the signs as khh crews
  • Aries:ROOKIES GAME [wild, crazy and young; at first a bit intimidating but actually sweet patooties]
  • Taurus:Illionaire [RIATCH MFs; flashy and fancy cool namjas; real lame*BUT AWESoME,OK*once u get to know them]
  • Gemini:DAENAMHYUP [weird, awkward, loud; talk a LOT; look like a gang but OnLY LOOK LIKE THAT; have many different colours; show a new aspect of themselves every once in a while; tough cookies]
  • Cancer:DEPN2TION [fresh; young&wild; probs the new trend on the scene; raw in their emotions; purposeful&stubborn; innovative; hiding in the shadows ready&fighting for their spot under the flashlights]
  • Leo:BUCKWILDS [powerful; extremely charming and purposeful; talented; looks like they dont give a fu-k, but actually care about the opinion of the others]
  • Virgo:Just Music [the cool kidz of the neighbourhood; actually a bit shy; need time to get used to you and show all these crazy and weird and enchanting magical different sides]
  • Libra:ROYAL CLASS [very shy; talented; quietly but surely conquer the spot they deserve; not aggressive; follow the trend until they become THE trend; would probs like their own posts on faсеbook]
  • Scorpio:ROCKBOTTOM [hot AF, but mysterious; nobody rly knows shit about them]
  • Sagittarius:AOMG [goofy, funny, hot af; give off the vibe that are stupid but actually geniuses; great company and friends]
  • Capricorn:ANGDREVILLE [a wild ride; really, really sturdy and stubborn; charming; raw and powerful; perfect tactics; know their shit]
  • Aquarius:VV:D [have many MANY different sides; crazy, weird af; very charming and sweet; hiding a lot of wisdom; always ready to help their friends]
  • Pisces:HI-LITE RECORDS [seem like the local gang; kind of weird guys; often misunderstood; hidden geniuses; probs take some drugs; no matter wat the others say, they beсome and stay as THE TRENd]