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KuroBas OTPs

And how they call their boyfriends


  • Kagami will eventually get over his pride and start calling Kuroko by “Tetsu” because god damn, does that fit him. When Aomine’s around, though, he has to remind himself to go back to either ‘Kuroko’ or ‘Tetsuya’, he’ll never admit he copied Aomine’s nickname. Of course, Kagami doesn’t have enough control of the stuff he says, and he’s also dumb as a brick, so of course a thousand ‘Tetsu’s have slipped in the presence of Aomine, but Kuroko asks his best friend not to tease Kagami about it because he quite likes being called like that.

  • Kuroko is the most extremely proper person that ever graced this planet. He’s so polite it’s almost painful. As such, he’ll stick to “Kagami-kun” forever and ever, and Kagami is okay with that, there’s something madly cute about the way Kuroko calls his name. On extremely rare and very intimate occassions, he will use “Taiga”, and in such cases, Kagami’s soul will exit his body for five seconds straight. Kuroko thinks he’s discovered a powerful weapon and he’s still figuring out the best way to employ it.


  • Aomine has a hard time letting go of “Kise”, because it’s so short and easy to say, but after Kise insists, he tries out with “Ryouta” and immediately loves how it rolls off his tongue. He pretty much sticks to that, but he’ll call him “Sunshine” when Kise isn’t listening. Once, as a joke, Kuroko changed Kise’s name in Aomine’s cellphone to “Sunshine”, and Aomine never notices, it just stays like that. Some time later, Kise finds out and although he doesn’t say anything about it-he doesn’t want Aomine to change it-, he becomes so giddy Aomine asks him if something’s wrong with him.

  • Kise switches between “Aominecchi” and “Daiki” pretty evenly, although the “Daiki” to “Aominecchi” ratio starts to increase with the passing of years. He’s not sure of when he started with the first name thing, but it just started coming so naturally he doesn’t give it that much thought. Aomine always grins when he uses “Daiki”, which is a nice bonus. He’ll still use “Aominecchi” when he’s feeling playful or just wants to annoy his boyfriend. Aomine knows he’s messed up the biggest mess up of his entire life that one time when Kise just calls him “Aomine”.


  • Takao is never, ever letting go of “Shin-chan”. Midorima is stuck with that for the rest of his life. It annoyed him a lot in the beginning, but it becomes very dear to him really fast. It probably has something to do with the affection in Takao’s voice and the sparkle in his eyes. Eventually, he will get angry with anyone who calls him that because that name belongs to him and Takao and no one else. Takao will also very rarely call him Shintarou, particularly in serious occassions, specifically: “Yes, Shintarou, I want to move in with you” and “Yes, Shintarou, I will marry you.”. He may also use “Midorima-sama” and “Shintarou-sama” when they’re role-playing in bed, and Midorima will never admit how much those get to him.

  • Midorima has a very natural progression on how he calls Takao. It’s just Takao for the first few years, although a few “Kazunari”’s may escape him in the throes of passion. After they move in together, it’s “Takao” in public, but strictly “Kazunari” at home. After they get married it’s pretty much always “Kazunari”, with a few “Takao”s popping up when he’s annoyed or embarrassed. “Shut up, Takao” is pretty much his automatic response to excessive embarrassment”. He’ll use “Kazu” on very rare occassions, when he wants to apologize, when Takao needs comforting or when they’re just cuddling together, and that makes Takao’s heart melt.


  • Akashi finds Furihata’s first name adorable, and he asks if he can use it since their first date -which isn’t quite a date and more of Akashi trying to make Furihata not scared-. Furihata agrees, but Akashi notices he’s not that convinced about it -and he realizes it’s odd that a complete stranger wants to call him by his first name-, so he sticks with “Furihata-san” and maybe one or two “Kouki”s if he feels the mood is right. One of the first things Furihata tells him after they officially become a couple is that he can call him Kouki if he wants, -he’s grown fond of the gentle smile that shines in Akashi’s eyes when he calls him that. And because Akashi is a very proper man and also happens to really like his loved one’s name, he sticks to that for pretty much every occassion.

  • Furihata uses "Akashi-kun” for pretty much all of their high school life. When their relationship starts getting more serious, Akashi asks him to use his first name. Furihata thinks Seijuurou is quite a mouthful, so he shyly asks if “Sei-san” is okay. Akashi has never been so in love in his life, and Furihata finds his embarrassed face utterly adorable. A few more years down the line, Akashi will ask him to drop the honorific, but Furihata has gotten so used to it it’s quite hard to let it go. He does realize that using “Sei” will turn Akashi into a pile of goo, so for the best part of their first year of marriage, he will dose the amount of “Sei”s just to watch Akashi blush every time -it is, after all, quite a rare sight, and one he treasures-, but he will eventually cave in and drop the ‘-san’ altogether

Natsu Dragneel (Fairy Tail)

Seijuro Akashi (Kuroko no Basket)

Shin (Amnesia)

Kurosaki Ichigo (Bleach)

Ryota Kise (Kuroko no Basket)

Toma (Amnesia)

Shintaro Midorima (Kuroko no Basket)

Ukyo (Amnesia)

Daiki Aomine (Kuroko no Basket)

Ikki & Herione (Amnesia)

Atsushi Murasakibara (Kuroko no Basket)

Sakamaki Subaru (Diabolik Lovers)

Ken Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul)

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AAAAH SOME AOMOMO PLEEEEAAAASEEE!!!! Anything that comes to your mind <3 Maybe how did they end up together?? :D Or sth ^^ Idk hahah it's up to you! Thanks if you do that! :3

Hi dear! Let me say it, you’re probably the most lucky anon I’ve ever met! When I first started this blog, I made a mistake and wrote this AoMomo instead of an Akamomo so…yes, I’ve never posted it and now you can have it! The prompt was the dialogue: “You should stop doing that.” “What?” “Saying things that make me want to kiss you.”

Hope you enjoy!

AoMomo, Fluff, After High School, Established Relationship, Long-Distance Relationship

Cherry Lips


When did things start to change?

Aomine couldn’t answer. Maybe they never did, it just changed the way he looked at them. Because, in one way or another, Momoi had always been part of his life. Her loud, bubbling chatting had been the background music of his childhood; her lectures had annoyed and amused him in junior school and her faithfulness had kept him breathing during high school. She’d never left him. Not that everything went pretty and easy either. They had cold moments, during Teikou she stopped calling him “Dai-chan” for example, and sometimes their friendship seemed more a son-and-mother’s relationship…but with time, they’d given it a proper shape.

Looking back, Aomine found it ironic how they realized their affection when it was almost too late. It had been the sum of small details, which had started to pile up during the last part of his second year, when his relationship with basketball was more stable and he felt freer, that made them move on. Little things about his life he started to notice. Was Momoi his type of girl or his type of girl was modeled on the only girl he’d ever cared about? Why during their weekends, as always spent together, a sort of crippling tension filled the air? Why Momoi had never left him even if he could be the ruder and more annoying guy ever? Why did he feel uneasy when she blabbered about Kuroko or used “Aomine-kun” in public to avoid rumors? Why did his eyes always follow her?

Feeling protective when she walked alone in the streets in the evening or guys stared at her more than they should. Feeling happy seeing her dancing under the rain in the garden or talking about new discoveries about basketball players. Feeling at home when she curled up against him during their nights spent talking quietly in one of their rooms. Burning with desire to caress her cheeks, brush her cheeks and hug her tightly during sad days.

Aomine was slow, but not stupid. In the end, he had understood he wanted to be by her side, as he had always been, forever; he wanted her to be the only one. And this wish had a clear, defined name.

Unfortunately, it was too late. They could enjoy fully their new relationship only for a year before they chose different university’s paths and were thrown in a long-distance relationship; a year full of smirks and excited laughter, of afternoons spent goofing around with a basketball and nights on the couch watching stupid films. Days filled of “Dai-chan” and childish pouts, of quick embarrassed kisses and sudden, giddy hugs.

Now, they had to settle for random weekends when their schedules allowed it or for the holidays spent at home. And, for Aomine it wasn’t enough.


“Oi Satsuki, how did the week go?” Aomine asked on the phone, laying down on his bed and looking at the blue ceiling, a hand behind his head and the other playing with his favorite ball.

“Dai-chan!” she trilled in his eardrums and he felt his lips curling in a smile, “I’m dead tired! My evil professor assigned me three project to submit by today!” whined to him.

“I bet you aced them anyway,” he commented rolling his eyes.

“That’s obvious, Dai-chan!” she laughed wholeheartedly, “You know how they say? The only one who can beat me, is me,” she quoted and it was as if he could see her mischievous grin.

“Stupid,” he snorted, shifting and rolling on his stomach.

“Did you attend practice properly?” Momoi asked again, in his mother like tone.

“I always do,” he huffed, passing the fingers through his blue hair.

“Do you remember you’re talking with your former manager, right?” she mocked him.

“I thought I was talking with my girlfriend.”

“Unfortunately, they’re the same,” she replied giggling and Aomine closed his eyes, remembering her face when she laughed at his stupid jokes. Man, they haven’t see each other for a month now. Sometimes, he feared the day he could not recall her smile anymore.

“Well, then the answer is maybe.”

“Dai-chan! You promised!” she scolded him and the boy could see her putting the hands on her waist.

“Do you believe me if I say it was because I had to study?” he tried, defeated.


“You know me too well,” he muttered under his breath and she laughed again.

“Years of experience.”

“However, don’t worry. Kagami has taken your place as a nagging nanny. He literally drags me to practice by force if I try to skip,” Aomine sighed twitching his lips and heard her chuckling.

“The truth is that Kagamin is my undercover agent!” she threatened lightly and he grunted at the idea, “However, what are you going to do tonight?” Momoi asked again, to carry on the conversation. As always, they tended to spent hours and hours talking together about everything, mainly trivial things. Just to feel as if they were still sharing the same life.

“Bakagami had abandoned me with a stupid excuse and said he’s going out, without inviting me. The bastard…We had planned a play station’s tournament. Now, I’m going to watch some matches on TV,” he complained about his roommate, who had mumbled something incoherent and disappeared an hour before. He was hiding something, but Aomine couldn’t discover what.

“Poor Dai-chan!” Momoi joked amused and Aomine finally realized something strange about her voice.

“And you? What are you doing?” asked curiously, “Are you out?” He could hear her accelerated breath and…was she eating something?

“Yup, I’m walking! And eating cherries,” she explained happily, like a child.

“Cherries?” he repeated, while his mind imagined Momoi taking a red cherry between her long, delicate fingers to bring it to her mouth and then biting slowly the fruit, her lips turning scarlet red and…damn.

“You know I love them. I’m the beast at knotting cherry’s stem,” She flirted shamelessly, knowing exactly what his boyfriend was thinking.

Aomine groaned, burying his head in the pillow.

“I know perfectly how good you are,” he replied with a low growl, “You’ve gotta stop doing that,” Aomine added in a whisper.


“Saying things that make me want to kiss you.”

Momoi fell silent for a moment and Aomine knew she was blushing, because, even if she was flirty and bubbling, she loved romantic, fluffy lines that he usually never used. Moreover, they both knew the implicit end of his reply: “Stop doing that now that we’re not together.”

It was painful, a bittersweet grip to their hearts.

“Dai-chan, sometimes you are the one who says things that make me fall in love with you,” she stuttered in the end, probably smiling widely and tilting her head to the side as always when she looked at him with starry-eyes.

A long, obnoxious ring sounded in Aomine’s room before he could answer, probably with something cheesy again to make her happy, and he moaned annoyed. He wanted to shout to Kagami to move his ass, but then remembered he was out and just cursed.

“What’s wrong?” Satsuki asked, hearing him moving and shuffling things.

“Someone ringed the doorbell.” He explained irritated. Why a man couldn’t even talk to his girl in peace?

“Do you want me to hang up?” the girl offered, but in her tone Aomine heard the plea for not having to do it.

“Don’t even think about it. I’m sending this one away in a second.” He growled, leaving his room and walking down the narrow corridor with the phone in his hand. He reached the door and started struggling with the multiple locks.

“Well…” Momoi whispered giddily on the phone, while finally Aomine opened the door with a glare, “…I hope you aren’t going to do that for real,” she finished standing in front of him. On his doorstep, for real.

Peach hair and sparkling eyes. Scarlet red lips. Aomine’s too big hoodie on her tank top and a fluttering skirt. A bag of cherry in a hand and the pink phone in the other.

Aomine froze, paralyzed, and blinked at her, slowly.

“Surprise, Dai-chan!” she chirped with a timid and quivering smile, blushing.

Aomine’s phone fell on the floor while he threw himself at the girl, wrapping his arms around her waist and finally savoring those long-awaited cherry lips. He didn’t need it anymore.


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Hi ~ can you do a scenario where Gom+Haizaki+Himuro (and Takao if you can) are in love with the same girl and compete for her love? xD

I had so much fun writing this though there are a lot of characters. But hell with it.. xD


The amount of attention you got was ridiculous. If one guy didn’t, which rarely happened, you were soon met with the attention of the other. The fact that they were all handsome, including famous model, an Akashi heir and god knows who else, didn’t help at all. The glares you received from other girls didn’t matter to you anymore after a while of getting used to the crowd around you.

If anyone would ask you what was going on, you wouldn’t know how to answer. Nine guys, handsome if you could add, were going after you that obviously showed reverse harem. You knew what they were trying to do the moment each started showing more attention, bringing you different gifts and also bickering at each other.

You were flattered, you were, but you didn’t know what to do. If you asked your friend, with whom you could talk with anything and everything, she would just laugh it off and say to go with the most handsome one. Meaning Kise Ryouta

If they heard you two talking, you were sure Kise would be long gone from this world. And not just Kise. Takao and Kise made you laugh many times before, especially when you weren’t in a good mood. And you were thankful for that.

Kuroko and Murasakibara bought you sweets you loved and sometimes even shared the vanilla milkshake and sweets, to which you were more than happily accepting. After all, you did have sweet tooth too.

Aomine and Haizaki scared off more guys than they should. Your classmate, who asked you if he can borrow your notes, thanks to the two, spent the week home. And when he came to school? He didn’t even look your way anymore.

Midorima helped you with your studying and even bought you small gifts for your item of the day. Sometimes they were big stuffed animals, to which you were embarrassed that everyone knew who gave it to you, while sometimes they were small key chains that you loved.

Akashi made sure no one would bother you and to have the best seats anywhere you went with him or with everyone. It surprised you when you saw no one going against him, unless they were really longing for your attention to pay to them instead of just him. But you never pushed others out. You were talking with everyone.

Himuro was nice to you and didn’t bother if anyone bickered him or just…pushed him away whenever they wanted your attention. You felt sorry for him, but seeing he was paying them back, made you wonder what made you so special to have such attention from everyone.

And just like every morning, the moment you stepped out of the house, you were met with Kise, Kuroko and Midorima. Hell, sometimes even Akashi came to pick you up with a car. And just like every morning that happened, you couldn’t decide. No matter what they did, help you with studies and buying you snacks, you couldn’t decide.

If anyone asked you a question, who you loved or liked out of the group that is so obvious on competing for your love, you wouldn’t be able to decide. You liked them all and you definitely didn’t want to break this atmosphere that you had, apart.

Your attention was soon pulled to Kise as he held onto your hand, grinning up at you. “Ne, [Name]-cchi, let’s go to amusement park after school.”

“I am sure [Name]-san would prefer going to library.” Was Midorima’s usual sentence.

“You don’t know.” Kuroko butted in. “Perhaps [Name]-san would definitely go to Maji burger before going anywhere else.”

“[Name]-san, why don’t you sit in a car and we can talk where we will go after school?” Came Akashi’s voice from the road that you only saw it now.

“Not fair” Kise faked his tears.

A sigh escaped your lips, but a smile spread on as you knew it will only get worse once you get to school.

That one gay fanfiction that I wrote

Midorima sighed as Takao, Kagami, and Aomine pulled him and Kuroko to the front desk. How they managed to talk him into this, he didn’t know. But still, he handed his card over and they scanned it before letting the five in.
Takao screeched in excitement, charging forward and launching himself onto the bouncy material. Aomine was quick to follow with Kagami right behind. “WOOHOO!” They cheered. Kuroko followed, making sure they stayed in line. Midorima watched from afar, keeping an eye on them so they didn’t screw something up.
“Shin-chan, come play with us!” Takao called.
Aomine nodded. “Yeah! Come on, Shin-chan! It’s fun!”
Kagami just waved him over.
When the tsundere felt a pinch on his rear, he helped. “WhAat thE f….” He trailed off when he noticed Kuroko. “Tetsuya, why’d you do that, nanodayo?”
Kuroko simply smiled softly and pushed him towards his multiple lovers. “Shintarou-kun, you need to loosen up. Go on, join them.”
Midorima pursed his lips. “Only if you come with.” He put a hand on his hip and leaned into it. He was pulling the sassy hip on Kuroko. Sighing, Kuroko nodded and followed Midorima to the giant trampolines, where they were welcomed with kisses. Then, they jumped with their lovers for several hours.
They were going to be so sore tomorrow.
~( )~
The next day, they had lunch with the rest of the Generation of Miracles. Kise rattled on about what had happened in his life before asking about theirs. Takao smiled sheepishly. “Well, my legs hurt so bad right now.”
Kagami nodded. “Same here.”
Aomine just grunted an affirmative while Kuroko nodded, flinching when he shifted.
Midorima pushed his glasses up and looked to the side. “I suppose I feel the same. Though it’s you three’s fault, nanodayo.” He turned his head back to glared at Aomine, Kagami, and Takao.
Kise grinned maniacally. “YOU GUYS DID THE FRICKLE FRACKLE, DIDN’T YOU?!” He screeched, drawing the attention of everyone in the cafe.
The polyamorous lovers turned bright red and avoided eye contact. Kagami coughed. “No, no, we don’t-we haven’t-not yet!”
Murasakibara tilted his head. “Heh. It’s unusual for Kagachin to be so alarmed. Makes me wonder what they did.”
Takao blushed and pulled out his phone. His lovers panicked and tried to grab it.
“Not that thing!”
However, it was too late. The video started playing and Akashi held it from them. Murasakibara and Kise payed close attention to the screen. “Eheheh, Shin-chan, are you scared?” Takao’s voice taunted.
“What? No, I just… I’ve never jumped on a trampoline before, nanodayo.”
Aomine let out an inhumane screech. “What?! Get over here, you freaking tsundere!” He yanked the green-haired man onto the stretchy material. He wobbled and Aomine laughed. “Just bounce, Shin-chan. Not that hard.”
Midorima started lightly bouncing before taking advantage of his powerful calves to jump over everyone. Takao giggled as the camera followed him and Midorima grinned (making Akashi, Kise, and Murasakibara clutch their hearts at the purity) before tackling Kagami and knocking him over. Once he got to his feet, the tsundere quickly bounced across the room, avoiding the fiery red-head.
Takao followed and chuckled. “I see you’re getting into it, Shin-chan.”
Midorima narrowed his eyes. “Give the camera to Tetsuya. I have a strange feeling, nanodayo.”
Takao shrugged and bounced to Kuroko, who just took it. Takao came into the camera’s view, his face flushed and his hair out of place. “Thank you, Tetsu-chan. Be careful, though. I love you.”
Kise cooed at the confession before the video continued. “Looks like these losers are going to have a war for reasons unknown. Maybe for my affection? Maybe to prove their manliness? Or maybe to establish dominance? We’ll find out soon enough.”
Everyone was surprised by Kuroko’s commentary and the sarcasm it held, but screams of determination drew their attention. The four basketball players were charging at each other. When Kagami got close enough, he jumped with the intention of attacking, but Midorima thrust his palm out and then proceeded to slam him into the ground. Kagami went limp, the hit knocking the air from his lungs. He was done.
Aomine screeched and went to avenge his lover, going in for a swift punch to the abdomen. Midorima dodged it and began kicking out, eventually hitting Aomine’s legs. Takao was standing on Kagami and Midorima stood on Aomine, who wheezed out protests.
Kuroko shifted the camera. “It shall forever remain a mystery as to why they fought. And, cut.”
The video clip ended and Kise laughed hysterically. “Oh, oh this is GOOD. You guys- you guys went to a kid’s play place!”
Takao smirked. “We never mentioned it being for kids. We just showed you that video.”
Kise froze. “Uh, well, the surroundings-”
Aomine shook his head, laughing. Kise turned bright red and started pouting. Everyone smiled fondly and Takao turned to Midorima. “Can we go again, Shin-chan? PLEASE?”
Midorima sighed. “Fine. If you can even get up, anyway. But wear athletic clothing this time. We don’t want another pair of pants ripped.” He glared at Aomine, who guiltily smiled. Akashi chuckled and Kuroko smiled.
“Wait… How would that work?”
Kagami tilted his head, looking at Takao. “How would what work?”
Takao frowned. “How would sex work?” Midorima choked on his own spit and clutched his chest while he coughed. “KAZUNARI!”
Everyone laughed, quickly forgetting the question. But still, it lingered in the back of the polyamorous lovers’ minds.
How WOULD that work?

A/N: if you repost this, I WILL know, and I will get very angry and report you. I swear if anyone does this, or claims this as their own, I will not hesitate to contact the staff of any website you put it on. I worked very hard on this fanfiction. I would be a sad. Just don’t repost it, or claim it as your own, please.
That said, a follower of mine wanted to see a fanfiction of this. @luckycharmsgirlhemmo15, this is for you!

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GOM's + Kagami reaction when they see their s/o in really beautiful yukata for the first time on summer festival *0*


He watched with a neutral face, but a pinkish tint could be seen. He always knew you were beautiful, but this took the cake. He would ingrain this into his mind, wanting to remember this for the rest of his life.


“___-Chii! You look so amazing!” He cheered, hugging you tightly, but a hidden possession hid behind it. “I almost don’t want to let you go out!”

“Kise, the festival is tonight, you promised!”

“I know, but people will be looking at you, and I don’t want them to!” When he tried to kiss you, you pushed him and gave a small smile.

“Let’s go lover boy.”


“We are not going out!” He said, his face bright, and his eyes stern.

“Daiki, we are going out, you have no reason to keep us here.”

“I do.” He stated, but you shook your head, leaving, he grabbed your hand pulling you to him, kissing and marking your neck with love bites, stating that you were taken. “Now we can go!” You protested, but he was more than welcoming to letting everyone know you were his.


Everyone was staring, looking at your beautiful figure, and Midorima was a little upset. He knew you looked great in a yakuta, but now he was just fuming how everyone was looking at someone who was with him, trying to hit on you. He needed to do his best to keep his cool.


You two ended up not going, and he was simply enjoying your yakuta, snuggling into the fabric, whispering nice comments on how beautiful you were. You fed him snacks, and he was never going to let someone else see you like this.


“So very pretty, ____” You smiled, blushing, looking away. “I have half a mind to just keep you locked up, so only my eyes can look at you.” You gasped, but laughed knowing he was joking. Hopefully.


He was blushing like no tomorrow, and his eyes glared at everyone, not wanting anyone to notice your beauty, despite how elegant you looked. You giggled, holding his arm tightly, and kissing his cheek. He really was cute.

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What's your fluff and nsfw headcanons for Kiyoshi, Kasamatsu, Takao, Murasakibara, and Aomine?? <3 - love, Vi

  • Murasakibara’s favorite place to nap is his s/o’s bed, even if it’s too small because it smells like them.

  • He will try to bribe his s/o into cuddling with him instead of studying with Maiubo. 
  • When they kiss, he secretly likes it when his s/o runs their fingers through his hair
  • When his s/o comes to get him off the rooftop, he’ll grab their wrist and have them lay down with him. 
  • He likes it when his s/o traces his facial features, kissing their fingers whenever they come by his lips.
  • Sometimes when he’s playing basketball, he wants to drink from his s/o’s bottle, even though his is closer. 
  • He’ll steal his s/o’s things so he can grab them and give them a kiss. 
  • He blushes whenever his s/o says something really cute, and then raps them on the forehead to cover it up.

NSFW under the cut

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(The askbox say it's open, but I'm not 100%sure...) This may be specific, but may I request a scenario where SO and Aomine are high school lovers and SO turns out to be pregnant, but SO doesn't want to limit Aomine's future so SO decides to break up with him without telling the truth and raise the child herself. Years pass and Aomine ends up being a very famous professional basketball player, and somehow the truth spills out....

Following the end of the basketball season in America, Aomine makes a swift return to Japan for a few weeks of rest and relaxation which is well earned in his perspective. For a pro, his English is still relatively poor, but he can get by. That was another thing he was awaiting, to be able to speak in his native language, without restrictions nor simplifications due to not knowing the exact words in English.

He decides to make a surprise visit to Momoi’s home, bearing gifts from America that he saw and knew she would fawn over. When he finally makes it up the elevator to the floor of her apartment, he knocks on the door, groaning as he finales with his suitcase handle while the seconds pass.

The door is flung open, revealing Momoi wearing a pretty yet simple outfit, consisting of jeans and a white blouse. Her expression was tensed and frantic as she grasped him by the sleeve of his hoodie, unintentionally pinching his skin, and pulled him into her contemporary apartment. The door is then slammed shut.

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(The askbox say it's open, but I'm not 100%sure...) This may be specific, but may I request a scenario where SO and Aomine are high school lovers and SO turns out to be pregnant, but SO doesn't want to limit Aomine's future so SO decides to break up with him without telling the truth and raise the child herself. Years pass and Aomine ends up being a very famous professional basketball player, and somehow the truth spills out....

This screams angst but I love AHOmine angst so I’mma just go with it. SPECIFIC IS 100% OKAY. It makes it easier for me to write! :-) 

You almost laughed as you unwrapped the pregnancy test from its pristine white wrapper. Your period hadn’t been coming for its third month now, and although you were extremely bad with keeping up with periods, it was hard to ignore the nagging feeling in the back of your mind. “Maybe you should get a pregnancy test,” your best friend advised you. You closed your eyes and peed on it. 

Two lines appeared. Positive. Fuck. 

Suddenly, your phone vibrated and you recognized the caller ID as your boyfriend, Aomine Daiki. “Hello?” you whispered breathlessly into the phone. “Babe!” This was the most he’s ever sounded so energetic. His voice was raspy and low, but the enthusiasm persisted. “Babe, I got scouted. Babe I got fucking scouted!” Your stomach heaved and you forced yourself to keep a positive bubbly tone of voice. “Hey, let’s go eat tomorrow, yeah?” he asked, before you hung up. 

He appeared at your doorstep with flowers and a button up. If it was any other situation, you’d have been so impressed with him for any attempt in dressing up. You sniffed the red roses and were reminded of the two red lines. Dinner was a quiet affair, but you were quieter than normal and Aomine struggled to maintain the gaps in conversation. He was so excited for the vast, unimaginable future before him, filled with challenging players with sky-high stats. It was a future he endlessly deserved, yet you felt the knot in your stomach grow tighter. “Babe, you okay tonight?” Your fork clattered onto your plate. 

“Dai,” you said shakily, your right hand grabbing his left. “I’m so so happy for you. You deserve this so much.” His eyes were tenderly focused on yours and you felt your throat contract before the tears welled up. Shit. “Dai, we can’t keep this up. We can’t be together anymore.” You tore your hand away from his and raced outside the restaurant. The waterfall of tears were coming and he can’t find out. He can’t ever find out. 

“Babe, is it me? Babe,” he caught up to you as you slumped down on the side of the store. “No, we just CAN’T,” you snapped at his efforts to calm you down. “Don’t you get it? We’re going two completely separate ways and you don’t fit into this part of my life anymore! I’m going to uni and you’re going to America and we shouldn’t even try because we already know how it’s going to end.” You closed your eyes and sniffed up your tears after the tirade. You just played a dangerous card and you could sense his reaction. “If you really think so low of me, I don’t see why I should stick around.” 

You glanced at his receding figure, lit by the ghastly streetlamps. The last time you saw him was at graduation, where he was surrounded by sports press and annoying paparazzi, and just like that - he vanished. He vanished into the professional world of basketball that you closed your eyes and ears to every time you turned on the TV or browsed the Internet. It already hurt to look at Daichi, who resembled Daiki in every way except the tanned skin. You heard the whisperings of your parents on late nights, of how successful Aomine Daiki is, of how much little Daichi would be like him. But the secret bit into your heart. No one except your parents must ever know. 

It’s been six years since he left and strangely, your life felt full - not complete, but full. You dyed your hair a dark blue black to match your son’s, and you were still not used to the compliments on how cute your “little brother” was. Daichi wasn’t used to it either. You were pushing him in a shopping cart down one of the largest supermarkets in town, as he asked, “Why don’t they think you’re my mom, Oka-san?” He was absentmindedly playing with a small squishy basketball in the front seat of the cart while you were looking for his favorite Pocky flavor. “I dunno, Dai,” you said, trying to remove the chocolate Pocky box from the top shelf. A muscled, dark arm grabbed it before you. 

Your heart nearly stopped as you recognized the figure in front of you. From the look on his face, his nearly did too. You futilely tried to block Daichi from the older Aomine’s line of vision, but Daichi gasped aloud, “Woah mom, he looks like me!” You mentally facepalmed yourself as Daiki continued to stare at you and your son. “You never told me I was a dad,” he hollowly said. You tried to speak, but you could only open your mouth and close it as no sound came out. Tears soon followed. You were lost in your river of tears, drowning, as Daichi removed himself from the cart and stepped forward to hug your leg, pulling you close. “Don’t cry, Oka-san,” he said sympathetically. With a grunt, you felt a larger pair of arms embrace you where the smaller ones couldn’t, and for the first time - as your were drowning in your tears, you felt full and complete. 

lotusnism  asked:

angst with aomine and yakuza au please! Hope i'm on the first 5 ^^

[ an old story never told ]

Fandom Meme 2
AU: Yakuza
Pairing: Aomine x Reader
Genre: Slight angst
Words: 409
A/N: Man, I was both disappointed and happy with this one. I’m sorry second husbando. Forgive me.
WARNING: Character death

There’s a story that Aomine has never told anyone. A story he hoped would stay hidden until the end of time. Or, at least, until the end of his time. He buried the story deep within his heart that it dug into the very depths of his soul, leaving a permanent scar that could never be seen, but would always be remembered.

Being part of a yakuza family that had upheld its infamous name for generations and generations, Aomine knew the consequences they dealt with. Gang wars, death threats, early departures. Yakuzas caused havoc but Aomine tried to keep that hidden. He wasn’t interested in taking any part of it.

But there was also one thing that he promised himself that he would never do: Fall in love.

To fall in love when you were part of the yakuza would be a death wish, both to you and your lover. And Aomine knew that. And he was smart about it.

Until he met you.

The spring of his second year, he first saw you, standing in a shelter, hiding away from the rain. Hair stuck to your face and eyes staring at him with the purest of emotions.

The summer of his second year, you were already lying on his lap after practice, sleeping peacefully, as he watched and brushed the loose strands away from your face. No words exchanged, thousands of emotions shared.

The fall of his third year, he watched you run up to him, apologizing profusely for being late. He didn’t hear anything in all honesty, because all he could focus on was the shape of your lips before he leaned down to kiss you.

The winter of his third year, chaos began.

The spring of his third year, you were gone.

It had been fast and unexpected. One moment you were in his arms, smiling, staring up at him with so much love. Love that he couldn’t possibly touch without breaking. The next moment, you were still in his arms, smiling up at him, with so much love. Love that he had touched and broken. He tried to keep the wounds closed but it wasn’t enough.

He wasn’t enough.

Now he crouched in front of your grave. This was your anniversary. The first day he met you. Rain poured down from the sky but once more, he couldn’t see anything else except for you.

The only thing was, he could never truly see you again.

Title:  My Lies, Your Worth
Part:  37

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Because he lacks the hands of an artist and the mind of an intellect, his capabilities as a conman are limited.  Kise can’t compose original schemes; Kise can’t create art and sculpture.  All he has to his person is his charisma, his voice, his body.  He’ll never be able to devise a con without reference; he’ll never know how to manipulate paint and marble.  The only tool of his trade that Kise has full control over is his lies.  No one can tell them better; no one can be more convincing.  While Kise’s mind is a mess, his actions and expressions and words are perfect.  With Silver, Kise will be a bitch; with Himuro, Kise will be a lover; with Aomine—Kise will be a challenge.

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AoKuroMido or AoMido or MidoKuro


who cooks normally?: Midorima does the cooking because he fears for his life should Aomine take to the kitchen. Aomine complains that his cooking isn’t all THAT bad, but Midorima wants to spare himself the potential nausea.

how often do they fight?: All the time. Aomine because he thinks Midorima is too uptight, and Midorima because he thinks Aomine is too messy.

what do they do when they’re away from each other?: Midorima makes sure to texts Aomine his lucky item every morning while they are apart. He doesn’t do much else than that, though he does like to have a goodnight call. Aomine, on the other hand, whines that he wants to have phone sex or something and Midorima finds that appaling. Sometimes Aomine begs for Midorima to send him a nude or something and Midorima just turns off his phone.

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