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Feeling bad for Ruki getting ignored by everyone and not even understanding what’s going on

The BaguettE

A friend gave me a personalized shirt with Gazette’s logo in gold lettering’s. My best friends’ boyfriend read it as ‘The Baguette’ and he was so confused but bless his soul

@uruha-lips  this is it.

Happy Baguette Ruki will give you energy boost

Close to anger/ annoyance Kai Baguette can be used to hit someone

Quack Baguette Uruha will give you the cool factor minus the crocs

So done with everything Baguette Aoi will make you teleport back to your safe zone.

Sleepy Baguette Reita will make a gooood pillow for the zzzz’s

Rajigaze Dec 30

Ruki: Oh, okay, I’m gonna have you read [the mail] again!

Aoi: Kay!

Ruki: KAY!


(shuffling papers)

Aoi: Kay – uhh (giggles) ring na-hehe-me, “I want Aoi-san to play me like a guitar.” Oh I see!

Ruki: Is this Dark Side mail?

Aoi: Yes I think so!


Aoi: Okay! “Good evening!”

Ruki: Good evening.

Aoi: “You don’t know how much I was looking fordward–” oh oops, forward HEHEHE

(Ruki snorts)


Ruki: HUHU


Aoi: "The company I work at is super busy at the end of the year, so we never have a year-end party, but we do have a New Year’s party.”

Ruki: Yep

Aoi: Yep, uhhh “I don’t really like hanging out in large groups or drinking, so I don’t wanna go!!!” (he is reading this very energetically)

Ruki: Hm!

Aoi: “But, I gotta be a grown-up aND GOO!!!”

Ruki: Yeh!!

Aoi: “Honestly, I just wanna be somewhere quiet and relax BY MYSELF~!!!”

(both gigglin)

Ruki: Ahhhh~

Aoi: Ain’t that the truth

Ruki: I wanna go~

Aoi: You never go to year-end parties!!! Do you??

Ruki: Nope!

Aoi: Right?

Ruki: Yeh…do you, though?

Aoi: I…I often…well, sometimes…went to the work parties.

Ruki: Yes yes yes

Aoi: At PSC

Ruki: Ah!! The hot pot parties??

Aoi: Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!!

Ruki: What about this year?

Aoi: Nah


Aoi: HUHUHUHU! Yeah it’s just too busy this year…but when I did go I was able to hang out with a lot of our kouhais

Ruki: Oh yeahh!

Aoi: So, you know, this, “I want Aoi-san to play like – to play me like –” this is a long name!

Ruki: Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu

Aoi: Don’t be all, “I don’t wanna go,” please go and have fun!!

Ruki: Yeah~ I mean, I hardly get to go [to parties] – I guess cause I don’t drink?

Aoi: Well yeah, probably.

Ruki: Hmm…yeah, I don’t drink so…year-end parties and New Year parties….I don’t really…

Aoi: There’s not really a chance to go right?

Ruki: Yeah!

Both at same time: Hmmm.

Ruki: So yeah…on New Year’s Eve I’m just…at home watchin TV

(Aoi chucklin)

Ruki: I just switch back and forth between (*some show idk sorry) and that one with Downtown (famous comedy duo pls) like, pipipipipi (that Ruki pressin the remote)

The signs as... shit MeseMoa. has tweeted
  • Aries: My face is die (Tomitake)
  • Taurus: Is Aoi a god?? (Forgeru)
  • Gemini: good work, shrimp! (Nibansenji)
  • Cancer: like and RT pls #Aoi-kun #Mesemoa. (Aoi)
  • Leo: I’m gonna be working hard so the next time you say "Wow, that was sexy~" (Shirofuku)
  • Virgo: I accidentally washed my body with face cleanser when I was showering this morning. (Nozakibento)
  • Libra: I’m just gonna go back to sleep immediately after waking up (^ ^) (Nokkuso)
  • Scorpio: My butt is exploding (Shirofuku)
  • Sagittarius: English, please. (Nichan)
  • Capricorn: *shota voice* I’ll protect you (Aoi)
  • Aquarius: I looked in the mirror when I was showering this morning and saw a stranger, I thought someone was peeking, but it was just me (Tomitake)
  • Pisces: Fun is contagious *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・’(*゚▽゚*)‘・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・* (Forgeru)
Rajigaze Sep 16

(The theme for September is food!)

Reita: Is there a food you wanna eat right now?

Aoi: I want soft serve ice cream.

Reita: Oh nice~

Aoi: Yeah, I know, and I want that one that has…what’s it called, langue de chat? In the place of a cone.

Reita: Oh, Cremia?

Aoi: Yeah, yeah

Reita: It’s soo good, have you had it?

Aoi: I have!

Reita: I’ve only had it once, but it’s so good eh

Aoi: It really is.

Reita: You know, using langue de chat for the cone, I think it was really a spark of genius. Why didn’t they do that earlier?

Aoi: Yeah I know!

Reita: Like at 100yen shops they often have choco langue de chat right (*it’s like this tube of lil tiny sandwich cookies with cream inside)

Aoi: Yeah yeah yeah

Reita: And the cookie part of it, right, that’s called langue de chat, right

Aoi: Yeah, I think so.

Reita: Why don’t they make more stuff like that…it’s so good, that combo.

Aoi: (whispering) Ughh it’s so good~ 

Reita: But it’s expensive eh? It’s like, 500yen maybe?

Aoi: Yeah, it is.

Reita: Well I mean, for us it’s expensive. For the leader…

Aoi: Oh, psh, he could buy the whole store.

(both laugh)

Reita: Ahh I like – Creamia? Creamia? What’s it called? Cremia? (*it’s called Cremia lol)

Aoi: What’s it called again…

Reita: But the places that sell it are pretty limited no?

Aoi: Hm, maybe. Well I mean, I live in the city so…

(both laugh)

Aoi: They have them.

Reita: Oh, I see. There’s a place near you?

Aoi: Yeah yeah yeah

Reita: Oh by the way, can you do takeout at that place?

Aoi: Yeah, it’s actually inside a clothing store.

Reita: Oh, no kidding!

Aoi: Yeah.

Reita: Oh really? And they only sell Cremia?

Aoi: Yeah, it’s like on the side of a coffee-shop kinda place, and they sell it there.

Reita: Oh nicee~

Aoi: (whispering) It’s sooo goooood…

Reita: But if you eat that,

Aoi: (still whispering) Yesss…

Reita: You can’t eat 100yen soft cream anymore eh

Aoi: Um I can

(both laugh)