I want to build a tiny house and live happily ever after….  

And this is what I want it to look like, roughly….  Not the same color but this layout!!!!

It’s actually bigger than my apartment now.  It’s 3 bedrooms and I would totally turn one of the bedrooms into my own walk in closet! It’s only 884 sq ft but it’s PERFECT for me!  

I’ve been reading articles about people, who have totally down sized their lives and live debt free in tiny homes.  How marvelous!  To live in an adorable house and be debt free.  Free to pursue other interests and goals and hobbies without the stress of worrying how to pay for shit….  

I ask MG if he wanted to build a tiny house and live in it, he said yes.  But wondered where we would build such a place.  

Good question…..  Where indeed??  Then I started looking at lots/lands for sale and boy are there a bunch around!  And for really reasonable prices.  The only issue is, why are they so reasonable and why hasn’t anyone built upon them????

There must be a reason.  I have to get to the bottom of this and figure out a way to buy my land and build my dream tiny house!  With a retractable roof, so MG and I can gaze up at the stars without me being completely freaked out about the world around me!  

Last night MG and I celebrated our own Christmas together.  We went for dinner and then went shopping to find his Mom a present…  We went back to his place to wrap presents!  We were like any typical couple that wraps presents for our loved ones…  

Then around midnight, like in my house, we opened our presents to each other!!!

He gave me his heart!!!!  Well not literally but kind of, he gave me a gorgeous diamond heart shaped necklace and told me he LOVED ME!!!!


A heart shaped necklace to symbolize the fact that I hold his heart!!!!

O M G!!!!  Can this really be happening?????  

I can’t believe how the end of the year is coming along.  Who knew that I would meet a guy, fall head over heels in love and be loved in return.  It’s truly unbelievable!!!

Deep breaths….  

So it’s official, I’m dating MG….  

Last night we went bowling.  He was waiting for me at the bowling alley.  He actually was watching me cringe as I waited for a parking spot to become vacant.  There was a girl, in a muscle car not knowing how to drive her car, trying to pull out of a spot. 

The moment I climbed out of my car, he stood by his car, laughing, at me, at the situation…  I asked him if he clearly saw the ordeal I had to endure waiting for my spot…  It was a nice little ice breaker after our AWKWARD CAR KISS after our last date.  I wonder how it was going to be but things fell back into rhythm.

MG is a fantastic bowler!  Who knew that from his mediocre exterior. there lurked an athletic guy… He had the spin with the ball and everything!  I of course completely sucked at it…  I did at one point bowled a 125!  Mostly I tried to get just above 50…  

For the first time, MG actually was being touchy feely with me and putting some advances as well as flirting with some sexualness mixed in…  

At one point he wanted to bet for sexual favors but since I’m a virgin until marriage (cough cough), no bet was had, although every time he touched me, I kept getting gutter balls.  He was definitely throwing me off my game with his advances.  I thoroughly enjoyed it…  

After 2 hours of bowling, we didn’t want to end our date, so we drove to a movie theater…  There were no movies showing at the immediate time we arrived, we had an hour to kill before Captain Philips began…  

So we wandered the streets before settling in our seats…  

And this is when the discuss began about dating vs hanging out..

I briefly/jokingly commented how we were hanging out/dating…

He said, is this hanging out?

I paused and then said, no this would be dating…

He said that I was probably timid about commitment, which I totally am!!!  He definitely is starting to get a beat on me… I’m not sure if I like that entirely considering the fact that I am revealing very little about myself!  

The movie started and Memory made himself comfortable inbetween us…  He actually sat watching us bowl.  It’s completely comical the fact that now Memory will be coming to every date.  

The movie was INTENSE!!!!!  Another intense movie.  We were both sleepy before the movie was over but by the time it was over, we were on edge!

We walked to the cars and stood next to mine discussing when our next date would take place.  We realized that we see each other every 5 days…  

Now time for the good bye kiss, which I nearly botched up with MY awkwardness!  He grabbed me, started hugging me, leaned in and I tried to avoid it again, laughing, turning my head but he wouldn’t have it. Finally I stopped avoiding the kiss and let him plant his lips onto mine!

It wasn’t horrible.  It wasn’t earth shattering.  It was nice.  Pleasant almost.  Innocent most definitely.  Almost sweet.  I stood in his embrace as he asked if I wanted to go to a hockey game with him if he gets tickets.  


He really is definitely wooing me.  He is doing everything just right.  He is wearing me down with his goodness to me.  He definitely is treating me exactly as I have always wanted to be treated and longed and deserve to be treated.  

I just hope that the physical attraction part will come…  

Memory went home with MG. MG wanted custody this week of the bear….

First date of the night with Mediocre Guy has ended…  I have a little over an hour to kill before second date with NKG, which gives me plenty of time to write about MG!

I rushed home from work to ready myself for date.  While shaving my legs, I contemplated about what to wear.  The weather has begun to turn fall, so sadly mini skirts makes for a very chilly night.  I knew I wanted to wear a skirt though, MG and I had joked about how I probably don’t own any pants and only wear dresses.  I opted for a white t-shirt and black form fitting skirt with an embroidered bottom.  Classy yet still sexy, especially paired with turquoise pumps and a black leather jacket.  I was thinking that I might not be able to make it home to change for second date… (But clearly that is not the case!)

I was 7 minutes late!!!  Due to stupid people driving through construction zones.  He was there waiting for me!  I liked that very much.  I hate being the one waiting….

We sat down and it felt completely comfortable.  It feels as though we are friends.  Like we’re known each other for years and we’re just playing catch up.  Throughout the entire meal, I tried to envision him kissing me.  Him and I getting intimate and I have come to the conclusion that I like him but I’m not sexually attracted to him… Such a shame because he makes me laugh and I thoroughly enjoy myself with him!

He joked that our roles are opposite, that he is more like the girl and I am the man.  I eat way more than he does…  He picks at his food.  He said that the way to my heart is through my stomach!  I of course said there is more ways to my heart…  

He acknowledged that he would be the commuter in the relationship because he wasn’t too sure about my driving abilities after heart of my 2 car accidents 5 years ago!  I said, “Woah, Woah, Woah…. Relationship???”  He said, hesitantly, friendship kind of relationship….  

Sigh….  We’ll definitely go out again.  But I know deep down no spark….  Sadness….

Let’s see how it goes with NKG!

** CRAP!  MG and I are texting and he’s saying such lovely things along with total sarcastic jokes….   I really hope that a friendship can come from this! I really like him but wish my panties twisted for him!  

It’s been a week since Lawyer Boy took his exam.  It’s been 5 days since Plums sent him a message.  Still NOTHING!  

I decided to text him to just ask him what I did wrong.  Why the lack of communication…  

He responded pretty instantly, saying that he was really busy but he’ll call me soon.  

If that’s not the kiss of death… The acknowledgement that he is just not that into me.  

Ok I’m done.  Even if he calls me, I won’t answer.  He has already established his lack of interest…  

If a guy is interested in you, he will make the time, no matter what! 

Crap, how am I going to get that lingerie back from him???? What guy doesn’t at least take up a girl’s offer of sex when it is sent to him, in the form of lingerie!?!?!


The other night I was laying in MG’s arms and I had a dreadful thought, that perhaps we weren’t meant to be laying in each other’s arms, cuddling, falling asleep so comfortably….  That maybe even though we are in love it’s not going to last… 

Are you suppose to doubt???  Are things suppose to be sooo comfortable and easy that worry is not a feeling anymore???  Should you feel troubled while laying in their arms???  Is this all part of the process of being in the first stages of a relationship???

Deep down I know he could possibly be the one for me… I’m scared…

Is that why I’m feeling these doubts???  Am I trying to sabotage myself mentally??? 

Last night he dropped the bomb on the fact he can not/ will not/ would not support me in my endeavors with my comic book…  I was/am hurt by this revealing fact.  He states that he can’t support something that involves my past lovers.  He doesn’t want to know anything about the guys. I understand that to a point but his stupid past has poked her head into our relationship several times so far…  

But in a relationship, shouldn’t you always support the other even if you don’t always agree with what it may be? 

I have been working so hard on my comic book for years.  It’s on the last leg and the first issue will soon be published.  I want the man who says I’m the love of his life to be there, proud of my accomplishments and there to support me if it doesn’t succeed but when he tells me he will never support my comic book, it gives me a gigantic pause in the future of our relationship… 

If he can’t support me in this endeavor, what else won’t he support me in?  What if my comic book turns out to be a great success, will he sit at home, pouting and not go out to celebrate it because it just happens to involved loosely some of my past?  And what if, it fails miserably and I need someone to console my emotions, will he be there with open arms and try to convince me to keep going because it’s my passion, when he in fact could care less of my book?

Can a relationship survive if one of the significant other doesn’t support?

Tonight I have to myself….  I’m going to contemplate lots of things.  Working on things and figure out the best way to brooch the subject of support to MG when I see him tomorrow night…