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In an alternate universe, Sakura and Aoi are getting right now. Sakura is wearing a wedding dress and she looks absolutely beautiful and elegant. Aoi is wearing a suit, and looks fucking fab.

Sakura is stressing in the dressing room, because she wants it to be perfect for Aoi, and needs to make sure that everything goes to plan because she never wants to disappoint Aoi again.

Aoi is sitting in the dressing room with a huge smile on her face, as Kirigiri curls her hair. Aoi can’t help but hum to herself, because she doesn’t care if it goes according to plan or not, the only thing she cares about is Sakura and she’s so excited that she’s finally marrying her today.

I want to be in this universe. It’s the only good one.

“Sakura” (Warning Danganronpa 3 Spoilers)

Aoi awoke in a feild of yellow flowers, her senses filled with the smell of donuts and cherries. “I guess… I died.” She mumbled to herself, tears filling her eyes. She had let everyone down, Neagi, Kirigi, Yasuhiro… and…

“Survive along with our friends.” Sakura’s words rang in her mind. Her tears started to come quicker and harder. She’d let down Sakura, her best friend, her comrade, her…


That deep voice halted her tears, cradled her mind, and healed her wounds. Aoi looked up and there the woman stood, hardly aged, long silver hair down to her waist, her sailor uniform torn from her muscles, and her warm smile sitting gently on her face. Then the tears started again.

“S-Sakura?” Aoi slowly got the word out. The question was answered by a large hand placed on her head and Sakura’s deep voice.

“You did good.” Aoi could only look up at Sakura’s eys and smile while the tears continued to fall. Sakura moved her hand from Aoi’s head and held it out to her. “Shall we go.” Aoi gently put her hand in Sakura’s and rose to her feet.

And the two walked like that, hand in hand gazing into each others eyes.

“Did you have to wait long?” Aoi asked.

“A little bit… but it was worth it.”

Here are a few reasons why Gonta x Hoshi is a good ship and should get more popularity

  • It’s a classic grumpy grump and sunshiney optimist pairing.
  • They both love animals (Ryoma with cats & Gonta with bugs and wolves) and can bond over that shared love.
  • Height differences.
  • Hoshi is known to have depression and struggles with maintaining his will to live; Gonta’s enthusiastic encouragement would always raise his spirits and give him more reasons to keep living.
  • Gonta is naive at times and has low self esteem (always calling himself an idiot) and is an easy target for bullies and manipulative people; Hoshi would not only protect Gonta from those bullies but would always remind him that he’s better then he believes himself to be and would give him pointers on how to act in given situations.
  • It’s an inverted version of the Aoi x Sakura relationship.

Conclusion? They are a wholesome ship and should receive more love from the fandom. Especially since it’s made of two likeable and well developed characters. Edit: Feel free to add on to this post if you think of other reasons on why they’d make a good pair together.
The Important Things in Life - Chapter 3 - zenonaa - Dangan Ronpa [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

“There you all go, making assumptions like you usually do,” said Byakuya. He tilted his head forward slightly with a grimace and pushed up his glasses. “I see that you all will keep pestering me unless I humour you… Very well. I will perform a song.”
Leon rolled his eyes.
“Okay,” said Leon. “What song?”
Byakuya flapped a hand. “Just choose any. I am incredibly versatile.”
Several songs rushed through Leon’s head. 

Summary: Some more of the class sing karaoke.
Pairings: TogaFuka (Byakuya Togami x Touko Fukawa), IkuZono (Sayaka Maizono x Mukuro Ikusaba), SakurAoi (Aoi Asahina x Sakura Oogami), IshiMondo (Kiyotaka Ishimaru x Mondo Oowada), pretty one-sided Leo/Saya (Leon Kuwata -> Sayaka Maizono)
Chapter: 3/3
Word Count: 5642
Comments: this is long overdue… i hope you all enjoyed it!



For a while, the only movement came from the screens on the walls, displaying the menu, where the border surrounding the song at the top of the list cycled through different hues. Leon didn’t know whether that classified as movement because the screen itself didn’t move around on the wall or anything, but in his vision, only that changed. Even Junko, who had her hand embedded in a packet of crisps, became motionless.

Beads of sweat peppered Kiyotaka’s forehead. He pulled out a handkerchief from his jacket and mopped at his brow.

“Is something wrong with Fujisaki-san?” asked Celes, fighting down a smile.

“Did he touch you?” Aoi asked Chihiro sharply.

“Um,” went Chihiro, whose hesitation really didn’t help Kiyotaka.

Sakura cracked her knuckles. Kiyotaka’s mouth twitched wordlessly.

Mondo twisted his body toward the girls, ready to act as a shield, and said, “Kyoudai was just saying that Fujisaki should go next. He, uh, thinks that we might not fit everyone in if we don’t stick to his schedule.”

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