DR1 Girls adopts a child that was abused

Aoi Asahina

  • She would take super good care of the child
  • Giving them so much love, affection and gifts
  • (Though she tends to overwhelm the child at first which makes them cry and then makes her panic)
  • She loves her child so much and will do anything for them
  • She gets them a pet cat or dog to help them with their anxiety
  • (Hell she will even put help train the pet and put them through training so they can be a service animal)
  • She is a constant source of support for her child, whatever they want to do or are interested in she is there 100% of the way
  • She is also there to comfort her child after they cry or have a nervous breakdown
  • I can see the two having fun baking sweets with each other on the weekend
  • (She is definitely getting her child addicted to doughnuts too)

Celestia Ludenberg

  • Immediately gets a restraining order on her child’s birth family
  • No way is that scum getting anywhere near her or her child
  • She introduces her child to all sort of games like mahjong and othello and helps them learn all sorts of strategies
  • She isn’t much for physical affection but she will not hesitant to comfort her child when they need it
  • She helps bring her child’s self-confidence back
  • Makes sure her child gets the best of everything in life
  • They want fashion design clothes done, gourmet food a okay
  • Grand Bois Cheri Ludenberg loves the child and spends a lot of time in their room
  • Celestia was a bit worried the two wouldn’t have got along well at first but to her surprise everything was fine.
  • (Once Bois dies the two hold an elaborate funeral for him and tears are all around)
  • (Though Bois lives on through the lives of his many kittens)

Junko Enoshima

  • Because of her fame and connections her new child’s birth family is r u in e d
  • Everyone knows the terrible things they did and they are rightfully in jail~
  • Spoils her child completely~
  • Takes her child on exotic trips and extreme sports events
  • (“Come on squirt we’re going skydiving~”)
  • All of this helps break the child out of their shell
  • Especially because she has the child star with her on a couple of her photo shoots
  • (Though if any of those scum dare to approach her child or anyone tries to hurt them she will gladly murder the fuck out of them)
  • She helps her child learn how to smile and laugh again
  • Whenever her child has a nightmare or anything like that she is there in an instant cuddling them until they calm down and then they go out to do something
  • (“You know what will cheer you up champ.. shooting some fuckers in the face with paint! Let’s go go go!”)

Kyoko Kirigiri

  • Chances are she came across the child because of one of her cases
  • And after exposing the horrible crimes that the child’s birth family has done she is determined to help her (yes her’s she decides to adopt the child after the case since well.. she has gotten rather attached to them)
  • She looks for the best therapist around and goes with her child to every session
  • She researches all she can about how to take care of abuse children
  • She is always so patient with them
  • Always there to help them with their panic attacks and anxiety
  • In a way she is their rock, their support system
  • If they have trouble in school she is always there to assist
  • However sometimes she has to leave on long trips for a case, however she makes sure her child is in safe hands
  • (And makes sure the child knows to trust the babysitter coughNaegicough and that they would never hurt them)

Mukuro Ikusaba

  • Very protective over her child
  • Probably teaches them how to use multiple weapons for self defense
  • So that they never feel powerless again..
  • She has a bit of trouble with emotions herself but she tries her best to be considerate towards her child
  • In a way they both help each other
  • Since she never really had a childhood she doesn’t know what typical child likes
  • So she kinda splurges on them, getting them a little bit of everything
  • Stuff animals, books, dolls, actions figures whatever she thinks her child would like she would get them
  • (Though someone has to tell her that weapons are not for a child)
  • She doesn’t mind if her child stays timid even after all the time they spend together, that’s just how they are
  • Probably helps her child get into some sort of physical activity since it is good for you
  • Definitely takes her child camping and teaches them some survival skills

Sakura Ogami

  • At first she was unsure about the whole situation since she is rather.. intimidating  
  • But to her surprise the child latches onto her rather quickly
  • (The first time she is called Mom she tears up)
  • She is there to listen to her child whenever they want but at the same time if they do not wish to speak she will not push it
  • Gives her child a light training regiment and helps them go through it everyday
  • (She knows from personal experience that sometimes a good workout can help calm the mind)
  • And if they wish to learn more she will teach them more, if they do not then she will just stick to the basics
  • She does not care if her child does not get into fighting, they are their own person after all and she respects that
  • Who is she to try and force her child to chose a path, they should chose their own
  • Thankfully the birth parents don’t dare to show their face or even contact her child
  • (Though this is mostly because they are terrified of what Sakura would do to them)

Sayaka Maizono

  • She loves her child from the bottom of her heart and will do anything to protect them
  • So.. she can’t help but spoil them
  • (It broke her heart to learn that they have never gotten a gift before they meet her..)
  • She encourages her child to branch out onto different things and to find what they are really passionate about
  • Shopping trips are a must with her and she encourages her child to get whatever they want
  • Though she tries her best to make sure that they don’t get too spoiled
  • For the first few years she makes sure to sing her child a lullaby to sleep
  • But as the child grows up they inform her that they are too old for lullabies which makes her laugh and tease them
  • (Definitely has a scrapbook full of happy memories with her child)
  • Encourages her child to follow their dreams no matter how big or small they are

Toko Fukawa/Genocider

  • She knows personally how to deal with anxiety and nervousness
  • So one of the first thing she does is help them find an outlet for all of those feelings
  • (She doesn’t want them to end up like her..)
  • Physical affection is a journey for them both since both of them are unused to it
  • But slowly and surely they work through it
  • Definitely gets her child into both reading and writing
  • (Hey writing out your anger and frustrations helps a l o t)
  • When she tells her child the truth about Genocider.. she is so nervous
  • She thinks that her child will be afraid of her or even call the cops on her but to her surprise her child expects it and actually wants to meet Genocider

  • Unlike Toko, Genocider smothers her child in a ton of affection
  • She just loves to hug and spin them around and just pinch their little cheeks~
  • Is willing to murder anyone to make her child smile, a n y o n e
  • Gives her child ton of bad romance advice
  • Whenever she comes out she loves to take her child on spontaneous adventures
  • (That may or may not involve breaking the law)
  • If Genocider ever finds out where their birth parents are… well there is a good chance that they will end up dead
  • (That is unless the child asks them not to murder them…)
  • She has no idea what to do whenever her child cries… she’s the wrong personality for this!
  • But she will still try her best to make them laugh/cheer them up

~Mod Souda

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