How fujoshi kurobas fans read this: 

muramomo, midotaka, aoaka, kagaaka, haikise, midokise, aokaga, aomido, kagamomo, muramido, kisetaka, kiyokiyo (selfcest), midomido (selfcest), ootsumido, momomomo (selfcest), haimomo, muramomo, kisetaka, aokaga , murakiyo, kiseaka, kagahai, midokise, aohai, aokaga, murahai, aokise, momoaka, aomido, kiyohai, haikise, aokaga, muraaka, kisekasa, kagataka, muramomo, muramomo, nebuaka, aohai, kiseaka

Well, perhaps some of you would think of different pairings but the point is, what you see of this test is mass of pairing hints instead, true story or not? XD