• Aomine:Yo, Midorima! Midorima!
  • Kise [at the same time]:Midorimacchi~! Midorimacchi~!
  • Murasakibara [at the same time]:Mido-chin~! Mido-chin~!
  • Akashi [at the same time]:Shintarou! Shintarou!
  • Midorima:*inhales*
  • Midorima:WHAT.
  • Aomine:...
  • Murasakibara:*munches on chips*
  • Kise:*starts crying*
  • Akashi:You know what we'll come back later.

#KnbWeek: Day 6(29/07) - Cross Over

am i funny enough /shots/ had an idea of combining two of my fav anime series and how mch of a coincidence they have gay ass rainbow hairs. chose to the draw the F6 version with their original personalities :D

What it’s like to have a relationship with the GoM + Kagami:

What it’s like to have a relationship with the GoM + Kagami: 


~ old-fashioned relationship

~ wallpaper on his phone is you sleeping 

~ hand kisses

~ treats you like a princess

~ calls you, “dear” 

~ always invites you on important or not events, and dances with you when a slow song comes on 

~ “Waste of money? Dear, you’re far more important than wealth.” 


~ simple relationship 

~ forehead kisses

~ calles you by your name, but full of love 

~ treats you your favourite food or milkshakes 

~ tries his best especially when you’re watching practice 

~ wallpaper on his phone is you and Nigou 

~ “I’l achieve my dream for you and me, and I’ll assure you that you’ll be by my side.”


~ “goals” relationship

~ frequent dates especially when he’s on break from modelling

~ his phone wallpaper is a stolen picture of you 

~ peck on the lips 

~ couple shirts 

~ plenty of selfies and pictures 

~ “Very funny, (Name)cchi!! But seriously, you’re absolutely beautiful, (First Name).” *smiles* 


~ weird and shy relationship 

~ gives you your lucky item of the day 

~ his phone wallpaper is your selfie with him

~ cheek kisses

~ very shy to hold your hand, but holds it in public so he doesn’t lose you or just simply wants to show his affection 

~ tries his best to impress you in an indirect way, especially in practice 

~ “Don’t believe what they say and be secure about yourself. I wouldn’t love somebody who isn’t beautiful inside and out.” *adjusts his glasses to hide his blush* 


~ laid back relationship

~ very protective 

~ shares his snacks with you 

~ cuddles 

~ pocky kisses, or kisses that involves food 

~ his phone wallpaper is you eating cake happily 

~ “As if I’ll look at somebody else. (Name)-chin is sweet enough for me.” 


~ fit relationship

~ you two are frequently working out, if not, you just watch him when he is]

~ his phone wallpaper is a wacky picture he took of you 

~ long kisses

~ always tries to teach you basketball 

~ boasts about you to the other Gom, or his team 

~ “It doesn’t matter if you don’t have large breasts, you do have a large heart that you manage to love someone like me and I absolutely love that..” 


~ active relationship 

~ always shows off in practice when you’re watching 

~ his phone wallpaper is you kissing him on the cheek selfie you took 

~ nose kisses

~ you two always jog in the morning 

~ tours you all around america and japan 

~ “Ah, everything is so much better when you’re with me, (Name).”

  • GoM:Ohana means family, and family means ――
  • Kuroko:"Family"? This ain't no family! Y'all left me in tears and now I'm coming after y'all.