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FRUiTS Magazine

A very sad day for fans of Harajuku fashion as FRUiTS founder Shoichi Aoki has announced the legendary street style magazine has ceased publication.

He will keep the FRUiTS brand alive with special projects, but no more FRUiTS Magazine. This is the magazine that put Harajuku on the map internationally. Harajuku won’t be the same without FRUiTS.

Thanks to Shoichi Aoki for an amazing 20 years.


I made the mistake of buying a normal Moleskine instead of a sketchbook one, and, as you can see, it bleeds through the page horribly. So I’ve been filling it up with various stuff, including these little portraits from the Fruits book I absolutely obsessed over when I was a teenager. To think Fruits is 20 years old this year… what do these people look like now?

Photo by Shoichi Aoki, October 2007, p.61
Hunter: Mamy, Area: Harajuku

T-Shirt: Cassette Playa 
Pants: KTZ
Katusha (headbow): Susamu (Side by Side)
Shoes: Reebok (TORO)
Favorite Store: Various places ♥
Favorite Brand: UC, noguchi
Beauty Salon: Bloc
Favorite Area: Ebisu
Upcoming Plans: Go to London ♥