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Can we just talk about how ch. 238 had so many gems

we had suga posing like the champ he is

kageyama saltbio

a rawr-ing tsukishima

the introduction of this new adorable nervous bby himekawa aoi

the upgraded karasuno ‘nice serve’ cheer squad

and ofc this:

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Okay I really love the Drabble you did of Yama going mom mode on Tsukki when he has a breakdown after forgetting his meds; what about Yamaguchi having a major anxiety attack and Tsukki getting super protective?

Kei can tell something is off with Tadashi as soon as he shows up at his house in the morning. He’s skittish and fidgeting as he waits for Kei to gather his things, and flinches when Kei announces to his mother that they’ll be leaving. He doesn’t mention it, however, knowing it would only further Tadashi’s anxiety. He’s never liked to talk about it. 

Instead, he does small things to try and calm him. He grabs his hand and squeezes on the walk to class, helps him with homework, and speaks softly, never raising his voice, even to yell at the idiot duo. The day is calm, and Kei’s chest swells with pride at the thought that he’d calmed Tadashi down. 

It’s after practice as they’re walking home comes the stuttering of breath he’d been waiting for with bated breath. He sighs, and takes Tadashi’s hand, leading him a little quicker to his home. By time they reach Kei’s room, Tadashi’s breathing hard, and there’s tears pooling up in his eyes. He looks almost as if he wants to run away when Kei sits on his bed and pulls him into his lap, pressing their foreheads together. It takes a moment, but eventually Tadashi’s hand finds his and squeezes. A few moments later, and Tadashi is calming his breathing to a reasonable level. 

“You ok?” Kei asks. Tadashi shakes his head. “You wanna talk about it?” 

Tadashi hesitates, before nodding slowly. He pulls his forehead away from Kei’s, choosing to nuzzle into his side as Kei lays them down. It’s silent a moment, before Tadashi sucks in a breath and speaks. “…My dad is in town.” 

Kei’s eyes widen, and his brow furrows. “Your dad? As in the one that left you when you were two? The dad you haven’t seen in…fourteen years?..”

“That’s the one.” Tadashi says, his voice cracking. “He– He called my mom last night, and said he wanted to see us. Asked if we were still living in the old neighborhood. Tsukki, he wants to see us. Why does he want to see us, after all these years?”

“I don’t know.” He really doesn’t; but the idea of Tadashi’s father, a deadbeat who left Tadashi’s mother with a two year old to provide for all those years ago, wanting to see Tadashi fuels him with rage. “Do you want to see him?”

“I– I don’t know.” Tadashi’s voice is soft, and scared. “I don’t have any memories of him, so I don’t have anything to know of him by but the stories mom’s told me. And there’s not a lot. None that I remember, anyways. I stopped asking bout him at twelve.” 

Kei hums, not sure what to say. “…So…That’s a no?..”

“I do!” Tadashi says, suddenly sitting and looking Kei in the eyes. “I want to see the man that left me and tell for myself if he’s a good guy. Mom says he is, but he– he left us, y’know? I– I just don’t know if I’m st- strong enough–” 

Tadashi gasps for air, and Kei panics, thinking he’s having another anxiety attack. 

“…What if he doesn’t like me? What if he doesn’t– what if he doesn’t like…the way I am? If I’m going to meet him, I want him to know and accept me.” 

Kei clucks his tongue. “Then I’ll punch him.” 

“Tsukki! This is serious!” 

“And so am I. If he doesn’t like you, I’ll punch him. Watch me.” 

And that settles it. Tadashi and his mother agree to meet Tadashi’s father at a local coffee shop, and Kei comes with for moral support– god knows both Tadashi and his mother need it. 

“Sousuke, it’s nice to see you!” Kei watches on with Tadashi hiding behind his back as Tadashi’s mother walks up and hugs a dark haired man sitting alone at one of the booths. 

“Aoi, it’s nice to see you too,” The man replies softly, hugging her back. When they pull away, he looks around the coffee shop. “Where’s Tadashi?”

“Ah, he’s–”

From behind Kei, Tadashi squeaks and rushes off to the bathroom. 

“…Running away…” Aoi sighs, and goes to run after Tadashi, when Kei puts a hand out in a gesture that says “I’ve got it” before rushing off in the direction of the restroom. 


“G- Go aw- way, Ts–” Comes the weak reply, and Kei turns the knob to the bathroom to see it was unlocked. When he pushes it open, he sees Tadashi, leaning against the wall, fanning himself with his hand trying to cool down. 


“I c– can’t see him. No. I– He–” Tadashi gasps for breath, and his knees give out. “I can’t–” 

Kei sits down on the floor, ignoring how horribly unsanitary it was, and pulls Tadashi into his lap. He’s shaking, whimpering miserably, and Kei wonders why he’s making such a huge fuss over meeting his father, but he knows Tadashi’s anxiety is something he can’t control – he has to deal with his own, and he knows how hard it is – so he holds Tadashi tight, whispering sweet nothings in his ear. 

“You’re going to be fine, you can do this, it’s ok,” 

“I- It’s not! It’s not ok!” Tadashi whimpers, trying to breathe, and ultimately failing. Kei feels hands weakly gripping his sweatshirt, and holds Tadashi tighter. 

“You’re doing just fine. I won’t let anything hurt you. I won’t let any one hurt you.” Kei’s hand cards through Tadashi’s hair, and tugs lightly to try and bring him back to reality. “Calm down. I’m right here with you, and I’ll stay with you. Ok?” 

“I– I know–” Tadashi says, still clutching Kei’s sweater. “I know, but– I– can’t–”

“Ok. Ok, Tadashi, you don’t have to. Just calm down and think about this with me, ok?” Kei rubs at his back, rocking him, “Just breathe. Remember, in five, out five. Ok? Good. Good, you’re doing great. Good.” 

Tadashi breathes in, breathes out, and eventually, his breathing is calm and he’s stopped sobbing into Kei’s chest. He’s still shaking, however, and Kei continues rocking him slowly on the dirty bathroom floor until he’s calmed down a bit more. 

“You ok?” He asks softly. Tadashi nods, shifting to look up at Kei. “Good. That’s good.” 

“I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me, I– I just saw him there and I panicked, and…”

“It’s ok,” Kei says calmly, “It’s fine. I get it. Do you still want to see him?” 

Tadashi bites his lip, hesitating, before nodding. “…I want to see him.” 

Kei nods, too, and carefully lifts Tadashi off of him, standing and offering him a hand up. “Ok. Let’s go see him, then. Together.” 

Tadashi takes the offered hand, not letting go even once he’s righted, and places a hand on the doorknob. “Together. And if he doesn’t like me…”

“I’ll punch him in the face.” 

Tadashi giggles, and they walk out, hand in shaky hand, out of the restroom, towards the table Tadashi’s mother and father sit. Together.