Merry Christmas 2013!

I wanted to make proper drawing but as usual it is not possible due to health, so I can only do some chibis. 
Falo and Matin is obviously to satisfy my ultimate OTP feels, Gijiri and Ido is sort of my xmas card for sealer-of-wenkamui, while Gijiri and A'milia one is for lemishie. Thank you both for your support especially from last year Christmas, let’s Zektbach-ing again for the coming days~


I am crazy but I really need a kick ass grandma Balkir on wood charm. While I’m at it I’m making another Talas for wood charm, because she is my fave ;3;

I really want to throw in Pariya, twins in their wedding attire, Anise and Karluk too >_< I’ll save up so I can afford to make them into wood charms! (maybe by next time we will have Pariya in her wedding attire in the manga? XD ) 
The first batch of otoyomegatari charms are still available on my online store.

Late Valentine fan art. 
Trying my hand on soft pastel look, definitely need more work as usual haha
After finishing this I can only think that this is probably better close up than full body, hmm.. (never happy with my artwork because I sux, the autobiography)