aomine is already in love with kagami

I’ve always liked GoM as a whole, you know, a group of friends. I know, not everyone includes Kuroko, Kagami, Momoi and Nigou to members, but I literally adore the idea of all them being brought together thanks to outstanding skills in their favorite sport. A dream squad, for me at least. Which is why I envy them incredibly. Being a part of a particular, unique group that has been formed out of pure coincidence (or destiny, who knows) has been one of my greatest goals. But honestly, they have already become a vital part of my life. I owe them too much not to feel somewhat bonded with them. That’s why I decided to draw it. Thank you, KnB, for bringing me back to life.

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MTL to have a lot of babies for GOM? :))










That’s more or less how I imagine things! I think Aomine, Murasakibara, and Kise don’t mind having a large household or even enjoys having it! In Murasakibara’s case it’s because he has a large family too (he has 4 siblings), but in Aomine’s or Kise’s case they just enjoy a rowdy house lmao imagine them being dads who like to take their kids out for activities like camping/hiking and stuff like that, the more the merrier!

I headcanon Kagami and Momoi would prefer slightly less babies compared to the previous three. I imagine that private times with their s/o are very important in their relationships, and babies are such a huge responsibility that might take that precious time away. So maybe not as many babies for them.

As for Akashi and Midorima, two babies max, like they don’t see the point of having so many? Not that they mind but they’re the type of people to be concerned of the population boom and stuff haha! Another reason is probably so they can pay the optimal amount of attention to their kids without being drained because they’re so busy already. Don’t worry, they’ll give as much love to and have as much fun with their kids like the others with larger families!

Kagami is the kindergarten teacher and Aomine is the single dad who has a ball of energy as a daughter. Kagami is easily flustered and he loves kids, but these little devils like to play pranks on him, but he doesn’t get angry. He’s also clumsy af. Aomine works as police detective so he comes to pick his kid up pretty late  sometimes and Kagami just stays here and keeps her company. Kagami is being always understanding and extra sweet and polite with his kid, and Aomine finds it extremely cute. His daughter (the little devil) nags him how he should stop pinning after her teacher and already ask him out because she’s fed up COME ON YOU’RE ADULTS GOSH (let’s say she’s five or so)

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Can I have angst future AoKuro where Aomine dreams of their past in Teiko when he abandoned Kuroko, and then Kuroko comforts and reassures him. Fluff in the end, thanks!

Hi dear! Finally some AoKuro! It was really a pleasure to write it, Aomine being my favorite character, and I hope you’re going to enjoy it too. I’d imagined this situated a bit further in time; maybe first year of uni or something like that, and I’ve balanced angst and fluff! Yes, I used and reinterpreted the anime’ scene (wait not being a bit canon) that I believe signed the turning point and that hypothetically in the future would hurt Aomine the most when thinking back.

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Aomine blinked annoyed by something and tiredly lifted his eyelids, his body lying in the wet grass. Above him, in the sky rolled dark clouds like waves of a stormy sea. Cold, heavy rain dropped down drenching him ‘till the bones.

I don’t like this type of sky.

Where am I?

A sudden, worried voice called him. He recognized it immediately; he could have recognized it in an excited crowd, wearing earphones.

“Aomine-kun, let’s go back to practice.”

He straightened up and turned slowly. A young Kuroko was looking at him from the path over him, while Aomine just remained still on the bank.

He felt the urgency to raise a hand and show a smirk, but his body remained frozen. He wanted to call Kuroko’s name, to answer his call, but his lips moved on their own.

 “Why should I? For what purpose do I need to practice?” he heared himself asking with cold and cynic amusement “You realized I already win even if I don’t want to?” added walking towards him.

Oh no.

Not again. Not again. Not again.

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What would GOM + Kagami say to make there s/o come?

Generation of Miracles

Akashi: “I beginning to loose myself in you, love”

Aomine: “You’re so fucking tight!”

Kise: “___-cchi, you feel so good, I want to hear you cum”

Kuroko: “___, I can’t control myself much longer…”

Midorima: “You’re squeezing so much, don’t hold back and come already”

Murasakibara: “___-chin, I wanna taste you so bad so come already~”


Kagami: “My hips won’t stop moving! You feel so good!”

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Hello there! May I request scenarios on how GoM + Kagami, Takao, Himuro, would try to comfort their s/o going thru a particularly crappy period week? (sorry for the trouble ^///^) I love your blog by the way, like seriously you're awesome at this!~ ^w^


Aomine Daiki: Aomine already more or less understands/has gotten the gist of how period cramps work due to being close friends with Momoi. Since comfort isn’t his strongest suit, he makes sure instead to cut back on saying anything that may unnecessarily provoke you. He lets you decide everything - such as what restaurant you want to go to, or what movie you want to watch.

Kise Ryouta: Kise strokes your hair sympathetically when you curl up into a ball on the bed and refuse to move unless it’s to eat hot food. Kise comforts you by cooking you said hot food, as well as reassuring you that he’d do all the housework - doing the dishes, taking your things down to the laundry, etc - so that he can lift some weight from your shoulders, and you wouldn’t have to worry about anything for that week. 

Midorima Shintarou: Midorima tries to make you feel better by showing you that he isn’t at all grossed out, or disgusted by the fact that you’re on your period. During that week of each month, he’d go out to buy you your usual box of tampons, as well as a hot cup of coffee and your favourite magazine while he’s at it. 

Murasakibara Atsushi: Murasakibara realises what a woman goes through during her period, thanks to his sisters, and he knows that the worst thing to do is to ask, ‘Are you on your period?’. The only snacks he buys that week is chocolate - so that he can share it all with you (the cravings you have for sweets whilst on your period almost rivals his normally) in the hopes that you’ll feel better.

Kuroko Tetsuya: Kuroko always feels helpless whenever it comes to your time of the month, because there’s genuinely nothing he can really do to help you physically feel better during your period. However, he does sit down next to you to give you a lot of warm hugs and the frequent massage, to show you that he cares. 

Akashi Seijurou: Akashi comforts you emotionally by reminding you that you’re just as beautiful and intelligent when you’re on your period as he finds you the rest of the time. To make you feel better physically, he’d offer you a hot-water bottle, since the head and pressure will decrease the pain from cramps.

Kagami Taiga: Kagami’s pretty bad with words, so instead he tries to comfort you by making you smile and laugh, in the hopes of lifting your spirits up and distracting you from the uncomfortableness of your period. He also cooks for you the whole week, because he understands that going out could be a hassle for you. 

Takao Kazunari: Takao can’t make the discomfort for you any better, since it’s your body, but he tries to accommodate your wishes whenever he can, as long as it’s not unreasonable. He’d often run hot baths for you, and give you a ride to school in the rickshaw - snaking Midorima in the process - if you’re experiencing particularly awful cramps. 

Himuro Tatsuya: Himuro makes you feel better by letting you know that you’re loved and appreciated through various actions. He’d remind you of what a great person and awesome girlfriend you are via text messages and quick phone calls - although he’s careful to not go over the top with his words, in case he comes across as annoying, which could lead to you becoming irritated. 

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hey may I have a scenario with Gom -Akashi +Kagami apologizing for something stupid they've told that hurt their s/o after an argument? I love some angst 😍 thank you!! If i've already ask it ignore, i don't remember all blogs i requested hahah 💕








Send me a “Come back” and I’ll write a drabble about character asking the other to return (they parted after a fight, the other has been missing for a while, etc) Send me a “Whatever” and I’ll write whatever you ask for. I mixed both because of time troubles and because I thought it could work together. Sorry if it didn’t. Hope you like it anyway. I won’t be able to write anything else until december, sorry for that.

 “Ha?” He asked lifting his voice and frowning. He couldn’t seem to understand the meaning of their question for him. Or more over, he couldn’t believe they were so fucking stupid to actually think something like that.

“We need an answer” Midorima cold expression made Kagami’s anger grow even more. Were they actually trying to imply he was cheating on them?

“What’s exactly your relationship with Himuro-san?” Kuroko asked right after, cold blue eyes glaring at him.

They were. He couldn’t believe all the fuss and the “serious chat” was all about something like that. Their anniversary was close and he had asked for Himuro’s help to search a good present for all of them, which resulted in them spending more time than usual together. That was it. It was even for them. But no, his stupid six boyfriends, were already making stupid scenarios about him cheating on them with his brother.

Like, why in hell –or heaven or whatever actually- would he even want to have another fucking boyfriend in the first place? Did they really thought that six guys weren’t enough for him? Did they thought he was some kind of men hungry slut or something? He was at his limit with six of them, he didn’t wanted anymore selfish guys to be wandering around him, asking him weird questions and taking all his free time away; plus, his body wouldn’t stand having even another partner.

 “YOU STUPID ASSHOLES!!” He screamed to the top of his lungs, hitting the table with both hands and standing at once “I’M FUCKING SICK OF YOUR SHITTY SELFISHNESS? Why? Are you finally getting how stupidly selfish and self-centered you are, and started to think that maybe I wasn’t happy with that? Or is just because you feel lonely because I’m not here whenever you want me to?”

The six boys that were sitting around him opened their eyes like fried eggs, looking up at him unable to article even one word at the evident rage of their boyfriend. They were so stupid, thinking about something like that…

But more than that, he was hurt. Did they trusted him so little? Did they actually thought he was such a simple hearted aloof that would date someone just because?

Did they thought that his feelings for them were something so fragile to be broken with that?

Were their feelings for him so little?

Before he could control himself, some tears were hanging from his red eyes. The rage turned into sadness and despair, and his throat burned… He wanted to scream, he wanted to hit them…

“Y-you… idiots… I hate you all” He only managed to babble those words, taking his bag from the ground and left the house he had been invited to for that conversation, dodging Kise’s older sister on his way out.

“Hey, you idiots, what did you guys did to Taiga-chan?” The girl asked glaring them from the door of Kise’s room, were they stayed sitting, still trying to understand what was happening.

“Ah… We fucked up” Aomine spoke for all of them, and they all looked down at the floor.

So many messages. So many calls. So many knocks on his door. He wouldn’t answer any of that. He had decided he wouldn’t, because he was too tired of dealing with them. Dating them was an awful mistake he wouldn’t repeat. Loving them was the stupidest thing he had ever done.

Like they could ever reply to his feelings…

He wouldn’t talk to Kuroko more than necessary, he’d evade Kise and ignore Midorima. He wouldn’t go to the court were Aomine would be waiting for him, and wouldn’t do anymore sweets. He wouldn’t accept any present that got to his door.

If they didn’t trusted him, it meant they didn’t loved him. And he wasn’t as stupid to go after them after knowing that. He wouldn’t love them anymore.

But even so, it was a bit lonely and a bit cold. He had too much free time and too much empty space in his apartment now that they weren’t there… Winter seemed a lot harder being alone.

It was all their fault… They had hurt Kagami, and know he wouldn’t talk to them. It didn’t matter how hard they tried, he wouldn’t even look back to them. They had been so stupid. The cold wind of winter was easy to stand for them, compared to the coldness of Kagami’s eyes when he looked at them.

“Kagami-kun” Kuroko asked as Kagami prepared to go back to his place “Would you mind going to Maji Burger with me?”

“Why?” He retorted harshly. The way Kuroko had asked that sounded like a date, and he wasn’t very fond of that idea at the moment.

“I want to tell you something” He replied without hesitation, his blue eyes staring at him without blinking. The red scarf around his mouth make his words a bit difficult to understand.

“I don’t wanna hear anything you have to say” Kagami closed his jacket and sank his chin inside his own scarf.

“We need to tell you something.” Kuroko changed his words, startling him a bit “You don’t have to say anything, just… listen”

“I say, I don’t wanna listen to anything that come from you guys” He shrugged and started to walk down the street. With both of his hands tucked inside the pockets of his jacket and his face on his scarf, Kagami walked, shrinking at the cold wind that came up front.

He had only walked a bit when he saw some known silhouettes standing some meters away from him. So they didn’t had the intention to let him refuse from the start. So selfish. Just like them,

“Are you going to let me pass?” He bawled, looking directly at the five boys that stood before him.

“Just hear us out” Kise whined.

“I won’t” He buffed, glaring at those golden eyes he couldn’t help but find charming.

“Come on, we are sorry ‘bout what happened” Aomine replied with his usual informality

“Well, you better be, you fucking morons. Now let me trough” He said starting to walk, but Murasakibara stood in his way.

“No way~. We want to properly apologize to Kaga-chin” That childish tone and way of speaking. It was so irritating that he couldn’t hate it even then.

“So what? Saying two or three I’m sorry are supposed to make me go back with you guys?” He smirked a bit “Well, I have news for you. I won’t. I decided I won’t date any of you anymore, not to think about all of you selfish pieces of shit. So stop losing our time and let me go”

“Not until we have said our apologies” Akashi stepped closer, holding Kagami’s hand in his own “Then you might do as you please”

“Well, shoot” He shrugged and stepped back, releasing his hand from Akashi grip and looking directly at them, searching who would start.

“We were selfish. We couldn’t stand see that you weren’t around at all times, and we ended up making an awful mistake” Kuroko started, making him turn around to look at his blue eyes, which trembled just a bit as he spoke “We wanted you all for ourselves and we didn’t even noticed what you wanted”

“Himuro told us, that you were searching a present for us…” Kise continued, tearing up as soon as he started to talk “Because of our anniversary, and we felt so stupid. We didn’t even remembered such an important date, and started to blame you…”

“We said you didn’t cared ‘bout our relationship when we were the ones that were paying less attention. To you, to us. To everything.” Aomine spoke, scratching the back of his neck and looking to a side a bit embarrassed “And we didn’t realized until you told us”

“Because even when we said we would agree to keep this relationship all seven, we continued to see each other as opponents, at some point we stopped looking at you” Midorima said, fixing his glasses way more time that it was necessary.

“And because we couldn’t sort our problems out, we ended up hurting and extenuating you. Because everyone wanted to have you solely for himself” Akashi added, his voice as calm as always but his eyes trembling like Kagami had never seen them.

“We lied when we agreed to this… because everyone wanted Kaga-chin more than anything” Murasakibara finally spoke “And then everything crumbled”

“So you are saying that it was condemned from the start” Kagami smirked again. His throat hurt and his eyes were getting watery. He didn’t knew why, but his chest hurt so much he could barely stand it.

“But there’s one thing… That we never lied about” Kuroko yelled, in that tone he used when he was about to say something really important “We love you”

“We love you more than anything in this world” Aomine almost yelled.

“We love you more than anyone else” Midorima spoke.

“We love you so much, we don’t wanna see you crying never again” Kise whined.

“We have already hurt you. And we know that you don’t wanna see us never again, but we wanted to say you that we still love you. And that we just want you to be happy” Akashi’s eyes didn’t smiled… they cried without tears “So we want you to do what you think is best. We won’t ask you to come back if you think that would hurt you”

“Y-you are… you all, are fucking selfish, stupid, useless, basketball idiots, morons, that can’t do nothing good” Kagami started to insult them, his voice breaking with every word he spoke “COWARDS… Won’t you make me fall again saying things like that?”

He was blushing, tears rolling down his cheeks, heart beating fast…

“J-just because you know… that I love you, you say those stupid things… Even though you were so mean with me” He continued, this fists punching the air as he tried to hit them without enough strength to actually do that, until he crashed into Murasakibara’s chest, and resting his face there, he cried a bit more “J-just because you realized how stupid you were and how much you need me… That doesn’t mean, that doesn’t mean I’ll go back with you”

“Kaga-chin” Kagami lifted his face at the sound of his name, being trapped into a soft kiss, as sweet as the candies that the purple haired always ate, making him forget his anger and his tears stop “Sorry…” Those lips went up, kissing his cheeks, his forehead, his hair, his eyebrows, then again his cheeks. And with every kiss, there was an apology

“Coward” Kagami trembled, receiving without struggling the soft kisses of the giant “I can’t stay angry if you do that…”

“Hehe, I know~” Murasakibara smiled kissing him again on the lips. “’cause Kaga-chin is so tender…”

“Alright…” He turned around to see the other five, whose eyes were those of completely jealousy “This is the last chance of you all. I’m taking your word when you say you love me, and with my great heart full of forgiveness, I’ve decided to go back with you. But if you ever do something as stupid as that again, that would really be the end”

“Kagami-kun” Kuroko was the first to jump to him, hugging him with such strength he thought he might break in two.

“We’ll work hard to be less…selfish” Aomine mumbled

“Don’t work hard, BE LESS SELFISH” Kagami shouted back, pinching his cheeks “or I’m really gonna leave you”

“Ok, ok… I’ll be less selfish”

“That’s better”

A great smile, a kiss for each of them. And the last chance for them, started to count.

Title: Playful Scars (1/?)
Pairings: AoKagaKise (ot3) 
Summary: Kise is a prince of a perfect kingdom and decides to adopt two cubs, a panther and a tiger. What he doesn’t know is that these two felines are going to prove to be much bigger problems than what he thought.

Note: Don’t worry there won’t be any bestiality, promise. Inspired by this

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Gom + takao + kagami walk in on their so crying over a Disney movie?

Guess who went out and watched Moana! This girl! (╥ ω ╥)

Kuroko: Light sniffling from your direction was the last thing Kuroko expected to hear. Looking up from his book, he glanced at the television to reassure himself that you were still watching the same movie you’d been watching an hour ago. So why was it that you were crying?

“Tetsuya,” you sniffled, wiping away a tear. “If we ever needed to, could we adopt 101 Dalmations just like Roger and Anita?”

Ah, so that was the reason. “That’s a bit much, ____…”

Kagami: He never thought he would find himself getting emotional over a dog, especially a dog in a movie, but something about seeing you beginning to tear up got to Kagami. The way your lip quivered and your breath came out in uneven puffs as you tried to finish the old movie.

“Why’d they kill Old Yeller?” Your whimpering practically broke his heart. “I mean, I know why, but still…”

Kagami couldn’t help but start tearing up as well.

Kise: The lullaby he had heard at the beginning of the movie had been so soothing, Kise was almost lulled to sleep.  A few minutes later though, when he heard you softly crying, he was full of attention and wondering what exactly had gone wrong.

“Eh? Did something happen? ____cchi, why are you crying?”

“Circus owners are so mean,” you explained, voice thick with tears. “They didn’t have to take Dumbo away from his mom…”

Aomine: When he first heard what movie you were watching, Aomine wanted to laugh at you. What grown teenager would watch The Tigger Movie in their right mind? The laughable, bouncy animal was just too childish for him to pay any real attention to the movie. Or so he thought.

“He deserves to have a family, too,” you cried, rubbing furiously at your eyes to rid yourself of tears while Aomine rubbed soothingly at your back.

Damn. Since when did kid’s movies get so deep?

Midorima: It was hard to believe that you were crying at this moment, especially since it was over something fictional. Midorima couldn’t help but shake his head over how emotional you were getting, chalking it up to how empathetic you could be at times.

“Nothing that bad even happened in the movie,” he muttered mainly to himself. “Why are you crying?”

“The Aristocats deserve all the happiness in the world, Shintarou!”

Takao: He could hear the sad music all the way from his position in the kitchen. From its melancholic tones, Takao knew exactly what movie you were watching. There was no way he would be caught viewing it again, especially during that scene. What kid’s movie put a scene like that in it anyway?

“Kazunari,” you called, your voice halfway between a sob and a hiccup. “Come in here! I need you to hug my sad away!”

“No way! I don’t want to go through The Fox and the Hound again this week!”

Murasakibara: The thought of a living, conscious car was a bit creepy to Murasakibara, so he wasn’t too keen on watching Herbie: Fully Loaded with you. Making excuses that he had other things to do, he didn’t walk into the room until well after the movie was close to its end.

“He won!” You were screaming, tears of joy sliding down your face as you jumped up and down on the couch. “Herbie won! He won!”

Murasakibara never knew these kinds of movies would get you so excited.

Akashi: Holes was a story Akashi remembered reading as a book long before he heard about the movie, so he already knew what to expect. The same couldn’t be said for you though. Luckily, he knew exactly when to walk in so he could comfort you when needed.

“All she wanted to do was love him,” you cried.

Akashi had the volume turned down and the television paused as you composed yourself. “Don’t worry,” he assured, “Everything will work out in the end.”

KnB Cross Colors Special Story - (Part of) Seirin & Touou’s Cooking Incident (translated)

This is my attempt at translating (part of) one of the special stories found in Cross Colors, the official Kuroko no Basket smartphone game. There were many parts worth translating in the stories imo (such as Kaijou’s purikura session at the arcade and Midorima holding a ladle in the pool), but this one finally made me get down to it because, well, there’s a great moment between Kagami and Aomine and I LOVE SEEING THEM TOGETHER.

This is a very rough translation because I’m struggling so much with the Japanese language help. If anyone is interested in reading the entirety of the stories in the two game paths (Kuroko and Kise) available right now, maybe… someone… is translating them already? Otherwise, it’s on my to-do list somewhere…

Context of the game and this story: Seirin and the other schools with GoM members are attending a joint training camp. After a day of spartan training under Riko’s supervision, the Seirin members rush to the cafeteria for a good meal, only to find it closed because of equipment checks. Fortunately or not, the kitchen is still accessible, and Riko suggests cooking for everyone… As the Seirin members shudder in fear, Momoi appears and to thank Kuroko for helping her find the missing Aomine earlier during the day, she decides to cook for his school. The Seirin members’ joy doesn’t last long as Kuroko turns even paler and tells them about Momoi’s skills that rival those of Riko. Hyuuga, in a desperate attempt to save everyone, puts Kagami up for the task of assisting Riko, and Sakurai also joins in on Momoi’s side.

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So… I want to talk about Aomine and Kagami meeting the parents. (Or in Aomine’s case, meeting the parent and the parent.)

Aomine and Alex: Aomine would immediately get insecure because the first thing he would see is Alex planting a big kiss on Kagami’s lips. He would sort of freeze and see red for a second, and then everything would start to sink into a deep, dark, heavy black. He can’t think straight and he’s one second away from bolting – he just can’t at the moment because his legs feel all wobbly. Kagami wouldn’t notice this, of course, he’d just be annoyed with Alex and yell at her to stop doing that – geez, c’mon not in front of my boyfriend – and Alex would turn her eyes to Aomine and, ah… ah. She can’t help grinning because trust Taiga to have good taste in men, she’s so proud of her kiddo. And so she promptly plants another big kiss on Aomine’s lips and this time, Kagami is the one to freeze and see red.

Aomine and Kagami senior: They would meet at a fancy restaurant in the states, and while Kagami and his dad are perfectly fine discussing which wine would go best with their dinner, Aomine can’t even figure out which fork goes where. Kagami’s dad is super intimidating looking, but actually, he’s not at all that bad. Never mind, he’s horrible, he decides to have some fun and pretends he can’t speak Japanese at all and proceeds to talk to Aomine in English. And Aomine panics thinking, wait. Wait a sec, I thought Kagami said he talked to his dad in Japanese what’s going on. And he fumbles through the conversation in horrible, horrible English. (Kagami feels bad for Aomine, and initially tries to stop his dad… but fuck, flustered Aomine is adorable so he ends up just watching the whole thing with the biggest, shit-eating grin on his face.)

Kagami’s dad doesn’t think Aomine is all that special, but reasons, well, he makes Taiga happy, so… that’s that. (Not that he has a problem with Aomine, it’s just that he has really, really high standards for his boy.) But then the next day or so he sees Aomine on the basketball court, playing basketball with his son. He can’t take his eyes off the court. He feels like he’s seventeen again, he can practically feel the basketball under his own hands, the adrenaline rushing through his veins. He sees Aomine. He sees the way Taiga is looking at him. He understands.

Kagami and Aomine’s parents: Very, very different setting from the previous encounter. Aomine invites Kagami to his house, and when Kagami enters Aomine’s mom is slaving behind the kitchen and the dining room table is groaning under its own weight, because she’s been cooking ALL DAY – she heard Kagami has a big appetite, so naturally she wanted to be prepared. Kagami is mortified and sputters that there was no need to go through all the trouble, but Aomine just rolls his eyes and says heh, don’t be sorry, she’s the one who brought it onto herself. All throughout dinner, Kagami can’t help but noticing, oh my god, my boyfriend is absolutely spoiled silly, his parents love him to pieces.

Kagami’s a little more quiet than usual, because he’s too busy taking everything in. His heart hurts a little, and he doesn’t really know why – he just knows he’s really, really happy because Aomine is obviously the apple of his parents’ eyes.

And then when he’s ready to leave, Aomine’s mom gives him a big hug and makes sure to pack extra bags of leftover food for Kagami. Kagami doesn’t know what to do with Aomine’s dad, who has been rather silent all night, but before he leaves, Aomine’s dad claps him on the shoulder and says, take care son. And Kagami realizes that the funny feeling he’s been having all night is because the Aomine’s are such a nice family – and they’re already treating him like family, too.

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aomine and kagami walking in on their s/o playing an otome game, trying to woo a character unusually similar to their appearance and personality

“____ You’re supposed to help me study.”

“Give me like 10 minutes.” You mumble.

“Didn’t you say that half an hour ago?” He quips. No response. You peek over the screen of your PSP, careful to not miss the way he grumbles with a pout that’s more adorable than fearsome.

Reluctant, Kagami leaves you be, most likely to get some snacks.

Most of the time, study sessions with your boyfriend end up with you practically shoving a textbook in his face and demanding that he sit down and focus with no thoughts of basketball. Helping him required the patience of a saint and the faith of a preacher. But for once, he was trying to initiate it. Maybe just so you could shower him with affection and kisses, rewarding him as you always did.

Before you can voice how cute your boyfriend could act sometimes, was pushed away when the opportunity of a date with the boy you were after had arisen.

You were halfway through your date to the movies before Kagami walked in, carrying snacks and basketball magazines. You’re in the same position as you were when he left, he frowns at how absorbed you were in that game. His gaze softens a bit when he saw how cute you looked in his huge  t-shirt, the sight was almost enough to satiate his possessive side.

He can’t help himself from peering over your shoulder as he places down the tray, curious as to what the fuss is all about, but refusing to admit it to himself. But he sees a boy with the same hair and eyes as him, with a bright grin like how he smiles after winning a game.

“____.” He calls your name again from behind you, forcing you to jump in surprise. The cocky grin on his face tells you that he’s seen enough. He’s about to speak, but you speak first as you don’t really want to face his remarks.

“Fine, if you’re really jealous over a video game we can study for a bit.” You teased before putting the game down. His shit eating grin was replaced by flustered spluttering.

It’s clear from Aomine’s tone when he calls your name that he’s pissed off. Despite that, you can’t seem to tear your eyes away from your phone, not sure if you’d rather finish this date and incur his wrath later, or just shower him with the affection and attention he’s demanding from you now.

“Are you even listening to me?!” He snaps. Your response; a half hearted mumble.

“Yeah.” Navy brows knit together in annoyance. Your lack of attention leaves a bitter taste in his mouth. Usually, having you in his room means having you in his arms, holding you close to his body and stealing blissful kisses from you when you least expect it. He doesn’t expect to have you sat on the other side of his room, mashing buttons while you date fictional characters.

He climbs off his bed and gets to his feet. You don’t realise that you’ve stretched his patience too far until he storms over to you and yanks your phone out of your unsuspecting grasp.

“Daiki! Give it back!” You yell as he waves your phone out of your reach. You reach for it, but to no avail, as his height and build make it an impossible task. He briefly considers returning it in exchange for a kiss or two before he takes a look at the phone screen.

The character you’re on a date with has the same blue hair, the same muscular build and the same, shameless smirk. His eyes narrow in confusion until it clicks, and when it does, his expression mirrors your fictional love interest’s.

“Why waste your time with otome games when the real thing’s already right in front of you?” He says, dropping his voice by an octave because he knows what his voice does to you. Taking advantage of your adorable, flustered face, he tosses your phone onto his bed, an arm snakes around your waist as he leans in to finally claim your soft lips. 

anonymous asked:

GomxKagami -Whatever- trying Kagami's food for the first time.

It had been difficult, since everyone had their own plans and some of them even lived in different cities, buy finally they all got together. The whole Generation of Miracles was back to remember the old times and try to recover even a little part of the friendship they had. And, in the middle of them all, like if it was natural for him to be there, was Kagami.

“What’s this idiot doing here?” Aomine bawled the question, pointing at Kagami as he said it.

“Right, why is double eyebrows here?” Murasakibara continued, frowning a bit.

“Sorry” Kuroko apologized “It’s my miss. He discovered we were meeting…”

“Like I could pass the opportunity to play against all of you!” Kagami laughed, not caring about the glares that condemned him as a ‘non-invited’.

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Title: Notes.

Disclaimer: Kuroko no Basuke belongs to Fujimaki-sensei.

Pairing: AoKaga.

Summary: -
Writing notes is so childish and… endearing.

Warning: Yaoi.

Note: Need more dosage of AoKaga.

Index (Other drabbles)

Kagami slammed the door behind him. He stomped across the room then threw himself to the bed. He pulled at his hair, hoping the pain soothes his nerves.

His mind was in a fucking mess.

The one who had caused was now yelling into the door on the other side of the room; Aomine fucking Daiki.

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akutagawahakuryuunosuke  asked:

YAYYY I WAIT THIS HAPPEN, AND YOU OPEN REQUEST ON MY GRADUATION DAY ;;W;; IM SOO HAPPY can i request a Kurokos oneshot? what if he trying to surprise his lover on her graduation days but it mess up since Aomine and the others show up heheh after that is up to you make it fluff and lemon please hehehe thank you very very much :L

Spring had arrived and the cherry blossoms were in full bloom as the students worked their way across the stage to receive their diplomas. You were incredibly nervous, partly because, well, you were graduating, and partly because it was possible for you to fall face first when walking. 

When it was your turn to make your way onto the stage, you took a deep breath and took step by step, your shoes clacking against the floor as the audience erupted into cheers. That voice. Your ears perked up. 


You quickly whipped around to see the familiar head of blue hair blending into the audience. He was smiling and cheering aloud for you, obviously proud of his lover for making it this far. The two of you went to the same school and he graduated just last year. Though, you expected him to be miles away from here because of his job. Biting your lip, you grinned and gave a shy wave back at him. He gave you two encouraging thumbs up. 

After the ceremony ended, you were quick to jump into your boyfriend’s arms. It had been months since you last saw each other and the distance had exhausted the two of you. “You’re here,” you whispered.

“Of course, I told you I’d come. This is a huge moment.” He smiled, placing a kiss on your forehead. Kuroko may seem innocent but he was all smooth jazz when it came to romance. He opened his mouth only to be interrupted by a smack on the back, which propelled the two of you in one direction. 

Kuroko sighed and stared at Aomine. “Aomine-kun, can I help you?”

“Don’t be like that, Tetsu. Your babe here was friends with a cousin of mine. Yeah, the basketball player. He just graduated today too.”

“Alright, that’s good to know. But I’ll appreciate some quiet time since I haven’t seen my ‘babe’ in so long.” Kuroko cringed at the awful term of endearment. He then turned to you and opened his mouth again.

“Midorima’s sister goes here too so he’s picking her up today! We should have a reunion. I know Satsuki’s in town too. Akashi’s free today and so is Murasakibara. Hell, let’s get Kagami in on this! It’s been a while since we all met.” Again, before Kuroko could utter a single word, Aomine was already gathering the whole crew for a huge gathering.

Although you were a teensy bit disappointed, you didn’t really mind meeting everyone else. It had been a while and you sort of missed the whole rainbow gang too. Everyone was as rowdy as ever.

Kuroko leaned over to whisper in your ear, “I’m really sorry about this. I was hoping we could grab a nice dinner on our own but Aomine seemed to have different plans.”

“It’s fine,” you grinned, tapping his nose. “This is fun too. I’ve missed them.”

“We can go for dinner tonight after everyone leaves.”

“Hey, let’s go to a bar after this!” Kagami flashed his brightest smile as he hooked an arm around Kuroko’s neck.

Kuroko looked about ready to jump and leave. You smiled, “Thanks for the offer, we’d love to, but Kuroko already made reservations for this really good place.”

“Ah, man, oh well. And oh – oh, is he staying with you tonight?” A devious smile danced on his lips as he untangled himself from his former teammate. “Stay safe, kids! Protection first!”

Kuroko nearly murdered him on the spot but he sighed and turned to you. “Thank you, but I haven’t made a reservation yet. I was planning to—”

“We can go to McDonald’s and I wouldn’t care.” 

“I love you.”

A few hours later, the whole gang was gathered in Maji Burger once more. “Wait, Kuroko, you haven’t left?” Kagami asked, raising an eyebrow.

The two of you, with no place else to go, decided to stay at the burger joint and share stories of the past. “Yes.”

“I thought you had a reservation somewhere.”

“Right here.” He smiled, eyes darting towards you who winked at him knowingly.

kaogami  asked:

I absolutely adore your writings! You write really beautifully c: May I request a first kiss scenario with Aomine and Kagami? Maybe somewhere they are alone/private and they get really nervous and flustered trying to kiss her. I'd love to read what you write with this!

(Oh mY gOD thank you so much ♡) 

Aomine: You and him were on the school roof (I am a walking cliché), eating lunch, just the two of you- unlike many previous days whereas Momoi had been with you. 

Aomine was sitting up, his hands holding him up as he plants them on the concrete, staring at you intensely as you pretend not to notice his strange gaze. 

He had already finished his lunch, unsurprisingly already having scoffed down the meal, so now you were sat with your legs crossed under you, awkwardly nibbling on your lunch.  

“H-Hey, Y/N,” Aomine stutters, immediately catching your attention. You turn your head to look at him, but as you think you’re about to meet Aomine’s eyes, his lips press against yours, his eyes closed tightly. Your eyes are wide as you stare at your boyfriend’s blushing red face. 

You can’t help the flood of calm that completely consumes you, relaxing you into the kiss and against his body. 

He pulls back only after a few moments, looking at you with his wide, trademark smirk, making you raise your eyebrow at him, seeing as you had just shared your first kiss as an official couple (and kiss between you two in general…) and this was his reaction, like he had just made an insane shot in basketball in front of Kagami. 

“I’m so good,” He cheers himself, moving down onto his back with his arms folded underneath his head with his eyes closed gently, smirking up at the sky. You can feel a heated blush on your face as you slowly continue to nibble on a few grains of rice, your mind racing with what had just happened… 

Kagami: You could tell something was wrong as soon as he picked you up for your lunch date to the park… But you didn’t expect him to be this… Incoherent. 

You were sat next to him on the rug atop the soft grass, side-eyeing Kagami as his face roasted the same colour as his hair, awkwardly clearing his throat and scratching the back of his neck. His whole body was stiff, which only stiffened more as you attempt to hold his hand. 

You zip your hand away, looking at him with sad eyes. You were already beginning to second-guess his feelings for you. He was always awkward on your dates, and the little insecurities and those delusions, that everyone has, whisper to you that he didn’t actually want to be your boyfriend, that you’d somehow guilt tripped him into dating you. 

“Y-Y/N? Can I say something?” Kagami stutters out, crashing through your thoughts. You look at him nervously, nodding your head as anxiety bubbles in your stomach, thinking that he’s going to bring down that tidal wave of rejection. 

“I’m going to… Kiss you… Right now,” He states before suddenly pressing his lips to yours, albeit slightly roughly from his own uneasiness, your noses bumping haphazardly. His calloused hands cup your cheeks, his large hands are clammy, heating your face even further. 

He pulls away after a few seconds, looking at you closely with wide eyes, his mouth slightly ajar. 

“W-Was that o-okay?” He mumbles, searching your features desperately. A coy smile curls your lips, though you don’t have the coherentness to reply with words, so you nod as your answer, making Kagami sigh and smile in relief, resting his forehead on yours and leaving you two sitting like that for a while longer… 

Cherry Blossoms

I know I’m supposed to be updating Beyond the Mistletoe, but this just came to mind, so I had to quickly write it. Just something short and kinda dumb. [lol]
(Note: I do actually love Free!

Title: Cherry Blossoms
Pairing: AoKaga
Summary: Kise recommends that Aomine and Kagami watch this great new swimming anime.
Warnings: A bit of cursing, and vague references to episode 12 of Free! Not really spoilers, but thought I’d play it safe and make mention. Also, mentions of RinHaru

Now available on AO3

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