feet, his face flushed.

“Oh.” Aomine said, and then his surprised expression turned into a smug one “Oh.” He repeated as a smirk plastered on his lips. He jumped from the tree and tried to approach Kagami. But Kagami wasn’t staying still as well. With each step Aomine made forward, Kagami made one backward.

This small chasing act ended when Kagami’s back hit a wall and now, the angel was trapped between a wall and a demon, who was deviously smiling and licking at his lips.

When Aomine was just a breath away from Kagami, he asked in a whispering tone “Are your wings that sensitive?” One hand was trapping Kagami, so he won’t be able to run away, and the other one went to brush the soft feathers. He felt Kagami suck a sharp breath in, his cheeks turning bright red just as his hair.

“Stop it, Ahomine.” Kagami panted. Even the tips of his ears were red. Aomine grinned triumphantly.

“Or what?” the demon purred into his ear, sin practically dripping from that voice.

“You… better… don’t know that.” Kagami said and tried to push at Aomine’s chest, which was positively naked. Fuck. Probably demons had no shame to walk around like that.

Aomine hummed appreciatively at the skin-to-skin contact, and it felt like where Kagami touched him burned.

Literally burned. What the hell.

Aomine jumped away and started rubbing at his abused skin. Kagami looked horrified at him.

“Sorry, Aomine, I didn’t mean to –” Kagami started rambling incoherently while his eyes avoided Aomine’s. The demon sighed and approached him again, cupping his face and making Kagami look at him again. There were tears in those ruby eyes.

“Shhh.” Aomine shushed him, wiping at his eyes. “I know.”

“But how –” Kagami gaped at him.

“Because your heart is too pure.” Aomine smirked and leaned, barely brushing his lips against Kagami’s cheek “Even when it comes to evil, you’re too pure to harm it. Your powers do it for you, though.”

“But why –”

“Because I want it, Kagami. I want to touch you. And I’m doing what I want to do.”

At that Kagami blushed, trying to pry off Aomine’s hands and that got burned over and over with every touch of Kagami’s fingers on his skin.

“Let me go, you idiot!” Kagami yelled at him, tears running down his cheeks as he saw the damage on demon’s skin.

“No, I won’t!” Aomine yelled back, still holding onto Kagami’s face. He winced at the pain “Stop squirming and let me kiss you already!”

Kagami’s eyes went wide and he stopped moving. Aomine panted, his forehead was sweaty and his burned skin was already healing, but Kagami was sure it hurt a lot.

Then Aomine smiled. “That’s better.” He whispered and leaned to steal a kiss from this pure creature, whom he died to touch from the very moment he saw a glimpse of that crimson hair and eyes, which shone brighter than sun itself, from the very moment he saw that smile, soft and sincere, and more importantly, directed at him, a demon, someone he should hate.

Aomine wanted to stain him – it was his nature after all. But even after they parted, even with his lips swollen and cheeks red, Kagami was smiling at him. Kagami whispered his name. Kagami leaned to kiss him back.

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Jealous Kise and Aomine:)

//internally screams// Thank you for the request! 

Kise: When you returned to the home you shared with your lover, you find him sitting on the sofa with his arms crossed, looking visibly displeased. You had to come home late because of a project with your male partner, and also decided to go for some coffee with him after the completion. ” Ryouta? ” You ask nervously, unsure of what had happened to him. Putting down your bag and coursework on the floor, you inch closer to your boyfriend, who immediately grabbed your wrist and pushed you down on the couch. He pinned you down and made you unable to even struggle, which was too much for you to handle when he was also staring intensely at you. ” Ryouta, is there something wrong? ” You ask anxiously again, not exactly liking such tension from your boyfriend. ” Are you trying to torture me? ” Kise gave you a pained smile and he called your name, before he crashed his lips onto yours. The adrenaline rose up almost instantaneously, and you could almost feel the passion and jealousy he was experiencing all this while. He left you breathless, and all you could do was to tighten your grip on his shirt, knowing that he won’t mind if you left creases in this situation. 

The passion slowly left you as the kiss was broken, and it almost felt like you had your life sucked out of you. He gazes at the blushing and disheveled mess he had crafted out of you, and he tells you without much difficulty, accompanied with a sense of dominance, ” ________-cchi, don’t ever go with that guy anymore, okay? Just seeing you and him together pains me, you know? ” You nodded to his request, no matter how selfish it was, and he grins, seeming to have calmed down, and left a gentle kiss on your forehead. 

Aomine: Aomine was a man who never liked to see his partner with another person of the same sex as him, and also never really knew how to control this insane feeling he felt surging through him when the said situation was happening to him each time. He gritted his teeth as he watches you laugh at the jokes made by one of his teammates, and it was obvious that that guy was interested in you, yet you remain oblivious. Aomine tried to kick these emotions away as he dribbled the basketball, going through Imayoshi and Wakamatsu to finish with a dunk. The two seniors felt something was up with that dunk that had too much of an edge, and chuckled when they observe Aomine picking up the basketball, only to throw it aside violently and marched up towards you, carrying you on top of his shoulder as the indignant you hits his back in confusion. The both of you enter the locker room, and he corners you to the walls before he kisses you frustratedly, craving for your attention just like a child. You could feel him laughing between the kisses, and it made you feel shivers down your spine, that you belonged to him and that he is above about you getting close with other guys. 

“ Hey, ” he began, his voice couldn’t possibly get huskier and angrier than ever, “ if I see you with that guy again, you’ll be punished, alright? " 

anonymous asked:

Can i request Aomine seeing his s/o without their glasses for the first time even though his s/o is self-conscious about how they look without them <3

Even in his sleep, Aomine could tell you weren’t in bed. He definitely knew you weren’t in bed when he rolled over and brought his arm over, hoping it would be over your hip. To his disappointment, he felt a sunken figure in the bed.

Usually, this wouldn’t bother him. Aomine has been in plenty of beds with plenty of different women to not care about their whereabouts. Those were one night stands or women he just liked to fool with, more or less. But those women were all before he met you.

Now, Aomine could be awaken when you weren’t in bed with him. At first it annoyed him, but then it awakened him to the most simple fact. He really had difficulty living without you in some aspects.

Blinking his eyes open, he found the darkness and then a light from slipping through the slim opening from your bedroom door. With a sigh, Aomine escaped from the comfort of the bed and quietly opened the door. He didn’t want to make too much noise because from the look of the bedroom clock, it was almost four in the morning. Great.

As he opened the door, he expected to see you right away, seeing as the living room cough was in the field of vision right when you opened the bedroom door. To his surprise, you weren’t there. He looked to the kitchen where the light was dimly lit and found your back to him while you sat at the bar.

“What the hell are you doing up, it’s almost…” Aomine was confused as you turned around.

Glasses. There were glasses on your face. He rubbed his eye quickly to make sure he was awake. Maybe something in his eye to make glasses magically appear on your face. But after he finished rubbing his eye, they were still there. Yeah, there were definitely glasses on your face.

“Ah, sorry Daiki. I couldn’t sleep so I thought I’d make some tea. It has herbs that would help me sleep,” you informed.

Aomine still stared at you blankly, even as you tilted your face to the side. Yeah, the glasses are definitely there. They moved.

“Daiki, what’s wrong?”

“Since when do you wear glasses?” He felt stupid asking. How long were you two dating now for him not to know? For heaven’s sake you two were living together.

“My… Ah, crap,” with that, your palm smacked lightly against your forehead. Well, that wasn’t a reaction Aomine expected. As Aomine sat next to you at the bar table, you played with your hair embarrassed.

“So?” It felt like an interrogation when Aomine propped his elbow onto the table with his head being held up by his fist. Even his raised eyebrow looked a bit… Tough.

“Since I was ten,” you admitted quietly.

“Ten? Why am I just now seeing you wear them? And we’ve been living together for almost six months?” His pout was so cute. It helped to know Aomine wasn’t mad or anything when he yawned obnoxiously.

“Because… I’m not really a fan of how I look in them,” Again with the eyebrow raise. You slightly pouted, feeling ridiculous having this conversation this early in the morning. You sipped your tea as Aomine awaited your answer. “I used to get made fun of because I wear glasses.”

“Everyone gets made fun of for wearing glasses,” Aomine replied. It was a bit too quick, as if what you admitted was as easy as putting paint on a wall.

“Okay, not everyone is a basketball star, Daiki,” you scoffed. He rolled his eyes. “You got praise for how you looked. I got made fun of. Wasn’t all that fun, you know.”

“So you thought I was gonna make fun of you?”

“Er, yes and no,”

“Eh?” Aomine dropped his head from his fist, letting his jaw hang. You couldn’t hold back the small laugh.

“After I got made fun of for so long, I went with contacts. I guess I had gotten so used to hiding it from everyone else, I kind of got used to hiding it from you too,” you admitted with a shrug.

You took another sip of tea and as you looked to Aomine, he had no response. He just stared at you as you drank more tea. Even when you put the mug down, he still stared. No words. Maybe he was mad you hid this from him.

“Daiki?” you said. You leaned a bit to see him at a different angle but he suddenly stood from the bar high chair while sighing. As you straightened your back from the sudden movement, Aomine flicked your forehead. “Ow! What the-”

“Stupid, you’re gonna ruin your eyes if you keep doing that,” Aomine huffed. In one swift motion, he leaned down to kiss your lips. As quick as the kiss came, his lips left yours but his face stayed a few inches away from yours. “You don’t have to hold back from me. I still love you. You look good either way to me. Just don’t go fucking up your eyes.”

You watched as Aomine walked back into the room a bit thrown off. It was surprising to hear those words. As much as Aomine could come off as a brute, he did have a heart. It was under all that muscle somewhere. But that made a smile appear on your face.

Once Aomine got to the door frame, he turned to look at you. “Come back to bed. I can’t sleep now.”

As you nodded your head, you followed behind him. Slipping into the bed together and finding yourselves comfortable wrapped one another, you finally left your glasses atop the night stand happily.

“I wouldn’t mind if you wore the glasses while we fuck too, you know,” Aomine whispered in your ear from behind as he held you. With those words, his hands found your breast and gave a small squeeze.

“D-Daiki!” you stuttered, smacking his hands. “Geez, you had to go and ruin the moment.”

Quietly, you felt Aomine shrug against your back. At least you knew he was smiling as you both fell into slumber, holding each other comfortably.

anonymous asked:

AoKise nsfw 1-12 please please please ^^

Dear, Anon-san. You basically ask what I have been wanting to ask myself, so yes, please accept my heartfelt answers below.

NSFW #1: How often do they have sex, if at all?

3-4 times a week. If possible, Aomine wants to hold Kise everyday, but he understands if the blond is too tired from his modelling works to do anything else once he gets home. He will let Kise snuggles in his arms and talks about whatever he wants until the blond falls asleep on his own.

NSFW #2: Who brings ideas? Who initiates?

Considering the porn collection in his possession, Aomine has tons of ideas he wants to try on Kise and he is never ashamed to bluntly ask that to his lover, and sometimes he even prepares everything already without Kise knowing about it.

NSFW #3: Oddest place they’d have sex?

The entrance of the house, on the floor. One day, they go out to drink with friends and Aomine ends up drunk. Kise struggles to bring him home, but Aomine attacks him first thing when they gets inside. xD

NSFW #4: Favourite positions?

They like trying out different positions, but in the end, the one they like the most is the usual missionary style. Because that way, they can face and hug each other closely.

NSFW #5: Favourite erogenous zones?

For Aomine: His lower stomach…and dick.

For Kise: His inner thighs. Aomine knows this and often playfully kisses him there just to see Kise quivering in pleasure while holding back his voice.

NSFW #6: Quickest turn ons? Immediate turn offs?

For Aomine: Kise’s bare skin. Be it when the blond is changing, showering, or simply a picture of him in the magazine, once he sees this, Aomine would want to hold Kise as soon as possible.

Turn off is when Kise being overly stubborn about something.

For Kise: Same as above, because Aomine is a super sexy stud and Kise couldn’t help but imagine being held by such a hot person and let him do all sort of things to him.

Turn off is when Aomine being insensitive about things Kise cares about.

NSFW #7: First to orgasm? Last to orgasm? Who comes the most? Does someone ever end up unfinished?

Kise first. Aomine knows all of his favorite spots and teases him there all the times. And he is happy if Kise comes again and again due to his teasing, all the more reason if Kise begins to cry since he’d look super cute.

Once, Aomine leaves Kise unfinished on purpose to punish him. It is only after Kise cries and begs that he lets him come. Well, in the end, there isn’t any significant mistake Kise has made. Aomine just wants to bully his lover a bit.

NSFW #8: Favourite romantic gestures during sex/orgasm?

When Kise is about to come, he will hold tightly onto Aomine, and Aomine will kiss Kise’s forehead while stroking his hair. #IFuckingCried #HowDareYouAskThisToMe

NSFW #9: How are their afterglows?

While Aomine gets a hold of himself fairly quickly, it takes awhile for Kise to recover because by the time they’re finished, he’d already be drained out of all his strength. For a few minutes, Kise wouldn’t be able to do anything but lie there, half-conscious while trying to catch his breath.

Aomine will call Kise’s name repeatedly to prevent him form passing out, and when Kise finally open his eyes, they would look at each other for a brief moment before Aomine kisses his lover one last time before pulling him into a hug and goes to sleep. #InternalScreaming

NSFW #10: Who’s loud? Who’s quiet? Does one try to make the other louder/quieter? How?

There is nothing Aomine likes more than listening to Kise’s moans and cries when they have sex. He will not allow the blond to hold back his lovely voice, and if Kise still struggles to be quiet, Aomine will mercilessly attacks all of his sensitive spots until Kise can’t hold it anymore.

NSFW #11: Lights on or off? Do they look at each other? Or is someone embarrassed?

Usually off, unless Aomine wants to tease Kise. xD

Yes, they love gazing at each other’s face while doing it and kiss afterwards. But when he notices Aomine looking so intently at him, Kise’s face will quickly turn red as he averts his gaze.

NSFW #12: Open or closed relationship? Do they sometimes share?

Most of their friends already know that they’re dating, but they still keep this a secret from their families. They are waiting for the right tie to reveal this to their families, although Kise’s sisters seems to have notices the signs already.

By the way, I don’t really understand by “Do they sometimes share?”, but if it means sharing relationship with other people, then no. Aomine is quite the overprotective boyfriend and Kise also wouldn’t like to see Aomine with someone else.


Biology Exam Disaster

Fandom: Kuroko no Basuke/Kuroko no Basket

Word count: 6.453 words

Author: Shana Nakazawa

Title: Biology Exam Disaster

Characters: [Aomine Daiki, Kise Ryouta] Akashi Seijuurou, Kuroko Tetsuya, Kise Ryuka (FOC), Kise Ryouko (FOC)

Rating: M or NC-17

Genre: Romance, Drama, Friendship, Family

Warnings: Smut. Teikou era. FOC. Fujoshi!Kise’s sister.

Summary: Aomine and Kise were only studying together for an exam, really. However, with Kise’s sister as their tutor, the occasion turned into a disaster. Well, maybe not a disaster. After all, it looked like the two enjoyed it—in a number of ways.

Note: Endless gratitude to my beta-reader, Aruchyan. Thanks a lot for your hard work, dear. May God pays you back for what you’ve done for me. Also, this is cross-posted on FFN. This fanfiction is an entry to AoKise FanFiction Competition.

Disclaimer: Kuroko no Basuke / Kuroko no Basket © Tadatoshi Fujimaki. Cover © ESCAPIZMA [Pixiv ID: 3240334]. Author does not receive any material benefits at all in making and publishing this fanfiction is made merely for personal enjoyment.




Biology Exam Disaster — バイオロジーの試験の災害

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