A cookie if any of you have even HEARD of Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de. If not, here’s a run-down:

it’s based on the 16-bit console wars between Nintendo and Sega, telling the tale of the Hard Wars of Consume between the Ninteldo empire and the Segua kingdom. The main character Gear represents Sonic. For some reason, the anime adaptation only had three episodes, which all aired months apart. The manga has exactly zero fan translations no matter where you look.

HOWEVER, if any fans are among my followers, you’ll be pleased to know they ARE planning to officially release the manga in English starting in Summer, under the name World War Blue.

(And not to be a fangirl, but Gear and Tejirof are hotter than any of the female leads :3 )

UPDATE: I just checked, volume 1 is confirmed for July, volume 2 for August, and volume 3 for November. Mark your calendars. For some reason, you can preorder volume 3 on Amazon, but not volumes 1 or 2.

11 Reasons to Watch Aoi Sekai No Chuushin De
  1. I’m gonna move forward

  2. Things are going a bit too fast

  3. He is talking about this episode

  4. Pervert

  5. The girls exist for fanservice, but we can’t show you boobs so we changed it into lightservice

  6. Except for Nel, she is damsel in distress

  7. Mystery man with dragon

  8. Did I mention he is going to move forward?

  9. Gear is overpowered

  10. Or maybe not…

  11. Til