New York Art Department and AOL are working together to raise funding for the digitization of Printed Matter’s archive. Hurricane Sandy flooded Printed Matter’s basement, destroying thousands of books and severely damaging archives dating back to 1978. Although the damaged collection has been freeze-dried as a temporary solution, the archive must be digitized for future generation’s enjoyment. For one day, on December 14, 2012, New York Art Department curated a zine fair and group exhibition of Nyan Cat-inspired artworks, all raffled off at The Hole, as part of #NYANCATCITY’s cultural programming. A digital version of the exhibition will live on AOL Artists, raising awareness for Printed Matter, and bringing the work to anyone that missed the show!

A commemorative zine featuring all the raffled artworks, as well as artworks made day-of during the Luck You Collective zine workshop, will be produced at a later date and made available exclusively at The Hole Shop as the second phase of our fundraising effort for Printed Matter.