aoife of the shadows

Celtic Goddesses and Gods Part 1

Aebh (Also Aobh)- A Goddess of Ireland who was the wife of the sea God Llyr, her son is the shapeshifter, Aed Mac Lir. 

Aife (Also Aifa, Aoife)- Called the Princess of the Land of Shadows, she is a Celtic Queen associated with Scotland and a rival of the Amazonian queen Scathach. She is defeated by Cu Chulain and his son. Also the consort of the sea God Manannan and mother to Connla, she is associated with the swan, crane, and the alphabet of knowledge. 

Aine- A primary Earth and solar sovereignty Goddess of Ireland associated with the Summer Solstice, she is still worshiped on Midsummer’s Eve and appeards on St. John’s Night. Queen of the Faeries and women of the Side, she is a Goddess of love, fertility, and desire. She is the daughter of Dannan Owel, wife and sometimes daughter of Manannan Mac Lir, and mother of Earl Gerald. As a powerful sorceress, her magickal symbols are the “red mare”, fertile crops, cattle, and the wild goose. 

Amaethon- He is a wild husband-man and God of agriculture and the harvest. The Welsh word for farmer is “amaethwr”. Called the Harvest King, his symbols are the fruits of the harvest and farmer’s tools, particularly the sickle, hoe and plow.

Andraste (Also Andrasta)- She is an Icenian warrior Goddess of victory, war, fertility, life, and death. The British have sanctuaries dedicated to the Goddess Andrate in a sacred woods, like the forests of the Island of Mona (Anglesey). She is associated with the hare. 

Arawn- He is the Welsh king of Annwn (Annwfn), the Brythonic Underworld; The Land Over Sea, Land Under Wave, Caer Sidi the Revolving Castle. He is shapeshifter, God of death, rebirth, ancestry, and war. He sent the swine to Pryderi, and is associated with cauldrons, sweet water springs, magickal beasts, the ancestral tree, and the pig. 

(Source: Exploring Celtic Druidism Ancient Magick and Rituals for Personal Empowerment by Sirona Knight)