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Can i have smut for Midorima and Aomine?? (^////^ ) They're so different but both very lovable to me~~ Beautiful blog btw XD

I’ve already done some smut for precious carrot. Perhaps I should do more? Hm. My mind is telling me no, but my B ODY IS TELLING ME YAAAA AAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS.



  • Who knew missionary could be better than literally everything else, brought you you by Midorima Shintarou.
  • If you tease him in public (pinching his butt, whispering dirty things into his ear, etc…) he will get really annoyed and flustered. If you do it enough he’ll give you .5 seconds after you get home before he’s got you pinned to a wall.
  • Give him a hickey right under his ear, he’ll melt right into your hands.


  • He likes big boobs, but he’s got a good thing going for booty too. Just give this one something to grab on to.
  • He works wonders with his tongue. Absolute master at oral and will have you coming undone just with his tongue.
  • He loves when you leave scratches down his back. It lets him know he’s making you feel good, and he’s proud to show them off when he changes in the locker room.