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College!AU GOM, Nijimura, Himuro, and Hanamiya Headcanons if s/o went to the same university as them?


  • still with a low presence, it’s more often than not that he has to find you in a crowd rather than the other way around
    • the two of you have started to designate certain meeting spots all around campus for this purpose
  • he will sometimes sit in your classes during his free time


  • he made the mistake of choosing some of his classes just so he could be in the same ones as you his first semester
    • that was when the both of you found out you have wildly different interests
  • now he just bases his breaks around yours, trying to match them up


  • he’s almost never in his dorm room, always sleeping over in yours and getting in trouble with your RA
    • your both pretty sure your roommate knows him better than his own
  • the two of you start investing early on to get your own apartment together near the college


  • dates are often spent in the college library where the both of your have your noses buried in books
    • late night study sessions that last into the early hours of the morning become a regular thing for you two
  • by now he has your coffee order memorized, so he just shows up with it


  • it’s easy to find him no matter the time of day because he chose all his classes based on how close together they were distance-wise
    • that and he still manages to be the tallest out of most students
  • you two always make it a habit to each lunch together, even if that means having it really early or really late


  • the two of you have a small, cheap apartment together just off campus
    • he likes to joke with you that living there is just practice for when you two finally own a real home together
  • though you’re in different majors, the two of you try to have at least one elective together each semester


  • it’s still rare for you to see him around campus because of your drastically different class schedules
    • the most you get during the day is a passing wave as you two walk to your next class
  • to remedy that problem, you live together off campus in a home he has


  • for now he’s only a part-time students, using his other day hours at a job he uses to pay for college
    • it’s because of this that you two normally can’t see each other
  • on his days off, he spends his free hours joining you in your classes that he’s allowed to sit in


  • actually going to lecture is a waste of time in his opinion, so you have to physically drag him there if you want him to join you in class
    • you two are polar opposites, him being the student to only show up for exams and you being the one to never miss a day
  • the only days you miss are the rare ones where he convinces you to stay

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gom + kagami + takao going to see a horror movie with s/o?

Kuroko: Cool as a cucumber the entire time, the only hint that Kuroko is even affected by the film is the fact that his hands seem to be gripping onto the armrest a little tighter than normal. He’s only tense during the duration of the movie, so if you wanted to scare him this would be the time.

Kagami: Scary movies just are not his thing; Kagami hides behind you for the majority of every tense moment. You can feel him shake and jump at every scare the movie has to offer and it makes you jump as well. At this point, he doesn’t even care that what he’s doing isn’t the manliest of things.

Kise: A scary movie date had sounded like a great idea when you pitched it, but now that it was actually happening, Kise wasn’t sure it was the best. He yelps every time something scary happens and his grip on your hand is rather tight; don’t hold it against him if you can’t feel your fingers later.

Aomine: The first jump scare got him and he screamed so loud! After that embarrassment, Aomine tries his best to hold back the rest of his reactions. Through most of the movie, you find he’s glancing at you rather than keeping his eyes on the actors on the screen.

Midorima: Though they’re not his favorite genre of film, Midorima has no problem sitting through a scary movie with you. He doesn’t even mind if you use him to hide behind. He is the type to hate talking during a film though, so don’t expect any comforting words if you just so happen to get spooked.

Takao: These types of movies just so happen to be Takao’s favorite so of course he wants to watch them all with you. He’s very good at dispelling the scary moments with laughter, though half the time it is nervous laughter because he feels spooked as well.

Murasakibara: You have a feeling that the only reason Murasakibara is doing so well with the scary movie is because he can’t hear the scary parts over the sound of his snack crunching. Your suspicions are confirmed when you notice he tends to eat more during tense scenes.

Akashi: He hasn’t mentioned this to a lot of people, but scary movies are some of his favorites. Akashi is able to sit through one without batting an eye; does he even feel fear? If you need somebody to hide behind during all the jump scares, he’s perfectly capable of being your security.

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