aoife o'donovan

  • Fish and Bird (feat. Aoife O'Donovan)
  • Noam Pikelny
  • Beat The Devil and Carry A Rail

If you’re not listening to bluegrass yet, get on this level. Imagine bayou moss and fireflies and the pastel lanterns at the beginning of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride–that’s the vibe, except it’s two incredible musicians doing the saddest cover of a Tom Waits song you’ve ever heard about a bird and a whale who fell in love.


Well isn’t this just about perfect?


This month we are coming to you live from the set of Grant-Lee Phillips’ Sawyer Session at Purple Crow Books in downtown Hillsborough. Grant’s Sawyer Session will be a part of Season 3 launching in January 2016. In the meantime, we have asked Grant to curate some of his favorite Sawyer Sessions to date including Mandolin Orange, Robyn Hitchcock, Aoife O'Donovan, Josh Rouse And Jackie Greene.


Aoife O'Donovan

1952 Vincent Black Lightening
Richard Thompson

Said Red Molly to James that’s a fine motorbike
A girl could feel special on any such like
Said James to Red Molly, well my hat’s off to you
It’s a Vincent Black Lightning, 1952
And I’ve seen you at the corners and cafes it seems
Red hair and black leather, my favorite color scheme
And he pulled her on behind
And down to Box Hill they did ride

Said James to Red Molly, here’s a ring for your right hand
But I’ll tell you in earnest I’m a dangerous man
I’ve fought with the law since I was seventeen
I robbed many a man to get my Vincent machine
Now I’m 21 years, I might make 22
And I don’t mind dying, but for the love of you
And if fate should break my stride
Then I’ll give you my Vincent to ride

Come down, come down, Red Molly, called Sergeant McRae
For they’ve taken young James Adie for armed robbery
Shotgun blast hit his chest, left nothing inside
Oh, come down, Red Molly to his dying bedside
When she came to the hospital, there wasn’t much left
He was running out of road, he was running out of breath
But he smiled to see her cry
And said I’ll give you my Vincent to ride

Says James, in my opinion, there’s nothing in this world
Beats a 52 Vincent and a red headed girl
Now Nortons and Indians and Greeveses won’t do
They don’t have a soul like a Vincent 52
He reached for her hand and he slipped her the keys
He said I’ve got no further use for these
I see angels on Ariels in leather and chrome
Swooping down from heaven to carry me home
And he gave her one last kiss and died
And he gave her his Vincent to ride.


Red & White & Blue & Gold // Aoife O’Donovan


come on, let’s run away, baby. let’s go, let’s go. there’s a southbound train pulling out at nine. leave this jukebox joint behind.


Goat Rodeo Sessions  ~  Helping Hand


Here and Heaven  ~  Goat Rodeo Sessions


Check out Aoife + the band’s incredible session at @amoebamusic, playing songs from In The Magic Hour, out now.


Noam Pikelny & Aoife O’Donovan are heading out on tour. Two incredibly talented musicians, the shows will be great.

Here’s the duo doing “Don’t this road look rough and rocky”

Nov. 1 Ogden, Utah—Peery Egyptian Theatre
Nov. 2 Phoenix—Musical Instrument Museum
Nov. 3 Boulder, Colo.—Fox Theatre
Nov. 4 Steamboat Springs, Colo.—Strings Music Festival
Nov. 6 Stoughton, Wis.—Stoughton Opera House
Nov. 7 Skokie, Ill.— North Shore CPA
Nov. 8 Columbus, Ohio—Lincoln Theatre
Nov. 9 Bloomington, Ind.—Buskirk-Chumley Theater
Nov. 11 Ann Arbor, Mich.—The Ark
Nov. 12 Cleveland—Music Box Supper Club


Folk Alley Sessions Aoife O'Donovan- “Oh Mama”

One of my favorite tunes of the year. I went through a period of time somewhere around June in which this song consumed me. All I wanted was more of O'Donovan’s wonderful croon.


“Beekeeper” — Aoife O'Donovan

Catch Aoife on our last live broadcast of 2013 this weekend, live from The Town Hall in NYC!