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@shouta0811aoi: I want to eat ramen, I want to eat hamburgers, I want to eat sushi, I want to eat pudding, I want to eat Thai food, I want to eat Korean food, I want to eat steak, I want to eat pudding.

@ono_kensho: @DaiKing_boy Meat (´・_・`)

@shouta0811aoi: @ono_kensho @DaKing_boy Meat… (´・_・`)

@shouta0811aoi: @ono_kensho @DaiKing_boy Let me eat some~~~~ Hey~~~~ Let me eat some~~~~~~ (;´Д`

@ono_kensho@shouta0811aoi @DaKing_boy Yeeah~~~~!Yeeah~~~~!!

@shouta0811aoi: @ono_kensho @DaiKing_boy Let’s go have barbeque~~~ (´・Д・)」

@ono_kensho@shouta0811aoi Sorrry!! I had barbeque yesterday too~~~~~!! wara

@shouta0811aoi: @ono_kensho I see~ ★ Barbeque huhh~ ( ^ω^ ) Barbe………(´・Д・)」………………eh?………

@shouta0811aoi: That can’t be that can’t be that can’t be that can’t be…(´・Д・)」 

@shouta0811aoi: Right ★ That can’t be possible ★

@shouta0811aoi: …… Een……。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。

@shouta0811aoi: And that was a mini story! 【Cast】 Meat◼︎Ono Kensho◼︎Yamashita Daiki◼︎Aoi Shouta

@DaiKing_boy: @shouta0811aoi  I cried… It was a great moving story huh…

@shouta0811aoi: @DaiKing_boy It was~! Let’s do our best for the sequel!!!

@DaiKing_boy: @shouta0811aoi  Coming soon!!!!

OK I HAVE A THEORY! I believe that Masaru Daimon is the lovechild of Aoi Asahina and Leon Kuwata. They may not have had this child themselves, but I think Masaru was based off of the both of them.

1. Colour scheme.

Colour scheme has a lot to do with this theory ok. So you know how Leon’s hair is more dark orange than red? What if Aoi’s hair + Leon’s could create a more red colour. I’m not much of an artist or a genetics specialist but I think this is quite legitimate. Now, if you look at their eyes, Asahina and Leon both have blue eyes, Leon’s being lighter. So Asahina’s dark blue eyes and Leon’s light blue eyes could make the same colour as Masaru’s eyes as his is more in the middle of dark and light. Now for skin tone, Leon’s skin is pinkish and pale compared to Aoi who is more tan.  NOW this seems more definite that Masaru could be their lovechild as his skin colour looks like the mix of them both.

2. Talent/Traits.

Ok so as we know Leon’s talent is The Ultimate Baseball player and Aoi’s talent is The Ultimate Swimmer; both sporty right? Well Masaru is The “Little” Ultimate PE. Which would be understandable if he got both talents from them and even more. Masaru appears to be playful (Aoi) and Mischievous (Leon). 

Is this just me who thinks this? I think it seems pretty legit. 


Aoi Shouta’s Himitsu no Kuchidzuke PV!!


The making of Aoi Shouta’s Himitsu no Kuchidzuke PV~

It’s English subtitled by me but, heads up, I subbed this earlier this morning~ So, expect some awkward wording / non flowy sentences~ I also see a mistake haha. Too late to change it


Just take my monies


Another part of Persona 3 the Weird Masquerade ~Gunjou no Meikyuu~!!