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Who says he’s alone? If it’s only the idiot, of course he can’t stop you.

青火のパンツ事情 - A situation about underwears of AoKaga

By Aruto@ついった

Requested: Anon-san
Notes: In the last panel, Kagami said 「キザ峰くーん」 (Kiza-mine-ku~n), and the word  「 キザ 」 means to show-off. I’m kinda confused between Kiza-mine-kun and Show-off-mine-kun in my translation. So which one do you think better? Oh well, just so you know LOL 

かわいくねーから!【青火】 - 'Cuz I'm not cute【AoKaga】

Title: かわいくねーから! - ‘Cuz I’m not cute
Original: かわいくねーから!【青火】
Artist: さにこ@りんごと旦那。
Series: KnB
Pairing: AoKaga
Translation: Tonie
Notes: I don’t know what to say but CUTENESS OVERLOAD, and I really love this artist. Rate and favorite her work if you also like this artist. Thank you. Hope you enjoy!

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