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Heyy :) could I ask for a scenario where Kagami gets jealous over Aomine and Momoi hanging out too much together lately ^^ ?(Aokaga please 😄)

Just so you know, it felt so traitorous writing this omg ;0; AOKISE IS MY OTP NNGHHH but I hope I did well writing for this ship, as well! ^~^ If it’s inadequate I’m really really sorry because this is my first attempt at this pairing, but I hope you like it anyway!  Thank you so much for requesting~

Aomine cannot fathom why Kagami is scowling.

He takes a seat across from him at the burger place with his usual teriyaki burger order, raising his eyebrows at the other’s poorly concealed grumpiness. Kagami’s face is scrunched up in dissent behind the absurdly large mountain of hamburgers piled upon his tray.

“Sorry,” he mutters, yawning sleepily, “Satsuki wanted to drag me to some shop…”

Kagami’s scowl hardens on his face, and he narrows his eyes quite obviously. He seems to be trying to formulate some sort of response, but Aomine beats him to the matter before he could manage to do so.

“What’s with the scowl, then?”

Kagami huffs out a great breath impatiently and promptly stuffs a hamburger into his mouth – and several more follows after almost immediately – in order to avoid responding. Aomine groans audibly and pinches his nose.

“I won’t know ‘less you tell me, Kagami.”

Kagami mumbles incoherently through his mouthful of burger, and Aomine raises an eyebrow.

“You idiot,” He can’t resist a smirk though he is secretly immensely concerned by Kagami’s dismal expression, “stop eating for a minute and tell me what’s wrong.”

With a mighty gulp, Kagami swallows down the last of the burger and burps behind his hand, making Aomine emit a bark of laughter and shake his head endearingly. Really, what a freaking idiot.

“I said,” the redhead reiterates, the scowl back on his face (looking ten times angrier due to being flustered by Aomine’s laughter), “why don’t you go ask Satsuki what’s wrong?”

Aomine gapes at him, bewildered. “What?”

When Kagami’s eyebrows knot together angrily again, Aomine squints at him in disbelief, his confusion slowly clearing. “Wait, Satsuki?” He clarifies. “Satsuki with the big tits?”

Kagami’s voice is harsh and his cheeks are crimson as he responds, “What, is that why you hang out with her so much, now? Because I don’t have big tits?”

Aomine stares at him in shock for a fraction of a second, and then bursts out laughing, finally understanding what was going on with his crazy boyfriend. Kagami’s annoyance is fueled further by Aomine’s mirth, and the fuming redheaded giant looks just about ready to break the tray in front of him in half.

“O-OI! Stop laughing!” He growls. “This is serious!”

Aomine hasn’t laughed like this in ages, and he can’t stop himself now that he’s on a roll. “W-Wait,” he wheezes between chuckles, “just to be clear, you’re jealous of Satsuki, aren’t you?”

Kagami crosses his arms over his chest indignantly. “I AM NOT!” He screeches angrily, and the disparity between his words and the crimson flush in his cheeks makes Aomine laugh harder.

But at length he calms down and raises an inquisitive eyebrow. “Wait, you’re actually hurt by me not spending time with you, right?”

Kagami frowns sheepishly, allowing himself a nod. “Y-Yeah, a bit,” he admits quietly.

Aomine observes him for a moment, and then reaches across the table to entwine their fingers together. He squeezes his hand meaningfully, and says without so much as a trace of irony.

“Listen, idiot,” he says, voice as soft as his eyes, “I love you, got that? Satsuki’s my friend, but you’re more important to me.”

This seems to appease the fuming redhead, for Kagami’s hunched shoulders finally unwind and he relaxes into his seat. They stay this way for a moment, appreciating each other’s presence quietly, and then Aomine continues his line from before.

“Besides,” he says, grinning wolfishly, “You have a nicer ass, anyway.”

Kagami fires up irately again, reaching across the table to playfully smack Aomine on the arm, earning another bark of laughter. They slip into their usual routine, laughing and teasing each other.

“Shut up, Aomine Daiki…”

“You were jealous of Satsuki, Kagami…”

Prompt: “ You just spilt coffee all over my pants and now trying to wipe it off in front of all these people “

Kagami got this part-time job just yesterday and already wasn’t sure if he was good enough for it. By good enough he actually means no broken cups or glasses, no plates scattered all over floor and no angry boss yelling at him. He already lost half of his salary in one day, he didn’t want to lose another half.

Kagami let out a deep sigh as he put his elbow in the counter, eyeing the customers with a bored expression.

The doors opened and a tall man entered the café, his deep blue hair and clothes damp from the rain. Probably he had no umbrella. Kagami watched the man walking to a table and taking a seat. He gulped when the tanned beauty pushed his hair back, revealing thin, elegant eyebrows and a pair of navy eyes, which stared at him intensely – oops.

Kagami smiled sheepishly as he rushed over to the guy’s table to take his order.

“A coffee, please. Black, no sugar.” the man said when Kagami stood beside his table.

“Yes, sir. Wait a moment.” the redhead said and walked away to get this guy his coffee, which he probably really needed. He loosened his uniform tie a bit, it was kind of hard to breathe.

‘I think I’ll get him a towel too…’ Kagami thought while waiting for the coffee to be prepared.

He got a small towel and slung it over his left hand as he took the tray with the coffee in his right one.

‘Okay, I can do this.’ he thought to himself and tried to walk as calmly as he was capable of.

You know, he walked just fine, almost put the goddamned cup on the table. It wasn’t his fault that the customer from the nearest table got up too fast and bumped his shoulder. It wasn’t his fault that the lap of the gorgeous tanned, already drenched, man was now covered in hot coffee.

Probably the guy was going to be impotent now, thanks to you, Taiga. Good job, pal.

The guy hissed and jumped from his seat, but Kagami was faster. He pushed the guy back to his chair, grabbed a glass of water from the next table and poured it on man’s pants. Oh, gosh, just how much these pants and the skin underneath them had to suffer?

Then Kagami was practically on his knees in front of the sitting guy, drying his lap with the towel he had in his other hand. He was too damn busy drying and apologizing that he didn’t observe the people around them glaring his way. A cough made him look up in those beautiful navy eyes. Man’s lips quirked into a smirk as he looked down to Kagami’s confused face.

“As much as I like you standing on your knees between my legs,” he squinted, looking at redhead’s nameplate “Kagami, but I’m not that kinky to do it in public.”

Kagami’s face visibly paled; then he jumped to his feet, got red as his hair and stormed into the kitchen, throwing the towel into bastard’s face.

His boss was fuming and yelling at him, even the customers were able to hear. Kagami had enough of this shit. In an half of hour, he had his resignation letter, uniform and money thrown in his boss’ face. He gave him a middle finger as he exited the café.

He straightened his clothes and opened his umbrella, ready to go home, when he bumped into someone who had familiar looking coffee-stained pants. He looked up only to see the guy, he earlier smacked in the face with the towel, smiling sheepishly at him.

“What?” Kagami growled under his breath “I already apologized.”

“Oh, Kagami, I don’t want your apologies.” the man smirked as he looked in those crimson eyes “I wan’t you –”

Kagami blushed. Was this guy hitting on him? Seriously? After what Kagami did? He almost made the guy impotent! He groaned internally.

“– between my legs, but doing something else, more entertaining.” the man continued, wiggling his thin eyebrows suggestively.

Kagami’s face got a blank expression as he walked away, thinking that probably he’d better spill another cup of hot coffee over this bastard’s lap. Or even better – his dick.


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