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My top 10 yuri / shoujo ai anime series

(not including the current airing series from summer 2017 & upcoming yuri anime series) + this is entirely my personal opinion.

1. Yuri Kuma Arashi (2015)

Now this one was a masterpiece, the symbolism in this one was just wow; not only does it criticize the portrayal of lesbians in japanese media (sexualization and so), but it also portrays the way lesbians are seen in society, the struggles of coming out in a homophobic society, the struggles of purely loving a person of the same gender. As expected this is pure yuri, lots of yuri moments, and if you want to watch it, do not watch it literally, look up the meaning of the symbols if you can’t catch on it on your own (that’s what I did)


2. Strawberry Panic (2006)

Honestly, if you’ve never watched this (which would be impossible), WHAT are you doing? Two main yuri couples, one supporting… or shall I said “villain” yuri couple, not one man, pretty good and interesting plot that just keeps you watching, focused on the girls’ relationship, it’s a great series that I wish the anime industry would still make today.


3. Sakura Trick (2014)

Well… this one is this high on the list purely because of the amount of yuri this series delivered. We’ve got more kisses in this one series alone than the entire yuri anime industry has shown in YEARS. The plot is barely there, but it’s worth the watch for how cute and fun it is.


4. Flip Flappers (2016)

Oh yes, this anime. Just like Yuri Kuma Arashi, this one has a lot of symbolism, mostly revolving around one of the main characters’ sexuality and what she feels for this one girl she spends all of her time with. It is more than just obvious that by the end of the series she comes to realize what her feelings are and is finally able to embrace her true self. Don’t take the series literally! It will only seem childish and not worth the time if you do.


5. Shuumatsu no Izetta (2016)

The main plot isn’t the girls’ relationship, BUT their relationship, their feelings for each other is what directly supports the main plot. The series in general was extremely entertaining and the fact that we’ve got the main characters being all lovey dovey just made it twice as good. You’ve gotta be lying to yourself if by the end of the series you don’t think these two are dating (especially with THAT one scene, you know WHAT scene!!)


6. Blue Drop: Tenshi-tachi no Gikyoku (2007)

I’m not sure how many know of this, or how many watched it, or how many enjoyed it, but I was in tears by the end of this series. The story revolves around a bunch of lesbians basically… I don’t know how to explain the plot properly without spoiling anything, but this one sure left a huge mark on my soul.


7. Kannazuki no Miko (2004)

If you’ve watched this one, then you’ll understand why I’ll give it a slightly lower score than the others. This one sure has a lot of yuri and is obviously focused on the girls’ relationship. It had a lot of potential, it kinda slipped along the way tho. Still a nice series, either way.


8. Akuma no Riddle (2014)

The anime surely cut a lot of the yuri moments from the manga, but it was still pretty good. There’s a lot of shipping material and also two obvious canon ones, that only in the anime, the manga gives us a lot more yuri, a lot more canon material. My advice is to watch the anime, then read the manga to fill in the yuri gaps the anime left. As for the plot…? badass.

8/10 (for the anime)

9. Sasameki Koto (2009)

I get a headache whenever I think of this anime tbh, they barely animated half of the manga. The anime stops right where the true yuri starts coming out of this story. I’m adding this to the list just because, just like for Akuma no Riddle, you should first watch the anime, then read the entire manga. The yuri is very strong in the full series.

7/10 (for the anime)

10. Aoi Hana (2009)

Just like other anime yuri series out there, this one didn’t do much justice for the manga. As for yuri? there is yuri. Like I said before, it is wise to first watch the anime, then read the entire manga.



Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku (2015)

A lesbian protagonist who flirts with any girl she finds cute and has a love interest?? plus, there’s a lot of funny moments?? yeah, worth the watch if you want to relax and enjoy yourself.

In an alternate universe, Sakura and Aoi are getting right now. Sakura is wearing a wedding dress and she looks absolutely beautiful and elegant. Aoi is wearing a suit, and looks fucking fab.

Sakura is stressing in the dressing room, because she wants it to be perfect for Aoi, and needs to make sure that everything goes to plan because she never wants to disappoint Aoi again.

Aoi is sitting in the dressing room with a huge smile on her face, as Kirigiri curls her hair. Aoi can’t help but hum to herself, because she doesn’t care if it goes according to plan or not, the only thing she cares about is Sakura and she’s so excited that she’s finally marrying her today.

I want to be in this universe. It’s the only good one.

“Sakura” (Warning Danganronpa 3 Spoilers)

Aoi awoke in a feild of yellow flowers, her senses filled with the smell of donuts and cherries. “I guess… I died.” She mumbled to herself, tears filling her eyes. She had let everyone down, Neagi, Kirigi, Yasuhiro… and…

“Survive along with our friends.” Sakura’s words rang in her mind. Her tears started to come quicker and harder. She’d let down Sakura, her best friend, her comrade, her…


That deep voice halted her tears, cradled her mind, and healed her wounds. Aoi looked up and there the woman stood, hardly aged, long silver hair down to her waist, her sailor uniform torn from her muscles, and her warm smile sitting gently on her face. Then the tears started again.

“S-Sakura?” Aoi slowly got the word out. The question was answered by a large hand placed on her head and Sakura’s deep voice.

“You did good.” Aoi could only look up at Sakura’s eys and smile while the tears continued to fall. Sakura moved her hand from Aoi’s head and held it out to her. “Shall we go.” Aoi gently put her hand in Sakura’s and rose to her feet.

And the two walked like that, hand in hand gazing into each others eyes.

“Did you have to wait long?” Aoi asked.

“A little bit… but it was worth it.”

Here are a few reasons why Gonta x Hoshi is a good ship and should get more popularity

  • It’s a classic grumpy grump and sunshiney optimist pairing.
  • They both love animals (Ryoma with cats & Gonta with bugs and wolves) and can bond over that shared love.
  • Height differences.
  • Hoshi is known to have depression and struggles with maintaining his will to live; Gonta’s enthusiastic encouragement would always raise his spirits and give him more reasons to keep living.
  • Gonta is naive at times and has low self esteem (always calling himself an idiot) and is an easy target for bullies and manipulative people; Hoshi would not only protect Gonta from those bullies but would always remind him that he’s better then he believes himself to be and would give him pointers on how to act in given situations.
  • It’s an inverted version of the Aoi x Sakura relationship.

Conclusion? They are a wholesome ship and should receive more love from the fandom. Especially since it’s made of two likeable and well developed characters. Edit: Feel free to add on to this post if you think of other reasons on why they’d make a good pair together.