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Gom, Kagami, Teppei, their first thoughts when they saw their future s/o

Didn’t know if you wanted the soulmate AU things I see a lot of… Decided to go with a bit more realism.

Kuroko: It was rather strange to see someone staying in the school library as late as he often did, so watching you slowly weave your way through bookshelves was actually quite entertaining for Kuroko. His first thought was how he wanted to get to know your taste in literature more.

Kagami: Initially he’d thought you’d be extremely girly, his mind going to the stereotyped prissy girls he saw on television. He should’ve known better though, with the types of girls he met through his life, that you’d be nothing like that. At least it was a pleasant surprise and relief; he knew nothing about girl hobbies!

Kiyoshi: He had never seen someone look so utterly lost while trying to maneuver their way around the school. Feeling a bit worried for you, he offered to help find your class with you and the moment you smiled at him in relief and thanks, Kiyoshi couldn’t help but think about just how cute you looked like that.

Kise: You were just another girl that passed him by, smiling in his direction and greeting him with a cheerful ‘good morning’ as he walked to class. Kise never really thought about it until he noticed you doing the same with other people he knew. Wait, you didn’t do it just because it was him? Why? He needed to know.

Aomine: If there was ever a thing to first grab Aomine’s attention, it would have to be your body. He just couldn’t help that his eyes were automatically pulled to your figure, though you could never tell at first if it was a good or bad thing. You actually talked to him first because he was just too busy staring.

Midorima: Never one to really believe in love at first sight, Midorima doesn’t really give you a second thought the first time he sees you. It isn’t until your third meeting, when he’s actually forced to talk with you, that he realizes how compatible the two of you are. He makes it a point by then to get to know you.

Murasakibara: The no nonsense attitude you gave off annoyed him. He didn’t want anything to do with you at first, actually going out of his way to avoid you until he was forced into close proximity. Of course, Murasakibara could at least admit you looked really sweet when you were more calm like him.

Akashi: Just another classmate with useful skills that could be harnessed when needed; that’s what you were supposed to be for Akashi. He didn’t expect to find you so intriguing the first time you two actually spoke and he definitely didn’t expect for thoughts of you to linger with him long after you’d left.

  • Midorima:Guys, where's Kuroko?
  • Kise:Murasakibaracchi, do you see him?
  • Murasakibara:Hmm *scanning the crowd*
  • Akashi:Why does this always happen?
  • Aomine:Don’t worry I got this. *shouts* MILKSHAKES!!
  • Kuroko, appearing out of nowhere:Milkshakes?!
  • Kise:Kurokocchi!
  • Kuroko:Milkshakes?!
  • Midorima:We don’t have any milkshakes Kuroko.
  • Kuroko:...
  • GoM:...
  • Kuroko:I came here to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now.