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MeseMoa. members’ nicknames

Beginner’s guide from sunflower

  • Shirofuku (Shirose Yuuta): Shiro-san, Shiroro
  • Aoi (Imagawa Aoi): Akkun, Kyawa-tan (Mr Cutie)
  • Kimagure Prince (Mizuki Tomoya): Punta, Pun-chan, Pun-tyan, Kimapuri
  • Tomitake: Tomi-chan, Tomitan
  • Nibansenji: Niban-kun, Senji-kun
  • Nozakibento: Nozaki-san, Bentosu, Ojiji
  • Forgeru: Geru-tan
  • Nokkuso: Nokkun
  • Nichan: Ani, Aniue, Ni-chan

*Shirose Yuuta and Mizuki Tomoya are stage names, not real names.

Rajigaze Oct 7

Reita: Ring-name, “Ayachi @ Tan-tan-tatatan Aoi-san.”

Ruki: Ughhh.

(both laugh)

Reita: “Ruki-san, Reita-san, good evening.”

Ruki: Good evening.

Reita: “Today, October 7th, is my birthday.”

Ruki: Ah!

Reita: “Please wish me a happy birthday.”

Ruki: Mhm. Yay.

Reita: “My declaration as a 21-year-old is to pass the National Nursing Exam –”

Ruki: Ooh!

Reita: “–and to go to all of the GazettE’s lives.”

Ruki: Hhhhwow.

Reita: “So far, I’ve only gone to the lives in my hometown, but I’m serious about following you guys! Please be waiting for me! PS - How is Aoi-san?”

Ruki: Oh.

Reita: Yeah.

Ruki: Where is this person from?

Reita: I don’t know…But given that she said she’s only been to lives in her hometown, it’s probably not Tokyo.

Ruki: Hmm.

Reita: Hmm…Well, first of all, she told us to wish her a happy birthday.

Ruki: Mhm. Happy birthday.

Reita: You’re so deadpan.


(Reita laughs)

Ruki: But, yeah – she’s gonna be a nurse?

Reita: Yeah.

Ruki: Wow ~

Reita: She’s gonna pass the Nursing Exam, and go to all our lives.

Ruki: There are a lot of nurses, eh?

Reita: Really?

Ruki: Out of our fans…

Reita: I wonder why?

Ruki: I wonder – maybe they make good money?

Reita: Nurses do make good money, don’t they?

Ruki: Hmm…

Reita: Or maybe there aren’t enough nurses?

Ruki: Oh, yeah, I think so – especially at night.

Reita: Yeah…apparently a lot of people show up (*patients I guess?)

Ruki: Hmm…

Reita: Yeah…anyway, she says she’s serious about following us.

Ruki: Mhm.

Reita: But after she passes the Nursing Exam and stars working, isn’t she not gonna be able to follow us? Like, is it easy to manage your schedule..?

Ruki: Isn’t it easy for nurses?

Reita: Oh, really?

Ruki: I don’t know.

(both laughing)

Reita: You don’t know anything about nursing.

Ruki: I don’t know anything, but if you (*idk what he says here sry), you can take time off, no?

Reita: Oh, I see.

Ruki: Well, I don’t actually know.

(both laugh)

Reita: Well, if she’s gonna follow us, I guess she will [take time off].

Ruki: Yeah.

Reita: I’m really looking forward to it!

Ruki: Mhm.

Reita: Yeah, and you can even buy the GazettE suitcase – wait, can you buy those now?

Ruki: You can’t right now, but…people are waiting for them.

Reita: Oh, really?

Ruki: Yeah.

Reita: I see.

Ruki: So…well, I wanna say I’ll give her one as a present…

Reita: (laughing) Of course.

Ruki: Yes.


@shouta0811aoi: I want to eat ramen, I want to eat hamburgers, I want to eat sushi, I want to eat pudding, I want to eat Thai food, I want to eat Korean food, I want to eat steak, I want to eat pudding.

@ono_kensho: @DaiKing_boy Meat (´・_・`)

@shouta0811aoi: @ono_kensho @DaKing_boy Meat… (´・_・`)

@shouta0811aoi: @ono_kensho @DaiKing_boy Let me eat some~~~~ Hey~~~~ Let me eat some~~~~~~ (;´Д`

@ono_kensho@shouta0811aoi @DaKing_boy Yeeah~~~~!Yeeah~~~~!!

@shouta0811aoi: @ono_kensho @DaiKing_boy Let’s go have barbeque~~~ (´・Д・)」

@ono_kensho@shouta0811aoi Sorrry!! I had barbeque yesterday too~~~~~!! wara

@shouta0811aoi: @ono_kensho I see~ ★ Barbeque huhh~ ( ^ω^ ) Barbe………(´・Д・)」………………eh?………

@shouta0811aoi: That can’t be that can’t be that can’t be that can’t be…(´・Д・)」 

@shouta0811aoi: Right ★ That can’t be possible ★

@shouta0811aoi: …… Een……。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。

@shouta0811aoi: And that was a mini story! 【Cast】 Meat◼︎Ono Kensho◼︎Yamashita Daiki◼︎Aoi Shouta

@DaiKing_boy: @shouta0811aoi  I cried… It was a great moving story huh…

@shouta0811aoi: @DaiKing_boy It was~! Let’s do our best for the sequel!!!

@DaiKing_boy: @shouta0811aoi  Coming soon!!!!



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