Major throwback to “AOM & ILLY” (Jay Park, Dok2 and The Quiett).
Following Jay Park’s departure from 2PM (under JYP), he released his first mini album ’Take A Deeper Look’ in 2011, with each track featuring Dok2 or The Quiett. Jay Park was featured in a number of Illionaire tracks, including:
Dok2 - My Love (2011)
The Quiett - Gettin’ Rich (2011)
Dok2 & Double K - Hip Hop (Anthem Ver.) (2011)

From Jay Park’s track “Worldwide”:
“Dok2’s already reached my level
If you added up what we make annually
It’d probably be 2 million [dollars]
4 years ago when I won Music Bank,
he was standing right beside me
So instead of being jealous and envious,
Illionaire looked f*cking awesome”