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Akashi, Aomine, Kagami, Midorima, Himuro, and Nash when their s/o thinks they are cheating, but they really aren't. Although their s/o decides to hide in their bedroom, saying they were 'away' on a business trip, but spying on them? Thank you!

I hope it’s good! ;-; -T-chan

You always knew your boyfriend was popular both with women and men. And while it did make you happy, knowing he was yours, it also made you jealous whenever you saw a woman too close to him. You hoped that jealousy would end, but it turned into fear of him cheating on you. At first you laughed it away, yet each time you hanged out with your friends, all you heard was how popular your boyfriend was with women.

You confronted him and though a bit dissatisfying, he assured you he didn’t cheat on you. You believed him. But the feeling remained and with each day passing, you couldn’t help but wonder if he really was faithful, so you decided to spy on him. You knew he would be angry if you were caught, but you couldn’t be at calm without making sure he didn’t cheat.

Biting your lower lip, you were sitting on the floor of your wardrobe in your bedroom, hidden behind clothes, but open enough to hear. You sighed, what seemed like hundredth time and you were ready to give up, when you heard him walking inside. Slowly standing on your feet, you opened the doors, to see him.

Midorima heaved a sigh when he closed the doors behind himself. He narrowed his eyebrows as he stared at his phone, looking at your message. It was sudden for him to get a message, saying you went on a business trip. He wanted to see the meaning behind, yet no matter how much longer and intense he stared at the message, there was no answer that could satisfy him enough.

“That’s odd…” He murmured and locked the phone. “Leaving so early. Is everything alright at their company?” He thought aloud, completely unaware of your presence in wardrobe. “I should give them a call later to ask when they come back.”

Midorima sat on bed and placed glasses on night table beside before covering his eyes. He felt a slight headache coming and all he hoped was for it to be mild. The last thing he wanted was to spend the rest of the day grumpy and in bed. Lying on his back, he slowly dozed off into slumber.

You took the chance and walked out of the wardrobe. Quietly watching your boyfriend, you walked to his side and knelt on the ground. Leaning on bed, you observed Midorima’s peaceful expression before your eyes fell on his lips when you heard him mumble. Your eyes widened and you smiled.

“I love you…” You whispered and kissed him on his cheek before you left the bedroom.

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Tiniest Miracles Evolving

  • Kuroko: Nijimura-senpai, I have been waiting for the right moment to tell you that I’m gay.
  • Nijimura: That’s fine, we still love you.
  • Kise: I’m gay too.
  • Midorima: Same.
  • Murasakibara: Ditto.
  • Akashi: Yup.
  • Aomine: Me too.
  • Nijimura: Jesus Christ, does no one on this team like girls?
  • Momoi: I do.