hii guys!

This is my second follow forever and thanks for making my year on tumblr so amazing! I know I haven’t talked to some of you senpais, but you’re awesome. I don’t really know what to say, but thankyou! Sorry if my edit sucks, I tried. haha. Anyways, thanks for making my dash so quality! I love seeing you on my dash *-* and I probably stalk some of your blogs^^

Follow these amazing people please~

ahiruu / akiyoru / aoiyumes / arino / beyond-the-bath-house / chu-bu / consumeanime / fragmentofjoy / gahora / gidaridaga / graeys / hajimeii / harus-butt / himewari / kaibutsuu / kazuumi / keiifuu / kesuki / kuronekocchi / lonachu / mashumaro / mikatsukii / miryukuu / mystfication / naotarou / nutttty / ocarine / oringii / o-tsukai / pinkurisumasu / potatohead09 / rimu / rinnai / ryuusui / soracci / shizuhohoho / tenshidrop / teriyakihichew / tokikake / trottinette / tsuiteru / ukyos

sorry if I forgot anyone..I still love you! ♥ and sorry if I spelled your url wrong hehe

Merry Christmas guys! -w- 

anonymous asked:

Can you direct me to more blogs like yours?

Well I guess I could be categorized as a anime scenery blog? 

Here are some scenery blogs that i can think of on the top of my head: (i think she’s on hiatus, but her blog is so perfect ;u;)

Also, don’t forget to check out my blogroll =) not everyone i follow is a scenery blog, but they’re all equally awesome!

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ocarine aoiyumes akiyoru teriyakihichew trottinette

1) Ocarine -answered

2) Aoiyumes - I’ve been following her ever since she made her blog and she’s improving her blog so much and even making edits and stuff :D 

3) Akiyoru - answered

4) Teriyakihichew - Matt’s a cool guy with a cool scenery blog :D He was #1 on my tumblr crushes quite often in the past :3

5) Trottinette - answered