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OMG ASK BOX OPEN ITS BEEN SO LONG! I was one of your first asks so happy to see you guys made this far 💖 So how about GOM+ Kagami+Imayoshi as power puff girls characters lmao.

Ahhh, thank you so much!!!









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For a short prompt: celebrating a win directly after one of them wins an NBA game.

Coincidentally enough (or maybe it’s fate), the NBA teams designated for Kise and Aomine may face off in the finals for this year’s playoffs… (Golden State Warriors + Cleveland Calvaliers)


Ryiota collapses to his knees, short of breath and strength, his eyes wide as he stares at the once-pristine polished floors of the stadium. The cheers of the crowds are muffled in his eyes. He can only hear the beating of his heart and the sound of his breathing.

He can’t believe this is real, can’t believe this truly happened.

After all this time, after all these years- he finally beat Aomine Daiki.


Ryota looks up, seeing a hand extended toward him. He can barely focus as he instinctively reaches out for it, and before he knows it he’s pulled up to his feet and balanced against a warm, familiar body.

“You did great.”

He worked his ass off all season, pushing until their team made it to the top of the Western Conference. His body couldn’t take it, but that didn’t matter anymore. They won.

He laughs, soft and disbelieving. “Thanks…Aominecchi.”

The afterparty is lavish, with papparazzi lining the perimeter. The players are all in suits, and Ryota’s slipped away from the crowds to grab a breath of fresh air. He still can’t believe the results, even after the continuous congratulations thrown his way. It still doesn’t feel real, like he’s about to wake up from a dream.

“Don’t go acting like you’re the one who lost, idiot.”

Ryota turns, blinks in surprise when he sees Daiki, dressed nicely but with missing tie and undone buttons. Ryota runs a hand through his gel-slicked hair, turning back to stare at his half-empty wine glass. “I- just don’t know what to do now, I guess.”

“Get your ass back in the game, that’s what,” Daiki snorts, bumping shoulders with Ryota. “If you think for a second I’m not going after you for revenge, then you’re in for a surprise.”

“Hey, take it easy on me. I’m already pretty surprised!” Ryota sips at his wine, contemplative. “I-”

He pauses when he feels an arm around his waist, pulling him toward the other. He blinks- then relaxes, leaning against Daiki’s shoulder. Even after all these years, Daiki still had those few centimeters over him.

“I guess- this night is just full of surprises, huh?”

Just got home from watching KnB Last Game. _(:‘3/ Will probably write a review about it later-ish if I can still be bothered. Zzzz I’m tired and just want to sleep.

I did do a flash reaction on Twitter (@ceallachrion) earlier. Might also do a separate aka*kuro post since I see people asking about it a lot? Yes? No? _(:‘3/ (I will say that my focus was neither on Akashi or Kuroko, which was pretty surprising that it was my non-biases who really stood out to me in the movie.)

Also, I didn’t cry LOL…. yeah.

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I just happened to fall upon your blog and it really got my attention so I was wondering if I could have a Scenario where Aomine meets his ex girlfriend who is now really good friends with Kagami from Teiko. That he still has feelings for but he couldn't choose between Momoi or her and told her that he didn't need her. I know this is a little angst but if it's okay with you...

I am sorry it took me so long >.<



Pairing: (Aomine x) Reader x Kagami [Platonic]

Words: ~ 925


“Dai-chan, if you really miss her that much just give her a call,” Satsuki suggested and looked up your phone number on her phone. “You know how _____-chan is. She cannot carry grudges against someone for a long time.”    

Slurred words escaped his lips, his eyes focused on the basketball he was spinning on his index finger. Daiki didn’t believe the matter was as easy as Satsuki made it out to be.  It has not been her who had messed up but him – and he messed up really, really bad.

“Let’s stop it.”

“What do you mean?” You picked up the ball you were dribbling until now. “I know I’m bad but I’m not THAT bad.”

“I mean us.”


“I know how much you miss her,” she stated. Satsuki closed her eyes remembering all those times she had caught him reminiscing in his memories. Why she was so sure that he was thinking about you? She wasn’t his childhood friend for nothing. “Stop lying to yourself. Admit it: You still love her, don’t you?”

Daiki ignored her and got up from the bench. He positioned himself in front of the basket.

“I beg your pardon?”

“Don’t pretend you didn’t hear me,  _____,” he said. While his face didn’t show any expression at all, his heart was in a piteous turmoil, shattering more and more with each word he spoke. “Let’s break up.”

He watched you anxiously fidgeting with the ball in your hands, your knuckles turning white by the force you used. Your lips tightly shut and your face worryingly paled, you slowly averted your glance from his figure. “But …”

“Are you stupid?” he snarled, thousands of needles mercilessly piercing into his heart because of his ruthless behaviour. “Is the sentence ‘Let’s break up’ too difficult for you to comprehend, Miss honour student? Fine, let me rephrase it.”


He missed the basket. The ball hit the board and bounced back to him.

Couldn’t he have been greedier in the past? Sure, he had known Satsuki since their toddler days and she was a really important person in his life. However, did he really need to break up with you in order to help Satsuki when she was going through a difficult time? By any means, couldn’t he just have suggested putting your relationship on break?

“You are a bother, _____.” Another, this time sharper and bigger needle pricked his heart. Silently, he corrected himself: You are my salvation, ______.  “Leave.”  A smacking sound was heard once the needle was being pulled out. Stay by my side. “I don’t need you.” Blood kept flowing out. I do need you. “I totally detest you. You were nothing more than a mere toy for me to pass my time.” He felt like dying. Could a lie kill a human being?  You kept me on the ground, telling me off when I got too cocky. I lo-

The hallow sound of a basketball crashing against the board pulled him out of his thoughts. It bounced off the basket, directly rolling in front of Daiki’s feet.

“It’s your fault I missed.”

The voice – it was your voice. He didn’t even need to turn around to confirm his thoughts. He was absolutely certain.

Were the gods playing with him? How come he got to meet you on the very same court he had left you? Maybe, after all this time, someone had finally given him the chance to apologize and to ask for your forgiveness. Meeting here could be no coincidence; fate must have brought you back together.

Daiki bend down, attempting to pick up the ball. He would try to explain his behaviour from the past, confessing his feelings anew and hoping for a second chance. His fingertips were only a few centimetres from the ball away when another voice made him pause for a moment.

“Nobody told you to sit on my shoulders, _____-chan.”

Slowly, he turned his around. You were beautiful as ever, causing his heart to skip a beat. However, seeing you sitting on Taiga’s shoulders and playfully tugging his hair, each of you smiling broadly, made him realize the painful truth.

He was too late. The wounds, which had finally started to scar, were forcefully torn open, starting to bleed more than they ever had. Choking on his own blood, he wished somebody would rip his heart out. Once he had stood in Taiga’s place but he himself destroyed everything. It was agonizing. He didn’t want to feel anything anymore.

“Oh, Aomine-kun/Ahomine,” said the two of you simultaneously, which made you giggling, having finally noticed him.

Your saccharine laugh resounded in his ears, accompanied by the simple question how he was doing – the choice of words indicating that he was no more than an acquaintance whom you asked after his well-being out of courtesy.  

He barely had enough time to give you a reply as you soon turned back your attention to Taiga, challenging him to a basketball game.

“Let’s leave, Satsuki”, Daiki mumbled, picking up his ball from the ground. Unable to watch you laughing while he was dealing with the hole in his chest, he made up a weak excuse to get away from you. “The shops are going to close soon, if we don’t hurry up. I need a new pair of shoes for tomorrow’s practice.”

You had moved on and started a new chapter in your life, whereas he was still stuck on the same page he was on years ago.

It was impossible to turn back in time after all, wasn’t it?