aol time warner

Boycott Israeli products

Shops & Clothing:
- Starbucks
- Tesco
- M&S
- Disney Shop
- McDonalds
- Hugo Boss
- Sunglass Hut
- Giorgio Armani
- Calvin Klein
- Ralph Lauren
- Playtex
- Banana Republic
- River Island
- Timberland
- Coca Cola
- Fruitopia
- Fanta
- Kia Ora
- Lilt
- Sprite
- Sunkist
- Evian
- Volvic
- Nescafé
- Nesquik
- Perrier
- Vittel
Foods & Chocolates:
- Nestle
- Maggi (Noodles)
- Buitoni
- Crosse & Blackwell
- KitKat
- MilkyBar
- Quality Street
- Smarties
- After Eight
- Aero
- Lion
- Polo
- Felix (Cat Food)
Makeup/Perfumes & Health:
- L'Oreal
- Clinique
- Prescriptives
- Origins
- La Mer
- Bobbi Brown
- Tommy (Perfume)
- Bumble & Bumble
- Kate (Cream)
- Johnson & Johnson (Baby Oil)
- Huggies
- Garnier
- Arsenal Football Club
- Time Warner Time Life Magazine
- Barbie
- Intel
- Motorola
- Kotex
- The Sun
- The Times
- Australian Newspapers
- National Geographic
- Star Channels (Indian)
- Sky
- Fox
- Nokia
- Standard Newspapers
- New York Post
- The Telegraph
- Independent


Swatch ‘Cyber.Commander’ (2000)

“Produced in a limited and numbered edition of 20,000 pieces, cyber.commander is another example of Swatch’s explorations at the cutting edge of technology. It’s a Swatch Access that comes with a special mousepad and a CD ROM that together allow users to transmit information from cyber.commander to the mousepad (cybergate) and from there to the PC using Access technology and a USB port. Dubbed net.invader, the three-part high-tech hook-up was deployed to offer Club Members “Access to the Boss” via “live chat” and to store personal passwords to secure web site and services.”

Later on, news articles from April 2001 mention that AOL Time Warner 😂and Swatch had signed an agreement to sell watches that could hold AOL keywords and passwords. However, it looks as if the project became vaporware, with no mention beyond the initial press release on April 26, 2001.

Esse Basiorum

Title: Esse Basiorum

Author: aloysiavirgata 

Summary: If you have time, can you write a fic about sometime in mulder and scully’s relationship that she begins to be okay with PDA? Would they kiss in the park? Getting groceries? At a restaurant? In front of skinner or her family? Really interested in the nuances of their relationship we never got and doesn’t seem like we’ll ever get to see :( so please write a little something or somethings? thank you mrs. virgata! 

Pairing: Mulder/Scully

Spoilers: S7

Notes: Thanks to dashakay for a lightning fast beta!


She remembers the first time in the wild, without the New Year as a convenient excuse. They met at a tiny Mexican place in Georgetown after work, washing down the carnitas and sopapillas with good conversation. Scully was dazzled by the $162 billion Time-Warner AOL merger. The scope of it seemed unreal to her, toy money that existed only as blips in software. They split the check and headed for the door, Mulder pocketing a handful of mints from the bowl by the cash register. He kissed her firmly on the mouth before heading into the night, a plastic bag crinkling in his hand. Scully slouched against the wall, her lips hot with chilies and surprise.

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