aoi asashina

Personally, I really like how they depict women in Dangan Ronpa. First off is Kirigiri. In most types of media, the leading ladies are either overly emotional or completely emotionless. Kirigiri is neither of those. Sure, she is stoic, but she also shows her emotion from time to time. Next is Junko Enoshima. Most female bad guys are often depicted as ugly to separate them from the good guys, but Junko is far from ugly. She proves that you can be beautiful and kick ass at the same time. Sakura is also one of my favorites. She doesn’t conform to gender roles due to her being a huge muscled wrestler, but she’s probably the girliest girl in DR1 aside from Junko. She has a “maiden’s heart” and is quiet and levelheaded, but IS NOT weak. Celestia is also a prime example that you can be badass and beautiful at the same time. They way she conducts others with her lies shows that she is a talent manipulator instead of being the manipulated, as often seen in female characters in other media. Fukawa, on the surface conforms to the “lovestruck/dirty-minded girl” stereotype, but as you can see she is much deeper than this. Her FTEs reveal that she actually has romantic experience, and the reason she became a writer was because her teacher complimented her on a love letter she wrote when she was in grade school. Asashina is probably the least feminine out of everyone. I really hate it when the fandom just says she’s a fanservice character JUST because she has big boobs. Asashina is like the emotional glue that bonds everyone together, something that was necessary for the surviving students to take down Monobear. If Maizono had lived, I’m sure she would have had a similar role as Asashina. Mukuro Ikusaba is also a great example that you can be badass and beautiful at the same time. I mean, she went around impersonating her sister and killing people during DR0.