aomine is already in love with kagami

Kagami is the kindergarten teacher and Aomine is the single dad who has a ball of energy as a daughter. Kagami is easily flustered and he loves kids, but these little devils like to play pranks on him, but he doesn’t get angry. He’s also clumsy af. Aomine works as police detective so he comes to pick his kid up pretty late  sometimes and Kagami just stays here and keeps her company. Kagami is being always understanding and extra sweet and polite with his kid, and Aomine finds it extremely cute. His daughter (the little devil) nags him how he should stop pinning after her teacher and already ask him out because she’s fed up COME ON YOU’RE ADULTS GOSH (let’s say she’s five or so)

The GoM+Kagami when their wife is pregnant


~ spoils you to death 

~ daily checkups 

~ kisses and talks to the big bump on your tummy 

~ is very, very protective and works at home to look after you and the baby 

~ “Wether you’re a boy or a girl, it doesn’t matter to me. You will be showered with love by your mother and me. I’ll love you to death and I’ll show you that once we meet you.” 


~ is extremely happy and excited everyday 

~ is already thinking of a name for the baby 

~ bought plenty of clothing and toys and other needs of the baby 

~ does not leave you alone and assists you with everything 

~ I’m so excited to see you, dear. I will be the best father I can as well as your mother with being one.” 


~ already bought clothes for the baby, girl and boy 

~ brings you to his photoshoot and makes you join him 

~ he tells it to everyone proudly 

~ very, very clingy

~ “KYAA! I am so excited to see you! I’ll teach you everything I know! Everything except school and studies of course! Your mom will be up to that!” he playfully says as he smiles at your belly 


~ protective 

~ very conscious and nervous, is the one that checks you up daily 

~ knows everything to do 

~ works at home just to look after you 

~ “You better be a good child when you grow up. I’ll teach you how to play basketball and studying will be up to me too, I’ll try and make time for you and your mother of course.” 


~ preparing plenty of baby foods 

~ gives you cuddles everyday 

~ is very calm 

~ wishes that his child will have a sweet tooth like him

~ “Hehe~ I’m so excited to see you.. And me, you, and your mother will be eating sweets that I’ll be making.. We’ll be a happy family..” 


~ groans because you can’t do it 

~ invites Momoi weekly so you could bond and won’t be too uncomfortable with Aomine and at least have your girl time 

~ very very protective 

~ actually very excited though he won’t admit it 

~ “Just so you wait, I’ll teach you everything about basketball. You’ll be the best just like me, we’ll play basketball together and other sports. The three of us will have so much fun.” 


~ very excited to travel with his family 

~ already thinking of a japanese first name and an american second name 

~ very active and protective 

~ talks to the baby and even acts like it replies 

~ “I’m so excited! I’ll teach you basketball and we’ll beat Aomine’s child, wether you’re a boy or a girl. Also, would you like a japanese first name or american first name??” 

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hey may I have a scenario with Gom -Akashi +Kagami apologizing for something stupid they've told that hurt their s/o after an argument? I love some angst 😍 thank you!! If i've already ask it ignore, i don't remember all blogs i requested hahah 💕







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Hello there! May I request scenarios on how GoM + Kagami, Takao, Himuro, would try to comfort their s/o going thru a particularly crappy period week? (sorry for the trouble ^///^) I love your blog by the way, like seriously you're awesome at this!~ ^w^


Aomine Daiki: Aomine already more or less understands/has gotten the gist of how period cramps work due to being close friends with Momoi. Since comfort isn’t his strongest suit, he makes sure instead to cut back on saying anything that may unnecessarily provoke you. He lets you decide everything - such as what restaurant you want to go to, or what movie you want to watch.

Kise Ryouta: Kise strokes your hair sympathetically when you curl up into a ball on the bed and refuse to move unless it’s to eat hot food. Kise comforts you by cooking you said hot food, as well as reassuring you that he’d do all the housework - doing the dishes, taking your things down to the laundry, etc - so that he can lift some weight from your shoulders, and you wouldn’t have to worry about anything for that week. 

Midorima Shintarou: Midorima tries to make you feel better by showing you that he isn’t at all grossed out, or disgusted by the fact that you’re on your period. During that week of each month, he’d go out to buy you your usual box of tampons, as well as a hot cup of coffee and your favourite magazine while he’s at it. 

Murasakibara Atsushi: Murasakibara realises what a woman goes through during her period, thanks to his sisters, and he knows that the worst thing to do is to ask, ‘Are you on your period?’. The only snacks he buys that week is chocolate - so that he can share it all with you (the cravings you have for sweets whilst on your period almost rivals his normally) in the hopes that you’ll feel better.

Kuroko Tetsuya: Kuroko always feels helpless whenever it comes to your time of the month, because there’s genuinely nothing he can really do to help you physically feel better during your period. However, he does sit down next to you to give you a lot of warm hugs and the frequent massage, to show you that he cares. 

Akashi Seijurou: Akashi comforts you emotionally by reminding you that you’re just as beautiful and intelligent when you’re on your period as he finds you the rest of the time. To make you feel better physically, he’d offer you a hot-water bottle, since the head and pressure will decrease the pain from cramps.

Kagami Taiga: Kagami’s pretty bad with words, so instead he tries to comfort you by making you smile and laugh, in the hopes of lifting your spirits up and distracting you from the uncomfortableness of your period. He also cooks for you the whole week, because he understands that going out could be a hassle for you. 

Takao Kazunari: Takao can’t make the discomfort for you any better, since it’s your body, but he tries to accommodate your wishes whenever he can, as long as it’s not unreasonable. He’d often run hot baths for you, and give you a ride to school in the rickshaw - snaking Midorima in the process - if you’re experiencing particularly awful cramps. 

Himuro Tatsuya: Himuro makes you feel better by letting you know that you’re loved and appreciated through various actions. He’d remind you of what a great person and awesome girlfriend you are via text messages and quick phone calls - although he’s careful to not go over the top with his words, in case he comes across as annoying, which could lead to you becoming irritated. 


Teacher: Write a poem of something you love.

Aomine: *scribbling* Red hair that fades to black, that bright smile and dorky attitude, cute forked eyebrows that remind me of Nike…

Teacher: *looks over Aomine’s shoulder* Aomine-kun, that’s very interesting, mind if I read it out to the class?

Aomine: *flips middle finger* F**K NO.

Kagami: *chews on pencil*

Kagami: *starts scribbling* That asshole-ish personality, navy blue hair that looks so spiky yet feels soft to the touch, that smirk that looks so animalistic…

Teacher: *sees Kagami’s piece of paper* *makes connection*


KnB Cross Colors Special Story - (Part of) Seirin & Touou’s Cooking Incident (translated)

This is my attempt at translating (part of) one of the special stories found in Cross Colors, the official Kuroko no Basket smartphone game. There were many parts worth translating in the stories imo (such as Kaijou’s purikura session at the arcade and Midorima holding a ladle in the pool), but this one finally made me get down to it because, well, there’s a great moment between Kagami and Aomine and I LOVE SEEING THEM TOGETHER.

This is a very rough translation because I’m struggling so much with the Japanese language help. If anyone is interested in reading the entirety of the stories in the two game paths (Kuroko and Kise) available right now, maybe… someone… is translating them already? Otherwise, it’s on my to-do list somewhere…

Context of the game and this story: Seirin and the other schools with GoM members are attending a joint training camp. After a day of spartan training under Riko’s supervision, the Seirin members rush to the cafeteria for a good meal, only to find it closed because of equipment checks. Fortunately or not, the kitchen is still accessible, and Riko suggests cooking for everyone… As the Seirin members shudder in fear, Momoi appears and to thank Kuroko for helping her find the missing Aomine earlier during the day, she decides to cook for his school. The Seirin members’ joy doesn’t last long as Kuroko turns even paler and tells them about Momoi’s skills that rival those of Riko. Hyuuga, in a desperate attempt to save everyone, puts Kagami up for the task of assisting Riko, and Sakurai also joins in on Momoi’s side.

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Kagaao headcanon

So… Kagami is still new to Aomine. The only Aomine he knows is Aomine on the basketball court – which is impressive in and of itself, but he doesn’t really understand how the hell someone like Aomine was Kuroko’s light. He’s never seen the Aomine that Momoi and Kuroko know so well. The one that laughed the hardest, smiled the widest, took everything too damn close to his heart. The one whose love for basketball was absolute to the point it was tangible and immediately infectious to everyone around him.

To be honest, Kagami’s already sort of attracted to Aomine, but as he sees the real Aomine come out more and more, he’s… kind of dumbstruck?

The first time he sees Aomine smile for real happens when they’re playing street basketball. Kagami’s already had his turn so he’s watching Aomine play against Kuroko and Aomine is absolutely crushing him ofc, but Kuroko pulls something sneaky now and then which gives him the upper hand for a second. When it happens for the third time, instead of getting exasperated like Kagami thinks, Aomine laughs out loud – he’s absolutely delighted. He loves how Kuroko is able to challenge him on his own (even if it’s only for a couple of seconds) and he smiles like he used to smile, bright and happy.

And Kagami’s jaw sort of slackens, because… it doesn’t make sense. Aomine does NOT smile like that. He can’t smile like that? And yet, there he is, wearing a grin on his face that is alien, but somehow looks right.

Kuroko catches him staring and later when they’re alone, he thanks Kagami. And says “That was the smile I wanted to bring back to Aomine-kun’s face. It’s thanks to you it’s back, Kagami-kun. Wasn’t it worth it?”

And Kagami thinks yes. Yes it was.

Subsequently, Kagami spends months of frustration trying to get Aomine to smile like that at him, and after a dozen or so homecooked meals and some not so discrete attempts at flirting (that have Kuroko snort in amusement) Aomine is thoroughly confused and Kagami is about to pull his hair out. He’s seen Aomine give that special smile to Kuroko and Momoi… but that’s about it. (Okay, maybe he even saw it directed towards some Touou underclassman, but Kagami refuses to believe it.)

What he doesn’t know is Kuroko and Momoi have seen Kagami bring out a smile to Aomine’s face lots of times… just when Kagami isn’t present.

Eventually, though it does happen. In Kagami’s presence. And he just freezes and can’t stop staring because finally, finally Aomine is smiling at him and only for him jesus christ fucking finally – and then his world implodes because Aomine kisses him. 

He’s still frozen and everything is moving in slow motion. Then he sees a worried crease start to work into Aomine’s eyebrows and this scared look rising into his eyes, and fuck, he doesn’t want to see that. He wants to see Aomine smile again, so he kisses him back hard. And oh, there’s another expression on Aomine’s face that he’s never seen before and um, wow, it’s even better than the smile? And something swells up in Kagami because somehow, he understands that he’s the only one who has ever put that expression on Aomine’s face.

And the rest is history XD

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1) College/buying items for their first time😏(lube/ 2) aomine/kagami 3) angst! Hope u'll consider this request😁

okay im not sure if you meant aomine x kagami or either aomine or kagami but i assumed it was aomine x kagami. i’ll do it since it’s my ultimate otp and i love wrecking them. i got too excited so more under the cut!

Fandom Meme 2
AU: College, First Time (Implied)
Pairing: Aomine x Kagami
Genre: Angst
Words: 899

Kagami grumbled and scratched the back of his head. As if it wasn’t late enough already, Aomine had to drag him out to buy goddamn condoms right before they had sex. They had made out, gotten pretty hot and heavy, and the first thing he said when he opened his damn mouth was “I ran out of condoms.”

And now that dumbass was gone God knows where while Kagami awkwardly searched through the condoms on his own. What size did he even wear? Considering him, well, just to be safe, he’d probably get the biggest one. But they hadn’t decided who was topping tonight. So should it be him? Maybe he should get a box in his size. But then… where the fuck was that guy?

The redhead’s eyes searched through the minimart. He couldn’t possibly have gotten lost and… was that him? Kagami’s ruby eyes landed on Aomine’s tall frame. He really was handsome in a rugged way. He wore a simple black hoodie, sleeves pushed up to his elbows as he leaned over the counter to flirt with a girl? You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. Kagami growled under his breath. Out of all the times… were they back to this again?

He should’ve figured. Aomine was never going to change. He was too in love with women to give them up for him. Everyone knew his obsession with women with well endowed breasts. And Kagami was never going to be like that. He felt his heart pinch and pressed his lips angrily. He should’ve known, should’ve listened to his damn head when the warning bells rang. Aomine couldn’t settle. Not with him. He wasn’t enough. Never enough for Aomine.

He was never going to be enough.

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this is the FIRST EPISODE. and already we see how much Aomine has affected Kuroko as a person? how much he is still a part of Kuroko, even after their falling out??? Aomine is literally the person who made Kuroko realize that as long as he loved basketball, he was a valuable member of the team, whether he was strong or weak. And it was Aomine who saw Kuroko doing extra practice every day, and praised him for it, recognized him above all the first-string members who didn’t do extra practice.

I mean, yes, Kuroko is the one who miraculouly regained his mental strength and retained these values after the hell that was Teikou, but Aominewas the one who first believed in him and made him believe in himself. AOMINE IS SO SO SO IMPORTANT TO KUROKO AND HIS CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT.

(I changed this slightly anon, I hope that’s ok. I feel this would be the worst thing Kagami could say to Aomine and I feel Kagami would never say it, so here you go.)

Aomine landed on the court, the ball bouncing a moment later next to him. A huge smile was on his face as he panted, the blood boiling in his veins. This is the feeling he wanted; the feeling he had been waiting for. Turning towards the redhead that had made it happen, Aomine was surprised when he only saw the back of Kagami. Grinning anyways, the blue haired boy jogged up to his side, slapping the redhead on the back.
“Hey Kagami, you done already? I’m ready to go for another round. You need a water break?”
Aomine grinned even more, his middle school enthusiasm rising from the deep depths of his soul. He loved the game again, if only during these short times that he could play against Kagami. He knew now that the redhead would never give up. He would never stop trying to beat Aomine. Chuckling more at Kagami’s silence, Aomine nudged him a bit with his shoulder.
“Yo? Bakagami? You in there? Did I beat you too hard? You can cry if you want.”
Tossing the ball up a bit, Aomine let it spin on his finger, his heart feeling light and full of fire. It was a feeling he had been missing for too long; it nearly made him drunk with happiness. All he could focus on was the ball, court, and Kagami. That was all he needed. Here, right now, it was just them. No one to call him a-
The loud thud of the ball on the court echoed around them as Aomine looked at Kagami with shock. Trying to laugh it off, the blue haired boy stood in front of the redhead.
“What did you say Kagami? You think I’m that good huh?”
Aomine’s eyes filled with fear as Kagami finally looked up at him, his dead red stare searing straight to his heart. Aomine shook his head and took a step back. He had seen that look before. He had seen it so many times.
“Monster. You’re a monster Aomine. I can’t beat you. No one can.”
Wetness filled his eyes as he stared at Kagami, his voice stuttering, “N-no Kagami, that’s wrong. You can. You never give up. We are the same. Don’t say that p-please.”
Aomine felt the warmth leave his chest as he watched the redhead look past him, as if he wasn’t even there, “No. We aren’t. People enjoy playing with me. And I do give up Aomine. I don’t ever want to play with you again. Find someone else.”
“No Kagami, please don’t.”
Aomine watched as the redhead turned and walked away from him, leaving him on the huge court alone, the darkness surrounding him once again. Running forward, Aomine reached out towards the dim red light that was all he had of his former rival.
“Kagami wait! Don’t! I won’t play so hard next time. I’ll do better. Please, KAGAMI!!”

Aomine shot up in bed, his chest heaving as his sweat slick skin stuck to the sheets around him. Gripping the sheets tight he blinked wildly for a few moments, his eyes adjusting to the dark room.
“Daiki? What’s wrong?”
Looking over to his right, Aomine saw his boyfriend lean up onto his elbow, his other hand rubbing at the sleepiness in his eyes. He couldn’t stop himself as he pitched into Kagami, his head landing on his boyfriend’s chest. He was shaking as he wrapped his arms around the solid redhead, his eyes squeezing shut as his brain replayed the nightmare.
“Daiki? Daiki what’s wrong?”
Kagami’s voice was clearer now, his arms coming around Aomine to hold him tight.
“Um nothing. Just a bad dream.”
He felt his boyfriend sigh under him and lean them both back on the bed, Kagami’s hands starting to rub soothingly up and down his back.
“You wanna talk about it.”
“Not really.”
He felt Kagami nod, the peaceful silence surrounding them. As soon as Aomine got control of his body, his hands done shaking, did he lean back and look up at his boyfriend. He could barely make out his face in the dark, but he could clearly see his bright red eyes. So different from his dream.
“You don’t think…I mean…you won’t ever want to stop playing one on one with me, will you?”
There was a heavy silence as Kagami looked into his boyfriend’s eyes, finally seeing the underlying fear that was present. Shaking his head, Kagami ruffled Aomine’s hair, knowing how much he disliked it.
“You couldn’t get me to stop playing with you for anything, Daiki. Matter of fact, let’s play now. Screw this.”
Aomine laughed loudly as he watched his boyfriend untangle himself and jump out of bed in his boxers.
Kagami looked around for his shoes and slipped them on. Grabbing his basketball next, he turned with a bright smile to the bed.
“I’m ready. Let’s do this!”
He had no idea how hard or long he laughed at the sight of his boyfriend in boxers and basketball shoes, but Aomine knew that it was just long enough to ignite the heat in his heart again. A heat that only Kagami could give him.

I love how Kagami said in KnB extra that everything what he remembered from the second Touou vs Seirin match was Aomine and the movement of the ball. And you know what? After looking at this picture:

I’m more than sure that everything what Aomine remembers from their first match are Kagami and the ball between them .

Day 20- Fated Encounter

(First part this is here. I wrote this as being love at first sight. Enjoy!)

As soon as both boys left the mall, they stopped at the curb and looked up. It was snowing and heavily. There was no way they could play basketball in this. Aomine wanted to flip off the sky for ruining his plans, but instead pulled his hood up over his hair, the blue strands already speckled with white flakes. Looking to his left he saw Kagami’s face, the redhead visibly deflating, his sad frown enough to make Aomine swing his arm over his shoulders. The act had Kagami looking to him with surprise. Ah yes, creepy stranger. Good call Daiki.
“What are you doing?”
Deciding to play it off as a tease, Aomine reached up and ruffled the already messy red hair, “Ahh don’t get too upset Kagami. You shouldn’t be so excited to lose. Hold on to your dignity for a while longer.”
With a growl, Kagami rolled his shoulders and pushed Aomine away, giving him a quick glare before looking back at the snow, a deep sigh leaving his lips.
“I guess we’ll have to do it another day. You wanna exchange numbers to meet up later?”
Nodding, Aomine pulled his phone out, quickly getting the redhead’s number before pocketing it again. Kagami did the same before tugging a black beanie out of his coat, pulling it on far enough to cover his ears.
“Well, I guess I’ll see you later Aomine. Nice meeting you.”
“Oh, yeah, you too Kagami.”
Both boys stood staring at each other awkwardly, neither of them obviously wanting to part, but as the silence reigned on, Kagami rocked back on his heels and started walking away, raising his hand in a lazy wave before turning completely, back hunched as he trudged through the piling snow. Aomine watched his back get further and further away before he couldn’t see it anymore, his body slightly numb at the loss. Turning in the opposite direction, he jammed his hands, and small gifts, into his pockets, huddling into his coat as he made his way home.
Stupid fucking snow. I was gonna get him to go to dinner after, and maybe a little more. Although, it is Christmas Eve tomorrow, he probably is busy. And really, you don’t need to add creepy stalker to your list of negative aspects Daiki. Heh, Tetsu would be so proud I just used big words. Fuck, I wonder if he would have dinner with me anyways. He’s a huge guy, I bet he eats as much as me. Well, maybe not that much but…what the fuck am I doing?
Lifting his head, Aomine turned on his heel, just missing a patch of ice, and darted back the way he had come, passing the mall in an instant, following Kagami’s path. The crowd was thinning out as night started to fall, Aomine running as far as he had seen the redhead go, the street turning into a crossroads. Stopping at a corner, Aomine turned in a circle, looking down each path, his breath coming out in large puffs as he panted. Hoping to see a dash of red somewhere, Aomine squinted, trying to see through the white curtain falling over his head. A few minutes later and still nothing, Aomine turning in frustration, cursing himself for not stopping the redhead sooner.
“Fuckin dumb Daiki.”
“Well, at least you admit it.”
Another quick turn on his heel in surprise and Aomine was staring into bright red eyes, Kagami grinning at him. The familiar puffs of white air coming from his mouth had Aomine smirking.
“You run here or something Kagami?”
Stepping forward, Kagami looked at him with a playful grin, “Yeah, I did and I was thinking.”
Aomine stepped forward as well, both boys close now, the front of their coats brushing together, “You probably shouldn’t do that. Your brain might overheat or something.”
The eye roll was overly obvious, even if Aomine hadn’t been standing right before the redhead, the sight making him laugh. Kagami continued on.
“I was thinking, you dick, that even if we didn’t play, maybe you’re hungry after shopping.”
Slowly, Aomine smiled and reached up to brush snow off of the redhead’s cheek, letting his fingers linger for a few seconds longer than necessary. When Kagami sighed and tilted his head into the warmth, Aomine had to refrain from grabbing the boy and kissing him hard.
“Yeah, dinner would be good,” Aomine gave one last swipe of his thumb over Kagami’s cheek before pulling his hand away.
“Great, you like burgers?” Kagami turned and headed down the left street, waiting for Aomine to catch up beside him.
“Yeah, teriyaki are my favorite, but burgers in general are awesome,” Aomine walked close enough for their shoulders to touch, Kagami not moving away as he did.
“So you like Maji?”
“Hell yeah I do.”
Kagami grinned as he looked at Aomine, bumping their shoulders together softly, practically tripping over his feet when the blue haired boy smirked at him, returning the favor.
“Then let’s go.”
Both boys walked steadily through the snow, their arms practically melting together as they went. Their heads gradually tilted towards the other as they talked and teased, two matching pairs of tracks left behind them.


Na na na na na na na na~ Opening clips of KnB S3

I taught myself how to make gifs today so it maybe a little rough around the edges. Please be easy on me. And I’m pretty sure someone did this already. Also why isn’t the first gif moving?