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“Sakura” (Warning Danganronpa 3 Spoilers)

Aoi awoke in a feild of yellow flowers, her senses filled with the smell of donuts and cherries. “I guess… I died.” She mumbled to herself, tears filling her eyes. She had let everyone down, Neagi, Kirigi, Yasuhiro… and…

“Survive along with our friends.” Sakura’s words rang in her mind. Her tears started to come quicker and harder. She’d let down Sakura, her best friend, her comrade, her…


That deep voice halted her tears, cradled her mind, and healed her wounds. Aoi looked up and there the woman stood, hardly aged, long silver hair down to her waist, her sailor uniform torn from her muscles, and her warm smile sitting gently on her face. Then the tears started again.

“S-Sakura?” Aoi slowly got the word out. The question was answered by a large hand placed on her head and Sakura’s deep voice.

“You did good.” Aoi could only look up at Sakura’s eys and smile while the tears continued to fall. Sakura moved her hand from Aoi’s head and held it out to her. “Shall we go.” Aoi gently put her hand in Sakura’s and rose to her feet.

And the two walked like that, hand in hand gazing into each others eyes.

“Did you have to wait long?” Aoi asked.

“A little bit… but it was worth it.”
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“Even if you’re not into real girls, you can always hang out with the rest of the guys,” said Leon. “There’s going to be karaoke, and food… You like those things, don’t you? And maybe you’ll find out that one of the girls like those things too.”

Hifumi bit on a fingernail.

Celes touched her hand against her heart and lamented, “God chose quite the disagreeable character as the narrative voice, didn’t she?”

Summary: Leon organises a session in a karaoke room.
Pairings: TogaFuka (Byakuya Togami x Touko Fukawa), IkuZono (Sayaka Maizono x Mukuro Ikusaba), SakurAoi (Aoi Asahina x Sakura Oogami), IshiMondo (Kiyotaka Ishimaru x Mondo Oowada), pretty one-sided Leo/Saya (Leon Kuwata -> Sayaka Maizono) and others TBC
Chapter: 1/3
Word Count: 5500
Comments: @die-einzelganger​ suggested a mixer fic for Valentine’s Day… i couldn’t finish it all in time and it’s not as shippy as i expected, but w.e! i’ll try to have the rest of this done somewhat soon, and then i’ll go back to my multichapters and the occasional one shot.




It was fate.

Leon scribbled the number eight under a column of names already written on the whiteboard easel borrowed from one of the science classrooms, and then he did the same below an adjacent column of names.

“It’s exactly fifty-fifty,” announced Leon. He popped the cap of his pen back on and turned away from the board. Across from him, sat at the end of his bed, were Mondo and Kiyotaka, and beyond them was Yasuhiro, perched on Leon’s desk with his feet on the seat of a chair.

Mondo propped his chin in his right palm. His eyes flickered, either because he rolled them or because he was skimming through what Leon had written down.

“What?” asked Leon. “Hey, are you seriously counting? It’s eight on both sides! I can count!”

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