The craziest introduction in my life.. I just meet this young brother @aoctaviusw …so I’m in my art studio working on a commission painting for one of my art collectors.. When I see 2 dudes on my rooftop.. So of course I go grab my chopper…they start to run and go down this ladder that was up against my building.. I look down off the roof and there is a gang of photographers and filmmakers below… They said they meant no harm and were just filming and shooting photos.. Long story short they turned out to be from STL and were all super cool.. I gave them some posters, DVDs and smoked one… Thank God I didn’t shoot them… We all cross paths for a reason.. Be blessed

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From #‎FertileGround‬, this relationship map links together a creative family of people + places!

The idea came from a project by local artist Amanda Eicher where she invited Mission artists to Adobe Books to call out the names of places + people important to them. She wrote the “roll call” directly onto the bookshop’s walls, and to evoke a similar feeling, Eicher painted these relationship maps for each section of the exhibition. Photo by Instagram user @aoctaviusw.

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Day 7. Its been a week since Mike Browns passing. Still no justice but today we united in a prayer walk. Hundreds of protesters came out and represented well. Another peaceful march starting from Canfield. 

I personally don’t know how to feel right now. I do know the people of Ferguson are tired and ready for justice. I hope the rest of the world who is watching, reading, or even here protesting with us is ready for better days.