A Possible Contract?




{☣}–Mareo’s gaze averted from her hands, as they fiddled with each other, to the newcomers. Quite honestly, Mareo was slacking off, and during work, too, considering she was in the middle of the crossroad playing with her nails rather than stay alert for clients. Then again, she hadn’t expected so many people to come at once, so what was she to do?

“Are you here to form a contract?” Mareo asked with a quirked brow and bland tone.

❦ aoi-minami

W-What was that sound she heard? The aqua phoenix almost jumped at the sudden noise her sensitive hearing had caught just earlier. It didn’t help that she was wandering around where she didn’t know the place well and there weren’t many people within the area. Her stomach was growing a little from lack of food, and she wondered if she was getting too hungry and beginning to hallucinate. But.. she heard a noise before? Was that her imagination?

aoi-minami has entered the shop!


Since she was just finished fixing the stools in the shop, the raven-haired teen looked up to see who entered and, upon noticing a person entering, turned around to greet the person with a grin on her face. “Welcome to the Star Courier Express, how may I help you?”