aoifa smyth

Sad times.

Tomorrow is my last day at my internship at Stellar magazine. I was only meant to be with them for a month, but here I am ten months later finding it hard to say goodbye. Its ending because I need to save up for my possible entry into a post grad in September, but if that falls through,l I can always crawl back with my tail between my legs! I’ve learnt a lot in my time as a magazine intern and I advise anyone to do an internship if the opportunity arises. It’s character building and you absorb a lot of knowledge from your colleagues. I’m so sad to say goodbye to the wonderful people I’ve met here, but hopefully it’s not the last I’ll see of them. I didn’t feel this sad leaving school or college! Waaah

Street Style in London: Check, mate.

I was more than delighted when one of my assignments for college was to conduct a mini street style project around London. I had dabbled with street style before in Dublin, but it was definitely a lot easier to find people here. Sticking to a theme was optional, but when I saw checks, flannels and tartan on the list I opted for that. I think it’s nicer to keep a consistent theme running through and it makes the piece a bit stronger. Tomorrow morning we are headed to Timeout Magazine’s head quarters to present them to Katie Dailey, hopefully I get her kudos!

My wonderfully patient boyfriend came out with me twice to take the pictures (no way was I allowed use his beautiful Canon 5D MK ii unattended) So here’s a look at what we got. 

And finally, a picture of me in my favourite tartan cape: