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GOM+Kagami+Himuro finding out their S/O has a twin sister (bonus if they actually mix them up)? ^^ Thank you~

Kuroko was requested to be cut out because of the character limit :)

AKASHI: Akashi stared at the girl in front of him and wondered why she looked so much like you. “Excuse me, do you know where ____-san is?” You, who just arrived at the meeting point, were surprised that Akashi realized. He smiled at you when he saw you approach. “There you are.” You were planning to introduce your twin to your boyfriend but pondered how Akashi wasn’t confused, and asked him about it. “I know you too well to get you mixed up.” He smiled, kissing your forehead. Charmer.

AOMINE: “Heh, you’re pretty early.” Aomine tugged the girl by the waist, getting ready to plant a kiss on her lips. She instantly turned red and put her hands on his mouth, rejecting him. He narrowed his eyes at her, “What the hell? What’s up with you?” You arrived and rolled your eyes, calling him a moron for mixing them up and was actually pretty pissed that he didn’t realize. He slipped his arms around you and kissed you deeply, “Alright, you’re hotter, that’s how I’ll tell the difference.” This idiot.

HIMURO: He blinked in confusion at the girl in front of him. It was his girlfriend he knew that because she looked exactly like her but there was a niggling feeling in the back of his mind. “____-chan?” He asked carefully and tapped her on the shoulder. You laughed and popped up behind him, “Hi-mu-ro, that’s my twin that I was talking about.” He slightly blushed, embarrassed that he hadn’t noticed. “Ah, my apologies. I didn’t mean to mistake her for you.”

KAGAMI: Kagami eyed you carefully, red eyes narrowing to look at you critically. “You look different. Did you do something new with your hair?” He could’ve sworn that it was you, but it wasn’t? There was something different. Oh shit, was this one of those ‘you have to notice what’s different about me or I’ll be pissed’ kind of things? “Bakagami,” you muttered from behind him. “That’s my twin sister.” Kagami flushed incredibly red, causing you and your sister to giggle. “R-Right, I knew that!”

KISE: “Wow, ____-chi, you look kind of different. Still cute as usual but different.” Kise hovered around your sister, pointing out differences and you giggled, wondering how the hell he managed to spot everything different between the two of you. You both were identical but there were little things that varied. “Kise,” you shook your head with twitching lips. “That’s not me. That’s my twin!” He wouldn’t be fazed in the least and would just grin, “Oh, no wonder she looks different. Hi, I’m Kise Ryouta.”

MIDORIMA: “You’re late,” Midorima snapped at your sister. He had been waiting for an hour with a bouquet of your favorite flowers in hand. “Here,” he jerked it in your direction. “I-I’m sorry! My sister took quiet a while to get ready.” She stammered out nervously. Where was the tsundere that you had described to her? This man seemed more like a dominant. “Shin-chan,” you chided and his eyes widened when a second you appeared. “That’s my sister.” His eyes widened as he nearly fainted, “I-I apologize! I didn’t m-mean to be rude. I’m Midorima, p-please take care of me!”

MURASAKIBARA: “Can you guess?” You teased the big giant. “Who’s who? Am I your girlfriend or her?” Murasakibara blinked at the two of you either in confusion or apathy. “Ehh, ___-chin, why are there two of you? Did I eat too many snacks earlier?” He thought back and figured that it was impossible for him to have eaten too many. “Atsushi, you idiot, this is my twin.” He lazily blinked several times again before shrugging, “Alright. I’m hungry.” You sighed and shook your head at his indifference.


- A kiss on the lips means
               I love you

- A kiss on the ear means
              You are special

- A kiss on the nose means

- A kiss on the cheek means

- A kiss on the forehead means
            I accept you for the person that you are, and that I do not wish to change you into someone else. It means that I will love you and stand by you even through the worst of times. It means loving you even when you’re in a bad mood, or too tired to do the things I want to do. It means thinking of you, dreaming of you, wanting and needing you constantly, and hoping you feel the same way for me.

Body Switch III

Aomine is fairly certain Kise’s body is incredibly fragile.

He demonstrates a halfhearted dunk in Kaijo’s indoor gym, and pushes Kise’s long fringe up over his damp forehead. Somehow, Aomine isn’t used to this light, nimble body. His mind is hyper aware of the fact that using Kise’s body with his usual lackadaisical manner of which he normally treats his own body would somehow break the blond teen, much like a porcelain plate being thrown onto a hard surface. Aomine nurses the thought of Kise smashing into a million and one pieces in his mind, and shakes his head to clear his brain, which is on the verge of panicking at the sudden flood of images that consist of Kise’s naked body disintegrating into an abysmal void.

So far, the tanned ace has spent the entire night discovering the other teenage boy’s body, from his face, to his torso, his armpits - such light colored, barely there hair! - to his well manicured nails, slender legs, the strange curves of his hips, and most intriguingly, Kise’s cock.

Aomine smirks at the memory of a mole, a tiny, but still noticeable dot on the inside of Kise’s left thigh, barely a finger’s length away from his crotch.

The blond is so beautiful, Aomine feels a sense of protectiveness blanket the rest of his functioning nerves with vigor. The feeling intensifies whenever anyone lays a hand on Kise - be it anywhere on his person; shoulders, arms, hands - and Aomine’s tolerance level does a flip, a twist, and a leap into annoyance.

He barely notices when the ball rolls to his feet.

Kise’s captain, whom Aomine has come to like, gently drops a clean towel around his neck and guides him carefully to the bench beside the court.

“Is it your leg again?” Kasamatsu asks quietly, cautiously not making eye contact, but every fiber of his being shows Aomine he is very perceptive of Kise’s injury.

Feeling a wave of mixed emotions overcome him, Aomine sits Kise down as gently as he can manage without straining the blond’s knee and ankle - he winces as he feels a slight twinge - and tries not to think about the pain Kise has been allowing himself to constantly endure since the last match against Seirin.

“I’m alright.” He manages to make Kise say.

“Are you sure? You did skip practice yesterday. Did you have another gig on?”

Aomine, feeling his stomach churn slightly for having to lie to Kise’s kind captain, nods tersely and attempts an apologetic smile.

“Don’t strain yourself.”

“I won’t.”

Kise’s voice comes out thin. Aomine clears his throat.

Kasamatsu looks at him skeptically, but jogs away to find some water for both of them.

Folding in on himself, Aomine wraps his arms around Kise’s legs, bringing his chin to rest on his knees. It is a pose he has often seen the blond do during Teiko days.

He is surprised that he can still remember.

Inwardly, he wonders how long he can pull this off, pretending to be Kise, and avoiding questions, concerned looks - and most of all, keeping away from hordes of fans, photo hungry journalists, idol interviewers, talent hunters, and other humans in general. Aomine can feel exhaustion seeping through his bones, and wonders how Kise goes through life day by day in this manner.

A chilled Pocari touches his cheek, and a warm hand rests on his shoulder.

Kasamatsu and Kise’s other senpai, Moriyama, peer down at him.

“What do you need?” Kasamatsu places a hand against Aomine’s - nee Kise’s - forehead. “Tell me.”

“Let’s take a break. We could go to an onsen. Hit on girls. Get numbers.” Moriyama felt Kise’s neck for fever signs before looking at Kaijo’s worried captain. “Temp’s okay. Think he just needs some air.”

The other teammates crowd around whom they assumed was Kise, concern marking their features as they watch him quietly.

“Did anyone hear what I said, give the guy some space.” Moriyama is saying.

Kasamatsu places a cool damp towel on his forehead, almost lovingly. He offers Aomine a worried smile.

“Lie down for a bit, Kise.”

Beyond speechless, Aomine stares up at them and feels a genuine warmth spread through his chest and throughout Kise’s body. He decides that Kaijo’s team seems to consist of sunshine, glowing stars and angels.

He thinks he knows why Kise wanted to win so much, back then. It was all for these guys.

  • Aomine: You don’t see it?
  • Momoi: See what?
  • Aomine: Satsuki, he's gay. Kuroko Tetsuya is very, very gay.
  • Momoi: Gay? That’s ridiculous! Kuroko-kun is not gay. We dated for an entire summer in Teikou.
  • Aomine: Did he ever kiss you?
  • Momoi: Of course–
  • Aomine: Forehead doesn’t count.
  • Momoi: He’s a gentleman!
  • Aomine: Satsuki, everyone knows that you have a blind spot when it comes to gay people. Your gaydar is broken, you can’t tell if someone’s gay.
  • Momoi: Well, that is not true!
  • ~~~
  • [Flashback]
  • Midorima and Murasakbara: *fighting*
  • Momoi: Boys, stop fighting! Why can’t you be more like them?
  • Two other students: *kissing*
  • Momoi: So nice to see brothers getting along!
  • GoM:
  • ~~~
  • [Flashback]
  • Momoi and Aomine: *walking down the sidewalk*
  • Gay Strippers: *walking past them and singing*
  • Momoi: *pushes Aomine against the wall protectively* Watch out, Dai-chan! A gang!
  • Aomine:
  • ~~~
  • [Flashback]
  • Momoi and Aomine: *watching Philadelphia in a movie theatre*
  • Momoi: I don’t get it. This movie has nothing to do with Philadelphia.
  • Stranger: Shh!
  • Momoi: They should put Rocky in this movie. Liven things up!
  • Stranger: *glares*
  • ~~~
  • Momoi: That doesn’t prove anything! Just because… Wait, who was gay in Philadelphia?
  • Aomine:

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wow this is my first time catching you open so excuse me if I mess up! could you please do a thing where the GoM + Kagami are bowling and they try to do things that mess each other up, like maybe they'll tempt Aomine with porn mags or Akashi will ankle break someone and make them lose the ball down the lane? sorry if I messed up ahh!! thanks and I love your blog btw

lol ok but well ankle break only works for basketball??? but yep here it is

The group of seven arrived rowdily. Aomine and Kagami shoving each other. Midorima scolding Murasakibara for chewing too loudly. Kise talking Kuroko’s ear off while Akashi tried to round them up like sheep so they could walk through the door without a scratch.

After getting shoes and deciding on their bowling balls, each complementing the colors of their hairs — except for Kise who chose a sparkly golden one, they all began the competition.

Aomine flicked Kagami’s forehead and called out chants of annoyance to Kagami who was getting into his weird position in front of the lane. And damn, he got a strike. Aomine clucked his tongue. “I’m going to still beat you.”

“Why don’t we make this a nice, friendly competition?” Akashi suggested with a smile, the golden in his left eye gleaming ever so slightly. “The loser has to do the winner’s bidding for a week. It’ll be interesting.”

“Anything at all?” Aomine grinned this time, rubbing his hands in excitement.


“So, if I win against you, I get to boss you around?”

“That’s the idea.”

“Oh hoh, shit. This should be fun. I’m going to beat all your asses.”

“We’ll see, won’t we?”

Midorima refused to be a slave to any of these ridiculous idiots. And even if Akashi wasn’t an idiot, who knew what he would make him do? All the terrifying thoughts from middle school came rushing back. He’d rather not go back there.

Let the games begin.

Kagami dangled Mai’s new poster in front of Aomine. This was supposed to be his birthday present but oh well, it had to be put to better use.

“You think that’s gonna distract me? HA! Guess again!” He said before he tripped over his feet to grab the poster out of his hands and letting the ball fall into the gutter.

Aomine tried dancing to distract Akashi but it didn’t faze the man. So, instead he stole his phone with all the contacts he needed.

“Do you really think that a phone is that important to me?” Pause. “Well you thought right, give it back. I have important people in my phone.”

Akashi distracted Midorima by hiding his lucky item of the day. And he checked. He knew cancer was last so he needed it.

“Akashi, I’d prefer it if you gave it back to me now. It’s very important for both my and your safety. I’ll call on the goddesses to punish you.”

Midorima had it easy. All he had to do was order a bunch of rare-flavored maiubos and Murasakibara was gone.


On the other hand, Kise was much too distracted looking at his reflection on the tiny, plastic princess mirror that Murasakibara had gotten as one of his snack prizes.

“My complexion is fading. What’s going on with my skin? Dear God.”

And Kagami was Kagami. Maji Burgers and a few meals thrown here and there was enough to keep him on the table and away from the lanes.

“Shit, this is good. Where’d you get it again?”

And then the results were out.

“How did Kuroko win? He didn’t even do anything to any of us!”

“Maybe that’s the moral of this whole competition,” Akashi nodded.

“But I lost! How’d this happen?!” Kise whined. He huffed but then smiled and clung onto Kuroko. “But it’s okay. I’ll do whatever Kurokocchi tells me to do. Including give him lots of loooov—”

“Can I pick another prize?”

Fanfiction:  Just Breathe, Chapter 13

Title: Just Breathe
Author: MoustachioPenguin
Rating: T+
Summary: The hardest part of falling down is standing back up. For Kise, standing is the easy part. It’s moving forward that’s a struggle.


Because he had run so desperately, Kise can’t breathe enough air to be able to speak.  He stands in front of the door to Aomine’s apartment, forehead pressed against the cold metal as he tries to catch his breath.  The side of his fist clangs against the steel weakly and his chest heaves.  When he tries to call out Aomine’s name, nothing comes out but a pathetic and strangled wheeze.

He doesn’t know what to say.  Kise isn’t even sure what to feel besides guilt and remorse and—and he doesn’t understand why.  Why would Aomine do something so stupid?  And for someone like him!  It wasn’t worth it.  Kise isn’t worth it.

“Ao—necchi.  Aomine—cchi.” Kise calls again as he lifts his head away from the door.  He looks at it distraughtly but it doesn’t open.  Kise can’t even hear anyone inside.  He calls again, “Open the door, Aominecchi; we need to talk.  Please?”

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